Multiple customers in Sender Party for IDOC type KU

Hi All,
My scenario is IDOC to HTTP with sender IDOC Type KU.
We are using PO 7.4 and IDOC_AAE.
I have done the following settings.
Created a Sender Party and assigned a customer under party identifiers. (Also I can't add multiple values with same Agency and scheme it throws eror in PI)
For a single customer the end to end scenario is working fine.
But if I try to send the IDOC with other customer Number it fails as the entry is not maintained for that customer in Sender Party identifiers.
Also I can't afford to create a different party for each customer as there are hundreds of customers in the ECC Application system.
I also tried with value mapping but it won't worked.
Please suggest on this.

Dear Nitin,
did you solve this problem? A am faced to it right now... ...

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  • Pls send material for idocs in ECC 6.0

    Pls send material for idocs in ECC6.0

    Hi sitaram s ,
    - IDoc (for intermediate document) is a standard data structure for electronic data interchange (EDI) between application programs written for the popular SAP business system or between an SAP application and an external program. IDocs serve as the vehicle for data transfer in SAP's Application Link Enabling (ALE) system. IDocs are used for asynchronous transactions: each IDoc generated exists as a self-contained text file that can then be transmitted to the requesting workstation without connecting to the central database. Another SAP mechanism, the Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) is used for synchronous transactions.
    A large enterprise's networked computing environment is likely to connect many geographically distributed computers to the main database. These computers are likely to use different hardware and/or operating system platforms. An IDoc encapsulates data so that it can be exchanged between different systems without conversion from one format to another.
    IDoc types define different categories of data, such as purchase orders or invoices, which may then be broken down into more specific categories called message types. Greater specificity means that an IDoc type is capable of storing only the data required for a particular transaction, which increases efficiency and decreases resource demands.
    An IDoc can be generated at any point in a transaction process. For example, during a shipping transaction process, an IDoc may be generated that includes the data fields required to print a shipping manifest. After a user performs an SAP transaction, one or more IDocs are generated in the sending database and passed to the ALE communication layer. The communication layer performs a Remote Function Call (RFC), using the port definition and RFC destination specified by the customer model. The IDoc is transmitted to the receiver, which may be an R/3, R/2, or some external system.
    Archiving Processed IDocs
    IDoc archiving is a two-step process:
    1. Archive the IDoc.
    2. After that another job will be generated. You can see in your SARA for your trigger to delete those archived IDocs.
    Have a look at transaction WE47, set "Archiving - Possible" for all statuses to be archived. Use transaction SARA with object IDoc to archive. If the above is set then all IDocs are archived the same way.
    Transaction SARA works in the following way:
    On the main screen enter IDoc as the object. Click on Customising -> Technical settings. This shows the logical filename (configured via transaction FILE & SF01) that will be used to get a filename when writing the archive files. It also shows the document type (that links to an archive via transaction 0AC0) or the archive, depending on SAP version. You can also set the size of the archive files and whether the deletion and storage jobs should execute automatically or not.
    On the main screen there are, amongst others, buttons for ARCHIVE, DELETE and MANAGEMENT. When you click on ARCHIVE you will go to a screen where you can create variants, and set the parameters for the archiving job. The EXECUTE button will schedule this job. If the "start automatic" tic for the deletion program was not set in customising, you will need to go to the DELETE button on the main screen to schedule the deletion jobs, after the archive job has finished. This schedules a job per archive file. In MANAGEMENT you will be able to see the statuses of each archive run.
    SAP Integration Using ALE(Application Linking and Enabling)
    - IDOCS -
    Updating IDoc data in segments,Changing a control record of an IDoc,Getting IDocs linked to Application documents,
    Displaying and IDoc in a report,Read IDoc from Database,Creating and sending an IDoc,Update IDoc status on the database
    ALE Inbound Pre-Processing
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  • Issue loading Meta Data for IDoc Type WPUKSR01 in XI Integration Repository

    I want to load the Meta Data for IDoc Type WPUKSR01 in XI Integration Repository out of BI. Unfortunately, this IDoc is not available in the IDoc List. I checked in BI and the IDoc Type is available in WE60 and WE30. Also, I can load the Meta Data for the Idoc in XI ABAP (IDX2).
    Can someone tell me why the IDoc doesn't show up in XI Integration Repository Import Object List?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards.

    Hi Aamir,
    The Idoc is released since Release 30A. I also tried to load the IDoc Meta Data from ERP with the same result: it does not show up in the list.
    Thanks anyway.

  • Inbound function module for IDoc type INFRECMASS01

    Hello everybody,
    What is the inbound function module for IDoc type INFRECMASS01?
    I tried IDOC_INPUT_INFREC (as for IDoc INFREC01), but I got the following message (B1 044): Incorrect function module IDOC_INPUT_INFREC called up
    Thanks in advance

    The only difference between INFRECMASS01 and INFREC01 is that repitition of the same segments. However, the standard function module is hardcoded with IDOC type INFREC01, so if you want to use the MASS IDOC copy the standard one and put in the logic to loop around and process the info records one by one.
    There is no standard funtion that can process mass idoc of the info record.
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  • FM for idoc type DESADV01

    Which of the following function module is bet fit for IDOC type DESADV01, message type DESADV and processing code SD05.
    IDOC_OUTPUT_DELVRY (If I use this one as it doesn't have same segments then how data will be populated)
    <b>Question 1</b>  I need to make some changes in the function module as need to fill segment data with custom table.
    <b>Question 2</b> Secondly, need to extend the idoc and I guess for extending the idoc it should have user exits.
    <b>Question 3</b>. Please provide the user exit if there is any other than IDOC_OUTPUT_DELVRY.
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            Rinku Malik

    use the FM   ->   IDOC_OUTPUT_ORDERS

  • Information for IDOC type TPSDLS01

    I want to create an IDOC for IDOC type <b>TPSDLS01</b>. The message type for this IDOC is TPSDLS. I need following information, since i am working for last two days and i am unable to figure it out. pls. it is urgent
    1). Application , i found it is V2 ( shipping) is it correct?????/
    2). Output Type . I found out so many, LD00, LAVA, LD01, TPS0 and many more. Which one is the correct one????????
    3). Process Code for message type TPSDLS ( for outbound IDOC).
    4). Function module assign to this process code.
    Pls . help me as this is very very urgent.
    Thanks in advance,

    Usually the functional guy or the domain expert would be able to guide you regarding the "Output Type".
    In case of urgent/swift answers, you might have to approach <a href="OSS"></a>
    As far as my knowledge goes, in case it is ALE, there is not a requirement of process code for outbound IDocs.
    I would request you to purchase a good ALE book. The one which I always carry along is :
    ALE,EDI & IDoc Technologies for SAP - Arvind Nagpal, John Pitlak
    Hope you find it useful.
    Best Regards,
    Subramanian V.

  • Out Bound Function Module For IDoc Types CODCMT01

    Hi Experts,
        Can you please tell me the Out Bound Function Module For IDoc Types CODCMT01,CODCAGN01,PRCDOC01.

    Hi Debi,
    You can use FM MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE to distribute outbound IDoc CODCMT01, CODCAGN01 and PRCDOC01.
    Ferry Lianto

  • What is outbound function module for IDoc type INFRECMASS01

    What is outbound function module for IDoc type INFRECMASS01? This is for purchasing info record.

    Hi Kamal,
    Have you looked standard program <b>RBDSEINF</b> or transaction code <b>ME18</b>?
    This program will call function module <b>MASTERIDOC_CREATE_REQ_INFREC</b> to generate purchasing info record IDoc.
    Hope this will help.
    Ferry Lianto
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  • IDOC-XI-EDI : Sender Party in IDOC with LS Partner Type

    Does anyone know of a way to have IDOCs sent from SAP to XI to arrive with a sender party. <b>Note</b> The Partner Type of the original IDOC is LS. [I know how to do this with e.g. KU Partner Type.]
    Thx, Duncan

    Normally when the partner type is LS there is no need for a Party?
    Can you let us know why you want to configure a party when the Sender Partner type is LS?
    Meanwhile, thought I have never given this a shot, in the party why dont you try adding the agency , scheme and identifier with the corresponding scheme as ALE#LS . If it works well then the target is achieved but if it does not , then I dont think for LS this is possible.

  • Multiple message types for IDoc types

    can we assign multiple message types to IDoc Types?
    Is so How to make it
    Thanks in Advance....

       For an IDOC Basic Type is the structure which defines the skeleton of the data transfer like what all fields can be present, how many times a field can appear, is it mandatory etc.
      A message type is a label used to identification.
    Message type come into picture because we can use the same IDOC basic type for any number of applications. So it becomes necessary that we need some other tag to identify & distinguish between all these. Message Type helps in this cause.
    Message type & Basic Type are linked in WE82.

  • Unable to convert sender party to IDoc partner

    Hi guys!
    I have read a lot of threads to this topic, however, I can't make my scenario working...
    I use Party as sender of document and need to send it to target (our) R/3.
    I have set up:
    Sender party: Cocoon, Sender Business SERVICE: IslandSys
    To target IDoc XML I map:
    SNDPRN - D600
    SNDPOR - IslandLS
    In Party Identifiers:
    Agency: IslandSys
    Scheme: ALE#KU
    Name: D600
    Pertner profile - WE20 (target R/3)
    type: KU, No. D600
    In Business Service's Adapter Specific Identifiers: Logical System: IslandLS
    But the scenario doesn't work..
    What's wrong with the config?
    Thanx a lot for help!

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    <!-- Call Adapter -->
    <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">
    <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace=""/><SAP:Stack>Unable to convert sender XI party / XIParty / Cocoon to an IDoc partner

  • Mapping problem for IDOC Type DESADV

    Dear all
    I need to change Segment E1EDP07 in the message type DESADV.
    I should concatenate VBELN and VGPOS into BSTNK.
    I tried to do this with BD79 (Rules for Data Converting). This seems not to work as I can get only 1 sender Field.
    So I tried to use the userexit EXIT_SAPLBD11_001, but it seems that this is not used. I have set a break-point for debugging and treated the IDOC with RSNAT00 without any stop.
    Do you have any ideas how I can do this?

    Herbert Schlup wrote:
    > I have 2 entries for my DWSADV01
    > 1 with FM IDOC_INPUT_DESADV and the other with IDOC_INPUT_DESADV1
    With the first one, you cannot do much, as there is no user exit in it. But in the second one, there is a user exit when the idoc data is parsed the exit name is EXIT_SAPLV55K_004 and is called in the subroutine  DESADV_IDOC_PARSE in the function.
    But please note that the function IDOC_INPUT_DESADV1 is used with process code DELS for message type DESADV and Idoc type DELVRY01 and IDOC_INPUT_DESADV  is used with process code DESA and message type DESADV with IDoc type DESADV01.  So you might be using IDOC_INPUT_DESADV  function and unfortunately there are no user exits to handle your requirement.
    My advice would be to check with the source system or the middleware to define the mapping of these fields according to your requirement. But if that is not possible, then you need to first check which message type and IDoc type you are receiving and proceed accordingly

  • Process codes for Idoc types

    Hi All,
    Can you please send me the process codes for the following IDOC types as I could not find them in WE64. Also let me know how did you found out.
    IDOC types are:
    Urgent help is really appreciated.

               Please clarify for which order you are using this.
               PRCM (PRCMAS)
               COSM (COSMAS)
    Reward points if useful.

  • Transaction document for Idoc type

    Hi Experts,
    I am seeking little information about below Idoc type from POS to SAP IS Retail,
    I would like to know that, what are the transaction documents generated in SAP IS Retail after executing of below inbound idoc type.
    For example WPUUMS – It will create billing document for aggregate sales and material document for Goods movement.
    Similarly, please help me for below Idoc type.
    ·         WPUBON
    ·         WPUTAB
    ·         WPUBWB
    ·         WPUFIB
    ·         WPUKSR

    Hi Vanrajsinh,
    I'd recommend you to go through the POS Inbound Interface for general information;
    POS Interface - Inbound @
    and then crawl through related customizing in SPRO: Sales & Distribution > POS Interface > Inbound where you'll find the document types corresponding to individual IDoc types and IMG documentation per activity is also quite 'explicit'.
    Not to leave you only with links, more information below but document types generated depend on the above config;
    WPUBON - POS interface: Upload sales docs (receipts) non-aggregated;
    Usually creates billing document and article document to post sales and goods issue per receipt, billing type and movement types can be defined in SPRO POS as above > Control Sales per receipt
    WPUFIB - POS Interface: Upload Financial Accounting Interface SRS/POS
    creates only FI posting (accounting documents) for pre-defined POS financial transactions; SPRO POS as above > Transaction Types for Financial Transactions and Trans.Type  Cotrol of Fin.Trans.
    WPUKSR - POS Upload Cashier Data
    Cashier statistics, I've only used it for statistics (RIS, no transaction documents created)
    WPUTAB - POS interface: Upload day-end closing POS / Payment List
    Creates billing document to post payment per payment type if not already posted via receipts, SPRO POS as above > Payment List Control
    WPUUMS - POS interface: Upload sales data (compressed)
    as WPUBON but aggregated sales, SPRO POS as above > Aggregated Sales Control
    WPUWBW - POS interface: Upload goods movements
    Creates article documents to post goods movements
    Note that you usually do not use all IDoc types at the same time as this would lead e.g. to posting a single receipt via multiple flows.
    Hope this helps!

  • Monitoring and sending alerts for IDocs

    Hi ,
    I have Idoc scenarios both outbound and inbound.
    My requirement is that whenever an Idoc goes into error state an alert should be sent to a specified person automatically.
    Please also let me know ways to reprocess Inbound and outbound Idocs.

    Your question is mainly for ECC, than for PI...
    but you can acheive it, for instance, by creating an abap program which checks the IDoc status, and send an email to a list of persons you determined for instance in a Ztable for each idoc (message type + idoc type + idoc extension). You can scheduled this program by creating a SAP job (tcode SM36).
    Another way could be to add an abap enhancement in each idoc process (inbound / outbound) to check the status of this idoc and send an email. But...
    Personally, I prefer the 1st solution, as the program is scheduled, you can group several idoc errors and send only one email (!). Keep in mind this case: among 1000 inbound idocs, 750 are in error, because of a bad or a missing data in the source system... What 's the result with the 2nd solution?... it's a spam of 750 emails to the emailbox of your employees (!!!. Not sure they will appreciate...
    To retreat Idoc, you can use tcode BD87. Do not give this tcode to all employees, but only to some key users, to avoid that an employee retreat several idocs which are not in its scope (because he/she did not a godd selection in the selection screen) and which should be not be retreat now (exm due to a fiscel year).

Maybe you are looking for

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