Muse 2014.2 : when I copy and paste svg from Illustrator to Muse, i have no transparency.

Hello. Muse 2014.2 : when I copy and paste svg from Illustrator to Muse, i have no transparency. Only by importing saved svg file I have transparency.
In official Adobe (promo) Tutorial  in the same operation - svg is transparent, link: Import SVG | Adobe Muse CC tutorials
Please help me!. It would be very usefull copy&paste svg with transparency.
Andrew Maola

Thank you for explaining the theory about rendering in Muse but something doesn't work.
I'm running on Win7 - CC2014.2. on 2 different computers. Efe Of course the transparency displays correctly when I preview my page in the browsers (All browsers - also IE11).
Also in preview mode svg is very good but in design mode
In order to render the SVG at design time, Muse hands the SVG to Safari on the Mac and Internet Explorer on Windows and asks it for a bitmap. This bitmap is only used at design time and when viewing the site in a browser that does not support SVG. Unfortunately, the bitmap returned by Internet Explorer strips out partial transparency. Fully transparent pixels should be preserved at design time and all transparency should be preserved when you actually view your site in the browser.
We have not seen or heard of differences in the handling of transparent pixels between copy/pasting and save/import. Hence, I'm wondering if the copy/paste issue is only with partially transparent pixels and if the case that succeeds in a save/import workflow is for fully transparent pixels. To be clear, this transparency issue should only be during design time on Windows. There shouldn't be any issues on the Mac or in the browser.
Muse 2014.2 : when I copy and paste svg from Illustrator to Muse, i have no transparency. 

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