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Team Muse, this would be a great addition for us to offer our clients! Android and Apple friendly.  How hard could it be? (sarcasm)

Actually, I have installed apps on my phone that are nothing more than an app the opens up a browser within the app.  With Muse, I can build a mobile app that has the same behaviors as a typical app.  Is there a program out there that would marry the two together? Anyone familiar with this?

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  • Tools for Mobile App Development with HTML5/CSS

    Hi --
    I am interested in learning to develop cross platform mobile apps using HTML5 and CSS.
    Which Adobe product(s) (and other tools) are best for this?
    I'm guessing that Apache Cordova and Adobe PhoneGap Build are places to start but I'm looking for input from others.
    I'm also guessing the Adobe Edge products are appropriate "IDEs" for this kind of thing?
    What does Cordova bring to the table that isn't available in native HTML5/CSS?
    I apologize if this is not the correct forum for this question but upon reviewing the list of available forums this seemed like the best fit.

    There are few routs you could go to create a Mobile App using Adobe tools.
    1. Adobe Muse then export from Muse and visit as Brad pointed out here:
    Can I make a Mobile site with Muse and then go through PhoneGap?
    "Export as HTML and the create a zip file with the contents. Go to Phonegap,s website and submit the app directly from there instead of through Dreamweaver."
    2. Dreamweaver and Phonegap build access inside Dreamweaver. Read other users experiences on this community form before you rely solely on Dreamweaver to upload your app to
    3. Manually coding and uploading your html, js, css, assets (images, audio etc) files coded either in new adobe Edge Code or Dreamweaver to
    For easier graphic editing for media devices use Adobe's Fireworks graphics software instead of Adobe Photoshop for graphics. Once you start on your project there are various workflows you can use depending on what you are trying to make.
    -Zeshan B.

  • Building a mobile app

    Hi, I've installed phonegap desktop and designing my app in Muse.  The updates are working fine and testing on my phone works great.  Is this the way to build a mobile app?  Can it work?  I don't know code at all.

    Ok, thanks, well let me ask you this then.  What if I wanted to make an app that isn't informational only, what's the best way to get things to work?  can I design the app in muse for the informational stuff and then insert jquery code in to do more dynamic things?  I ultimately want to be able to do some phone manipulation if you know what I mean.  Maybe access the phones voice recorder, or be able to leave a voice text, or access the phone's calendar to make appointments.  What would be the easiest way for a non coder to do something like that?

  • SAP Mobile app Stock photo not work for network location

    Hi Experts
    I found if we use network location path (e.g.
    servername\pic folder\) in SAP Business One General Settings -> Path, Picture Folder, then if we logon SAP B1 Mobile app from iPad/iPhone, and try to open stock photo, we will get error:
    Processing Failed
    Internal server error: contact your system administrator
    It looks like it only work for local path, e.g C:\pic
    Even we put path as :
    local pc name\pic folder, it is also not work.
    Any idea about this?

    The first link is a temporary fix for a machine that only one or two people will use. This will not fix the Library Machines that some 3000 users can use at anytime. I can not pre-add all these users every time we image a machine. We also loan out laptops and I need these machine to wirelessly login dynamically to the domain. But I also need these machine to allow access if these machine are removed from our campus and the wireless access is not available.
    Thank again for the help and I hope someone at Apple can fix this soon. I going to have a hard time telling the client that thay can not use the OS that came with they're machine.

  • Integrating a PHP Web App with an Existing Azure Mobile Services and Mobile App

    I've got an existing mobile app that is integrated with Azure's mobile services. The mobile services are currently connected to Azure Active Directory with MFA enabled. I'd like to build a separate PHP-based web application (Azure VM) that uses this existing
    mobile service and authentication.
    I reviewed the Azure PHP SDK, but didn't see any tie-ins to the Mobile Service. Additionally, Azure has some great tutorials, but for mobile services they all seem to focus on iOS, Android, and Windows phone. Any insight into how to tie a PHP-app into this
    backend would be much appreciated!

    Although there isn't any client library for PHP, you can still access Mobile Service using the
    Azure Mobile Service REST API.
    Abdulwahab Suleiman

  • FIOS Mobile App - Wireless Does Not Work

    Hello all,
    I am trying to use the new FIOS Mobile app on my Android tablet. This should allow me to watch some live TV, however when I try to connect to a channel it tells me I need to be connected to my broadband router.
    In my setup at home my FiOS broadband router does not handle wireless connections, only wired. I have a separate wireless AP that does this. Why should it matter where I get my wireless connection from, as long as I am connected?

    billosaur wrote:
    Someone may have thought this was a great idea, but it's very frustrating to download an app, know that you meet all the criteria for using it, then be unable to use it because the app is unable to differentiate successfully that you are, in fact, on you home network. There's one router in my home, it's a Verizon router, and the app should be smart enough to know this. It's obvious that this app was rushed out without a throrough enough suite of tests, because something this simple should not happen. Is there a ticket in place for this? Is the application support group actively trying to rectify this problem? I'll give Verizon a while to sort it out, but this doesn't please me.
    Send the developers an email at [email protected]  I'm fairly confident they don't monitor this site.  If they don't hear from enough people like you with this issue, they won't fix it.  So please notify them of your issue.  Many are complaining on the Google Play app user reviews about the same problem you have.  You can see then on the Google Play site by accessing the site via a PC.

  • Lync 2013 mobile app does not work internally, SIP domain is Different than users UPN. not sure if that matters.

    using the lync client connectivity tester on a pc on the same lan as my mobile client everything is green and it says its ready for use.
    using my android galaxy s5 client on wifi on the same lan i get a screen with waiting to sign in spinning and an error at the top "we cant connect to the server check your network connection and server address, and try again."
    i have uploaded the full client log files
    here: client log file
    some errors that stand out from this log file are:
    1. ERROR HttpEngine: Certificate check fails: Trust anchor for certification path not found.
    2. <h2>401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.</h2>
      <h3>You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.</h3>
    i am using the correct creds, same creds i used on the analyzer tool.
    in the analyzer tool i did have to fill in the username field because my sip domain is different then my users UPN. which from what ive read its required to use the username field.
    i also filled in the username field in the mobile app with domain\username
    3. ERROR LYNC: ERROR TRANSPORT /Volumes/ServerHD2/buildagent/workspace/200604/tps/ucmp/platform/networkapis/privateandroid/CHttpConnection.cpp/295:CHttpConnection exception: java.lang.NullPointerException
    Jan 14, 2015 8:40:49 AM INFO LYNC: INFO TRANSPORT /Volumes/ServerHD2/buildagent/workspace/200604/tps/ucmp/ucmp/transport/requestprocessor/private/CHttpRequestProcessor.cpp/173:Received response of request(UcwaAutoDiscoveryRequest) with status = 0x22020001
    Jan 14, 2015 8:40:49 AM INFO LYNC: INFO TRANSPORT /Volumes/ServerHD2/buildagent/workspace/200604/tps/ucmp/ucmp/transport/requestprocessor/private/CHttpRequestProcessor.cpp/201:Request UcwaAutoDiscoveryRequest resulted in E_ConnectionError (E2-2-1). The retry
    counter is: 0
    4. Jan 14, 2015 8:40:50 AM ERROR LYNC: ERROR TRANSPORT /Volumes/ServerHD2/buildagent/workspace/200604/tps/ucmp/ucmp/transport/authenticationresolver/private/CAuthenticationResolver.cpp/431:Failing the original request as we weren't able to get the token
    this is the same type of error i was getting in the lync connectivity analyzer until i filled in the username field. but its filled in, in my client.
    again you can see the full log file is `HERE
    thank you in advance for any help. im trying to get internal working before i try external.

    I am trying to configure a reverseproxy on my netscaler which is in a 2 arm mode(dmz/internal) but I keep getting an error when configuring the monitor.
    i used this guide to configure it
    but continue to get this error in the netscaler monitor "Failure - TCP connection successful, but application timed out"
    so the virtual server is never up, thinking about just changing it to tcp as a monitor so it stays up and i can at lesat get the vip up.
    Also your link to the diagram shows it going to the reverse  proxy but the one im using has it going directly to the front end servers.
    I'm guessing Microsoft's is the correct one but wonder why the config differential?
    I see that your diagram says "mobility url", what is the mobility url? i though that was the
    current setup is
    2 fe servers on internal
    1 edge server on dmz
    1 almost done reverse proxy netscaler load balancer.
    also this ms link i used to configure dns entries, along with the pdf linked above.
    i currently have these external dns entries and they all point to the edge server on the dmz.
    the internal dns links point to 1 of the front end servers
    thanks again for your help.

  • HP ePrint mobile app on iPhone 4S & iPad Retina--Bo​th devices say "Photos (0)"

    I have just installed HP ePrint mobile app on both my iPhone 4S and my iPad Retina. However, when I go into the app, when the main screen pops up ("Photos" -- "Cloud" -- "Web" -- "Email"), when I tap "Photos," on either device it says: "Photos (0)"--i.e., I'm assuming that the app thinks I have "zero photos" on both devices, which of course is not true. Other details: (1) I have a Photosmart 7510 on my home wireless network; (2) I am able to print OK to the 7510 using Apple "AirPrint"--no problem there; (3) I can also print using either device (iPhone or iPad) using the HP "PrinterControl" app. So, how is it that HP ePrint mobile app cannot "see" my photos on either my iPhone or iPad (especially since they can "see" those photos when using the HP "PrinterControl" app). Thanks very much in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this situation.
    This question was solved.
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    The issue is related to the privacy settings on ios 6. To resolve this go to settings on your device, then you should see a privacy section. In there go to photos and turn the eprint app on. This should work to allow you to see the photos.
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • How to use OneDrive for Business mobile app with SharePoint 2013 on-premise?

    Hi All,
    I have a SharePoint 2013 (with latest December updates) that host a dedicated personal web site for users.
    The OneDrive portal works fine and users are able to sync their files with the OneDrive client for Windows.
    Now I want to test the OneDrive for Business mobile app on Android, but there is no option to specify the "personal" portal URL.
    It asks only for domain credentials.
    Does I need to configure specific records on my public DNS to allow mobile users to sync their files?

    I can confirm that with iOS you can connect to your SharePoint server through the advanced options.
    But the very strange thing is that the OneDrive version for Windows Phone 8.1 is limited as the Android version.
    This has no sense.
    Why does Microsoft should limit the Business functions on its mobile operating system, and not on iOS?
    Another strange thing is that configuring my Exchange account, Windows Phone 8.1 informed me that it has connected OneDrive for business (but is a fake information).
    See attached image.
    If I open the built-in OneDrive app, it give me the option to add a OneDrive for business account, but is only for Office 365 users (like with the Android version).
    I thing that Microsoft should let at least to Windows Phone users to connect to on-premise SharePoint sites.

  • DVR streaming to FiOS Mobile App

    When will FiOS mobile app be able to play DVR recordings?  Dish, xfinity and others have had this ability for some time (years in the case of Dish networks).

    It may be possible when the new DVR rolls out later this spring.
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  • FiOS Mobile App and DVR

    I have 2 Cisco CHS435HDC DVR's that are connected to my home network. The other day I downloaded the FiOS Mobile app and wanted to see if I can watch my recorded shows or schedule new shows using this app. The app recognizes I have 2 devices but it doesnt display my recordings or schedules. In the app it also says the devices are not connected to the network but I can tell they are. Both my phone and the devices are on the same subnet/network so no firewalls or routes are in play.
    One thing to note is that I have business service but there is no support forum on the business side so I'm hoping someone here can help.
    1. How can I configure the app to connect to the DVR's or configure the DVR's to broadcast whats needed so they are seen on the network by the app? I cant figure out what I need to do here. (Note I activated and authorized all the devices and accounts)
    2. In the DVR I cant seem to find where to change the IP address if for example I wanted to specify a static IP.
    3. If I wanted to also connect via the internet what ports do I need to forward through my firewall?
    Thanks in advance.

    I have my phone registered under Menus\Settings\Remote DVR\Mobile Phone Settings. This is where I registered my phone nunber and it provided a confirmation code. My iPhone works great. Note there is an older App that was replace by a newer app. Make sure you have the latest application for your device.
    I am not sure if a plain iPAD or other non phone devices work. I know there had been some complaints, and some requests for applications for non phone devices. Not sure on the status.
    I requested one that did not require to go to the Verizon site and back. Why not a local App on the local Wifi? And Also a remote control application developed for your PC? All can be found on The ideas boards, along with many other ideas.

  • Error message when I try to publish aa application with  BI Mobile App Designer

    We had last month a product demonstration of BI Mobile App Designer by Oracle's commercial.
    Following this demonstration, I installed and deployed this module on one of our OBIEE server
    I thus tested the BI Mobile App Designer product by creating two smartphone applications that worked perfectly.
    The problemis that since a few days, I can not access one of my applications from my smartphone.
    From OBI, I then load my application and tried to publish it again, but I get the error message :
    oracle.xdo.webservice.exception.OperationFailedException: PublicReportService::generateReportParametersDefinition
    Failure: Due to oracle.xdo.XDOException:
    oracle.xdo.das.DASException: BISvsException on getting a JBIPS member query data.
    Then I tried to duplicate my "Mobile App" and rename it and when I tried to publish it I get the error :
    French message :
    La bibliothèque d'applications n'est pas configurée correctement.
    Assurez-vous que le fichier de configuration est défini pour la bibliothèque d'applications.
    English message :
    The application library is not configured correctly.
    Make sure that the configuration file is defined for the application library.
    I don't understand what happens and I can't find any solution to this problem in Oracle knowledge base !...
    Any ideas ?
    Thierry Demoy

    Hi Thierry,
    In relation to the second error, I have had this before and it related to be below so this may help: Check the following file:
    Check that the following line matches were you are trying to publish your apps on OBIEE. The default is normally "Apps Library" but you can name this folder anything you like.
    Just change the below line and point to the folder. Restart the services BIMAD.
    <property name="APPS_LIBRARY_FOLDER_LOCAL" value="/Apps Library"/>
    Let us know if this helps?

  • Move Mobile Apps Folder To External Drive?

    Hi guys,
    I've got a MacBook Pro running Lion with all the latest software / updates.  This has become my secondary machine (since buying a lovely 27" iMac), and I'm using iTunes Match to keep both the MacBook Pro and iMac's iTunes libraries in sync.
    Now that I sync my iPhone and iPad to the iMac, I don't have much need for the Mobile Apps folder on my MacBook Pro.  I have a lot of apps, so my Mobile Apps folder is ~50 gigs, and it's suddenly one of the larger items on the MacBook Pro's drive.  Would it be possible to relocate this folder to my external drive for the MacBook Pro?  I found an older suggestion (to move the Mobile Apps folder, and create a shortcut in the iTunes folder pointing back to me new location), but this didn't work at all.
    Is this do-able?  As as alternate, can I just delete all the Apps from my MacBook Pro's iTunes library (from within the app) without screwing up the syncing or (via iTunes Match) inadvertantly deleting them all from the iMac as well?

    How to use an SSD with your HDD
    If you are going to use an SSD as a boot drive together with your existing HDD as the "data" drive, here's what you can do.
    After installing the SSD you will need to partition and format the SSD using Disk Utility. Then, install OS X on the SSD. After OS X has been installed boot from the SSD. Use Startup Disk preferences to set the SSD as the startup volume.
    Open Users & Groups preferences. Click on the lock icon and authenticate. CTRL- or RIGHT-click on your user account listing in the sidebar and select Advanced Options from the context menu.
    You will see a field labeled "Home dir:" At the right end you will see a Change button. Click on it. In the file dialog locate the Home folder now located on the HDD (HDD/Users/account_name/.) Select the folder, click on Open button. Restart the computer as directed.
    When the computer boots up it will now be using the Home folder located on the HDD.
    Another more technical method involving the Terminal and aliases is discussed in depth here: Using OS X with an SSD plus HDD setup - Matt Gemmell. This is my preferred approach because I can select which of the Home's folders I want on the HDD and which I don't want. For example, I like to keep the Documents and Library folders on the SSD because I access their content frequently.
    Be sure you retain the fully bootable system on your HDD in case you ever need it.

  • How can I demo my mobile app on a web page? or standalone

    Is there a way to show my Flex mobile app in a browser?  either on a web page or standalone is ok.
    I'm using Flash Builder 4.6 to build a mobile app for iOs (iphone 4) and when I debug it, it shows the program in a window like the phone,
    Is there a way to wrap this up and give it to someone to run in a Flash-player-browser-like window? 

    You can do something similar to this by using Export Release Build and instructing FB to Export as "Signed AIR Package for installation on desktop"
    This will create a file that can be installed on a computer and behaves much like a debugger execution.  A few caveats are that the user will need to resize the window manually to match a "phone size" and mobile features (camera, gps, accelerometer, etc) will either be unavailable or behave very differently than on an actual phone (depending on your code implementation).
    Still, for most apps, this will give your audience a good feel of what your app will be like when released on the phone market/store.

  • Can I delete the Mobile Apps Folder from my Mac?

    I would like to separate my two iPad 2 units from my desktop Mac. Each time I open iTunes it tells me how many updates to my apps are available, usually over 100. I have tons of apps stored on this system. I would rather use my iPad 2's separately and update/install apps on those individual units.
    Currently, I don't connect either iPad to the computer. I did notice they were wireless syncing. I think I disabled that now. I used the option to prevent the devices from syncing automatically as well as clicking on each device and turning wireless syncing off. When I quit iTunes and then relaunch it, I'm not seeing them auto sync so I think that part may be done.
    My mobile applications folder is 117.6GB in size. I would like to eventually delete that if possible. I don't particularly need the space, but I find my Mac runs much more smoothly when I get rid of excess files I don't use. Plus it saves files on my Time Machine drive that don't need to be backed up anyway. I use icloud to backup my data and iTunes Match to put my music in the cloud. I will likely leave my music on this system and then just download what music I want on each iPad from the cloud.
    Are there any things I should consider while slowly separating these devices from auto syncing? It seems pointless for me to keep downloading and updating mobile apps on my desktop computer when I can't use them on it. I currently make all my purchases of apps from each individual device. Both devices are feeding from the same iTunes account/login as well. I'm thinking the only potential issue is if an app is released and then pulled from the app store. If it's pulled then the only way to recover it would be if I stored a local copy on my desktop. I don't own any tethering apps. I think I bought one app once that was a duckhunt clone that got pulled. I never play it anymore anyway. Now that I think of it, Apple's Texas Hold-Em is another but I don't use it.
    Is there anything that would prevent me from doing this? Will all updates to iOS have the option of doing it on that individual unit? Will I ever need to connect them to my desktop Mac again?

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