Mute Audio Track of Embedded .avi File

Using iDVD, I created a slideshow with many pictures and .avi files. Because I'm using a background soundtrack, I would like to mute/delete the audio tracks of the .avi files embedded in the slideshow. Is this possible? If so, how?

hey there Mark,
you'd need to use iMovie. i prefer to build slide shows in iMovie6 as it's easier to use use for "more advanced editing". if you have iLife 08 you can dl iMovie 6 here:
good luck.

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  • How to add Audio Track to Existing AVI File

    Dear Friends,
    I have a AVI file, which contains only the Video Track.
    Now i want to add Audio track to this existing Video Track AVI File.
    Please suggest me with samples.

    Try next:
    Get a datasource from the avi.
    Get a datasource from the audio track.
    Create a MergedDataSource with both.
    Use a datasink to write to a file or play it with a player...

  • How to extract one of several audio tracks from a .vob file?

    Hi guys,
    hope you can help me, i'm looking for a solution for hours now but can't find one.
    I would like to know how to extract one audio track from a .vob file when there are different tracks/languages on the dvd? Media encoder does it very well, but i can't find the option for choosing the right audio track/language for extraction. Please help
    Kind regards

    This is because the OMF specification requires mono audio files
    It really depends on what you are trying to do with the two tracks as to the best answer as far as 'grouping'
    You could select all the clips on both tracks and right mouse click and select 'group'
    You could send both tracks to a bus
    You could export the two tracks to a stereo file and bring that back into the session
    Lots more things I'm sure but a little more detail as to what you are trying to do would help

  • OMF CS4 issue - Seperate audio tracks output as identical files on Pro Tools import

    OMF issue - seperate audio tracks outputs as identical files
    I am having some serious trouble when trying to export an OMF from a p2 DVCPROHD 720p50 project in CS4, and importing it in Pro Tools. The project is complex with over 12 hours of HD-footage and many sequences and titles.
    When exporting an OMF from a thirty minute sequence to work with the audio in Pro Tools, all four tracks turn out identically in Pro Tools on import. However, the tracks are different in the Premiere Pro CS4 timeline.
    We have tried both encapsulated and separate audio, we have tried importing the timeline/sequence into a new premiere project and exporting an OMF from the new project with no success. However, when we started a new project and simply imported one of our p2-files, and exported an omf, it worked fine, with 4 different audio tracks in Pro Tools.
    We also tried exporting 4 different OMF-files (one for each track), while having deleted all the other tracks. This remarkably also resulted in four identical tracks in Pro Tools!
    The OMF does not exceed the 2GB limitation.
    Can anyone help us? Have a project due on Monday, and need to start working on the audio ASAP.

    The "Source Channel Mapping - Default Track Format:" is set to "Use File". We recorded with a Panasonic HPX301 camera, which has three XLR-inputs, and we used all of them. So two of the tracks are identical recordings (from one of the XLR-inputs), while the two remaining are different, so in total there are three different tracks of oudio, all mono.
    When we put a p2-file into a sequence it has four tracks of audio linked to it, with the corresponding sound. So everything seems to be in order in Premiere, but for some reason they end up being four identical tracks in Pro Tools. As mentioned we tried making a new project with the same settings as in the project we are currently working, and we imported a single p2 clip. We exported a sequence with this clip as an omf with all the same settings, and this time it worked. The four tracks were different in Pro Tools when the OMF was imported. So it seems that the complexity of our project, or some setting that we are not aware of but have been altered by a mistake has made this project impossible to export correctly as an omf.
    But if there are any solutions to this we would be deeply grateful!

  • 2nd Audio track from merged .m4v files does not play on iPod Touch

    I used Handbrake to encode two .m4v files of a concert DVD that spans two DVDs. I then took those two files and combined them into Quicktime Pro to create a single .m4v file. The file plays fine in QT but when I transfer the file to my ipod, only the first audio track (from the first file) plays. Once the video from the second file plays, the audio is silent. Here's what the movie properties look like:
    Enabled Name Start Time Duration Format
    Y Video Track -- 0:00:00:00 -- 2:21:53:90 -- H.264
    Y Audio Track1 -- 0:00:00:00 -- 2:21:53:90 -- AAC
    Y Audio Track2 -- 1:27:28:87 -- 0:54:24:02 -- AAC
    N Text Track -- 0:00:00:00 -- 2:21:53:90 -- Text
    Any suggestions?

    So basically, anytime I combine more than one mp4 file in QT7 Pro, it will always create multiple audio tracks when doing a simple "save as" (vs. export as)
    Not exactly. QT has it own set of rules. As you noted, the video track had no problem merging into a single track. This would not have happened if you had merged video compressed differently or added an image/stretched image sequence. Not knowing your specific work flow or settings, I hesitate to make any claims here. Frankly, when merging audio, I normally prefer to use GarageBand when I want to create a single master audio track and still retain control of the other tracks for mixing purposes. However, I could just as well have exported the audio in the original file using QT Pro to a single audio file and used that audio track to replace both original tracks keeping both the original video and chapter tracks. It is all a matter of which work flow you consider easiest for a particular job or project.
    If I've exported out my chapter file as a plain text file, how do I go about reintegrating that withing the final mp4 file using QT?
    The above link is a somewhat old tutorial explaining how to create a chapter text track from scratch. Since you already have the chapter track, just refer to the steps indicating how to add the text file back to your main movie file. (Ignore the step that says to set a "Preload" option as this pop-up has been removed.)

  • Audio, no video with .avi file

    We have cameras on our buses in which we can save the video to a PC as an .avi video file. (hardware only works on a PC). So now I have a .avi file that we would like to view on our Macs. No matter what program I try, the movie has sound, but no video.
    +According to MediaInfoMac,+
    +Video Codecs Used: WaveCodec+
    +Audio Codecs Used: PCM+
    +File Format: AVI+
    +Encoded with: MEncoder 1.0pre5-3.3.5+
    +Encoding Library: MPlayer+
    +another program mentioned ADV1+
    I have
    * tried both Leopard and Snow Leopard machines
    * Quicktime Pro
    * Perian (made sure the DiVx was unistalled, repaired permission, restarted etc)
    * tried the latest VLN
    I don't mind purchasing a program, but I want to make sure it will work. This is an important program to us and we need it to work.
    Has anyone run across this type of file?

    There is no Mac codec for that video format. Use MPEG Streamclip to convert it to MPEG-4 on the PC.

  • Where is the audio track in a dvdproj file?

    I have a number of old iDVD projects stored on hard disc that I need to convert to a useable format.  I've been able to find the MPEG compressed video files by right-clicking on the .dvdproj bundle and opening the Contents/Resources/MPEG.nobackup folder, but the files have no audio track.  Where is the audio track stored?

    Unless you've created an archive iDVD project file the audio is only linked to the project from wherever you kept the files when creating the project.

  • Only partial audio from 25+GB .avi file in Premiere Elements 11 Expert View

    I have a new Toshiba laptop with i7 processor, 8GB memory, and Win 8.1
    I have 25+GB .avi files containing 2-3 of my kids baseball games.  I want to create DVDs of say 2 games per with start & stop main menu markers.
    I bring the .avi file into Expert View.  Problem is not all the audio is there.  Starts out with no audio showing then some appears.  Several games are
    each 8mm tape which I copy to HD as 1 .avi .  I guess I can copy one game at a time from 8mm creating individual .avi game files. Not sure how large
    they are and if all audio appears.  I'm currently doing that.
    Appreciate any suggestions.

    Did you clean out the Meda Cache, before you discovered the loss of Audio?
    To play Audio on the Timeline, and to display the Waveform, you need the CFA and PEK files. This article goes into more detail:
    One of the most common causes of not having Audio, or truncated Audio, is that the Conforming process did not complete 100%.
    Good luck,

  • Playing embedded AVI files on Mac

    I know there are players and codecs out there to play avi files on a Mac. But those are all stand alone players (I VLC).
    I have the updated version of quicktime and I believe all the codecs to play avi files, but I was wondering if there is anything else out there that will play avi files that are embedded in to a basic HTML page? When I load certain pages, all I get is the QUICKTIME "Q" with a question mark in the middle.
    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    to be able to see videos of all the formats you don't have to, but in order to export movies from one file type to the other I think you do. You can export them without getting the full version but it has a very large watermark on the videos saying "Made with Flip4Mac" or something like that.
    but for normal usage as a way to watch movies with quicktime, no you don't have to upgrade.

  • Embedding .avi file on an iView

    Goodday gurus,
    Need advice on this. How can i embed a movie file on an iview in the portal? At the moment i've uploaded a .htm file in a KM Folder. In that .htm file, i've added a code to embed the .avi file. Then, i created a KM Document iview. Unfortunately, when i preview the newly created iview, i can only see a blank media player screen which was embedded. I can't seem to play the file.
    The weird thing is that, when i tried to launch the .htm file in my PC, its working just fine. The probelem is only when i attached it to an iview.
    Any suggestions?

    of course.
    2.: in the portal, go to ContentAdministration->KMDocs
    choose any rep you like (go with "documents") then upload (folder->new->upload) your video.
    Supposed you put the doc under "/documents/test.avi", you can now reach it via: "/irj/go/km/docs/documents/test.avi". so this is the URL you want to use as embed src.
    3.: the HTTP Provider Service has to be configured in the Visual Administrator tool. Perhaps its best you go with sol. 2 first. If your interested in (3), take a moment to go through the documentation under ""

  • Adding a blank audio track to a .mov file

    I have a .mov file that I am trying to convert to MPEG-1 for burning to a VCD. I converted two .mov's that had audio in them, but now need to convert three that do not currently have an audio track. (Converting using ffmpegX)
    I've created a blank audio file in Quicktime that is longer than any of the .mov's. Is there an easy way to add the audio track from the audio file to the .mov file without one? I could probably do it in iMovie if I can't do it with Quicktime, but would rather avoid that....

    Open both files in Quicktime. Select All on the blank audio file, copy, then switch over to the MPEG-1 file.
    Make sure the cursor is at the beginning of the film, then select "Add to Selection & Scale" from the Edit menu.
    That should do the trick.
    All of this, though, only works in QT Pro, which is very much worth it!
    Good luck
    Dual 2.5 GHz PowerPC G5   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

  • Dropping an audio track onto a PSD  file imported into Final Cut Express

    I created a credits page for my video in Photoshop and then imported it into Final Cut Express (Version 1.0). I then duplicated part of an audio track from another sequence (My friend's father playing the organ), and dropped it onto the Photoshop credits sequence. It displayed and played nicely in Final Cut Express, but did not create an audio track which was visible within Final Cut Express. When I exported the sequence as a .mov file and then imported that into iDVD, it also displayed and played correctly in iDVD. But when I burned the DVD, there was no longer any audio with the credits. Any suggestions?
    iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    Thanks so much for your response. I selected and copied tracks A1 and A2 from one sequence and then pasted them into the credits (Photoshop) sequence. No audio tracks appeared in the Photoshop sequence, but we could hear the audio when we played the Photoshop sequence.
    There was video associated with the original organ track, and we did not lock off the video when we dropped it into the Timeline, although there didn't seem to be any problem with the video. We did not Mixdown the audio either, although no audio tracks were displayed in the Photoshop sequence. I will try both of those things and see if it makes a difference. Thanks again.
    iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

  • Adding multiple audio tracks to a multicam file

    I am editing a multi cam production- and have 8 different audio tracks- separate from the movie files. I have made a multi cam file but any ideas on how to add all 8 tracks of audio to this multi cam file- then edit- and then question no. 2: how do I then export all edited audio tracks separately for my sound engineer to mix them? Thanks a lot

    Hi Tom- thanks for your response   I´m not quite sure if you get me right... I have made a multicam file- consisting of 4 cameras- and now I want to add 8 audio tracks that are not connected to any of the cameras- but that were recorded seperately- and have all these 8 tracks lying underneath all the camera angles- being synced up with the cameras internal mics- but I want to edit the 8 audio tracks and finally export them. Thanks

  • How to group Left and Right audio tracks from a .OMF file?

    Hi, i'm editing the sound of my short film, i've sent a .OMF to audition from premiere, but the left and right tracks are seperate tracks in the multitrack session, how would i group them so whatever i do to one channel, will be done to the other

    This is because the OMF specification requires mono audio files
    It really depends on what you are trying to do with the two tracks as to the best answer as far as 'grouping'
    You could select all the clips on both tracks and right mouse click and select 'group'
    You could send both tracks to a bus
    You could export the two tracks to a stereo file and bring that back into the session
    Lots more things I'm sure but a little more detail as to what you are trying to do would help

  • Folder mutes audio tracks (only)--why?

    Hi all,
    I'm a bit baffled by this one: I have a folder in a current project in which all audio tracks have somehow gotten muted. Oddly, the software instruments in this folder are not muted. The mute button for the folder is not selected. If I pull an audio track out of the folder, it does become unmuted. I suppose I could pull everything out and pack a new folder, but this folder is fairly complicated, and I don't want to have to do it over again. Is this situation the result of a preference that somehow got selected, or is the folder corrupted?
    Any suggestions appreciated.
    G5 Dual 2.0GHz, 1.5GB RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   Firebox; LE 7.1.1

    Let's make sure that we're talking about the distinctions between what happens when you use the mute tool, when you mute a track, and when you mute a channel. The mute tool will only mute multiple regions (no matter what they are) if multiple regions were selected in the first place. Otherwise, if you have only one region muted, using the mute tool will only mute that region. A black dot will appear (should appear) on any region muted with the mute tool.
    If you mute a track, all instances of that track will be muted in the arrangement. So if you have a vocal comp spread across multiple instances of Track 1 (to allow for overlapping regions, keeping multiple (but muted) takes/phrases, if you mute any instance of Track 1, all of them get muted throughout the song. So you could have a folder with stuff on 5 instances of Track 1, another folder with 10 instances of it, and 2 instances in your Arrange window (that would be pretty sloppy programming, but whatever). And if you muted any of those Track 1's, they'd all mute.
    Then there's channel muting. It's equivalent to muting any and all tracks assigned to that channel, but it mutes the audio at the channel (meaning it's pretty much instantaneous when you hit the mute button) as opposed to muting audio from the track level (where there's always a bit of a delay if audio's playing and you mute the track).

Maybe you are looking for

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