My 4s has no sound on most outgoing calls. i constantly have to turn my phone off and on more than once a day to get it to work. how can i get this fixed?

My 4s has no sound on most of the outgoing calls i make. It will ring the other phone I am calling but I cannot hear it nor can they hear me when they answer. Its just dead air but my phone timer is in use. How can this be corrected?

It's very possible that you have stuff running in the background that you don't even realize you have running. For example the default is for all notifications to be on and you usually need few to none of them.
That said, while an iPad can run warm, too hot to handle isn't right. ALso you should get about 10 hours....depending on what you're doing of course. If you're doing processor intensive stuff, like gaming and videos it can drain faster and generate more heat.
I would say if you have an apple store near by, make an appointment and have them check it out. If the issue is due to what they determine to be manufacturer's defects then it could fall under the warranty. But that's up to the store to determine.

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