My computer crashed and was rebuilt. I tried to sync the music from ipad back to my computer but I keep getting a message that says the content on my ipad will be erased. It also says the ipad was synced to a different library.

My computer crashed and was rebuilt. I tried to sync the music from my ipad to my computer but get a message that says the content on my ipad will be erased and is synced to a different library. All the music purchased from itunes synced but I need to get the music that was not purchased on itunes. How do I do this?

You don't.  the ipad is not a backup/storage device.  it simply mirrors the selected content of your computer.  The sync is one way - computer to ipad.  The only exception is itunes purchases.
Did you fail to maintain a backup copy of your computer?
If so, not good.
You may be able to purchase  a third party program, not supported by Apple, to get the other music.

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