My computer is a MacBook Pro Intel core duo, and I need to know if I can run the new Lion OS?

My computer is a MacBook Pro Intel core duo, and I need to know if I can run the new Lion OS?  The Apple web says must have Intel Core 2 Duo. Please advise. Not knowledgeable enough to know if not having the 2 between Core and Duo is a stopper.  Appreciate any guidance. 

The difference between a Core Duo and a Core 2 Duo is a show stopper when it comes to running Lion.  The Core Duo is still only a 32 bit chip, but the Core 2 Duo is a 64 bit chip.  You need the 64 bit chip to run Lion.

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  • I have an imac with intel core duo processor.  Will I be able to upgrade to the new Lion system that icloud is associated with?

    I have an Imac with the Intel Core Duo Processor.  Will I be able to upgrade to the new OSX Lion?

    You need a Core 2 Duo or later to use Lion.  You will need to install Snow Leopard in order to access the Mac App Store to download Lion when it becomes available.

  • Wireless N upgrade for Macbook pro Intel Core Duo (Purchased 8/2006)???

    Firstly, I am a little angered that apple has not come out with any directly supported options to allow people with my macbook pro to upgrade to the new wireless N capability.
    Therefore I have found a 3rd party option that is being offered by fastmac ( that will allow for wireless N wifi.
    My only concern is if having this installed (professionally by them or by an authorized reseller, say compusa) would cause my entire applecare warranty to be voided or just the part that covers the wireless card. I could deal with having the wireless card voided as it would be under warranty by fast mac...
    Macbook pro intel core duo   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    Your warranty is not voided by installing the Airport card. However, any damage that may be caused by the installation of the card would not be covered under the warranty.
    Secondly, the Airport Extreme card that supports 802.11n is available as an upgrade kit for Mac Pros. Some Apple dealers may be able to obtain and install the card for you in your computer.

  • I am going to buy a macbook pro for grade 12, and I need to know wheather I should get a macbook pro or a macbook pro retina. If someone could tell me (in a very simple way) which one is,better for me and why, I would be ever so apprreciative.

    I am going to buy a macbook pro for grade 12, and I need to know wheather I should get a macbook pro or a macbook pro retina. If someone could tell me (in a very simple way) which one is,better for me and why, I would be ever so apprreciative.

    Why do you need a expensive MacBook Pro?
    Your attending high school and unless everyone else is rich also your likely going to be a target by the more poorer students for theft or damage to the machine.
    You could keep it home, but if you need it for class then your exposed again.
    Also at that age your not very careful yet, a MacBook Pro is a expensive and easily damaged machine.
    Unless your made of money and so are others at your school, I would recommned a low profile, just does the job cheap Windows PC.
    If it dies, gets lost, stolen or damaged because of your inexperince handling senstivie electronics then it's no big deal.
    You can buy a Mac later on when your sure you have a need for it, currently there isn't much advantage of owning a Mac compared to a PC, they do just about the same things now, one just looks prettier than the other.
    Since 95% of the world uses Windows PC's your going to have to install Windows on the Mac in order to keep your skills up there or be unemployed, so it's a extra headache and expense.
    good luck

  • I have a MacBook Pro with Intel Core Duo and Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Want to upgrade to Lion to take advantage of icloud. Is there anything I can do without getting a new MacPro?

    I have a MacBook Pro with Intel Core Duo and Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Would like to upgrade to Lion but it requires a minimum of Intel Core 2 Duo. Can I get what I need or do I have to buy new MacBok Pro?

    I also have a core duo MBP with Snow Leopard and it runs perfectly.  There are very few things it cannot do as compared to the faster, newer MBPs, but that is attributable to the CPU, not the OS.  There are some who view Lion as downgrade rather than as an improvement.  If there are important applications that reqire a fast CPU or Lion features that you find essential, by all means get a new MBP.
    I have an aphorism:  Obsolescence is more often a perception rather than a reality.  Besides the silver keys look much classier than the black ones.

  • Macbook Pro intel core duo, will not boot to anything.

    Greetings, I am currently having issues with my MacBook Pro.  I get the flashing folder with the ?, but I can't boot to any of the startup utilities.  I have tried all that I have read about on other posts, such as, trying to boot with the C key held down (it just gets to the folder ?), booting to disk utility didn't work ( held down keys and it went to the folder ?), I also tried getting to the hardware test, by holding D and having the applications disk in.  And still everything I try gets me to the flashing folder ?.  Also I do have the CD's that came with the laptop and tried to install from the mas os install CD and still get to the flashing folder ?.  The reason it started doing this was because of this......  I had boot camp installed and was running dual boot with windows 7, then I had deleted the mac osx on the drive so I would only be using windows 7.  I wanted to reformat the drive after this, but had a hard time finding out a way to actually do this, as the MacBook unlike PC's, doesn't have any BIOS, and at that time didn't know all the key commands to use at startup.  So I downloaded a program from the net that can run at windows start and delete the HD before the computer fully boots windows 7.  So after I deleted the HD I could not install any program or start any of the mac utilities at startup, and I did the PRAM reset, still everything that I try it gets me to the flashing folder ?, in the end.  Could I have deleted all of the startup utilities when I wiped the HD?  If so how can I get these back on my MacBook pro if I can't get the MacBook pro to read any files or start up utilities?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    UPDATE: I found a way to download firmware, I thought that it could be the reason I get the flashing folder with ?, because maybe I somehow damaged the firmware on my computer when I did the reformat.  Alas I followed the directions to re-install the firmware and still I get to the same flashing folder.  I used FirmwareRestorationCD1.4  I think it is the one I needed for my model, MacBook Pro 15"  intel core 2 duo, and comes with osx 10.5 leopard I think, the OSX CD is stamped 2008 for 15" MacBook Pro.  I can't check the properties of my MacBook because it has no programs on it, but this is what I think it is from memory and deduction.  Well now I guess I have to ask the question, is the firmware the programs installed such as disk utility, and recovery mode?  I need to read more I guess, and also I thought I needed to take the 1.4 off the end of the FirmwareRestorationCD in order for it to work, but the instructions for making and using the firmware CD is a bit vague.  Another factor in this to make things more difficult, is that this computer is my second computer and it's a PC laptop, so I used a program download from the net to write .dmg files to disk, it's called Transmac, could this be another fault in my creation of the CD?  I am out of ideas again as to what I need to do to get mac OSX back on my computer,  I am still a bit new to the way macs work, so I could definatley use some advice.  thanks.

  • Will Macbook Pro Intel Core Duo run Snow Leopard ok?

    I have the following system spec on my Macbook Pro which i bought in Apr 2006:
    2.16 Ghz Intel Core Duo
    2 G 667 Mhz SDRam
    I would like to know if Snow Leopard will run on my system. I have been getting a few glitches for the last while when running internet related searches for certain sites like Youtube, and sometimes with streaming video. I figured that maybe i need a more up to date OS as i've been a bit slack with updating it. Any thoughts fromt he community are welcome

    Yes. You can run Snow Leopard OK.
    As you're starting from Tiger it's imperative you backup your current system before proceeding. That's best done by cloning it to an external HD using the Restore function in Disk Utility, or you can use third-party software such as CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper.
    The reason for this is that although the installation should go smoothly with the installer replacing system files and leaving your user data and applications untouched, I have come across a couple that failed and could only be installed after erasing the Macintosh HD.
    Buy the retail Snow Leopard disc;
    and update to 10.6.8 with the combo installer;
    Be aware that lots of software will need updating, not all of it for free (stand up, Adobe!), and you may well have difficulty getting drivers for older printers or scanners.
    Ensure you select Rosetta from the optional installations to enable your older software to continue working.

  • Leopard not wanting to install on MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo?

    I want to bump up to Leopard on my two main computers (MacBook Pro Intel, and a tower, also Intel)... but as I'm using them 24/7 on projects I dare not have problems with ... I don't want any down time getting Leopard to run seamlessly on those systems.
    To this end, I 'borrowed' the Leopard disks from my son, for whom I just got a new iMac ... and was going to try it out on my spare (no critical projects) laptop (MacBook Pro Intel). At the beginning of the install the pop-up tells me it can't 'install Leopard on this computer'.
    Could this just be some new security device to inhibit pirating? Related specifically to new iMacs? Or am I going to have problems when I try to install the Leopard I was about to buy to upgrade all my computers?
    All ears,

    FYI, an OS installer doesn't just blindly install all the OS components it contains; among other things it runs "pre-flight" & "post-flight" scripts to make sure the Mac's hardware is compatible with that version of the OS, to assemble some of the pieces (like preference files) on-the-fly prior to installing them, & to initialize & clean up some of the items placed on the drive during the installation process.
    If it helps, think of it as little mechanized factory that builds customized, turnkey products based on the measurements & specifications it obtains from the buyer.
    The retail version of the OS contains the generalized version of this factory; the OEM disk sets do not, since they are intended for one model only.
    So, if you want to "test drive" the OS, do it on your son's Mac. You won't be violating the license terms & your test will be much more indicative of what you will see with the OS properly installed on your Macs.

  • MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo

    I have a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.6.8 with an Intel Core Duo processor.
    Is it true that I wont be able to upgrade to Lion when it is released?
    My MBP isn't that old so why have Apple decided not to support it?
    Any advice would be appreciated!

    Sadly it's true
    Your Mac must have an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor to run Lion.
    The Core Duo processor was last used in a MacBook Pro in Mid-2006.
    After that with the release of the Late-2006 MBPs the Core 2 Duo processor was used.
    So, it's 5 years old...
    Personally I think Apple has abandoned the Core Duo because it is only a 32-bit processor and not capable of 64-bit.

  • Power and battery problems with MacBook Pro intel core duo

    Hi there, I've been having this problem for about a week now with my macbook pro where it shuts down a second after it's unplugged, even though the battery is full. I tested the power cord with another that works, and the same thing still happens. I've zapped the p-ram, and reset the MPU where you take out the battery and hold down the power button for 5 seconds and all that. I think it might be the logic board, or something within that? Any suggestions before I send it in to Apple for investigations?

    I started having the same problem several days ago. Unplug the magsafe connector, and the MBP powers suddenly powers off, even though the battery shows a full charge on both the menu bar and the battery leds.
    I decided to try a new battery after reading a number of posts here about the same problem.
    Back to normal with the new battery. So now I'll go back to Apple to get the non-functioning battery replaced under AppleCare. (I wanted a second battery anyways)
    Hope this helps.

  • Esata and older macbook pro intel core duo 2.16 GHz

    Hi. I'm sure this has been discussed elsewhere, but I can't locate a thread. To connect an external ESATA HD to my Macbook pro, is some kind of card needed, or does the laptop have an esata connector inside that can be accessed?
    Thanks in advance....

    "I can't locate a thread." Here's a starting point.
    And, yes, you need a card. There's no extra connection internally.

  • I have a droid pro just got it and I need to know how I can delete text messeges from it when Im done texting a person

    I have had a blackberry but I just recently got a droid pro and Im still trying to figure it out so what I need to know is how can I delete text messeges after Im done texting a person.

    You should be able to go to message, menu, and delete, then select the message that you would like to delete.

  • Trying to install downloaded Leopard on my macbook pro intel core duo

    I purchased Leopard from a third party site in which it was downloaded. I'm wondering if I can install it on my Macbook Pro? Everytime I open it is says to restart in order to install but it takes me back to my desktop everytime. The only reason I'm upgrading is because I purchased some photoshop extras and in order to utilize them I need 10.5 or 10.6. I don't want to upgrade to 10.6 and I'm not quite sure if I can.

    To elaborate on William's point above about the software likely being pirated: Apple never, ever sells "downloadable" versions of its software. (Updates are provided via download, but full releases are available on DVD media only.) No reseller should be offering such a download for sale.
    Plus, you cannot install a Mac OS onto a hard disk that is the boot drive for that computer. So if you downloaded a version of OS 10.5 onto your Tiger (10.4) computer, you could not run the installer. A running system can't upgrade itself. That's why you must have the software on DVD and boot from that DVD. (There are other ways--sharing DVDs across a wireless network or booting from an external drive.)
    For now, call Apple sales (1 800 MY APPLE in the US) and purchase a legal, on-DVD copy of OS 10.5--they are still making and selling them.

  • My macbook pro intel core duo 2 keeps restarting intermittenly. Help with error code.

    I have run a Hardware Test, and it gives the follwing error code. Can anyone tell me what this is? I recently had my logic board replaced within the last 3 months, so it shouldn't be a problem there.
    Thank you very much for any and all help.
    Error code:

    Online references possible memory issue? Sensors?
    Keep taking it back and they keep switching parts until the problem is gone.

  • WD Scorpio WD3200BEKT compatible with MacBook Pro (Intel Core Duo)?

    I'm looking at upgrading, and I was wondering if any one else here has used this drive. Thanks.

    I'm using the 5400 speed version of this HD (BEVT) and it's **** fine in my MBP.
    I can do without the 7200 speed, and I guess I get a bit more battery life, which is more important to me.
    Best thing is 320 Gig on the road all in one box.
    Hope this is of some use.

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