My external hard drive will not mount with my mac?

Okay so everything was working out great till the new OS came out. Then i ran into some problems. I can no longer back up anything i have on my laptop anymore because my external will not pick up in finder-desktop-etc. I need help as fast as i can because i need to back up, its been 50 days and my computer is filled with pricless photos and videos that i would like to save.
Please help!!!!

No it does not, sorry that this responds took so long

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  • External Hard Drive will not mount after upgrading to Yosemite

    After upgrading to Yosemite, my external 3TB hard drive will not mount... can't see in Finder, but does appear in Disk Utility.  Follow steps to Repair disk, but get a message that D.U. cannot repair disk.

    See mount section.
    Disk Unmount Using Terminal
    Disk Utility – Force Mount Disk

  • My external hard drive will not mount on the desktop?

    My external hard drive no longer mounts on my desktop, the hard drive has been checked & is working-has anyone ideas?

    Hello cuckoo55,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information on this, take a look at:
    Mac OS X v10.6: How to show your hard drive icon on the desktop
    In the Finder, choose Preferences from the Finder menu.
    Click the General icon on the toolbar.
    Select "Hard disks" in the "Show these items on the desktop:" section.
    Close the Finder Preferences window.
    Best of luck,

  • Problems with External Hard drive, will not mount and errors in disk utilit

    i have a powerbook g4 aluminum. i have an external hard drive for it. a simple tech 100gig portable drive, almost brand new. i dont know what happened to it, but one day i was starting my computer up with it attached. it wounldnt fully start up, said "waiting for local disks" so i uplugged the external hard drive. now it wont mount and will only show up in the disk utility of my friends macbook. i tried to verify and repair, and this is the message i got.
    Verify and Repair disk “UNTITLED”
    ** /dev/disk1s1
    could not read boot block (Input/output error)
    Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit
    1 non HFS volume checked
    1 volume could not be repaired because of an error
    Im in mexico writing a book and so i really need help on this one guys.

    Hi, hjbugs, and welcome to Apple Discussions. Disconnecting the drive while your Powerbook was accessing it probably caused your problem. It may be repairable using DiskWarrior or TechTool Pro, but if you don't have access to one of those and aren't going to buy one, reformatting the drive with Disk Utility may be the only other way to make it usable again. If it contains data you need to recover first (i.e., data that isn't also stored on your internal HD or other storage media), download the free demo version of one of the data recovery utilities mentioned in this thread and use it to see what is recoverable. If the files you need are recoverable, buy the full version of one of the utilities and recover them.

  • External Hard drive will not mount on desktop

    I have a 17" Powerbook G4 that has replaced a broken iBook G4. I've been using a Western Digital MyBook Pro Edition as a secondary drive for my multimedia as well as my iTunes Library. It worked fine on the old iBook.
    When I plug it into the Powerbook, using either USB2 or Firewire 800, it will not mount to the desktop. It DOES however appear in the System Profiler as "External HD Button and Lights". The drive is formatted for FAT32 and works fine on my Windows XP desktop machine, so I know the drive functions mechanically. A different hard drive, a Maxtor mounts to the desktop fine using USB2, so it isn't a bus issue.
    This is driving me nuts. I LOVE this computer, but I have WAY more invested in music than the cost of the computer.
    Thanks in advance.
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    It took a while to figure it out but apparently there was a conflict with bluetooth. I disabled it and all is well.

  • External Hard drive will not mount on Macbook Air (mid-2011) OSX 10.9.4

    Hello Everyone!
    Needs some help resolving this issue.  External hard drive (Toshiba v63600-C) will not mount anymore on my mothers-in-law's macbook air.  She notice this problem starting on the Aug 6th.  You can see it in the Disk Utility but is not mounted.  I can get the her ext hard drive to mount on my Macbook Pro with no problem.  I also tried my personal ext hard drive (Seagate) on her Macbook Air and it will not mount.  Not sure what is going on here.  Any help is appreciated in resolving this issue.
    Disk Utility
      Mount Point : Not mounted  Capacity : 1 TB (1,000,096,367,104 Bytes)
      Format : Windows NT Filesystem (Tuxera NTFS)  Available : -
      Owners Enabled : -  Used : -
      Number of Folders : -  Number of Files : -
    Actions Taken So Far:
    1) Confirmed "external disk" is selected under Finder's Preference
    2) Reset PRAM
    3) Ran Verify Disk and Repair Disk under Disk Utility with no change.
    4) Tried manually mounting disk in Disk Utility but get "Mount Failed" error

    You may believe this is Apple's problem but I just like Baltwo have had absolutely no problems with any of my Firewire drives in Lion. So unless you can come up with much stronger evidence to the contrary, I doubt that your feeling are going to carry any weight at all.

  • External Hard Drive will not mount

    My external hard drive that I been storing all my aperture files on is not mounting to the desktop. I can see the hard drive when I use my disk utility, but it doesn’t show up in the desktop.
    When I purchased the hard drive originally I didn’t format to apple but it worked fine.
    Please help…
    Jethro Acosta
    Infocus Studio
    Imac with intel chip   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

    Make sure the drive is powered from from its separate power source, not solely through the FW or USB connection.
    If it is a dual connectivity drive, try connecting from the second method (e.g. if you are using the much preferable FW, try switching to the much-less-good USB).
    Repair Permissions, even though that is fairly unlikely to have any impact.

  • External Hard Drives will not Mount

    I have a WD & LaCie external hard drives in my iMac G5 they have been working fine until I started using the new Time Machine program. Now the drive show up in disk utility but not on the desktop. Disk utility has been no help in repairing them and in its log states " Invalid content in Journal " .
    How do I get my drives back ?

    I did an archive reinstall of Leopard and I still had my problem, so I schleped it down to the Apple store and for the life of me We could not make it happen, drives shoed up fine and worked fine. I think I have a bad FW port that is intermittant but for now I cannot have them fix something that seems to work...
    I dont thisnk we have the same problem, because when I had my drives not showing up on the desktop, they were not showing up in Disk Utilitiy either.
    Is there data on those drives that you must have? If not I would try reformatting them with Disk Utility ("erase") and see if they reappear. If there is data on them, I would try running a better utility program such as DiskWarrior, I think you can run it on external Disks to rebuild the directory. The problem is that the present version, 4.0 is not compatible with Leopard. The new one is out soon if not already for Leopard. There is no guarantee that that will work, but may be worth a try.

  • Hard drive will not mount with 10.4 but will mount with 10.3

    I have a G4 powerbook running on 10.4.11. There is a western digital my book external drive hooked up to the USB port. I have two partitions on it. I tried to change the group settings to read write and got an error saying I did not have permission. Now the first partition will mount, but the second which I tried to change will not mount.
    Disk utility sees the drive but it is grayed out. DiskWarrior sees the drive.
    I dragged out my old G3 running 10.3.9 and plugged it in. Works great. The disk drive partition mounts and all of the files are there. What do I need to do to get 10.4.11 to mount the disk partition?
    The external drive is a Western Digital My Book 250G divided equally into two partitions. The partitions are in Mac extended format.

    I'm having pretty much the same problem... Have a WD 500 GB external attached via USB. I can't say for sure that the WD caused this (wasn't paying close enough attention), but I've noticed that my own MacBook HD is no longer mounted. I can't seem to find anyway to accomplish this either. I've booted from another volume to run Disk Utility (repair/verify). I rebooted with the MacBook startup drive and still, no HD. And NOW I can't see the bootable partition I made on the WD external. What?
    I feel like the opposite of a nerd, cuz I'm just scratching my head at this point. Oh yeah, and running 10.4.11...

  • External hard drive will not mount nor repair... ='(

    My internal hard drive was failing, so I backed up all of my data onto a 500GB WD Passport external hard drive and ordered a warranty replacement. Yesterday I received the replacement and went to restore my data. I used Carbon Copy Cloner to restore it and after about 45GB, my computer completely froze. I restarted and tried again, this time the same thing happened at the same point. I restarted, but this time it would not boot off of the external HD. I booted off of another external HD and ran "Repair Disk" in Disk Utility. It took forever, but when it finished it said something like I need to backup, erase, and restore. The problem is that I can't access any of my data on the drive!
    Is there any program I can use to repair it? Or is there any way to force it to mount?

    Varlos wrote:
    My internal hard drive was failing, so I backed up all of my data onto a 500GB WD Passport external hard drive and ordered a warranty replacement. Yesterday I received the replacement and went to restore my data. I used Carbon Copy Cloner to restore it and after about 45GB, my computer completely froze.
    I won't try to answer any of your questions, but I do have a set of my own: How did you initialize that replacement drive? Did you set the partition map scheme to "GUID Partition Table"? Did you format the volume as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)"?

  • External hard Drive will not mount via firewire tpo my Powerbook G4

    I have a Powerbook G4 1.5, 2 Gb Ram and an 80 Gb Hard Drive. Well my problem is, I went and purchased a Western Digital External Hard Drive. The box states that this hard drive is compatible for both Windows and Mac. But for some reason I can't get the external hard drive to mount via the firewire. However it will mount by using the USB.
    So can someone please provide some troubleshooting tips on how I can get this external hard drive to mount?

    hi there,
    in your case, your drive is probably bad because the copy was interrupted. your hard drive may be finished, but more likely, just the file structure is damaged and/or you have bad sectors.
    you have a few options:
    *if you don't need the data back:*
    • see if the drive appears in disk utility and try to erase/reformat (make sure to zero out data to avoid bad sectors)
    • if it doesn't appear, try a pc. it won't recognize it, but it may allow you to reformat/initialize it. then, connect back into mac (which will recognize a pc formatted drive) and reformat as mac os x extended (journaled).
    *if you need the data back:*
    • try a program like data rescue II, file salvage, or boomerang data recovery first to recover the data
    • see if the drive appears in disk utility and try to repair disk
    • if that doesn't work, try disk warrior and/or drive genius
    • if you aren't successful, you may want to try a professional data recovery service (or me first, to ensure that you actually need someone as high tech as drive savers)
    • if you are successful and are able to recover the data, then erase the drive (zero out data) and then move the data back, to ensure you're working off a well formatted drive.
    fyi, if your computer freezes in the future, be sure to try appleoptionesc first and force quitting the problem application. if that doesn't work, try controloption+appleeject (shutdown) and/or optionappleeject (restart). if those doesn't work, in this situation, the next best move would probably have been turning off the power on the hard drive. if that doesn't unfreeze the system in a few minutes, then hold the power button.
    hope this helps,

  • LACIE external hard drive will not mount

    I had this problem with Tiger too. I have to turn the LaCie external hard drive on and off 4 or 5 times before it appears on my desktop. This shouldn't be right! Can I do something about this???

    Another Lacie issue (lacie 250 d2) . Similar the others. WHen I installed leopard it asked if this was the drive to use etc and i said yes. Since then it wont work. All attempts to back up have failed. I cant reformat either. Just get beachball when ever I try anything with the disk. Only way to do anything is to remove the FW connection. Tried the drive on another G4 (tiger) and it scanned and reported "disk seems ok" but then any attempt to write to the drive or any other activity is greeted with beachball.'
    Rang the distributor and was told " we are having some issues with lacie and we are losing confidence ... would you like to buy a western digital" !!!

  • External backup drive will not mount on new mac mini. still works fine on the old one. new one is running mavericks

    I just bought new-to-me mac mini running OSX mavericks.
    Trying to migrate from old mac mini using simpletech external hard drive.
    It still mounts on my old mac mini (system 10.5) but will not mount or show up when I plug it in to the new mac mini running mavericks.
    Any ideas?

    BDAqua wrote:
    What exactly shows in System Profiler>Hardware>USB for those drives?
    Boot from the Install Disc & see if they show up, not grayed out in Disk Utility.
    1. Insert the Mac OS X Install disc, then restart the computer while holding the C key.
    2. When your computer finishes starting up from the disc, choose Disk Utility from the Installer menu at top of the screen. (In Mac OS X 10.4 or later, you must select your language first.)
    *Important: Do not click Continue in the first screen of the Installer. If you do, you must restart from the disc again to access Disk Utility.*
    We were thinking along the same lines. While at home I dug up a firewire enclosure and put a bootable GUID formatted drive in it (that I had in one of the usb enclosures) and started her computer holding down the option key and then chose to boot from the external firewire. All usb drives are now mounting upon connection. I asume that her drive has bad sectors on it (even though the SMART status says it's OK) and is not loading all the drivers properly for USB to mount. I was suspicious from the beginning that the OS was corrupt when she first had me look at it. It was at that point that I booted it in target mode, connected to my Macbook Pro, and then CCC'd to a usb drive that I had. I then had a couple of difficulties installing the new OS. Should have known......
    I am now going to put a new drive in it for her and she'll be up and running.
    Thanks so much for your help and thoughts that got me thinking as well.

  • My external hard drive will not mount

    I unfortunately committed the cardinal sin and forgot to eject the hard drive instead I just unplugged it now it won't mount on my desktop I have a previous generation macbook pro and have tried it on windows on the macbook pro and windows on a pc no luck with any of them I am not to concerned about the data I just want to get the drive usable again.
    Could anyone please help me out?

    Chad: You'll need to use data recovery software to see how much of your data can be salvaged from the drive. Each of these DR utilities is available in a free downloadable demo version that will show you what the full version would be able to recover before you have to pay for anything:
    Data Rescue
    Note that you will need to have another hard drive with enough available space on it for all the files you want to recover. Nothing can be recovered and saved to the same drive it's being recovered from.

  • External Hard Drive will not mount through USB Hub.

    The Hard Drives are ok. If I plug them directly into my iMac (3 weeks old and update to 10.7.1) they mount fine. But they wont show up if I plug them into my USB Hub that is plugged into my iMac. I have had THREE USB Hubs and all of them have had problems. I have USB flash drive that sometimes shows up and a iPhone that will show up in iTunes when I mount it through the hub.
    Is there a program (in the system or share/freeware) that will force the Mac to scan and mount them?
    thanks - Otto.

    The issue is the EHD's are not getting enough power. Going forward never buy EHD's unless they have their own power supply. I would recommend either connecting directly to the iMac or replacing them with higher quality devices. The EHD's I like to recommend are:
    OWC Mercury Elite Pro series
    LaCie d2 Quadra series
    G-Tech G-DRIVE series
    All are similar in quality and features. Yes they're probably more money that what you paid however they're worth it. I use the LaCie's however I wouldn't hesitate to use the OWC or G-Tech's either.

Maybe you are looking for

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