My I phone calendar does not communicate with my I Mac. I called support an they said you need to buy Lion, snow leopard no longer supports this. Can this be right? It has always worked before.

calendar events  on I phone does not show up on my I mac.

You need to move to Windows 7, because Apple is now releasing a new OS X version annually and it's playing havoc with people's hardware and software.
Windows 7 will get support until 2020, that's 8 years of software stability, however you do need to make System Restore disks, boot disk and another on a hard drive to self restore (like TimeMachine is for OS X)
Apple has no plans to change their currrent behavior as all they care about is selling new hardware with a shiny new OS X verison on it.
If you wait to move, what will happen is you'll lose that full 8 years and will have to swtich to a newer Windows sooner
Windows 7 machines are still widely avaialble, despite Windows 8 (a failure) being pushed currently.
Running three OS X operating systems on one machine is quite a chore reserved for only seasoned computer geeks, then it's only going to last X months as the next OS X version will be released, then the next a year after that.
Another method would be to get a virtual machine software (virtualbox is free) and install Windows 7 into that to ease your transitition if you cant' spring for a Windows 7 machine, preferablly a tower that will last a long time.
Here is a method to run Snow Leopard in Parallels, however it's a unapproced hack and not for the comptuer newbie.
We have no control over Apple's OS X release cycle, nor the third party developers who make their own decisions what to support.
Our only choice as users to stop using both products and seek software/hardware stability.

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  • I have the latest itune but i am unable to update my phone or my ipad 2 i have been in to the shop and they said i need to download a diffrent type of itunes for wifi can you please help

    I have the latest iTunes but am unable to update my phone or my ipad 2 I have been in to the shop and they said I need to download a different type of iTunes for wifi I have a desk top with windows vista and wifi can you please help

    We'll need more information before anyone can be of much help. What model iPhone is it, what versions of iOS are running on the iPad 2 now, what exactly are you trying to update, and what version of iTunes are you running? And what exactly is going wrong (include error messages if any).
    Once we have that information, someone here can probably offer advice. Note that you cannot sync content or upgrade iOS wirelessly until you get your iPhone and iPad up to iOS 5 and that requires that you connect those devices to your computer via the Dock-USB cable.

  • TS3899 My ipad does not communicate with iphone on one of my email accounts and will not remove deleted emails that are done on the iphone and vice versa, what setting should be changed?

    My ipad does not communicate with my iphone on one of my email accounts and will not remove deleted emails that are done on the iphone and vice versa, what setting needs to be changed?

    It's my understanding that an iPhone can only sync with one computer. You need to choose one computer. Sounds like it syncs at work, but not at home. If you want to just sync it at home, then you have to make sure the home computer has all the info that you want on it, like music etc. Then you have to deauthorize the work computer for it to sync at home. When you connect it will ask if you want to set up as a new iPhone or restore from backup. If you don't have a backup on the home computer then either way you will be wiped clean. So any photos, contacts, notes etc you have will be erased. You would need to backup or copy your photos from your iPhone. When you connect it to your home computer, it will give you that popup message to open your iPhone files. Then you can copy those photos and save them onto your computer and sync them back in through iTunes.
    For your contacts, do you use any type of address book? If so you'll want to back that up and then transfer to your home computer. For notes, you can just email those to yourself and then save that email. I use MobileMe so the contacts issue is easily resolved.

  • When attempting to print in Pages, I keep getting a message that no printer is detected. I have checked all connections and they are solid, this printer has always worked before, and even if I try to add it, I still get that message.

    When attempting to print in Pages, I keep getting a message that no printer is detected. I have checked all connections and they are solid, this printer has always worked before, and even if I try to add it, I still get that message. I can print from all other applications, just not any Pages documents.

    You may just have an outdated printer driver.
    Menu > Edit > Print > Printer: Add Printer

  • Putting info on my iPhone calendar does not sync with my iMac unless I plug it into my iMac

    putting info on my iPhone calendar does not sync with my iMac unless I plug it into my iMac.  It did when I first bought iPhone, how can I sync automatically?

    Could be a bunch of reasons. Do you have icloud setup on both devices? Can you give us more details of your setup? Make sure you have the calendar set to sync in the icloud system settings. Also make sure you are set to sync said calendar. I was checking my settings and realized that you may or may not be using icloud for calendaring. On your phone in settings/mail, contacts, calendars/ you have the ability to select what and which calendars you want to sync. Make sure it is configured appropriately.

  • Iphone calendar does not sync with OUTLOOK 2013

    iphone 4 calendar does not sync with OUTLOOK 2013 calendar. Can anyone help?  Iphone [Apple] will not provide support

    Why won't Apple provide support? Do you mean free support if your iPhone is no longer under warranty if the AppleCare extended warranty was purchased for your iPhone, or if the initial 90 days of free telephone support after the purchase date has expired? If you no longer have free telephone support, free support is provided at an Apple Store if there is one nearby.

  • Since installing mavericks, my computer calendar does not sync with my iPhone and iPad calendars.  My iPhone and iPad are synced however.  What can I do to make all of my mac devices sync

    Since installing mavericks, my computer calendar does not sync with my iPhone and iPad calendars.  My iPhone and iPad are synced however.  What can I do to make all of my mac devices sync

    You don't sync the MM calendar anymore, you subscribe to it in iCal,
    iCal>Preferences>Accounts, enter the details here.
    MM should be the default calendar on all clients.

  • My blooth's I phone 5 does not conect with Bose A20 Aviation Headset How can I manage ??

    My blooth's I phone 5 does not conect with Bose® A20® Aviation Headset How can I manage ??

    The Bose headset is pluged on Aircraft conector I have been traying  many way to conect The  I Phone 5 I have not gotten yet  , I heard that a lot of people are complining about I phone with lastet IOS softerwear version  is  quite dificult to conect othes diveces

  • TS1347 my calendar does not sync with my ipad

    my calendar does not sync with my ipad - using WiFi - help

    Go to and see if your Calendar is syncing there. If not, go to System Preferences/iCloud and make sure Calendar syncing is checked. If it is syncing, go to iPhone Settings and make sure it is set up to sync Calendar. If it is set up on the iPhone, try deselecting iCloud syncing, put the iPhone in the airplane mode for a couple of minutes, and then set syncing up again.

  • Ical on iphone does not sync with ical on mac, but the mac does it!

    My ical on my iphone does not sync with ical on mac using MobileMe, but reverse it works very well.
    so typing an new event in ical on my phone will NOT appear in ical at my computer. Typing a new event on my mac, than within 10 seconds it appears on my phone.
    anybody know how to resolve this? never had the problem before
    problem 2: ical on my iphone seems to duplicate a lot of events. Non of them are duplicated on my computer.
    related problem?

    I have solved my problem - don't know if yours is the same. I noticed on iPhone, when I listed the calendars there are two sections: the top line showed "All Calendars ->"; when I click on that I get duplicate entries for everything.
    Below that is:
    "From My Mac.
    "All from My Mac ->", followed by a list of individual calendars. When I clicked on that I got single entries.
    This led me to realize that in my Settings ->Accounts I had the old "" a/c and new "" a/c. I had thought it didn't matter.
    Once I eliminated the "" A/c, I had only one set of calendars.
    Hope this helps you.
    Val J

  • Itunes 10.4.1: does not sync videos and does not communicate with outlook calendars

    Since upgrade to itunes 10.4 I have found the following problems and no solutions yet from apple (altought version 10.3 worked flawlessly):
    1)When you check "include videos" on the sync photos tab, you get an error. The "solution" is to uncheck sync videos, but what if you want your videos?
    2)I noticed today the calendar has issues. Appointments you input in outlook (on a calendar that is supposedly synched with iphone/ipad) do not show on the devices and viceversa (although they do show on iphne and ipad if you sync both, but outlook is left behind.
    In outlook I have calendar and calendar mobile (the second is the one I sync to iphone). To test, I included a new calendar (calendar mobile test) and I as suspected when trying to sync, the new calendar does not show in itunes options to check the selected calendars. The previous library info probably show my mobile calendar (that was synched already) but the new one does not show up, so I think there is really a problem in itunes.
    These bugs have been around now for some time now, and I am really surprised that are not adressed more agressively by apple developers.
    While videos may seem as a secondary thing if you  look at it from a corporative point of view (but ****!!! I WANT my videos on the my ipad and iphone!!!!), not synching appointments you add to the ipad/iphone and you expect to show on outlook and viceversa, are meant to be an unplesant surprise for those who rely on these devices.
    Bottomline: I like ipad/iphone, but APPLE..., you need to solve these issues that have been around the forum for some time now. Common!!!
    Windows 7-64 bits
    Ourlook 2007

    I had a similar problem. My iTunes didn't start automatically when I connected any of my devices after the upgrade to iTunes 10.4.1.
    I found I had to add the in System Preferences->Users & Groups under my account on the Login Items tab.
    You have to navigate to it in finder, because I couldn't seem to do "Show Package Contents" on in the Applications folder from the file dialog you get when you hit '+'.
    Once you have opened the package contents of the then the is in Contents/MacOS. I just dragged and dropped into the Login Items window, then ticked it to start on login.
    Note, this will only start it when you log in, to start it immediately just double click in finder.

  • Calendar does not sync with BB curve 8520

    I have a BB Curve 8520 and every time I sync my device with my laptop, while my address book does get synced with Outlook, my calendar does not get updated. The desktop software shows Calendar (not installed). 
    I have un-installed and reinstalled my desktop software but this issue continues. 
    Any suggestions or advice please? 
    Thanks in advance... 

    Hi and Welcome to the Community!
    Here is a KB that discusses that error:
    KB23978 BlackBerry Desktop Software displays address book or calendar as not installed within Organizer
    Hopefully it contains something useful! There also are multiple existing threads on this site that discuss that exact error...your review of those might prove useful, and a search of this site, using the error message or code, should reveal all applicable existing threads to you.
    Good luck and let us know!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup here for an article with instructions.
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  • Calendar does not sync with iCloud

    I have an iPhone 4S with the latest iOS. A month ago I started a brand new iCloud calendar (every other were deleted). It was working fine, when I launched the app, it synced in 2-3 seconds. But a few days ago it does not sync with iCloud, there is the running circle in the upper line and nothing happens. The interesting thing is when I try it with Wi-Fi, it works, albeit really slowly, under one minute. I did not change any setup. Has anybody an idea?

    Hi Firend,
    In my Calendars app, I selected all calendars to be shown. In Settings, Calendars settings are set: New invitation is turned on, Sync is turn all events on, and Calendar Default is set Calendar From My PC.
    It is working well for long time.
    Hope it will be helpful

  • Iphone calendar does not synch with outlook

    Starting on Feb 1, my iPhone (5s) does not synch with Outlook (2013). Have tried many things:
    1. Building new Outlook data file (.pst)
    2. Changing synch settings in iTunes
    3. Changing USB cables
    4.Removing/reinstalling iTunes and other Aplle software
    Problem seems to have started after upgrading iOS and iTunes.
    Any idea?

    Yes, that does make sense. You can transfer data from the old .pst file without saving it as a .pst file. Archive your current .pst. Then save your contacts as vCards, and save your calendar as an iCalendar file. After creating the new .pst file, you can open the old calendar in the new .pst as well as import the vCards back to your contacts.
    Last question, did you run the scanpst.exe program to review your .pst file for corruption? You will find that, if I remember correctly, in the Office program folder. You can search for it. Run that, it prompts you for your .pst file and will scan it for problems. But saying that it started on a specific date would lead me to believe it is something you probably added that day. Out of all of the time I've been using Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013 with my iPhones, and I've had them since the first one, I've only had 2 small events, and copying over the .pst has fixed them both.

  • My iphone calendar does not sync with imac

    The calendar on my imac does not sync with my iphone

    Are you trying to sync via iTunes? If so, note that since the release of Mavericks (OS X 10.9) syncing contacts and calendars to a Mac via iTunes is no longer supported. The currently supported method is via iCloud.

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