My Iphone 4  will not let me send an email or reply to an email.  The message states it has put it in my outbox  and it is rejected by the server because it does not allow relaying???   I can't seem to find an answer to fix this.  Any help?

My Iphone 4 will not let me send an email or reply to an email.  The message states that it has put my email in my outbox and that my server does not allow for relaying.   Can anyone help with this?    I have read some other answers and nothing has worked   Thanks

Your email provider has blocked the standard mail port 25 for sending emails and is requiring a different port. This is to avoid mail relays that use mail clients to send spam. You need to find the port that is used by your provider for sending outgoing mail. Then change the settings in your email account on your phone to match the port. You will also have to provide some security credentials for the account.
You can also try deleting the email account from your iphone, and the adding the email account back as this will many times set the correct port for sending emails.
You could also do a Google search on the the settings for your device with your email provider. That will provide you with the proper settings.

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