My iphone 4 won't connect to my mac. It says that I need to install the lastest version of itune (11.1) but when I try to update itunes it says that I have the current version 10.6.3. Can someone please help!

My iphone 4 won't connect to my mac book, it says that I need to install to latest version of itunes 11.1. When I go to itunes and try to update, it says that I have the latest version (10.6.3). Can someone please help me!

You are probably running OS 10.4 or 10.5 on a PPC Mac.  No version of  iTunes higher than 10.6.3 is available for these older Macs.  I have the same problem, and while I can still use the PPC to sync my iPod, it can't be used to sync an iPhone 4 or higher.  The only solution, as I discovered after upgrading to the iPhone 4, is to buy a newer Mac.  I was able to get a 2006 MacBook running Lion for under $300, and that has been a lifesaver.

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