My iPhone 4S is attempting to restore from an iCloud backup.  It's taking a very long time.  Is it still restoring?

I began this crazy fiasco on Friday (it's now Monday). My phone didn't have enough storage to update to iOS8 via wifi, so I connected to my laptop.  Thankfully I backed up my phone to iCloud & even saved pics manually onto my laptop before beginning the update via iTunes.  My computer (PC, Dell Mini) kept making disconnection sounds (my USB ports are unreliable at times) so I began to think it wasn't going to work with the continuously broken connection (it was displaying a message in iTunes "waiting for iphone").  So I thought, well, if that USB port isn't working & it's already disconnected, I'll just switch the USB port real quick.  BIG MISTAKE.  I then got an error message saying the connection was lost & the update was interrupted.  I clicked "OK" & then I was told that my iPhone would have to be reset to factory setting before it could be updated.  GREAT...  So I let it be restored to factory settings via iTunes.  After that it updated to iOS8.  Once that was complete I began the iCloud backup restore.  It started Friday afternoon & ran for several hours, reloading many of my items.  But then I had to leave work, & a wifi connection.  My phone was away from wifi most of the weekend, but has had the spinning 'loading wheel' next to my "4G" icon in my status bar the whole time.  Several of my Apps say their 'waiting' or 'loading' but they don't appear to be actually loading (hence, they're in the same 'loading' spot they've been in for days).  When I looked online I found this:
How can I verify that the restore process is underway?
Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup. When the restore process is underway, the iCloud Backup setting is dimmed and you have the option to tap Stop Restoring.
But when I look at the Settings > iCloud on my phone, there's no "Storage & Backup."  Instead, where that option should be, is a message at the very bottom of the page that says "Your iCloud account cannot be deleted because your iPhone is being restored."  This is the only indication I have that it's still restoring, but like I said, the apps have not shown improvement in their loading.  My phone has been back on wifi, connected to power source, & locked since 8:45am (it's now 9:45am).
Is my phone actually restoring??? Or is there a glitch & it's stuck???  Please help!

Now it's Wednesday (2 days since I originally posted) & my iPhone appears to have finally restored all my apps, but it still says it's restoring from iCloud backup.  If all my apps are restored, what else could it be restoring?  IS it actually restoring anything at this point, or is it still in 'glitch' mode???  I've tried turning it off & back on & it continues to say that it's restoring.

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    I live in Canada.  Each time I travel to the US, I lose all calendar entries.  I have to erase all data, then restore from an iCloud backup.  Tedious.  iPhone 4, iOS 7.1, sync set to all events.  I only use the default calendar.  Do I have an incorrect setting?

    I did find another point worth mentioning. 
    I use my iPhone 4 with a corporate Exchange email account.  I had deleted the account from my phone just before I did this backup/restore process...and I thought my battery drain was much, much better (if not outright fixed). 
    Later in the day, after seeing my battery life improve to near-new behavior, I re-added my Exchange mail account.  Considering I have 1 yahoo account and 3 gmail accounts, the Exchange account adds a 5th email account.
    What happened?  Battery drain back to "worst case".  Removing or re-adding the Exchange account is like toggling between decent and terrible drain conditions.
    Bottom line is that I re-added a couple dozen applications and battery life didn't change.  By far, the Exchange account drains the battery worse than any other app and setting.  This account must be polling very frequently and since people tend to send very large file attachments to that account, perhaps those effect the battery drain even though I have the account set to not download attachments.
    Anyone running Microsoft Exchange might be able to confirm what I see?  If so I can open an enterprise ticket with Microsoft and bug them on this issue.

  • I choose to restore from a safety backup in iTunes. It works ok, but iTunes is still asking to restore the iPhone. Why can't I get to syncronise the phone? I can't get the menue I am used to in iTunes. It only states "Klargjør iPhone" (Norwegian). Somethi

    I choose to restore from a safety backup in iTunes. It works ok, but iTunes is still asking to restore the iPhone. Why can't I get to syncronise the phone?
    I can't get the menue I am used to in iTunes. It only states "Klargjør iPhone" (Norwegian). Something like "Start up your iPhone". I've done this several times, restarted the iPhone and my computer, but I can't get ready to sync... The phone is working ok and my backup data is restored into the phone.

    Hi there,
    I would recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting steps found in the article below.
    iOS: Troubleshooting backup issues in iTunes
    -Griff W.

  • Unable to restore from my icloud backup

    I backed up my 3gs via iCloud and purchased a new 4s. I was expecting to be able to restore from my iCloud backup, but when i tried, it said there was no backup information. I did reset the 3gs before attempting to get the restore started on the 4s. Could that have deleted my backup? I don't think it should have, but I'm not sure why else my iCloud backup is gone. It's screwed me pretty bad. I lost a lot of information!

    I had  the same problem, too (but when switching from 4 to 4S).
    Reason: The iPhone 4S had firmware 5.0.1, whereas the older iPhone 4 was updated to 5.1 already. The backups are incompatible and hence not shown!!
    Solution: First update the 4S to the same (or newer) software version, then restore from the backup.
    The update is possible without using iTunes, just update "OTA" ("over the air") from within the iPhone (General -> Settings -> Software update)

  • My photos are not restoring from my iCloud Backup !, My photos are not restoring from the iCloud Backup! What should I do to make it alright ? Please help !

    How can I restore the photos which I restored in my iCloud Backup ?
    Does not restore ! Just remaims idle !
    Pls help !

    I fixed this issue after a lot of time and pain (see below)
    Seems to have come up on various threads so it seems to be an issue and should be escalated by Apple. They were none the wiser at the genius bar apart from telling me the iCloud backup is probably corrupted and I should call Apple care (as if that is going to do anything)
    I experienced the same problem with the iCloud restore not working properly. I had my iPhone 4 replaced as the home button was defective. When attempting to restore an 9.5GB iCloud backup from the day before it just would not work properly. Firstly, half my apps did not restore, they would begin to download showing the progress indicator then just disappear, leaving my home screen naked. No big deal as apps can be downloaded again.
    However, what was a big deal for me was the 1,625 photos on my camera roll, including many of the first year of my kid's life. The camera roll would say downloading x of 1,625 photos, download a few of them, then simply stop downloading any new shots. When I would restart the phone it did not show any downloading message, it believed the restore was complete. I tried about ten different restore scenarios, listed below, all of which gave me varying results (some resulting in all my apps restoring) but all of which would only give me some of my photos back.
    What was a comfort was that I once got about 700 of the shots back. So the photos were still in the cloud rather than gone and this indicated that it was the restore process or the iCloud backup on my phone that was the problem. These are the things I tried in sequence as I despairingly tried to get my photos back...
    Things I tried that DID NOT work
    1) Erase all settings and attempt to restore again from scratch (four times)
    2) Tried the restore from a different WiFi network (once)
    3) Tried the restore from one WiFi network then switched to another once the restore 'hung' (once)
    4) Tried the restore from an Apple store WiFi network (once)
    5) Tried the restore from a previous iCloud backup (twice)
    6) Had Apple replace the iPhone 4 (once)
    With all of these I got a varying amount of my photos and apps back before it stopped restoring. I was also making the mistake (I learnt afterwards) of opening and moving between apps during the download to check progress.
    Thing I tried that DID work
    1) Did not plug the phone into my MacBook, I used the wall charger only to prevent any iTunes sync activity
    2) Erase all settings and data, restore from the iCloud backup and input passwords in all the pop up windows once it reboots.
    2) Open photos app gallery to see photos downloading and show the progress message "downloading xx of x,xxx"
    3) Left it on this photo screen and did not touch the phone at all for the entire restore. I did not close the photo galley/camera roll app once, open any other apps.
    Finally this time round it work and all my photos and apps restored in full. I am going to go back to syncing with iTunes as I don't trust iCloud for restores. It seems that iCloud does not handle photo restores that well, especially if the gallery is large. In short: Wall charger only, restore from iCloud, open Photos app, don't touch. Really hope this works for you too if you've had the same issue.

  • I just got an iPhone 5 32GB and i have backed up my old 3GS 32GB via itunes (20GB of data on there) and it is taking a very long time to restore to my iPhone5. Its taken more than 20 hours and says 12 hours remaining. The text "Time remaining" flickers.

    I just got an iPhone 5 32GB and i have backed up my old 3GS 32GB via itunes (20GB of data on there) and it is taking a very long time to restore to my iPhone5. Its taken more than 20 hours and didnt complete.
    The text "Time remaining ... hours" flickers.
    I set it to start restoring from the 3GS backup yesterday at 1pm and the time remaining kept on increasing. I left it overnight and at 9am this morning the progress bar hadnt moved and it said 12 hours remaining.
    I don't know why its taking so long. I unplugged it and it just set up as new phone. So i did a factory reset and tried again at 4pm and it is now 12am and it says 4 hours remaining and my computer occasionally flickers. (Its not a bad computer, 2 months old, i7, 6GB RAM, Heaps of HDD space). It also messes with google chrome and i cannot browse the web at all while it is trying to restore my iphone.
    I have tried restarting my laptop and should i reinstall itunes? I simply dont see why it should take longer than 20 hours to copy over 20GB of data!
    Can anyone help me?
    Thank you

    I'm having this EXACT same problem with my iPhone 4, and I have the same computer stats (I have a Samsung Series 7)

  • HT1414 iPhone restore is taking a very long time

    I was prompted to restore my iPhone  on iTunes... It's taking a very long time, is this normal?

    If you are restoring from a backup and you had lots of photos inside the camera roll, it might take longer to restore.
    If you are using iTunes on your computer and setting it back to factory settings, without using a backup, it should not take that long if the software had already been downloaded to your computer.

  • I have recently erased all content and settings on my iPad2 and performed a restore from both icloud backup and iTunes. On both occasions I am missing some photos. It tells me I am downloading 1641 photos but only does 903 starting at no.738

    I have recently erased all content and settings on my iPad2 and performed a restore from both icloud backup and iTunes. On both occasions I am missing some photos. It tells me I am downloading 1641 photos but actually only starts downloading from photo 738, only giving me 903 photos. where have the first 737 photos gone? Can anyone help

    Hi there,
    I would recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting steps found in the article below.
    iCloud: Troubleshooting missing information after restoring an iOS device
    -Griff W.

  • How do i do a restore from an icloud backup?

    how do I do a full restore from an icloud backup to a new iphone4

    Connect the phone to a WiFi network. Go to Settings/General/Reset - erase all content and settings. After about 30 seconds you should be prompted to restore and given a choice of available backups. You will have to enter the WiFi passcode again if it's a secure network, as the Erase cleared it out.
    See: for more details.

  • HT4623 My new iPad mini won't install the update 7.0.6 until it has finished restoring from the iCloud backup.  What do I do to make the restoration complete? I have been using the mini for about a month.

    I have downloaded iOS 7.0.6 but it will not install until the ipad is finished restoring from the Icloud backup.  I've been using the mini for about a month, so why is it not completely restored?  How do I make the restore process finish?

    When and where was the iPad/charger purchased? It's covered by a 1-year warranty.
    The problem may be the USB cable.
     Cheers, Tom

  • TDMS Shell - DB Export from source/sender system taking a VERY long time

    We're trying to build a TDMS Receiver system using the TDMS Shell technique. We've run into a situation wherein the initial  DB Export from source/sender system is taking a VERY long time.
    We are on ECC 6.0, running on AIX 6.1 and DB UDB v9.7. We're executing the DB export from sapinst, per instructions. Our DB export parallelizes, then the parallel processes one by one whittle away to just one remaining, and there we find out that the export is at that point single-threaded, and exporting table BSIS.
    BSIS is an FI transactional data table. We're wondering why is the DB export trying to get BSIS and its contents out??? Isn't the DB export in TDMS Shell technique only supposed to get SAP essential only config and master data, and NOT transactional data?
    Our BSIS table is nearly 700 GB in size by itself.  That export has been running for nearly a week now, with no end in site.
    What are we doing wrong? We suspect we may have missed something, but really don't think we do. We also suspect that the EXCLUSION table in the TDMS Shell technique may be the KEY to this whole thing. It's supposed to automatically exclude very large tables, but in this case, it most certainly missed out in excluding BSIS for some reason.
    Anyway, we're probably going to fire up an OSS Message with SAP Support to help us address this perplexing issue. Just thought we'd throw it out there to the board to see if anyone else somewhere has run into similar circumstances and challenges.  In the meantime, any feedback and/or advice would be dearly appreciated. Cheers,

    Dont be bothered by the other TPL file DDLDB6_LRG.TPL, we are only concerned with DDLDB6.TPl.
    Answer following questions to help me analyze the situation -
    1) What is the current size of export dump
    2) Since when is the exports running
    3) What is the size of the source DB? Do you have huge amount of custom developments?
    4) Did you try to use table splitting?
    5) Do you doubt that there may be other transaction tables (like BSIS) which have been exported completely?
    6) Did you update the SAP Kernel of your source system to latest version before starting the Shell package?
    7) Were the DB statistics update during the shell or were they already updated before starting Shell?
    8) Is your system a distributed system i.e. Central instance and Database instance are on different application servers?

  • TS4036 How do I restore from an iCloud backup into my iPad?

    I'm trying to restore an app, which was accidentally deleted, how can I do that?

    If it was on your iPad when you last backed up to iCloud, you can recover it by restoring to the entire backup (assuming it's still in the app store). 
    Restoring to an iCloud backup has to be done in the initial setup process.  If you have any data on your iPad now that is not in the backup that you want to save you'll need to do that first.  Then go to Settings>General>Reset and tap Erase All Content and Settings.  You will then go through the setup screens and when given the option, choose Restore from iCloud Backup.  Be sure you are connected to wifi and your charger as this will take some time to finish.
    Or, if you just want to get the app back and not the app data, just redownload it as a past purchase:

  • What can I do if while restoring from an iCloud backup, it is stuck on 174 out of 660 of the photos.

    I am restoring from an iCloud back up and it says there are 660 photos to be downloaded. It has been stuck on 174 for the past two hours and does not seem to want to download anymore of the 660. I have tried turning the phone off and on and toggling the wifi on and off. Any suggestions?

    At some point you may have to reset it to stop the restore (by holding the power and home buttons at the same time until you see the Apple logo, then releasing), then try restoring the backup again.

  • Ff6 beta is taking a very long time or not loading at all sites from links or bookmarksmarks

    firefox 6 beta auto updated now when I click on links or book marks site either take a very long time to load or do not load at all.When I tried to log into my back acct. it never loaded.

    No clue why the final processes have suddenly started to take so long. Two things I'd try: a) capture from an older tape to see if some problem with the new tape is at fault.  And b) check the health of your RAM and the hard drive.
    The red frame sounds a bit like a glitch we used to have in OnLocation (actually in its predecessor HDV Rack) which was caused by a partial GOP. But that was a product of HDV Rack recording from the live video stream. It turned out that HDV cameras intentionally interrupt the data stream for an instant upon starting to record--specifically to avoid recording a partial GOP to tape. So my gut says that the tape has partial GOPs at the points where you stopped/started recording.

  • I cannot restore from an iCloud backup after erasing iPhone 4 on 6.1.3. Any tips? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I erased my phone through settings. I made a backup using iCloud. Now, no iCloud backups will restore. Just get the same message. Cannot Restore Backup

    You're welcome , yes you could put the iphone on dfu if its on recovery mode have agreat day

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