My iPod's screen says "Connect to iTunes" and when I connect it to iTunes it's telling me to restore, but I don't want to restore/lose everything on it. The "Connect to iTunes" message won't go away.

When I plugged my iPod into my macbook, a window for an iPod Touch software update popped up, so I clicked update, then it said that my iPod was over capacity or something similar to that, so basically I didn't have enough room for the update, which I thought was fine. So then once I unplugged my iPod, I was unable to use it. The screen was telling me to connect to iTunes (how it does when you first purchase an iPod, and turn it on for the first time.) So, I then connected it to iTunes and it told me I had to restore my iPod, it gave me no option other than to click "restore" But I don't want to lose everything that's on my iPod...but now I can't use it because the screen is still telling me to connect to itunes. How do I get out of restoring it?

If you have a graphic of iTunes and a cable displayed on your iDevice then it is in Recovery mode.
Check this to try an "exit"

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