Is the Battery level is low?
The harddisk might be dying, run the disk diagnostic, the procedure is
if it is too technical for you, but it does gives you the condition of your harddisk.
What's happening is that some songs are on bad cluster, which need to be moved or reallocate to good cluster.
To fix it in Windows simply run
chkdsk drive: /R /F
where drive: is the iPod drive ID. D: or E:
in Mac run Diskutilty -> FirstAid -> repair.
Good luck!

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  • My itunes player on my desktop skips when playing songs. I have re-installed but the problem continues. I have Windows7 64 bit.

    My itunes player on my desktop (Windows7 64 bit) skips while playing songs. I have re-installed but the problem continues. Any suggestions?

    I'm expreriencing the same conditions with the same environment.  Windows 8, iTunes-64, iTunes Store with a processing bar up to 80 +/- and the POPUP MESSAGE OF "iTunes stopped working. The error ...."
    My iTunes StoreS from my iPhones ARE OK.
    I'm spending a lot of time of research for WINDOW'S iTUNE with no solutions.... 

  • Ipod freezes when playing song after auto-shutdown

    If I pause a song, and then the Ipod auto shuts down, I can load the song back up and I press play and it looks like it's supposed to play but the song never starts. The Ipod hasn't actually crashed b/c I can scroll through all menus and songs, but if you play a song in this situation it just won't start. I have to reset the Ipod and then it's fine, but this is annoying!!! Please advise!!!

    Try restoring your iPod... You can also solve the problem by making sure your iPod software is up to date

  • I have a 5th gen ipod nano that freezes when playing songs. i can't turn off, change songs, turn volume down. song stays stuck and nothing works at all. any ideas??

    i have a 5th gen ipod nano that freezes when playing songs. i can't skip, turn down volume, turn ipod off. it simply screeches as the song is stuck at a specific point. any suggestions?

    You have 2 options:  #1 - iPod Repair Tutorials
    #2 - take the iPod Nano to an Apple store or an AASP.  Whichever is more convenient for you.

  • My iTunes just started skipping when a song is played.   has a solution been found for this problem yet?

    My itunes started skipping when a song is played.  Has a solution been fournd for this problem yet?

    For the missing Artists on your iPod, make sure their tracks in iTunes are not marked as "Part of a compilation" in iTunes. You can do this by highlighting the track, right->clicking on them and choosing "Get Info" from the shortcut menu. When the window pops up, head over to the Info tab and make sure there is NO tick mark next to this option in the lower right hand corner. Lastly, sync the updated changes to your iPod.

  • TS1717 i loaded music from a flashdrive from my old computer with a windows xp os onto my itunes library.  Now all the songs in my library skip when played or downloaded from store

    I decied to load some songs from my old computer which had  windows xp.  I used a flash drive and loaded them onto my new computer with windows 7.  Ever since all songs from my itunes library skip when played, even the ones purchased or imported.  Help how can I fix this?  Would it help to deauthorize my computer and then authorize it again?  I tried diagnosing the compatibility and changed it to windows xp service pack 2, but it did'nt ffix it.

    Songs purchased from iTunes Store?

  • IPod Touch shows the wrong artwork when playing songs

    Recently my iPod Touch has just decided to display all the wrong artwork when playing songs. For example I will be listening to Chris Brown and It will be showing a picture of a Jay-Z album. How do I fix this?!
    I've read that all you have to do is 'uncheck "display album artwork" in the music preferences section when your iPod is connected and click "apply". Then sync your iPod.'.. however I manually add the songs onto my iPod so I can't uncheck the music option as it's already unchecked!
    Please help, my iPod looks so ugly showing the wrong artwork lol

    SOLUTION(FIX): Editing Song titles and...: Apple Support Communities
    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Unsync all music and resync
    - Reset all settings      
    Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.
    - Restore from backup. See:                                 
    iOS: How to back up           
    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.

  • Why does my ipod touch stop playing songs when i click to play, it plays for a few seconds sometimes longer and then goes onto the next song. Help!

    Please help,my ipod touch stops playing songs sometimes a few seconds in and then other times halfway. It cant be the song because different songs do it each time. Ive tried to restore it and it makes no difference :(
    Please help as this problem gets very annoying. Thanks!

    Did you restore to factory defaults/new iPod and sync stuff to your iPod?  If you restore from backup there may be some corruption that is now in the backup.

  • Ipod sometimes not playing songs..

    my ipod lately has been not playing certain songs. it will skip through the album until it finds one it wants to play i guess is the best way to describe it. it doesnt happen to the same albums every time. when i reset my ipod (select+menu) it sometimes helps, but it still continues to do it. i would hate to reformat my ipod. has this happened to anyone else here?

    try to check the settings in your itunes..perhaps you have put a certain song to "skip when playing" the song and right click then options and you will find certain options to do with your song...

  • IPod will only play songs from one album

    Help! I downloaded an album onto my iPod, and now my iPod will only play songs from that album. When I go to select songs from another album, my iPod skips over them like it is searching for something.

    Have you seen the suggestions in this article?:
    iPod doesn't play purchased content from the iTunes Store

  • How can I show album art in the mini player when playing songs from a plugged in iPhone?

    How can I show album art in the mini player when playing songs from a plugged in iPhone?
    When I play from my phone and switch to the mini player it's always showing the music notes in the thumbnaill. It'd be nice if it could get album art off of the phone.
    I'm on iTunes version

    He @mracole,
    it is very nice that you post a solution to complete the library with artwork for album's that do not have an artwork. Your solution perfectly addresses the problem for assigning artwork, BUT this thread is about CHANGING artwork for albums already uploaded into iTunes Match. Just try to replace for example a blue artwork cover for an album with a red one. If you made it in a simple way (without deleting the album from iTunes Match and local changes on the files with an external ID3-Application or 2 or more iTunes libraries on different Mac's) this is the right place to give a solution. I really tried for hours to change the artwork to make them visible in landscape cover flow mode on my iPhone5. In rare cases I made it, but then the covers sometimes where restored to the old onces - exacly how it is mentioned by Starhawk
    As long as there is no simple way to change the cover of an iTunes Match stored album (you can change title, artist and so on without hitting "update iTunes Match" over all distributed Library on different devices - this date will be synchronized almost instantly) I considered the behaviour from iTunes as BUGGY! For me the local artwork cache (and if there is any iCloud artwork cache - I don't know) do not interfere with iCloud. Even when I delete the whole local cache (album artwork music - everything) I do not manage to change the artwork.
    Regards from Munich, Germany

  • How do you get your album's songs to stay together when you put them on your ipod/iphone, when some songs have a ft. artist?

    How do you get your album's songs to stay together when you put them on your ipod/iphone, when some songs have a ft. artist?
    Even when I try to change the featured artist in my I tunes, it won't stay with my other songs, and I want to be able to listen to my album in the order of the songs that the album has it.

    The iTunes/iPod software isn't set up to let you sync songs from more than one libray, but if you manually manage the iPod you can add tracks from multiple computers without removing the existing content. Personnaly I think syncing with a library is a much better way to manage your iPod, so I'd suggest you just copy the stuff you bought at work onto a memory stick, then take it home and import it into your iTunes library there.

  • When playing songs in iTunes playlist, How do you keep the next song from jumping to next song? I am working on song list updating other tracks info and then the next song starts and I lose my spot in song list?

    When playing songs in iTunes playlist, How do you keep the next song from jumping to next song? I am working on song list updating other tracks info and then the next song starts and I lose my spot in song list?

    Max OSX 10.6.8, iTunes 11.1
    I had a similar problem: I wanted to synch my playlist to my iphone. I like to have my playlist sorted by genre. But under each genre, albums are not sorted by the track numbers. This is a problem, especially when I am listening to club mixes when the DJ smoothly transitions from 1 track sequentially to the next one. Under the properties of each audio file, the Track Numbers and Disc Numbers are already there.
    My perfect solution was to turn On Sorting - Sort Album under View>Show View Options. Then, select all the songs in that album (Shift click, Cmd click, etc) , and Edit multiple item information (Cmd I). You will see Info-Video-Sorting-Options buttons. Click on Sorting. Then, under Sort Album, Enter the name of the album. Then OK.
    You should now have the playlist sorted by Genre, then each album individually sorted by track numbers. On your playlist you should see, if you scroll right, the column added called "Sort Album".
    Hope this helps.

  • I have a iPhone 3GS but the volume keeps going down till its off when playing songs. Help!, I have a iPhone 3GS but the volume keeps going down till its off when playing songs. Help!

    I have a iPhone 3GS but the volume keeps going down till its off when playing songs. Help!, I have a iPhone 3GS but the volume keeps going down till its off when playing songs. Help! I didn't have this problem before. I am listening via the speakers of my stereo. I have done that before but never had a problem like this before.

    Thought it had worked but soon found out it had not.
    after further days of trying finally, solved it for me Yesterday.
    turned off notifications when locked, and bingo, wow.
    i have not turned off iCloud but location services are also off.
    best thing to do I found was keep checking your usage, settings, general, usage, and flip down to bottom, if the standby and usage are similar there is a problem, if there is a big difference then all is ok. Just keep turning things off and on until the difference is very apparent.
    something on my phone was keeping the phone alive even when turned off, and I think this was the phone repeatedly trying to update continually.
    to me this is definitely down to the iOS, my wife has exactly same phone and iOS but hers doesn't have any problem and the battery lasts for days.
    the guy at the Genius Bar told me to restore the phone via iTunes, not iCloud. This is because iCloud remembers the exact info from your phone and simply reinstates it when you restore, and this includes the iOS too.
    when I get home from holidays that's what I'll do, or wait for iOS 8 in few weeks. But I'm so pleased I finally made it work, I was beginning to think ditch the phone and buy Samsung.
    anyway anyone out there please try my final solution and let me know if it works for you?

  • PAvillion DM4 Sound constantly skips when playing music

    My HP Pavillion constantly skips when playing audio
    Any suggestions?

    you may need to update the audio drivers and Intel Rapid storage driver(if applicable) from
    Please visit and select suport & drivers>drivers & softwares> type the the complete model of your PC such as dv6-6100 dv6-3100 etc... select your computer model (if listed), or select the CTO(such as dv6-6100 CTO) model(which works for whole series) now select the OS you are running. you have the list of drivers for your PC.
    hope it helps, Good Luck !!!
    “I am an HP Employee“
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