My iTunes music folder is almost 1.5x the size on disc as my iTunes library. How can I get rid of this extra data?

When I look at the iTunes music folder in Windows Explorer, it shows as 28.0 GB. In the iTunes library, it says my music is 18.3 GB. I would like to get my 10 gigs back.
I've tried to add the media folder to my library - it just duplicated maybe 10 songs, didn't add any new ones. This suggests that there isn't any extra music in the folder. So why is it 10 GB larger? How can I get rid of the extra non-music data?

Apparently there are some mp3 files that aren't adding despite importing the folder...
That is actually a very common problem, due to iTunes being strict/finicky/incompetent (pick your own interpretation) about slight variations in MP3 formats. The problem can usually be corrected by treating the files with a 3rd party tag cleanup program, such as MP3 Validator.
i don't know how much of the missing 9.7 GB this will apply to, but definitely worth a try.

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