My mac keeps asking for a password when I try to install adobe flash player and even with the hint I

My mac keeps asking for a password when I try to install adobe flash player. Even with the hint I'm not getting it and also tried uninstall and the same thing occurred.

It's referring to the MAC password that you have setup.
A software prompts for a password only when there are restrictions set on the user account for unauthorised access to system files and folders.

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  • Thunderbird keeps asking for my password when I try to send emai but still doesn't work after I enter it.

    I am using Thunderbird Ver. 35 and yahoo mail as my server on a windows 7 64 bit computer. I use the same password on Thunderbird and Yahoo. I always click the "use password manager to remember password" box. Occasionally the mail is sent but very infrequently.
    Can you help?

    it's not asking for a user name just the pass word. I can log into Yahoo mail using my user name and password with no problem. I assume the user name is the same for both.

  • My finder keeps asking for my password when i try to delete things. and when i do enter in my password nothing is deleted. i tried going into terminal and typing in su, but it wouldnt let me type my password


    Never empty the Trash in the shell (Terminal.)
    1. Triple-click the line below to select it:
    2. Right-click or control-click the highlighted line and select
    Services ▹ Show Info
    from the contextual menu.* An Info dialog should open.
    3. The dialog should show "You can read and write" in the Sharing & Permissions section. If that's not what it shows, click the padlock icon in the lower right corner of the window and enter your password when prompted. Use the plus- and minus-sign buttons to give yourself Read & Write access and "everyone" No Access. Delete any other entries in the access list.
    4. In the General section, uncheck the box marked Locked if it's checked.
    5. From the action menu (gear icon) at the bottom of the dialog, select Apply to enclosed items and confirm.
    6. Close the Info window and test.
    *If you don't see the contextual menu item, copy the selected text to the Clipboard (command-C). Open a TextEdit window and paste into it (command-V). Select the line you just pasted and continue as above.

  • When I try to install Adobe  Flash I can not open any desktop file

    Lion...and now Maverick ...very update is a new trouble..
    now with my mouse I can not get any desktop file...and also when I try to empty trash do not do anything.

    Make sure that Firefox is closed and check in the Task manager that there are no hanging plugin-container processes left.

  • When i try to install Adobe Flash Play 10.3 it asks for something i dont understand, click here.

    When i try to install adobe flash player 10.3. it says i need to give my administrative password, i know my administrative password, its just no program comes up to type it in! how do i bring up the program to type my password in to install adobe flash player 10.3?
    heres an example of the program that comes up:
                                                      ( whatever goes here i forgot) 100%
                                                      ( whatever goes here i forgot) 100%
                                                       GOOGLE CHROME: 0%
                                                 Need Administrative password to continue installatio
    This example is not exact but shows a good amount of wat u should understand whoever reads this, PLEASE RESPOND AND ANSWER TO MY QUESTION

    It sounds like your Windows OS is either Vista or Windows 7 and the installation is being blocked by User Account Control (UAC).  When you run the FP 10.3 installation file, rather than just double-clicking it, try right-clicking on it just once, then in the context menu that opens, select (left-click once) the Run as Administrator option.
    The message you posted is also trying to install the Google Chrome web browser.  Is it your intention to install Google Chrome?  If not, you may want to deselect it.
    I did not get a Google Chrome prompt when I installed FP 10.3.

  • Cant receive my yahoo mail on my latest ipad, keeps asking for my password, when I respond same message- password

    Suddenly can't receive my yahoo mail on my latest ipad, keeps asking for my password, when i
    put it in,same message flashes up, reset does not work, also waiting for apple time lapse, still does not want to give me my yahoo mail on this format, tried talking to apple online contact, cut off, I'm receiving through safari, nothing through my email app

    Give it time. Yahoo has been doing things to their servers that often muck up the Mail app. Usually it takes 24-48 hours to run its course then it'll work again.
    if it doesn't clear up by the end of the weekend, you can remove and readd your account, but chances are it'll just start to work.

  • I have just bought a MacBook Air and i cannot play videos from the internet as it asks for a flash player to be installed i try to download Adobe flash player and it will not allow me to do so?

    I have just bought a MacBook Air and i cannot play videos from the internet as it asks for a flash player to be installed i try to download Adobe flash player and it will not allow me to do so?

    Ziatron is correct that Flash does not work on an iPad, but it does work on a Mac. See Adobe Flash Player

  • When I try to download Adobe Flash Player, it says I need to quit out of Safari even when it's closed. How do I fix this?

    When I try to download Adobe Flash Player, it says I need to quit out of Safari even when it's closed. How do I fix this?

    Apologies for the slightly pedantic answer, but in application terms, "closed" and "quit" are two different things. An application such as Safari can have several windows open, and each of them can be closed using the red button in the corner.
    However, even after all windows are closed, the application is still running until you specifically quit it. You can tell it's still running by the small light under its icon in the Dock. If you hold your cursor down on the icon for a few seconds, you should see a pop up menu with the "Quit" option - click that to quit it. Or, click the icon once (this may launch a new window), then either go to the Safari menu and click Quit, or click cmd-Q, to completely quit the app.

  • HT2492 When I try to update Adobe Flash Player I'm prompted to quit Safari and Dashboard Client. I quit Safari but I don' know how to quit Dashboard Client. Can anyone help with this challenge?

    When I try to update Adobe Flash Player I'm prompted to quit Safari and Dashboard Client. I quit Safari but I don' know how to quit Dashboard Client. Can anyone help with this challenge?

    Thank you. It worked

  • Why does iTunes keep asking for my password when I want to listen to my music on my iPhone?

    When I want to listen to music on my iPhone, iTunes keeps asking for my password.  I am not purchasing anything.  It started today.  Why is that?

    I've been having the same problem on my iPad and iPhone. I talked to Apple customer service this morning. They had me do the following on both devices in the Settings:
    * Sign out of iTunes & App Store
    * Sign out of FaceTime
    * Sign out of Game Center
    * Delete iCloud account
    They also had me restore my iPad due to some glitchy behavior in the Music app.
    Things seemed to me fixed for a few hours until I went into the iTunes Store app on my iPad and added a movie to my Wish List. When I went back to the Music app, the dreaded "Sign In to iTunes Store" popup started showing up again on both devices. Suspicious!
    So, I cleared out my Wish List in both the iTunes Store and App Store. I've been poking at the Music app on both my iPhone and iPad since then I haven't seen that popup once since then. I'm not going to declare victory yet since it's only been an hour or two, but I thought that this was worth mentioning.

  • I had to buy a new Mac Book Pro. When I tried to install Adobe Flash Player, I couldn't get into it with any of my passwords. Can I reset my password and if so, how do I do that?  Thanks

    I had to purchase a new Mac Book Pro. When I tried to download Adobe Flash Player, it wouldn't take any of my passwords. I had to change my Apple ID last week, but nothing worked. Can I reset my Adobe Flash Player password and if so, how do I do that? Thanks

    Hi Donna,
    Please see What userid & password do I need to install Flash Player? for info on the password being requested.

  • My iphone keeps going in circles asking for my password when I try to update apps, help!

    My iphone 4 (not sure if its a 4 or 4S) stopped letting me update my apps after an ios update a few months ago. When I go to the 'updates' section in the app store, I have several apps that need to be updated. Whether I click 'update all' or try to update each app individually, it asks for my password. I input my password, but the updates do not start. If I click 'update' or 'update all' again, it again asks for my password, and just keeps going in the circle without ever actually starting the updates. This is happening on my ipad as well. I know an option is to delete my apps and reinstall, but I don't want to do that and really feel there must be a way to go back to being able to update. I've tried turning my phone off and on and reseting, but now with two ios updates later, I'm still not able to update any of my apps. Help!

    Were these apps acquired with the same Apple ID?
    Authorization for the update requires the password for the Apple ID used to acquire the content.
    Does the same issue occur if attempting to update the apps via iTunes on the computer?

  • My Mac keeps asking for a password to install Flash but I haven't set one yet?

    Everytime I try to Install the Adobe Flash Player on my new mac, it asks me for my Name and Password.
    My Mac Book Air is new so I haven't set a password yet but it knows my name.
    Does anyone know If It has a default password or something like that?

    Macs DON'T come with a pre-loaded account or password. You MUST set these up when you first boot into OSX.  You can choose not to use a password, and in some cases, you can just leave it blank when installing software or updates, but it's VERY UNSAFE to do so. Since OS10.7, OS X has "Gatekeeper" which prevents installations without a password from an admin account.  See:

  • Reader 9 Mac keeps asking for admin password

    Every time I open Adobe Reader 9 (Mac) it asks for an admin user name and password. I can hit cancel and the document will open, but this is very annoying. How do I change this? Thank you.

    I have this problem since Version 8.<br /><br />I tought It would have been fixed with version 9, but it is not. I have upgraded from Mac OS 10.4.9 to 10.5.4, and I still have problems.<br /><br />When I open Reader 9 within the Admin account, I enter the password in order to install it properly. When I log out and log in with another user account, got the "License Agreement" screen, if I click <agree>, I'm prompted twice for the computer Admin Password. If I click <Cancel> on both of them, reader quits and i got the message "Reader could not instal Correctly" and it quits.<br /><br />If I go back to my local Admin account, I open Reader 9  it still work as expected.<br /><br />What am I doing wrong ? Is it a low quality app or I simply just doing my setup the wrong way ? I can't really ask every single user to enter the Admin Password in order to complete an installation. Users are not supposed to complete an installation, it's the administrator's job, my job...<br /><br />May be Reader version 8 and 9 are not compatible and cannot be installed simultaneously along Acrobat 8 Profesional...<br /><br />Adobe, I really need some help on that issue that last for about two years.

  • Printer keeps asking for a password when printing in safari or firefox

    Hello I'm new to the Mac. I have been a PC User for over 30 years.
    Here is my issue. I print in safari or Firefox and every time it asks for a password from the user. I click remember the key but everytime it pops up when I want to print.
    How do I fix this.

    Hello, & welcome to the forums & Macdom!
    Welll, this is a new one on me, does it print from other Apps without a Password?
    Is this for any site, or just certain ones?

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