My MBP 7,1 wifi connection suddenly stopped working. It was working fine before until the battery emptied. I turned it on but it froze so I tried to reset it. Then, after that it no longer detect any wifi signal in any areas I go.

Hi Everyone. My MBP 7,1 didn't have any wifi issues not until 2 weeks ago. The laptop's battery got empty and when I tried to turned it on, the computer just froze. So I tried to reset it. However, I noticed that the wifi or airport can no longer detect any wifi signal. There were instances that it wouldn't turn on when I shut it off but now, it seems okey. I tried the zapping of PRAM and deleting all the things needed as I saw in different threads but it still not working. The ethernet works fine but I still need the wifi. Its been 2 weeks already. I don't have an Apple Store near me coz I am in southern part of Philippines. Can someone shed light on this? Thank you so much.

Hi!! To add more to the issue, the other day, my airport card is nowhere to be found. It now says no airport card installed which is really crazy. I also noticed that my MBP freezes during start up and I had to zap the PRAM so it would open up. Anyone there who experienced the same thing? I'd really appreciate your suggestions. Thanks!

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