My new ipod nano 7th generation will not sync with i tunes, followed all the apple on line trouble shooting ideas, this device will not show up in itunes but i can see it from explorer, windows 7 user.

ipod nano 7th generation will not sysc with i tunes is updated , device does not show up in itunes under devices but shows itself in explorer.ran diagnostics failed sync. about ready to take this back to best buy.

yes i have a solution to my problem only because of a recent phone call from apple they were great.......... in the right hand side of itunes my i pod was displayed.  click on the ipod the top of the page you will see summary,,,,,,music,,,,,,movies,,,,,,tvshow,,,,,,photo,,,,,on this ipod.
click on music check mark music done and sync
problem solved
thanks apple

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  • New ipod nano 7th generation will not turn on. Any suggestions?

    Just bought a new ipod nano 7th generation & the device will not turn on. Any suggestions?

    Have you charged it?

  • Can i use my new ipod nano 7th generation on my macbook pro

    I registered my new ipod nano 7th generation on my macbook pro.  While on my macbook, I tried to download wma audiobooks from the library using overdrive media console & its not, I decided to use my windows laptop.  I have the latest version of itunes on both laptops.  (I know I can download & transfer wma audiobooks to my shuffle using overdrive media console & windows laptop.)  I'm getting an error message that says I have to reformat my nano if I want to download wma audiobooks.  Can I use my nano on macbook pro & windows laptop?  will I ever be able to download wma audiobooks to my nano using macbook? 

    Your iPod Nano will need to be restored in iTunes on the Windows laptop before you can start adding/syncing content over to it.
    Or if you want to use it with OverDrive on the Mac, you'll need to download the books as MP3s as WMA is not supported.

  • Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone can help me.  I recently got my first ever Ipod.  It's the new Ipod Nano 7th Generation.  I have tried to synchronise it with Itunes but it says "Connected, Eject before Disconnecting" but nothing happens.

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone can help me.  I recently got my first ever Ipod.  It's the new Ipod Nano 7th Generation.  I have tried to synchronise it with Itunes but it says "Connected, Eject before Disconnecting" but nothing happens.  I have tried uninstalling & re-installing Itunes but this didnt help. 
    Does anyone have any ideas? 
    Thanks for your help.

    I think the problem is that the iPod got set to Manually manage music and videos.  It needs to be set up for automatic syncing again.  Just unchecking that Manually manage music and videos setting does not do it.
    In iTunes 12, select the iPod in iTunes (using the device button), so that you see the iPod's "management" screen.  In the sidebar (along left side of screen), there are two headings (Settings and On My Device).  Under Settings, click on Music.  To the right, you see the iPod's Music screen, where you tell iTunes how to sync songs to the iPod.
    Check the box at the top for Sync Music.  That turns ON automatic syncing for music.  Below that, choose the option to sync Entire music library (assuming your music library fits completely on your iPod).  Otherwise, you can choose the option to sync Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres and make your selections below.  Then click Apply.

  • Why won't my BRAND NEW iPod Nano 7th Generation recognize headphones?

    My BRAND NEW iPod Nano 7th Generation (purchased from and Apple Store less than a week ago) will not recognize any headphones.  Consequently, I can hear NO sounds.  It worked just fine right after I set it up. I turned it off, disconnected headphones that came with the Nano. Several hours later I turned it on again, plugged in the headphones, and then I could hear NOTHING. When I tried the radio, I got the message there was no signal because it said the headphones were not plugged in, which they were.  I have tried two other sets of headphones.  None work, but they all work in another iPod, so I know it is not the headphones. I restored the software and started over, but this didn't help either.  I have pushed the headphone jack in as far as possible. This is very frustating because this Nano was a birthday gift for my husband.   I will be grateful for any help.  Thanks a lot.

    Thanks SO much for the GREAT advice!  I did just what you said, and I am back in business.  The sound is fine, and the radio works. I cleaned out the jack with a tooth pick, blew some air in, and pushed the jack in a bit harder.I guess I was too tentative about pushing the jack all the way in. You were right that it is a tight fit.  Thanks again, deggie.  My husband thanks you also! His birthday gift now works!  Yay!

  • I have a new ipod nano 7th Generation.  When I plug in the earphones, there is no sound, althought ipod shows song is playing.  Any solutions?

    I have a new Ipod Nano 7th Generation.  When I plug the earphones in, there is no sound coming from the earphones, even thought the Ipod shows the song as playing.  Any solutions?

    And the Radio app probably doesn't work either.
    The headphone jack on the nano is very tight when new. Push the jack all the way in, the plastic on the headset jack should be flush with the body of the nano.

  • My iPod nano 7th generation won't sync video

    My iPod nano 7th generation will sync music but not video. I have updated iTunes and restored the iPod even gone into the Apple store and nothing has helped. How do I get around this problem???

    Not all iTunes video can be transferred to iPod, If the video resolution or video bit rate beyond iPod limitation, you can't upload them to iPod. For example, some iTunes purchased movie are High definition movie, the resolution is too high to play on iPod. If the videos are in your iTunes, you can right-click the video to highlight it, and then select "Create iPod or iPhone Version". iTunes will automatically convert the video to iPod compatible format. When the conversion process has completed, sync the new version to your iPod. For more info, here is a guide about how to convert and transfer video to iPod nano. Hope it helps. Feel free to email me if you need further help.

  • My ipod nano 7th generation won't sync ratings to itunes. What can I do?

    I have an Ipod nano 7th generation bought about a month ago and usually has no problems.
    I've been having an issue with it where it won't sync songs' ratings from the Nano to Itunes. My Ipod is set to manually manage Music and Video. And no ratings are added to the Itunes Music library when I press sync.
    Can anyone help me solve this problem?

    This is literally driving me crazy.
    I spend days, or more likely months rating my itunes library.
    I was happy to get this new ipod as it would permit me to finish rating my songs, as I used to with my old ipods.
    Its only about 3 weeks after buying this new ipod do i realize that it is randomly changing song ratings. It has therefore changed all the ratings i painstakingly had made. After trying many different ways to find out where the problem was coming from, I even did the drastic move of unrating all my songs, both on the ipod and itunes. Sure enough, when i plugged it back in to sync it, it was giving me new random ratings for about 40 songs, even though they had previously been totally blank.
    I'm extremely surprised I can't find any information about this. This bug has killed all the work I had spent trying to organize my library, and leaves me feeling quite disgusted.
    There seems to be an all around problem with this new ipod. It isn't showing the play count for songs I know i listened to, and it's adding random songs in my top 25 most played that i never listened to.
    An answer would be very nice.

  • IPod Nano 6th generation won't sync with iTunes.

    I replaced the battery in my iPod Nano 6th generation and now it won't sync with iTunes. It shows in the list as iPod recognises that it is in recovery mode, so advises to restore. Press the restore button and after a time a message says can't find the iPod

    do you ever unplug your iPod without ejecting it first?

  • My ipod nano 7th gen won't sync with new itunes!

    Ever since I have downloaded the new version of itunes, my ipod will no longer sync. Firstly, it wouldn't even be recognised on my desktop but I somehow managed to fix that and is now recongnised on computer. When I plug my ipod in it says its connected but now everytime i try to sync my ipod it comes up with the same message on itunes of 'an ipod has been detected, but cannot be indentified properly. Please disconnect an reconnect the ipod, then try again. If the problem persits, unintall and reintall itunes.' I have gone through all the support on the apple website, and uninstalled itunes numerous times and tried all usb ports to make sure there is no faults in that area but nothing seems to work. Just annoying how my ipod used to work perfectly fine before I downloaded the new version of itunes, thought updates were meant to improve the experience? Any help will be very much appreciated!


  • My new iPod nano 6th generation won't sync

    I always get this problem
    I have:
    reinstalled iTunes
    reinstalled the driver of the iPod
    restored the iPod on a different computer
    switched usb drives and wires
    restarted the computer
    still the same
    any advice?

    OK, here's someting to try: iTunes Error 13019 during sync and also look at this discussion
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  • Ipod nano 7th generation-formatted :

    My girlfriend gifted me a brand new ipod nano 7th generation two weeks back. To upload songs in the ipod I connected to pc and it asked me to format the ipod and mistakenly I have formatted ipod nano (7th). Now it won't shut down nor do any activities. It is also not recognized by itunes. Now how to I revive it? Your help is much appreciated.

    If you formatted the iPod's storage using Windows, it is erased along with the iPod's software.  You will need to do a Restore using iTunes.  If iTunes currently does not recognize the iPod when you connec it, try putting the iPod into Disk Mode first
    Run iTunes on the computer and connect the iPod.  If iTunes sees the iPod, it may say something about "recovery" and should prompt you to do a Restore.  The Restore re-installs the software, so it should be back to the way it was when you took it out of the box.

  • Will the iPod nano 7th generation will have iOS 7 design?

    Will the iPod nano 7th generation have iOS 7 design? Because after using the iPhone or iPad with iOS 7 i get no pleasure to use iPod, where everything reminds me iOS 6.

    The current icons on the 7th Generation Nano look more like iOS 7 than iOS 6.
    You can ask for it:

  • Ipod nano 7th generation usb problem

    New iPod nano 7th generation not being recognized when USB plugged in. Not showing a new device or anything.  Have uninstalled/installed iTunes7.  USBs working with other devices including iPhone4S.  Using Windows 7 Home version with all updates.  Have rebooted several times.  No other USB devices plugged in while connecting new nano.  Tried on another machine with Windows 7 Professional with same results - not working.  Any suggestions?  What am I missing?  Any new drivers for 7th generation?  Did see OS 1.01 already available for nano, but cannot download until PC and iTunes recognize the device.  Thanks.

    I figured out the problem.  Very simple, but overlooked at first.  It was the cable that came with the iPod nano.  I plugged it into an outlet using my iPhone cube charger, then connected my nano.  It would not recharge the nano.  Went to the Apple store and exchanged it for one that charged the nano while there.  When i plugged the new one into the PC it recognized the nano, opened iTunes and walked me thru the usual setup.  Synced with no problems.
    So check your cord.

  • My ipod nano 7th generation is stuck in a restore loop with a white screen. Now it won't turn on anymore. What to do?

    My new Ipod Nano 7th generation is stuck in a restore loop. Here is what happened: I added music to it using the latest version of iTunes, the colored bar at the bottom of the summary tab in iTunes showed my that I added it and I disconnected it to listen to the music. As I turned it on, it told me that there is neither music nor pictures on it. So I connected it again to my computer and iTunes told me that I had to restore. Which I did following all the steps but it keep telling me that I need to restore it. After three times of restore it, I disconnected it from my PC and turned it off. Now it won't turn on anymore - even though the battery is fully charged - and when I connect it to iTunes, iTunes tell me "The iPod software updater could not be contacted. The server does not support this version of iTunes." Well, I just downloaded the newest version a couple of minutes ago from the apple website. My iPod stays black. What shall I do?

    Hi clarity,
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    You may want to first try removing and reinstalling the latest version of iTunes by following the steps in this article:
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7
    If you continue to receive the error message when connecting your iPod, see this article for more troubleshooting tips:
    iTunes for Windows: iTunes cannot contact the iPhone, iPad, or iPod software update server

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