My new program DUMP :

My new program is dumping at the below stmt:
IF NOT gt_soldto1[] IS INITIAL.
    SELECT *                " kunnr name2 j_3astcu
      FROM kna1
     FOR ALL ENTRIES IN gt_soldto1
     WHERE ( name2   LIKE 'STORE%'
     OR      name2   LIKE 'Store%'
     OR      name2   LIKE 'store%'
     AND     land1     = 'US'  )
     OR   ( j_3astcu  <> space
     AND    j_3astcu  = gt_soldto1-store_no
     AND   land1     = 'US'  ).
  ENDIF.   "   IF NOT gt_soldto[] IS INITIAL.
Could you please suggest me hwo to correct performane wise?
In  order to improve performance I tried to keep as much as possible in where condition. we are using SAP - AFS system.
Short text
    No more storage space available for extending an internal table.
What happened?
    You attempted to extend an internal table, but the required space was
    not available.
Error analysis
    The internal table "???" could not be further extended. To enable
    error handling, the table had to be delete before this log was written.
   As a result, the table is displayed further down or, if you branch to
    the ABAP Debugger, with 0 rows.
    At the time of the termination, the following data was determined for
    the relevant internal table:
    Memory location: "Session memory"
    Row width: 3704
    Number of rows: 230136
    Allocated rows: 230136
    Newly requested rows: 4 (in 1 blocks)
How to correct the error
    The amount of storage space (in bytes) filled at termination time was:
    Roll area...................... 199624160
    Extended memory (EM)........... 251630992
    Assigned memory (HEAP)......... 484209696
    Short area..................... " "
    Paging area.................... 32768
    Maximum address space.......... 4294967295
    If the error occures in a non-modified SAP program, you may be able to
    find an interim solution in an SAP Note.
    If you have access to SAP Notes, carry out a search with the following
    "ZADI_V_R_869_870_STATUS" or "ZADI_V_R_869_870_STATUS"
    If you cannot solve the problem yourself and want to send an error
    notification to SAP, include the following information:
    1. The description of the current problem (short dump)
       To save the description, choose "System->List->Save->Local File
    2. Corresponding system log
       Display the system log by calling transaction SM21.
       Restrict the time interval to 10 minutes before and five minutes
    after the short dump. Then choose "System->List->Save->Local File
  3. If the problem occurs in a problem of your own or a modified SAP
  program: The source code of the program
     In the editor, choose "Utilities->More
  4. Details about the conditions under which the error occurred or which
  actions and input led to the error.
Source Code Extract
Line  SourceCde
4568   DATA : gt_soldto2 TYPE TABLE OF  t_soldto1.
4569   DATA :  wa_bstnk_storeno_kunnr LIKE LINE OF  gt_bstnk_storeno_kunnr.
4570 * Get ztable fields
4571   SELECT * FROM zadi_869_870_sta
4572           INTO TABLE gt_soldto1
4573           FOR ALL ENTRIES IN gt_bstnk_storeno_kunnr
4574           WHERE edi_tr_par = gt_bstnk_storeno_kunnr-edi_tr_par.
4575 ***************************************************************
4576 * gt_soldto1 should contain store no of gt_bstnk_storeno_kunnr
4577 *  IF NOT gt_soldto1[] IS INITIAL.
4578   LOOP AT gt_soldto1 INTO gs_soldto.
4580 *  READ TABLE gt_bstnk_storeno_kunnr INTO wa_bstnk_storeno_kunnr
4581 *        WITH key edi_tr_par = gs_soldto-edi_tr_par BINARY SEARCH.
4582     LOOP AT gt_bstnk_storeno_kunnr INTO wa_bstnk_storeno_kunnr
4583                  WHERE edi_tr_par = gs_soldto-edi_tr_par.
4584       gs_soldto-store_no = wa_bstnk_storeno_kunnr-store_no.
4585       wa_bstnk_storeno_kunnr-sold_to =  gs_soldto-sold_to.
4586       MODIFY  gt_bstnk_storeno_kunnr FROM wa_bstnk_storeno_kunnr.
4587       APPEND  gs_soldto TO gt_soldto2 .
4588     ENDLOOP.
4589     CLEAR : gs_soldto.
4590 *    MODIFY gt_soldto1 FROM gs_soldto.
4591   ENDLOOP.
4592   REFRESH : gt_soldto1[].
4593   gt_soldto1[] = gt_soldto2[].
4594   REFRESH : gt_soldto2[].
4596 * Get Shiptos from knvp table.
4597   IF NOT gt_soldto1[] IS INITIAL.
>>>>     SELECT *                " kunnr name2 j_3astcu
4599       FROM kna1
4601      FOR ALL ENTRIES IN gt_soldto1
4602      WHERE ( name2   LIKE 'STORE%'
4603      OR      name2   LIKE 'Store%'
4604      OR      name2   LIKE 'store%'
4605      AND     land1     = 'US'  )
4606      OR   ( j_3astcu  <> space
4607      AND    j_3astcu  = gt_soldto1-store_no
4608      AND   land1     = 'US'  ).
4609 *    AND   land1     = 'US'.
4610   ENDIF.   "   IF NOT gt_soldto[] IS INITIAL.
4612 * Formation new internal table
4613   IF NOT gt_kna1[] IS INITIAL.
4614     LOOP AT gt_kna1 INTO gs_kna1.
4616       LOOP AT gt_soldto1 INTO gs_soldto.

IF NOT gt_soldto1[] IS INITIAL.
    SELECT *                " kunnr name2 j_3astcu
      FROM kna1
     FOR ALL ENTRIES IN gt_soldto1
     WHERE ( name2   LIKE 'STORE%'
     OR      name2   LIKE 'Store%'
     OR      name2   LIKE 'store%'
     AND     land1     = 'US'  )
     OR   ( j_3astcu   space
     AND    j_3astcu  = gt_soldto1-store_no
     AND   land1     = 'US'  ).
  ENDIF.   "   IF NOT gt_soldto[] IS INITIAL.
There seems to be some problem with your Where clause.
" j_3astcu   space
    AND    j_3astcu  = gt_soldto1-store_no" is not going to lead anywhere.
Please check the Where clause.

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    Your computer is picking up the remote's signal. Go into system preferences - security - general. Click on the padlock and go into advanced. Check disable remote control infrared receiver.

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    this just started w/ me yesterday.  I was running 10.5.3, and nothing changed - the message just appeard out of nowhere.  I update to the latest iTunes 10.6 but the message is the same.
    Sounds like probably some sort of Library file corruption.
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  • Admin console crashes when creating a new program

    Recently, .NET 4.5 and Windows 8.1 ADK was installed to update the KMS Host on our server that is shared with the ConfigMgr Primary Site server.  Since then, the Admin Console has been crashing every time I try to create a new program on any package
    in SCCM (both newly created or existing packages).
    [3][7/07/2014 11:55:07 AM] :Help topic not found in 'HelpTopicLinks.xml' for topic ID: '7e96e251-ed74-4905-87c0-77d082a5fa4d'
    [3][7/07/2014 11:56:10 AM] :Property: 'ProgramName'\r\nSystem.Management.ManagementException\r\nNot found \r\n   at System.Management.ManagementException.ThrowWithExtendedInfo(ManagementStatus errorCode)
       at System.Management.ManagementObject.Initialize(Boolean getObject)
       at System.Management.ManagementBaseObject.get_Properties()
       at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ManagementProvider.WqlQueryEngine.WqlResultObjectBase.get_Item(String name)\r\nManagementException details:
    instance of SMS_ExtendedStatus
    Description = "Error retrieving object PackageID=XXX00219";
    ErrorCode = 2151811598;
    File = "c:\\qfe\\nts_sms_fre\\sms\\siteserver\\sdk_provider\\smsprov\\SspInterface.h";
    Line = 1151;
    Operation = "GetObject";
    ParameterInfo = "SMS_Program.PackageID=\"XXX00219\",ProgramName=\"Test\"";
    ProviderName = "ExtnProv";
    StatusCode = 2147749890;
    Event Log:
    An error occured in ConfigMgr. The ConfigMgr console will continue to function, however you should save your work and restart the console. After restarting the console, verify that your last configurations have been applied.
       at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
       at System.IO.File.Move(String sourceFileName, String destFileName)
       at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.SmsTraceListener.SmsTextWriterTraceListener.WriteStringToLog(String message)
       at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.SmsTraceListener.SmsTextWriterTraceListener.WriteSmsLogEntry(String source, TraceEventType eventType, TraceEventCache eventCache, Int32 id, String traceMessage)
       at System.Diagnostics.TraceSource.TraceEvent(TraceEventType eventType, Int32 id, String message)
       at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.ExceptionUtilities.TraceException(Exception ex, TraceEventType traceEventType, Int32 eventId, String message)
       at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ManagementProvider.WqlQueryEngine.WqlResultObjectBase.get_Item(String name)
       at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.Program.GeneralPageControl.VerifyProgramName()
       at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.Program.GeneralWizardPage.get_CanDeactivate()
       at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.WizardFramework.WizardForm.OnNext()
       at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick(EventArgs e)
       at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs mevent)
       at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)
       at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
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    It should be OK as long as you are not syncing or doing data transfer via US like backing up or restoring

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    dvd/cd drive works but won't allow me to install new programs from disk, doesn't recognize the disk, what can I do?

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    Again, I'm sorry for posting in the wrong forum, getting this posted in the Flash forum was my desire but the way Adobe has this set up I just couldn't figure it out.  I belong to ALLOT of forums and most are pretty straight forward but this one is confusing! 

  • I normally dont need a login when I install new program, but I try to Install a new flash player im asked to write a login and I have no clue? when I search for help it suggest to put in the original installation cd but that doesnt work. Please help!

    When Trying to install the newest Flash player, Im asked to fill in my login.
    I have no clue what my login is. (It happened very rarely that I was asked to fill in this when installing a new program, and the login I have used before are not valid now.
    When I search for help, I am suggested to put in the original installation Cd.. and press the "C" button when I hear the starting sound... but when I do this nothing is happening.
    Please Help me If you have an idea for a solution to this problem!
    / Joel

    You need the admin password you created when you first set up the machine.  Just about every installer running under OS X will require you to authorize the installation by entering an administrator password - even software update requires this.  You really should not forget your admin password, as it is required for many things in OS X since, unlike Windows, you often need to manually type in the admin password to proceed with an install or update (whereas Windows will take admin authority, if you are logged in as an admin, by simply clicking continue or yes).
    If you cannot remember your admin password, you can reset it from the recovery CD that came with your mac -

  • My Mac won't open certain files anymore so I can't install new programs.

    I accidentally reset the default application used to open new programs that I try to install and now it won't open. It's set accidentally to use ScriptEditor. I'm not sure what "program" was used originally to open them, so I don't know what to reset it to. How do I fix it so I can install new programs again?

    Hi VoxPariah, and a warm welcome to the forums!
    An alternative to Klaus1's fine advice...
    Reset Launch Services...

  • Apple's new program of free replacement batteries.

    Apple's new program of free replacement batteries.
    I would like to know when my iPhone has already changed the battery and where ??
    Serial number DN*******TTN
    Новая программа Apple по бесплатной замене аккумуляторов.
    Я хотел бы узнать, когда на моём айфоне уже поменяли батарейку и где??
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    Скажите Когда заменили? Я отдавал в сервис, ну на счёт батареи они мне ничего ни сказали.
    <Edited By Host>

    This is a user-to-user tech support forum, not Apple. No one here has any info about your phone's repair status.  NEVER post personal info such as your serial number in a public forum.
    See this for general information:
    iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program - Apple Support

  • Will I lose my library when I remove Itunes to install the new program

    Will I lose my library when I delete the old version of ITunes to install the new program ?

    No, though you should back up your library anyway. See this User Tip for a backup strategy.
    You don't need to uninstall your current copy of iTunes to upgrade to a new build.

  • It came to my attention there a new program working with itune since last update named Apsdaemon.exe its been using 99% of my processor when its active any idea why so much and will it be fix eventually? And why is it so Heavy consuming ?

    It came to my attention there a new program working with itune since last update named Apsdaemon.exe its been using 99% of my processus when its active.
    Any idea why so much and will it be fix eventually because before last update i never encounter any issue using Itune? Now when that aplication or extention from Itune is working my computor froze to a huge alt. I play video games online and love listening to my music with itune playing in the background and normally was able to have firefox open and a program called ventrillo all working at the same time and now i can barelly have itune and play a game. As soon it start been choppy i just control alt delete wait 5 minute to close down apsdaemon.exe when i'm capable most of the time i have to restart my computor. And why is it so Heavy consuming on the process its memory utility is under the 100ko i believe so why 99% of my processus is been use ?
    a good exemple i could give is itune.exe working it shows process 02% for 123 000ko that is light and perfect.

    Wow, Karan Taneja, you've just embarrassed yourself on a worldwide support forum.  Not only is your post ridiculous and completely inappropriate for a technical support forum, but it also shows your ignorance as to whom you think the audience is.  Apple is not here.  It's users, like you. 
    If you would have spent half the time actually reading the Terms of Use of this forum that YOU agreed to by signing up to post, as you did composing that usesless, inappropriate post, you (and the rest of us on this forum) would have been much better off.

  • Installing new programs

    Have tried to install new programs onto Leopard, but the computer does not seem to want me to do this. When I insert and dmg. file or the CD containing the program...the computer reads it, allows me to drag to applications, or to open the VICE file for installing, but then it does nothing...absolutely nothing. I tried this with OFFICE 2004 and MAc-Link and Appleworks (which I am slowly replacing anyway, but there are some wonderful things there still for me).
    Why won't the computer allow me to install these workable programs...some seem to work well on my PowerBook, but not on this desktop G5.
    Go raibh maith agat

    Thank you Jeffrey Jones, you just saved me $89 as I was considering buying iWork.
    I don't know why I thought Appleworks wouldn't run on Leopard, perhaps because of its pre Aqua theme.
    I was surprised it even ran on OS X, though of course it did come bundled with OS X.
    It always looks a bit of a black sheep, more at home on OS 8 than OS X. And so, from its deceptive appearance I thought that an Intel computer would surely pass it by, but no.
    Consistent with its black sheepiness, it is the sole PowerPC app, showing in Activity monitor.

  • New programs not working and websites not displaying correctly

    I need a little assistance. My older G5 is running Mac OS X (10.3.x), Mac OS X 10.3.9 (7W98) - I don't have the funds to upgrade right now - and during an update to iTunes awhile back the power was accidently cut and then my mess began. ITunes would no longer open,
    I am good with PCs and can pretty much resolve anything on them, but have been absolutely stumped with this. I searched all kinds of troubleshooting and eventually decided to just erase and reinstall Panther hoping that would resolve the issue, iTunes works now, but Safari is not displaying web pages correctly (for instance Facebook is just a stack of words but other sites may look okay), and now any new program I download will not open after I install it like Firefox.
    Any ideas as to how I can resolve this mess?

    You can try do download Onyx, it is a good free Software that will repair many issues that you can have with your Mac. You are running the very last 10.3.x I suppose.

Maybe you are looking for