My new user experience with PP5.5 (not so great)

I just wrote up a very long post and I seem to have trouble posting it -- "Cannot post now" error, even though I can post in the testing forum. This is a short post to see if it works...

11. Once I had my clips laid down and the video synced up, I started  to think about audio. I had 3 tracks of audio: a mono track from the  G12, and Channel 1 and Channel 2 from the JVC, both of which were  different mics. It turned out that we ended up using Channel 1 from the  JVC everywhere, but that was partly because it was easier to do and I  didn't know what I was doing. It appeared that there was no easy way to  tell Premiere to seperate out the Ch1/Ch2 audio in the sequence where  the clip was laid down, possibly because I had Captured clips with the  wrong audio setting (I didn't specify multichannel -- was it an option?)  Instead, I had to go the the Project Window, select the clip, and  choose Clip > Audio Options > Breakout to Mono. Then that  gave me a pair of independnt left/right clips with just a mono track,  and I could lay those down the timeline, and sync them up manually with  the existing video. This sync was easy since the left edges matched up  1:1, since of course the video and audio were recorded together by the  same camera. Then I had to unlink the original ("stereo") tracks and  delete them. Was there a better way?
12. The  aforementioned Breakout to Mono function is hard to find! If you select a  clip in the Project window, one of the choices in the context menu  (rightclick) is Modify > Audio Channels. It looks like it  might be the right thing but everything is grayed out and there's no way  to convert stereo to mono. It's particularly confusing that there is a  lot of overlap between that context menu and the menubar Clip menu, but not enough. It seems like there should either be complete  overlap or almost no overlap. But the degree of partial overlap makes it  hard to find things, and hard to remember which menu you found them in.
13.  Having established four sequences, each with two video tracks and 1  audio track, it was time to do the multi-camera editing. I found the  multi-camera documentation and the whole paradigm somewhat confusing.  That is, it seems weird that I have to lay down both of my clips into a  container sequence (as V1 and V2), and then place that container  sequence into an overarching parent sequence in order to do multicamera  editing. Am I missing something? Why the extra level of indirection? In  addition to being a bit nonintuitive, when I have my final sequence, it  means an extra level of double-clicking (except that doesn't always  work, so sometimes going back to the project window to find the  constituent sequence/clip).
14. In each of my  lowest-level sequences (that contained the clips directly), I had marked  In and Out points. I was surprised to find that that didn't seem to  affect their placement in the container sequence or the multicam clip  that contained that sequence. I figured I must have done something  obviously wrong, so just ended up trimming those sequences in their  parent sequences. This turned out to be error-prone (left some gaps),  but it got the job done.
15. The process of multi-cam  editing wasn't really smooth. The interface for recording multicam edits  didn't seem very amenable to adjustment, and it seemed like hitting '1'  or '2' on the keyboard obviated the need to press the Record button,  but not always. And restarting playing/recording sometimes meant that a  duplicate multi-cam edit was recorded, though sometimes multicam edits  were lost. It was confusing, but functional.
16.  Editing existing multicam edits in the timeline was awkard. I see now  that probably I should have used the ripple edit tool or rolling edit  tool to do those edits, instead of the default arrow tool. But messing  with those tools somehow we managed to get some video/audio  misalignments (or at least convinced ourselves that we did!) or loss of  sync, so we paniced and restrited ourselves to the regular pointer/arrow  tool.
17. The multicam documentation linked to  prp2it_multicam.pdf, but those instructions from 2006 are marked as for  Premiere Pro 2.0. I wasn't sure that they were safe to use in Premiere  Pro CS5.5...
18. In the multicam monitor window, there  was space for 4 cameras. But I only had two. No way to compress the  window to only show 2 cameras? That seemed a bit wasteful of screen real  estate.
19. Having done the rough multicamera edits  and then gone back and tweaked them, we were then concerned about audio.  Some of the clips had higher gain audio than others,so I wanted to do  gain corrections, generally to an entire clip. The first approach we  tried was opening an audio clip in the source browser and applying the  Volume Level effects control. But this would only give a 6dB boost. Why?
20. Next, we discovered that we could select a clip in the Project browser and choose Clip > Audio Options > Audio Gain.  Here it appeared that the clip gain could be arbitrarily changed. It  would be nice to have an interface to see all the places that a clip or a  sequence's audio gain could be adjusted, since having several places to  check was a bit confusing. Also, Audio Gain has both a "Set Gain" and  and "Adjust Gain" and their interaction was not 100% clear.
21. At this point, we were basically done. First shot at exporting to a DVD was via File > Export...Media MPEG2-DVD. it seemed to work OK, but then right as the progress bar was finishing, we got this gem:
it lasted for more than a few seconds and was definitely not confidence-inspiring.
22.  At this point it was 3am in the morning and mistakes were starting to  be made. Consultation of the manual appeared to suggest that it was  feasible to export to a DVD without using Encore, especially if one  wanted to forgo menus. That sounded great to me, so I took the resulting  .mpg file and rightclicked in the finder and chose Burn to disc...  Well, that was a coaster. But I think the documentation could have been a  lot clearer. Still, lack of VIDEO_TS and whatnot should have clued me  in, right?
23. Managed to cons up a menu in Encore and  burned the .mpg file to disc, producing a playable DVD. I gave up trying  to figure out how to do it without a menu.
24. Having  produced the DVD deliverable, there was then a request for color  correction. Of course this is not surprising, why would a Canon G12  match a JVC HD100U? No way! Back in Premiere Pro, I foudn it very  difficult to figure out how to color-correct camera 1 of the multicamera  against camera 2. If I used the multicam stream, there were 100s of  broken-up clips every time there was an edit. I certainly didn't want to  color-correct every one of them. I really just wanted to apply a  correction to all of Camera 1 and another one to all of Camera 2.
25.  So I opened up the sequence containing both cameras (that is later  imported into a parent sequence and marked as multicamera). Could not  find a way to get the Reference: window to show one camera while the  color correction window showed another. Ultimately we ended up muting  video channels in the sequence temporarily such that the  sequence/program window showed one clip or the other clip, while the  source window showed another. But it seemed like it should have been  possible to display both clips against each other for purposes of color  correcting one or the other.
So, I think that's about  it. I suspect there's a lot I did wrong, and certainly if I had more  than a few hours I would have taken the time to learn the program  properly (and still will!). But there are still a lot of spots where the  program could be better.
Anyhow, thanks for listening. Cheers!

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    I just recently purchased this product and would like to share my experience so far.Seems all products have a few warts, and we seem to always find them first. But, having used this now for about 2 weeks, I can say that this product was worth the money for me. It gives insight into existing apps that I didn't even know about. Makes working with new apps rather simple. If time is money, I'm now in the black with the amount of time saved.
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    Message was edited by:
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    hey,i forgot my login password,so i changed the password by using terminal command(reset password).now i have new user name with new password,
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    How did you change your user name?
    resetpassword wouldn't have done it. If you managed to create a new user, then your data is still in the old account.

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    I have the exact same problem.
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    I plan on running CS (all apps except Version Cue) as i will wait for CS3 and skip over CS2. For fonts im currently running FontExplorer X and plan on continuing.
    Id love to hear what Adobe software is working well (or not), what font management you are using and what system.
    15inch G4Ti-Book, G5 Quad, MBP 2.0 (ordered)   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    So im curious, out of these applications i have installed will any of them install anything into the MacHD>Users>Applenewton>Library>Fonts Folder?
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    Adobe CS2
    Macromedia Studio 8
    Microsoft Office 2004
    iknow those apps have their own fonts they use to work with their programs
    i just want to know what would be safe to move around or remove period from my user font library.
    i dont mean to sound redundant but i spaced out/forgot how i originally organized my fonts i know i added certain fonts to my font folder in my user's library font folder but cant recall if i added arial/verdana and some other fonts.
    is there to check what apps depend on them or what?
    thanks in advanced!

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    Running Mavericks on a 2013 iMac 21.5". I want to set up a second user account with different settings that meet the requirements of specific software. I need the files to be accessible by both users. I have made both the main and secondary accounts administrators. I have also enabled file sharing for both. Neither account can see the other's files in Finder.
    How can I make all files accessible to both accounts? I read that administrator accounts automatically can see all files on the computer, but it is not working out that way. I have restarted the computer, to no avail.

    Comcast only offers POP accounts, and one way to set up the account and enter all the settings before it connects to the mail server, might be to do it Offline:
    The server settings are given [ here], but the method is for Online account setup.

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    Now I Solved this problem in my case.
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    log into the application without restarting the WLS or modification to
    weblogic.xml ?
    I have seen some message regarding this but did not find suitable answer ?

    I am using WLS6.1 SP1. I have configured WLS to use CachingRealm
    I have also configured Security-Role and security-role-assignment in Web.xml
    and Weblogic.xml
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    protected, valid users are logged,
    invalid user/password throws failed login page etc..
    What I also want to get working is....
    When I create a newUser through the console or application, that user is
    successfully added to underlying
    DB table and it is refreshed, it is also visible in the console. It is also
    associated to one of the groups
    which is also configured as a Security-Role. (Only in DB. A usergroup in the
    DB table is mapped to a security-role
    The problem is ?
    Now when I try to login using this new userid, I won't be able logon.
    I know that, at this point the new user is not yet assigned to the any
    Security-Role in WebLogic.XML.
    But when I manually change to Weblogic.xml to make this association and
    restart the
    server, then it WORKS !!! Well it should and it does.
    1. How to make this without restarting the server ?
    2. Every time when I create a new user should I change weblogic.xml to
    associate this user to
    one of the security roles ?
    3. How to programmatically implement this, Is this possible.
    4. Does Caching - user and/or group parameters affect this issue ?
    Sorry for the incorrect question in my earlier thread.
    "Utpal" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]..
    Could you please post your questions again ? I didn't get what you want to
    do !!

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    Google chrome has crashed on my mac pro and i can not get it back working. i have created new user account and chrome is working in it. i now want to transfer all my files and settings to the new user account, not just the files but if possible an identical copy of how my original user profile was set out. Can anyone advise me on how to do this? thanks

    While logged into the troubleshooting account (assuming that it's an admin account—if not create a new one and log into it), backup the bad account's folder, delete the bad account, selecting the save data option (which is stored in /Users/Deleted Users/ as a disk image), recreate the bad account using the same username/password combo, log out and back into the recreated original account. If the problem's solved, open the saved data dmg file in /Users/Deleted Users/, open the /Library/Preferences/ folder from the saved data, open the current /Users/restored account/Library/Preferences/ folder, and slowly copy plist files from the saved data folder to the current one that don't exist in it. Log out and back in to ensure there's no conflict and things still work correctly. Resolving conflicts or identifying corrupt plist files is a laborious process. Good luck.
    See for more details on this process.

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    I am setting up a simple process to register a new user to my APEX application. At the login screen, the user can select "new user registration" button if they would like to register for a new id. Well, it was working for awhile and it stopped working sometime after I added the validations for the new registration fields. Now, whenever I launch the login screen and click on the "new user registration" nothing happens. If I bring up the "new user registration" page in the application builder, and click "run", it launches the login screen! I do have redirects back to the login screen in the event that the user clicks "cancel" or "register" on the "new user registration" page.
    This is very strange. Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause or how to track this down?

    I'll see if I can put the app on I disabled the redirects and all of the not null validations I had. It's still behaving the way it did.
    In the meantime, I noticed this oddity. It seems like there is a mismatch between the URL page # and the actual page that is displayed. Here is what I mean. Here is the url:
    See the page should be p=103:8. This is app 103, page 8, right?
    Well, that is the correct app and page. However, it displays app 103, page 101.
    When I click on the "new user registration" button, the url changes to this:
    And, I'm still on page 101, not page 8.
    Like I said before, this was working like a champ earlier this week and I went to show my wife how I had it working and boom it stopped. LOL. Murphy's law...
    Thanks again,

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    I've meticulously created collections of the music on my ecommerce music site.  I am manually stripping off offending characters in the submitted search criteria with this code:
    Trim(REReplaceNoCase(URLDecode(URL.searchcriteria),"[()<>##""'@]"," ","all"))
    Then, if the user has ticked for an "exact word" search, I'm adding double quotes around it, otherwise, leaving it without.  Then submitting it to the right collection for a search with this code (I've substituted ZZZ and XXX for my protection).
    <CFSEARCH NAME="ZZZ" COLLECTION="XXX" type="simple" CRITERIA="#cleanedcriteria#" maxrows="300">
    When a user does not tick "exact match" but types in any phrase that includes any of the Verity operators, they get the following error:
    If you are using type="explicit", you must use Verity Query Language operators such as "<WORD>" or "<STEM>", or surround your search term with quotes. See the documentation for details.
    Pass Me Not
    will throw the error. but
    "Pass Me Not"
    which is passed when someone ticks "exact match" does just fine.
    From what I've read, the simple search is supposed to assume the <WORD> and <MANY> operators, but it's like that's being ignored.  What am I doing wrong, and/or how can I configure this so that my users can type terms, submit, and find what they're looking for?

    I think I finally understand, and am posting the solution here for others' benefit.
    Apparently the simple search is in fact behaving properly and will recognize AND OR NOT as operators instead of part of the search string.  The work around for this is to enclose those words in double quotes.  So that's what I've done.  If the user has not specified an "exact match" search (where I enclose the entire string in double quotes), then I single out these three words and put double quotes around them.  It appears to work beautifully.
    QED, and am happy to have had a complete uninterrupted discussion with myself.
    <cfset cleanedcriteria = ReplaceNoCase(cleanedcriteria,"and","""and""","all")>
    <cfset cleanedcriteria = ReplaceNoCase(cleanedcriteria,"not","""not""","all")>
    <cfset cleanedcriteria = ReplaceNoCase(cleanedcriteria,"or","""or""","all")>

  • User experience with secure MIDP connections

    Since MIDP 2.0 allows for secure SSL connections to a host, I was wondering whether there is a way to show the user that a secure connection is being used. In other words, what is the MIDP equivalent of the closed padlock that we're used to in a browser when we use https.
    Is there any standard for this? Is it all up to the device manufacturer? Do any of them show the user this type of information?
    Sander Smith

    So you think that if you had some padlock or anything else on the phone you would be 100% sure you are not communicating with a hacker? Beneath all this you are doing the same thing: using https for example; so if a third party would eavesdrop on this, no matter what you show, it will still be 'invisible' to you, to the application or to the bank (mostly).
    I believe that if the client knows that by using this application he will be using a secure connection every time he sends or receives sensitive data, that would be enough; it is up to you to enforce a powerful encryption.
    Now, if you, for example, use the phone's browser to go to a secure web site, then you could see if indeed the phone shows some sign that it uses a secure connection.

  • Setting up New User account with ALIAS in Mail

    I have set up another user on my iMac...I have given him an ALIAS on .mac.
    When I set up "mail" for his specific email address -- all of my emails associated with my .mac account are being imported (which I do not want).
    QUESTION IS: *How can I set up his email (alias) only and not import all of the rest of the .mac account emails.*

    You can’t. An alias is just a different e-mail address for the same mail account. If you don’t want that user to have access to your mail account, then you must set up a separate mail account for him/her, not an alias associated with your mail account...

  • Does the new MacBook Pro with Retina not support Bootcamp?

    I've read a couple different reports claiming that Bootcamp is not even installed on the new Retina MacBook Pro. Is this true?

    I got Win7 loaded via bootcamp on the new MBPwR.  I think when it first came out, there was issues connecting to download the bootcamp drivers but this has been resolved.  Bootcamp wizard will ask for an os iso image, usb drive.  It will wipe the usb drive.  With Win7 Home and the bootcamp drivers, it took approx. 4.33GB on my usb drive.   You can then choose how large of a partition you want created for windows.  Once windows 7 installer loads, you'll see the bootcamp drive but won't be able to install until you have windows format it.  After windows load, it'll default to vga resolution (think 800 x 600) until you go in and install the boot camp drivers from the WindowsSupport folder of your usb.  It'll load all of the right drivers including nvidia display, touchpad, etc.  Everything seems to work well and you can even run it in full resolution (2880 x 1800) but text will be small. It'll also still push 2 external displays (I have 2 acer 23" connected via hdmi and a thunderbolt to dvi) along with the retina display.  Only concern is that it runs hot in Windows.  Got my cpu core temps to 203 degrees F with when streaming an hd youtube clip, installing cs6, and typing a word doc.  You can see the mac os partition from windows 7 and even open files but it didn't allow me to save the changes since it said I didn't have permissions to do so.   Back in OS X, if you want to read and write to your windows partition, you'll have to load up NTFS-3G, macfuse and a ntfs-3g patch for lion.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Oracle 11gR2 RAC - Recover Crashed node

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