My own Google Map icons are not visible in Firefox 8

I have many Google Maps on my website and they contain both default Google icons and my own icons, each with their own URLs. They work correctly in all other browsers, and Firefox 7. However, yesterday I loaded Firefox 8. In Firefox 8 the Google default icons are still visible but my own icons are now invisible, but their placeholders are still there. They are still visible in other browsers. Also, if I now try and add one of my icons to a map, the process seems to work correctly, including a placemark name appearing, but the icon is invisible. The invisible icon is definitely there because you can click the placemark and be taken to the correct position on the map for editing, but the icon is not visible.

Same problem with my maps. You posted that this issue is solved at but it is NOT SOLVED!!!!! I'm not a web developer, so I don't want a solution where I have write code or be a developer to figure it out. It works in every other browser & in FF7, so why can't you just figure it out & fix it, instead of making us have to write code or use our own developers to figure it out??

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    Do you use any extensions that block ads? That occurs to me because the service you're using for social icons (addthis) has "ad" in its name and perhaps they are getting filtered that way.
    To determine whether an extension is a likely culprit, you could disable that one temporarily, or you could disable them all by testing the page in Firefox's Safe Mode. That's a standard diagnostic tool to deactivate extensions and some advanced features of Firefox. More info: [[Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode]].
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  • Icons are not visible when the form is run

    I develop a form with only a push button. I developed form using oracle 10DS. I have saved my form in application server. To see an icon in my button, i did the following things:
    1. In application server i made a jar named test.jar. It consists of just two gif images.
    2. I copied this jar in application server's \forms90\java directory
    3. I configured formsweb.cfg file as the following.
    4. my \form90\java\oracle\forms\registry\registry.dat is as the following.
    whenever i run form i can not see icon but in client's oracle jar cache jar is downloaded.
    -------------------------------formsweb.cfg -------------------------------------------
    # $Id: formsweb.cfg,v 1.24 2003/08/22 01:07:35 pkuhn Exp $
    # formsweb.cfg defines parameter values used by the FormsServlet (f90servlet)
    # This section defines the Default settings. Any of them may be overridden in the
    # following Named Configuration sections. If they are not overridden, then the
    # values here will be used.
    # The default settings comprise two types of parameters: System parameters,
    # which cannot be overridden in the URL, and User Parameters, which can.
    # Parameters which are not marked as System parameters are User parameters.
    # These have fixed names and give information required by the Forms
    # Servlet in order to function. They cannot be specified in the URL query
    # string. But they can be overriden in a named configuration (see below).
    # Some parameters specify file names: if the full path is not given,
    # they are assumed to be in the same directory as this file. If a path
    # is given, then it should be a physical path, not a URL.
    # These match variables (e.g. %form%) in the baseHTML file. Their values
    # may be overridden by specifying them in the URL query string
    # (e.g. "")
    # or by overriding them in a specific, named configuration (see below)
    # System parameter: default base HTML file
    # System parameter: base HTML file for use with JInitiator client
    # System parameter: base HTML file for use with Sun's Java Plug-In
    # System parameter: base HTML file for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer
    # (when using the native JVM)
    # System parameter: delimiter for parameters in the base HTML files
    # System parameter: working directory for Forms runtime processes
    # WorkingDirectory defaults to <oracle_home>/forms90 if unset.
    # System parameter: file setting environment variables for the Forms runtime
    # System parameter: JVM option for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    # This parameter specifies how to execute the Forms applet under
    # Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x or above. Put IE=native if you want
    # the Forms applet to run in the browser's native JVM.
    # Forms runtime argument: whether to escape certain special characters
    # in values extracted from the URL for other runtime arguments
    # Forms runtime argument: which form module to run
    # Forms runtime argument: database connection details
    # Forms runtime argument: whether to run in debug mode
    # Forms runtime argument: host for debugging
    # Forms runtime argument: port for debugging
    # Other Forms runtime arguments: grouped together as one parameter.
    # These settings support running and debugging a form from the Builder:
    otherparams=buffer_records=%buffer% debug_messages=%debug_messages% array=%array%
    obr=%obr% query_only=%query_only% quiet=%quiet% render=%render% record=%record%
    tracegroup=%tracegroup% log=%log% term=%term%
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # HTML page title
    pageTitle=Oracle Application Server Forms Services
    # HTML attributes for the BODY tag
    # HTML to add before the form
    # HTML to add after the form
    # Forms applet parameter: URL path to Forms ListenerServlet
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet archive setting for JInitiator
    # Forms applet archive setting for Microsoft Internet Explorer native JVM
    # Forms applet archive setting for other clients (Sun Java Plugin, Appletviewer,
    # Number of times client should retry if a network failure occurs. You should
    # only change this after reading the documentation.
    # Page displayed to Netscape users to allow them to download Oracle JInitiator.
    # Oracle JInitiator is used with Windows clients.
    # If you create your own page, you should set this parameter to point to it.
    # Parameter related to the version of JInitiator
    # Parameter related to the version of JInitiator
    # Parameter related to the version of JInitiator
    # Page displayed to users to allow them to download Sun's Java Plugin.
    # Sun's Java Plugin is typically used for non-Windows clients.
    # (NOTE: you should check this page and possibly change the settings)
    # Parameter related to the version of the Java Plugin
    # Parameter related to the version of the Java Plugin
    # Parameter related to the version of the Java Plugin
    # EM config parameter
    # Set this to "1" to enable Enterprise Manager to track Forms processes
    # Single Sign-On OID configuration parameter
    # Single Sign-On OID configuration parameter
    # Single Sign-On OID configuration parameter
    formsid_group_dn=cn=Logical Application Group,
    cn=forms, cn=Products, cn=OracleContext
    # Single Sign-On OID configuration parameter: indicates whether we allow
    # dynamic resource creation if the resource is not yet created in the OID.
    # Single Sign-On parameter: URL to redirect to if ssoDynamicResourceCreate=false
    # Single Sign-On parameter: Cancel URL for the dynamic resource creation DAS page.
    # Single Sign-On parameter: indicates whether the url is protected in which
    # case mod_osso will be given control for authentication or continue in
    # the FormsServlet if not. It is false by default. Set it to true in an
    # application-specific section to enable Single Sign-On for that application.
    # The parameter allow_debug determines whether debugging is permitted.
    # Administrators should set allow_debug to "true" if servlet
    # debugging is required, or to provide access to the Forms Trace Xlate utility.
    # Otherwise these activities will not be allowed (for security reasons).
    # Parameter which determines whether new Forms sessions are allowed.
    # This is also read by the Forms EM Overview page to show the
    # current Forms status.
    # Example Named Configuration Section
    # Example 1: configuration to run forms in a separate browser window with
    # "generic" look and feel (include "config=sepwin" in the URL)
    # You may define your own specific, named configurations (sets of parameters)
    # by adding special sections as illustrated in the following examples.
    # Note that you need only specify the parameters you want to change. The
    # default values (defined above) will be used for all other parameters.
    # Use of a specific configuration can be requested by including the text
    # "config=<your_config_name>" in the query string of the URL used to run
    # a form. For example, to use the sepwin configuration, your could issue
    # a URL like "".
    # Example Named Configuration Section
    # Example 2: configuration affecting users of MicroSoft Internet Explorer 5.x.
    # Forms applet will run under the browser's native JVM rather than using Oracle
    # Example Named Configuration Section
    # Example 3: configuration forcing use of the Java Plugin in all cases (even if
    # the client browser is on Windows)
    # Example Named Configuration Section
    # Example 4: configuration running the Forms ListenerServlet in debug mode
    # (debug messages will be written to the servlet engine's log file).
    form=E:\ict\ITSUPPORT\test.fmx usesdi=yes
    userid=support/[email protected]
    pageTitle=ICT Support :: Just in Time
    ******************************************** registry.dat
    # This is the Registry file.
    # This file contains the logical [Java] Class name and an associated
    # [numerical] identifier that will be used to refer to objects of the
    # class in order to reduce the amount of information that needs to be
    # repeatedly transmitted to the client.
    # This file is of the Form understood by java.util.Properties (for now)
    # The System Level sound file is relative to the CODEBASE
    # oracle.classById.14=UNUSED
    # Defaults for the Font details, all names are Java Font names. Each of
    # these parameters represents the default property to use when none is
    # specified.
    # defaultFontname represents the default Java fontName.
    # defaultSize represents the default fontSize. Note that the size is
    # multiplied by 100 (e.g. a 10pt font has a size of 1000).
    # defaultStyle represents the default fontStyle, PLAIN or ITALIC.
    # defaultWeight represents the default fontWeight, PLAIN or BOLD.
    # Default Font Face mapping.
    # appFontname represents a comma delimited list of Application Font Names.
    # javaFontname represents a comma delimited list of Java Font Names.
    # The number of entries in the appFontname list should match the number in
    # the javaFontname list. The elements of the list are comma separated and
    # all characters are taken literally, leading and trailing spaces are
    # stripped from Face names.
    # Note that this file uses the Java 1.1 Font names in order to be able to
    # handle the NLS Plane (BUG #431051)
    default.fontMap.appFontnames=Courier New,Courier,courier,System,Terminal,Fixed,Fixedsys,Times,Times New Roman,MS Sans Serif,Arial, Kunstler Script
    default.fontMap.javaFontnames=MonoSpaced,MonoSpaced,MonoSpaced,Dialog,MonoSpaced,Dialog,Dialog,Serif,Serif,Dialog,SansSerif, Kunstler Script
    # The Application Level icon files are relative to the DOCUMENTBASE
    # example: icons/
    # or an absolute URL.
    # example:
    # Application level settings to control UI features
    # The background color is specified as an RGB triple.
    I tried many times. But could not be successful. Then I just kept my icons in
    \forms90\java directory without making jar. In my form, icon file name is the icon name without extension. Here, i can see my icon in button. but if i replace an icon
    without changing the name of the icon, then i always see the old icon. The new icon, i can not see.
    Please, help me with only Oracle 10g AS how i can see icon in button. Let's assume, there is not oracle 10g DS (any development tool) in the machine where the form is run.
    Please, guide me clearly step by step so that i might be successful.

    Thanks Bernard,
    It works fine with JInitiator but not working with
    the JPI. For JPI what settings I need to do ??hi TKARIM and Bernard, i am having similar problem even with the Bernard's recommended setup. could you post the webutiljini.htm (i presume you are using config=test) ?
    i am actually using jinitiator with Oracle HTTP Server of OAS 10gR2) calling Forms Server 6i (f60cgi). After setting up according to Bernard's recommended setup steps, the java console showed that it loaded the icon jar file when it could not read the form, but it skipped the loading of the icon jar file once it read and started the form. How do we specify in the form to pick up the icon from the jar file instead from a directory ? Or do we need to specify ? Any ideas ?
    Thx and Regards

  • Google maps app is not visible in app store

    Hi, I am new to iOS and using a UK based factory unlock iphone 4s with iOS 7 in Pakistan. I am unable to find google maps app in app store.
    If I see app from and tap on download, it tries to open app store but nothing happens. Is it anything to do with my apple ID or UK based store? Please suggest solution.

    Okay I got it.
    Thanks for the help man

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    I have problems with some of my google talk contacts.
    When they are offline - I can see them in the contact list (in offline group).
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    Tiger 10.4.11, iChat AV 3.1.9 (v446)
    Message was edited by: leon.b

    I have seen this in a post before.
    Unfortunately I can not remember of the top of my head what the issue turned out to be.
    iChat can not turn the Jabber Buddy List to Invisible but that does not mean other clients can't. However you seem to think this is not the case.
    A search here for Disappearing Buddies is likely to turn up all the AIM issue threads.
    Are you using the Googlemail Web page at the same ?
    I seem to remember I had an issue when I did this.
    I would be tempted to delete and restart iChat to get the Login to Reset which may reset Flags on your Buddy List or your account info at GoogleTalk.
    10:13 PM Thursday; June 26, 2008

  • Google Latitude Friend list not visible on Firefox 3.6.12, but can be seen on Safari

    I, an Army of Awesome volunteer am posting on behalf of @littlecough on twitter.
    She can't view her friends list on Google Latitude but can see them on the map.
    The problem does not arise on her Safari. She uses Firefox 3.6.12. She has tried clearing cache, cookies to no avail.
    Any suggestions?

    She can start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of her add-ons is causing this problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    See [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]] and [[Troubleshooting plugins]]
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    If its under warranty, its something that the applestore will fix fairly quickly. If not, it all depends on if you are willing to spend that amount of money to get it fixed.

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    When I upload mp4 videos to my Google Blog from my PC, they are not visible on my iPad, even though I have no trouble seeing and playing them on my PC. Is there a setting on my iPad causing this?

    The question is how are they displayed in the HTML on the Google blog, and/or do they get converted in the upload process. I don't use Google blog, so not familiar with its encoding. You could try an alternate browser such as iCab Mobile or Dolphin.

  • All the Google toolbar buttons(other then print) are not visible after installing Firefox 4

    Google toolbar buttons (other then print) are not visible after installing Firefox 4 for Mac.

    Yes - there is a fix... called IE9...

  • When i customize my toolbar and close, the icons are not in the places i put them. how do i make my toolbar set up stay in place?

    below file/edit/view/history/bookmarks/tools/help menu line, on second line I have added icons for print, reopen closed tab, session manager, (xmarks)synchronize now, my xmarks, home,duckduckgo, woolik search, stumbleupon, you tube, do not track me, mask me, better privacy, https addon, zoom out zoom in, back forward, private browsing toggle. on the third line i have added icons for gmail-open in a new tab, gmail checker, gmail notifier, last pass and the address bar. there are 2 to 4 separator lines between the icons, grouping like icons, i.e., security, search engines, gmail, etc. each time i close Firefox and then reopen, the icons are no longer in the order i placed them, with separators, or they are not visible and i have to select "customize," and re-drag and drop the icons and separators where i want them. i am a very, very beginner at this all, but drag and drop i know. why don't the icons/seperators stay in place??
    thank you for you help...a. 09 fev. 2013 16h03.

    Its problem saving.

  • Work items are not visible  UWL task are visible in tracking in portal

    i  am new from sap Ess/Mss implementation project...
    i am facing an Problem " Work items are not visible under UWL in portal overview page"
    but i am configured  all the ess/mss related things....and also Created for one user for Requester(send Leave Request)...and one more user for App-rover(Apporve an Leave)..
    Requestor send an Leave through portal send it successfully......but i am facing  a problem in uwl under work items are not showing in overview page...but in tracking work items are (Leave request) items are not showing in uwl TASK(VERY PROBLEM)...
    i am configured and also registered UWL IN is good..
    in sap ecc i can assigned UWL_SERVICE user to roles
    Shaik Rafi

    Hi All,
    In such cases, please try to check as below :
    1) Create Leave request work item from Employee and check the same under the UWL Tracking tab of employee.
    2) Log-in to swi5 transaction of the respective back end system and give "US" -> manager's UserID -> Choose Tasks to be completed from the drop down -> Remove any date if mentioned -> Execute.
    3) Here if you can see the Leave request created, but not on the portal, it reflects some portal issue like sync.
    4) If no leave request work item is seen here, then there is a problem in the employee manager mapping or the workflow setup.
    5) In such cases, you can try to check the Swi1 and check the log of that workflow to understand the current status of the Leave request.
    Revert if further help is needed with more info.
    Reward points if found useful.
    Shri vidya S

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    then today they told me not to go thru safari but use the yahoo email app
    tried that as well and still no icon of attachment is seen.
    PLS CAN SOMEONE HELP AS TO HOW DOES ONE SEE THE ICON FOR even the apple store guys are unable to help

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  • MSPS 2013 - related a document to the project tasks - Icon is not visible in project schedule

    When adding a document (related Items) to the project tasks in a project schedule at the task does not see the icon of the document.
    Although the icon issue or risk when binding is visible.
    And the icon is also seen in the "Projects Center"
    Also related items are not visible in the "Tasks" (http://server/PWA/Tasks.aspx) from the user.
    View, add or edit related information such as documents, issues, or risks.
    Due Date
    Due Date
    File Name
    Maybe someone know why it don't works?

    Anyone can reproduce this steps on Project Server 2013:
    * Upload document to project site document library
    * Open project plan for editing in pwa, add to any task related item – uploaded in previous step document
    * Save and publish project
    Than check in project schedule and project center – icon associated document to task and project.

  • My firefox toolbars are not visible when I open firefox

    All of my firefox toolbars are not visible when I open firefox. I get the tabs but no command menu no search bar or any other toolbar icons help!!
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == when I logged on one day about 2 weeks ago ==
    == User Agent ==
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/533.16 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0 Safari/533.16

    <u>'''Can't see the Menu Bar'''</u> (File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help)?
    Turning the Menu Bar on and off is a new feature in version 3.6.
    ''(Linux & OSX see: [[Menu bar is missing]] )''
    <u>''Windows'' Method 1.</u> '''''Hold down''''' the key and press the following letters in this exact order: V T M
    <u>''Windows'' Method 2.</u> Press and release the key. The Menu Bar will be displayed; then choose ~~red:V~~iew > ~~red:T~~oolbars and click on ~~red:M~~enu Bar.
    The Menu Bar should now be displayed permanently, unless you turn it off again using View > Toolbars. Check mark = displayed, NO check mark = not displayed.
    <u>'''Navigation Toolbar, Bookmarks Toolbar and other Toolbars'''</u> under View > Toolbars. Clicking on one of them will place a check mark (display) or remove the check mark (not displayed).
    <u>'''To display the Status Bar'''</u>, View, then click Status bar to place a check mark (display) or remove the check mark (not displayed).
    <u>'''Full Screen mode'''</u>
    Also see:
    ''' [[Back and forward or other toolbar buttons are missing]]'''
    '''[[Navigation Toolbar items]]'''

Maybe you are looking for