My password does not work on my mac mini.

I set up my airbook and my mini at the same time.  The airbook works perfectly but the mini does not recognize my password.  Any advice?

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Derek9206 wrote:
Hello my password for the App Store does not work and I tried to fix it and I can't
Clearly state the Troubleshooting Steps you have tried to Resolve it.

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    I purchased the new Mac Mini (Intel) and after syncing with my old computer, FrontRow does not work.

    I had the same issue with my new Intel Mac mini. I fixed it by re-pairing the remote with the Mac mini.
    To do that, press the Menu and Next buttons on the remote at the same time and hold them for a few seconds.
    When I did that, Front Row started fine, and since then has functioned normally when I simply press the reote's Menu button.
    Hope this helps.
    PowerBook G3 Pismo, 1GHz TiBook; Power Mac 2x1GHz    

  • HT204187 Email account does not work on the Mac but works on my iPad and iPhone. The account information was added on the Mac. I keeps rejecting my password.

    I have seral email accounts on my Mac. One does not work on the Mac but works on my iPad and iPhone. The account information was added on the Mac. I keeps rejecting my password.

    You don't input the information in manually for iCloud mail. It is automatically set up for you when you sign into iCloud via System Preferences and choose the Mail checkbox. Sign out of iCloud or deselect Mail in iCloud preferences. Open Mail's preferences and choose accounts tab. If iCloud account still exists in the list, delete it. Sign back into iCloud or check the box for mail. The account will be auto created for you.

  • HT1338 my password does not work

    My password does not work when down loading

    You are posting in the wrong area. This is Mac OS X v10.3 and earlier. Move here

  • My password does not work. It works for ITune.

    My password does not work. It works for ITune.

    Hi kelbelx138,
    The password is your Mac password that you use to login to the Mac. This is not related to Adobe, it is your system password to authorise the installation of the software.
    Nikhil Gupta

  • My iTunes password does not work on my iPhone...

    My iTunes password does not work on my iPhone, but it does on my MacBook. Why? This is really annoying. How can I solve my problem? I don't even know how to contact Apple.

    dennythepest wrote:
    My iTunes password does not work on my iPhone,...
    Try This...
    Close All Open Apps... Sign Out of your Account... Perform a Reset... Try again...
    Reset  ( No Data will be Lost )
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Release the Buttons.

  • When I attempt to updates apps on my ipad my password does not work. I tried updating them one at a time and it still doesn't work. I've reset my password and I can use the new password and update apps on my PC but not on my ipad. Why?

    When I attempt to update apps on my ipad my password does not work, even when I attempt to update each app separately. When I change the password it works on my PC but not on my ipad.  Why?

    Try logging out of your account on the iPad by tapping on your id in Settings > Store and then log back in and see if it then works.

  • After a restore from Time Machine my login password does not work.

    My HD crashed and I replaced the HD.  I then restored from Time Machine.  After it was done restoring it prompted me for my apple ID and password and account info.  Now when I try to login, the password does not work.  After several failed passwords, it says I can reset my password using my apple ID.  How do you do this?  I click on the message and it just disappears.  I can't login!

    Is it your actual Apple ID login password that you're talking about (which is obviously working since you got into this forum) or the password for your user account. If the latter, simply boot to your ML Recovery partition (holding down the Command and R keys while booting) and set a new password via Terminal.
    Boot into your Recovery partition and, from the Utilities menu, open Terminal. In Terminal, type in:
    ...a small app will run allowing you to select a user and change the password for that use. Enter the new password twice (the second time to verify) and give yourself a password 'hint'. Then reboot and use your new password on your account.

  • EHP4 installation using EHPI : Error message: DDIC password does not work:

    Dear All,
        We are upgrating enhancement packages 4 using EHPI in 64 bit server. I am facing this error in Extraction phase , I have to provide DDIC / SAPServiceSID/ DB specific , next  says ddic password is not correct. But when i tried to login with the same password into 000 client, it works. But when through EHPI , it throws error. Kidnly check the error and please suggest me ... Thanks in advance..
    Error message: DDIC password does not work: RFC call to failed with key RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION (open): SAP_CMINIT3 : rc=20 > Connect to SAP gateway failed Connect_PM DEST=R3D, GWHOST=SAPRBSBD-01, GWSERV=sapgw00, SYSNR=00 LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode ERROR partner 'SAPRBSBD-01:3300' not reached TIME Thu Dec 24 12:27:13 200 RELEASE 710 COMPONENT NI (network interface) VERSION 39 RC -10 MODULE nixxi.cpp LINE 3147 DETAIL NiPConnect2: SYSTEM CALL connect ERRNO 10051 ERRNO TEXT WSAENETUNREACH: Network is unreachabl.

    Dear Rajeev,
    DDIC pwd for 001 is not same as 001,Will that be a problem ? But the Extraction requests for DDIC 000 client password. Are you sure UME comes into this scenario ?
    @ Raghu - I have checked the link and it speaks about the resetting the EHPI. I dont want to reset and want to solve ddic password error.
    Sorry if am wrong
    @ Gerard,
    Yes the hostname is SAPRBSBD-01.I am able telnet the IP 3300 and it works fine. FQDN SAPRBSBD-01.chen.local. The smicm service entries are with SAPRBSBD-01 but not with FQDN. Changing it to FQDN will help us to resolve  the issue. Please suggest me.
    Also the error  refers to some RFC connection, any idea on that.
    Thanks to all and looking for your valuable suggestions.

  • Need to update OS and password does not work

    IPad was set up under fathers work email. Father passed away and I continued to use his pw for upgrades. Went to upgrade this time and password does not work. Changed his profile email to mine and tried to update pw  it could not answer a security code. Creted new accounts, changed pws yet still asking for his work email pw which no longer works

    You can try requesting a new password for your fathers Apple ID here:

  • HT4946 i want to backup my iPhone to my new iMac but my backup is selected to Encrypt Local backup and my password does not work.

    I am trying to backup my iPhone on my new iMac iTunes. It is currently backed up on my PC  and encrypted. Both PC and iMac iTunes have Encrypted backup selected. My password does not work for either iMac or PC. Should I go ahead and try to backup to my iMac iTunes.

    Sorry to hear about your phone jb111jb! We'll do everything we can to help find the best route! The only way to remove the password is flashing the device, but that will erase all the content. Have you ever backed up using Verizon Cloud or Google Sync? Do you have a memory card?
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  • HT1212 My phone is disabled.  I just loaded IOS 7 and my password does not work.

    My phone is disabled.  I just loaded IOS 7 and my password does not work.

    I do not understand how to remotely wipe the phone using icloud, find my phone or my apple id and password.  Kindly explain step by step as I am an older individual and I am confused

  • HT1430 My password does not work.  How do I reset

    My password does not work and I can't access my phone. What do I do

    What password?  There are multiple possible passwords for an iPhone.
    To reset the Apple ID password, go to

  • HT1430 My password does not work any longer. I type it in and it is telling me incorrect password. What do I do?

    My password does not work for my IPAD any longer.

    If you don't know your passcode for iPad, you have to restore your iPad as a new device in iTunes on your computer. 

  • HT1430 For some unknown reason my Apple ID password does not work when trying to down load books from the IBook or Nook Apps.  It also has stop work when trying to down load new Apps.  Any suggestions out their???

    For some unknown reason, my Apple ID Password does not work when trying to down load IBooks, Nook books, or new Apps.  Everything else seems to work.  Any suggestions out their???

    I appreciate the info and realize that the Nook App is not related to my Apple account but this too has stopped working.  My situation first started with the Nook App not down loading and then has now spread to my IBook and new app downloads.  I have checked into my ITunes account and the ID and password are correct  and at times when I am asked to submit my Apple password such as setting up this Apple Support Community the ID and password work.  My problem seems to be just with trying to use my ID and password when wanting to download new books or apps.  I can go into the IBook, Nook, and App stores and seemingly download an item but when clicking on the new book or app nothing happens and I get a message that states it can not get into the ITunes store and it wants me to either try again or cancel.  This message appears usually ten minutes after I have tried to make a purchase.  At other times when I attempt to download a book or app I lose the screen and the IPad goes into the opening screen.  Short of redoing my Apple account or deleting an app and attempting to reload the app (but this won't work because the App store won't load new apps) I don't have a clue what to do.

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