My PC has been restored to factory settings some of my photos are in a album on my iphone only how can i get them back onto my pc

I have had to restore my PC to factory settings and didnt back up all of my photos but they are in seperate albums on my iphone 4 how can i get them back onto my pc many thaks johnmall

You can transfer contents from your iPhone back to iTunes library:
First, *BEFORE you connect the iPhone, please go to the iTunes preferences and select "devices", then select "disable automatic syncing for iPad, iPhones and iPods"*.
Then, for those songs that you purchased on your iPhone: Transfer purchases from iPod to iTunes.
For all other non purchased contents (your photos etc), their are ton of third party programs, some is free: iDump, Floola. Some is shareware, but they does preserve playlist/ratings/playcounts/artworks etc: iCopyBot, CopyTrans

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