My position

Ok, recently I've downloaded the new Ovi Maps and I find that it has finally added useable maps for my country. Now I can't seem to find to "Go to My Position" option on the map, like the one on google maps. Help?
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I'm not sure I understand you. Menu? When I open the ovi maps its just one big map with an icon for search, an icon for options, and a bar on top which shows details about the place where the target thing is located.
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  • Is there a way to create and edit a video in portrait mode / 9:16 in Premiere Elements 12 or 13. Playback on an iPhone in portrait position.

    I'm editing iPhone app video for posting as the first screen in the Apple app store. Required size for the video is 750:1334, 9:16. I there a way to setup the initial video in portrait mode? Many posts for how to rotate a specific clip, but I need the whole video in portrait position. How to accomplish this? I'm using Windows 7 and Premiere Elements 12 and now 13.

    Thanks for giving this portrait Edit area monitor shape a look.
    I have Windows 7 64 bit and Windows 8.1 64 bit and have done the work using Premiere Elements 12/12.1 on Windows 7 64 bit.
    Here is a step by step
    Find the DSLR [email protected] file
    Local Disk C\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 12\Settings\SequencePresets\NTSC\DSLR\1080p\
    And, in that 1080p Folder is the DSLR [email protected] 29.97.sqpreset file that you seek.
    1. Copy the
    DSLR [email protected] 29.9.sqpreset fileI
    and paste it to the computer desktop in a newly created folder named 1920p.
    2. Open the 1920p Folder and edit the ..sqpreset file in Notepad.
    To do that right click the .sqpreset, and, from the pop up, select Open With and then Notepad.
    3. In the Notepad document, you are going to edit in only 2 places for now, switching 1920 and 1080 to 1080 and 1920 at the top and bottom
    sections of the Notepad document.
    Then go specifically File Menu/Save of the Notepad document and hit Save.
    4. At this point, you have the edited.sqpreset file in the 1920p Folder on the computer desktop.
    (Change the name of the edited .sqpreset file so that it = DSLR [email protected])
    Move the 1920p Folder from there to add it to the 1080p Folder, the location where you found the original .sqpreset file that you edited.
    Close out of there.
    5. Back in the Premiere Elements 12/12.1, manually set the project preset to the new project preset
    6. When you import your 1080 x 1920 9:16 video file into the project and drag it into the Timeline, you should see
    Note that there is no orange line over that Timeline content, indicating that you are seeing
    the best possible preview of the image.
    7. As I wrote before,
    But, here is the hang up. If I render the Timeline content to get the best possible preview at the Edit level, the video in the Edit area monitor
    squeezes in resulting in black borders to the left and right of the video image on screen.
    But, otherwise I found I had no problems editing or exporting, just had to keep away from Timeline rendering for previewing after an edit. Need to find the missing ingredient for 100%.
    I will be writing this up in my blog in a more organized fashion including how I got the project preset description in Change Settings to agree with the changes. Probably I will do that in the morning.

  • Error while assigning user to a position

    I m using SRM 3.0 with classic scenario. I would like to assign a user to a position but could not able to eventhough there is BP record. I could able to do the assignment in sandbox but not in the PRD with similar case.
    Also If I use users_gen( Create users using existing SU01) it is throwing Error "central person already exists".
    Please throw some input whether what could be the problem and possible solution.
    Thank you,

    Hi Cordula:
    I have the solution to fix your user. It is a crude methodology but it works. I have seen that error "central person already exists" many times and i have fixed it successfully.
    step 1: The first step is to delete the existing assignment of the user from the org structure.
    Step 2: The second step is to delete all ties of the user with his present business partner Number from transaction BP. In BP go to identification and remove his user id and save.
    Step 3: Now before you use USERS_GEN to assign the user from existing SU01 ID, you would also need to delete his SU01 user ID. This is because the existing SU01 ID has ties with his previous assignment to the EBP org structure
    Step 4: Recreate his user ID in SU01. System will ask you that SAP has the old office data and you can copy the data from his old office data which saves you the pain of enetring address overview tab. Go and maintain his roles and profiles section and save the user ID.
    Step 5: Now you can use USERS_GEN to assign him to a organisational unit from existing SU01 id and you will see the activity to be carried out successfully !!!!:)
    Please assign points if answer helpful and also confirm results and share your views with the forums.

  • Pricing error in free goods position

    Hi all,
    I have a strange error when save a sales order with position about free material.
    During the creation I can see the pricing scheme correct, with all the condition (price, subtotal, rebates of 100%, ecc.), but after I save the order, when I display again the sales order, the pricing scheme for the free goods position not cointains any condition (no price, no discount, ecc.) but only the subtotals.
    I don't understand what the system doing during saving document.
    The free goods position have a custom category type of position; for this, in the pricing scheme I apply a discount of 100% to make free the position.
    The user tell me about this problem only when he try to bill the order, because when he creates the shipping, he didn't have any problem.
    Can someone help me?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Allessandra,
    When the free goods are determined and priced properly while creating the document, there should not be any problem with the configuration settings. The problem is that something inintended is happening when the document is saved. Please ask your ABAPer to debug that and I guess some changes might have taken place in the program SAPMV45A (MV45AFZZ)and check for the coding in the Userexits
    Pleae try this way and you may get the solution.

  • The HUD Inspector in Full Screen View seems to position at the right margin of the image as a default(?)  If I toggle the button in the top right of the HUD it 'unlocks' and I can drag it to where I prefer -- at the left margin; (for over a decade) my doc

    The HUD Inspector in Full Screen View seems to position at the right margin of the image as a default(?)  If I toggle the button in the top right of the HUD it 'unlocks' and I can drag it to where I prefer -- at the left margin; (for over a decade) my dock has resided at the right margin so all my slider manipulation over countless editing sessions in Aperture has been ingrained to work at the left margin -- but, the vast majority of the time, the HUD overlaps the image I am editing in this 'unlocked' mode. 
    Every occasionally I enter Full Screen View and it positions on the left margin *without* superimposition...(!) My great joy is modulated into aggravation, however, should my tracking cursor drift all the way 'out of bounds' -- to call in the hidden pane of adjacent images sequenced in the library... This dramatically shrinks the Full Screen display and re-locks the HUD; if I toggle the switch to re-xpand the image it re-positions at the right margin!!!!  I SOOoooooo wish I knew how to control the default 'locked' margin of the HUD in Full Screen View...

    Drag it over to the Left. Then lock it there.

  • Maintain the current row position of a table after refresh.

    I use a poll to refresh tables continuously. when a table is refreshed, the current referring row is reset.
    To maintain the current row position after a refresh I use the following poll method.
    public void refreshTableT1(PollEvent pollEvent) {
    FacesContext fctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
    ValueBinding dcb = fctx.getApplication().createValueBinding("#{bindings}");
    DCBindingContainer bindings1 = (DCBindingContainer) dcb.getValue(fctx);
    DCIteratorBinding dciter = bindings1.findIteratorBinding("<VOIterator>");
    Key current_row_key = dciter.getCurrentRow().getKey();
    }catch(Exception ex) {
    System.out.println("Exception in current_row_key");
    }This works for normal tables well. But when I use it to master-detail tables (pair of tables) it does not.
    At the master-detail tables, before the first data fetch, it works well. if we go below the first data fetch, it sets the current row into another position.
    how can I overcome this...??

    Hi Mr.Frank,
    I have an association in two VOs.
    for example: There are 2 tables called Emp and Dept. Every Department has Employees. so there is an association (both tables have a common column). Master table is the Dept table. when you click on one record of the Dept table Detail table will show the details of the employees belongs to that selected department. That's what I referred as master-detail tables. first one is master table; second one is detail table.
    When the web page loads all the table data is not fetched from the db (it will depend on the fetch size). when we scroll down the table data fetch happens again and again.
    think my data fetch size is 25 rows per time.
    Suppose we use mine poll method and think I have clicked on the 20 ^th^ row of table1(master table). then the table2 will display details belongs to selected department. that is OK even after refresh. that works well.
    when I go to 30 ^th^ row data fetch will happen (my fetch size = 25)
    when I click on the 30 ^th^ row of the table1(master table), table2 will display details belongs to selected department. but after the poll method is called the selected row at the table1 disappears and is set to another position. now the 30 ^th^ row is not in the 30 ^th^ position. but it is the selected row and table2 displays correct details.
    I think you have got the problem now. :D
    Thanks a lot.

  • Inserting a Row to a Specific Position in a  Sorted JTable

    I am currently writing an application that will be a network alerting tool. Periodically it will query a database, and if alerts are found, display them on a JTable for a user to see. However, my problem is the following. If the user sorts the table by a column, new alerts are entering the table in their sorted position. This could cause the table to rearrange and be confusing to the user, also causing them to possibly miss alerts. So, what I would like to happen is that new alerts get inserted at the top of the table, while all previous alerts will stay in their sorted order. For example, say alerts received in the order D A C B . The user then sorts the table, so that the alerts are now in the order A B C D. If alert E comes in, I want the table to show as E A B C D. Then, if the user sorts again, the table would become A B C D E, and so on.
    I have attempted multiple ways to achieve this. My most recent being using the table.setRowSorter(null), inserting into the model, and then re-enabling sorting. However, switching to null appears to make all the rows go back to their previously unsorted position. Any help would be greatly appreciated as to what I am missing.

    You can implement your own RowSorter, such that rows that have been added since the latest explicit sort are ranked first (override RowSorter.rowsInserted() to know them).
    You'll have to override methods convertRowIndexToModel(int) and convertRowIndexToView(int) . This is easy if you used the rowsInserted() events to, e.g., maintain one atrribute latestUnsortedRow.

  • How to delimit Relation b/w Pers# & Position in PP01 in sap HR

    Hi Experts,
    in PA30, while creating the record for my custom infotype, in my custom infotype i am providing Position.
    once save the record i am trying to create the custom(AZ08)relation with Pers# and Position. it is working fine.
    For creating Relation i am using FM
              act_fcode           = 'INSE'
              act_plvar           = '01'
              act_otype           = 'S'
              act_objid           = p9006-zzpostn
              act_istat           = '1'
              act_rsign           = 'A'
              act_relat           = 'Z08'
              act_sclas           = 'P'
              act_sobid           = p9006-pernr
              act_begda           = p9006-begda
              act_endda           = p9006-endda
              OTHERS              = 2.
          IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    But the prob is if user want to Dilimit the record from PA30, system will dilimit the infotype record , and same time  i want to delimit the Relation also.
    can anyone give me the procedure like is there any FM to delimit the Relation.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi  sudha
    use function module   'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION'
    call function 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION'
    infty =                                         "pass info type
    number =                                   "emp id
    subtype =                                  " sub type
    validityend =                              " end date
    validitybegin =                          "begin date
    record =                               "pass the record u want to modify or delimit
    operation =                         " 'MOD'   or 'DEL'
    return =                                 "return parameter

  • Fix Cheque position in RTF Templates for AP Payments R12

    I created rtf template for check printing. I have to print invoices details first and after that check at the bottom of the page. I need to print invoices on the cheque page only when total invoice count < = 3 which I am able to control. I am facing issue when for 3 invoices the table height is variable, depends on invoice description this table size is changing. How I can give the fixed-height for invoice table or how I can specify exact place for check (at the bottom of each page )

    Hi Prakhar,
    Please note the cheque is not an image its in a table.
    Even if I fix a table using table positioning in the output it doesnot print at the fixed position which I have provided in my RTF.
    Please let me know if you would want to see the sample XML Data and RTF that I have created which can be easier to debug.
    Thanks for your help,

  • A better way to differentiate positive vs. negative numbers and sum them ?

    Hi, I wonder if there is a better or easier way to differentiate the positive numbers from negative ones and sum them respectively?
    I come up with below:
    create table t1 (num number, id varchar2(3));
    insert into t1 values  (-100, 1);
    insert into t1 values (50, 2);
    insert into t1 values  (-10, 3);
    insert into t1 values  (-20, 4);
    insert into t1 values  (50, 5);
    insert into t1 values  (60, 6);
    select sum(decode(sign(num), 1, num, 0)) plus, sum(decode (sign(num), -1, num, 0)) minu from t1;
    160     -130Any suggestion would be appreciated! Thanks

    if there is a better or easier way to differentiate the positive numbers from negative ones and sum them respectively?Maybe you want them in different rows than in different columns:
    SQL> select sign(num), sum(num) from t1 group by sign(num)
             1        160
            -1       -130
    2 rows selected.?

  • Can't save pictures on original folder position after edit...since I'm upgraded to IOS7 on IPad2.

    can't save pictures on original folder position after edit, get save popup to save at different position, also still on toubles to get them back to original folder positon since I'm upgraded to IOS7 on IPad2.

    I say the problem is probably noted, and probably will be resolved. Not that i can speak for Apple.  I find the "problems" of wallpaper to be pretty minor compared to the advantages of iOS 7.  The fun of wallpaper has always been pretty insignificant here.

  • ToolTip positioning and volume 'hit' area problem

    I have been working on re-skinning the player that comes with Adobe's FMS, in flex builder 3 and I would really appreciate some help on the following issues.
    1. Positioning the tooltips. I have figured out how to change the style of these (text, background opacity etc) via the embedStyle.css, no problems with that. However, I just cannot figure out how to actually reposition them from the default position of the bottom right.
    2. My volume control (volume slider) sits above my progress bar on the players GUI. You can drag both of these to adjust. However, when the progress bar is under the volume bar the progress bar loose it's interactivity. The volume slider only has a height of 2, but it appears that it's actual button 'hit' area is sitting over the progress bar.
    I have do a stack of googling on these but I am still hitting a wall with it. Any help would be much appreciated.

    To add to this question: What is the best way to continue the animation until the end when the user exits the hit area instead of just jumping back to the Up state?

  • Object Size and Position values not being retained

           I'm trying to set the size and position of a picture object in a report. This logo, should appear on the top right corner of the report.
    The margins of the report are Left - .79 in, Right - 0.79 in, Top - 0.79 in and Bottom - 0.39 in.
    The size of the picture object should be 1.574 x 0.79 inches.
    I have ensured that File -> Page Setup -> dimensions are in INCHES.
    I right click the logo and select 'Size and Position'.
    I set 'Y' (distance between top of object and top margin) = 0. This is to perfectly align the object with the top margin.
    Now, i set the height of the object = 0.79 inches. Ok the dialog and close.
    The strange thing happening is, when i re-open the size and position dialog, i see that the values i set are not being retained.
    0.79 becomes 0.810
    0 become -0.010.
    What am i doing wrong here? How can i make sure the values i specify in the size and position dialog are  retained.

    Ensure File | Options | Layout tab has the following UNMARKED!!!!
    Design View
    Ensure that "Snap to Grid" is turned off.
    Make your grid size larger (.5 inches for example)
    What is occurring (I suspect) is that your objects are snapping to the grid - thus changing the position and possibly size due to the Snap to Grid being turned on.

  • ITunes "forgets" last cursor position in the library

    Hi there,
    I've a minor issue with my iTunes library. When I'm comfortably browsing my library using the "Browse"-Button, switching to e.g. my CD in iTunes and after that returning to the library the last cursor position with selected title and/or album is lost. So anew I've always to navigate manually to the previous selected album which it's bit annoying especially when you've to manage a larger library.
    Any hints?
    5G 60GB (European version) Windows XP
      Windows XP  

    I want to change the default location of the music libary, so I went through the edit | preferences | consolidate library processes...which seemed to work fine.
    This method will change the location of the iTunes Music folder but the the iTunes folder itself will be left behind in its original place: C:\Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents\My Music. This makes iTunes (and by extension will also make you) much happier and in this case you'll be well-advised to let it have its way.
    Note that all the actual music files you now have, as well as those you will add in the future(which take up the bulk of the space on your hard drive), will be in the new location. The iTunes folder will be left behind with the iTunes Library files which don't take up much space at all ... if that's a concern.

  • Can you help me understand the use of the word POSITION in TR and CFM?

    I am trying to have a view of typical BI reports in TR and TM/CFM so through my research I came to the following link:.
    My problem on this link and other postings on this site seem to be the same. Can you help me understand the use of the word POSITIONS in these context:
    1. Our client has asked for financial transaction reports in BW, such as position of Borrowings, Investments and Hedge Operations (TM data).
    2. I have a requirement on, some reports related to Money Market (Fixed Term Deposits, Deposits at Notice) something on FSCM-Treasury and Risk Manager. These reports will be similar to that of Loans, i.e. Position statement, flow statement, etc.
    3. The set of position values for a single position or a limited amount of positions can be reported by transactions TPM12 and TPM13 in R3.
    4. 0CFM_C10 (Financial Positions Cube)
    Do you have some simple report outputs to help clarify how the word POSITION is used in such environments?
    Edited by: AmandaBaah on Feb 15, 2010 4:39 PM

    If I future buy 10 shares in company at £1 per share - at the end of the day my potential value is £10
    The next day the shares drop tp £0.9 per share - I have a negative position - my shares are only worth £9
    I haven;t bought them yet - but I have a negative position - ie if things stayed as they are - I am going to realise (ie end up with)  a loss
    Now you can use this for loans and foreign exchange banks as well...

  • Pda cursor position property does not work

    I have a problem with cursor positionX propery on PDA.
    I use PDA Module 8.2 and Windows Mobile 5 OS on PocketPC.
    Actually problem is only when I try to get value of two cursors, it return the same value for both cursors (you can test it with attached VI), but when I set values it work fine.
    I have also worked with PDA Module 8.0.1 in past and I remember that get cursor position value worked, so I have no idea why it doesn't work in newer version.
    cursor ‏21 KB

    Hello andrej,
    Unfortunately I also see the same behavior on a PDA using this "active cursor" property. It appears to me that this property is not being written successfully. I say this because it appears that the value displayed is always from the most recently repositioned cursor rather than either the 0 or 1 which is set by the property node.
    What I will do at this point is to file a corrective action request so that this behavior is corrected for a future release of the LabVIEW PDA module. I apologize for the inconvenience that this causes for your application. Please let me know if I can help at all as you modify your application to work around this behavior. Thanks,
    Mike D.
    National Instruments
    Applications Engineer

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  • How do i connect iMac to hdmi TV

    Hi i have an iMac and am trying to connect it to my HDMI tv so i can watch films through my tv.. iv read about all the mini DVI things but my Imac does not have a mini DVI port as it is relitavley new, it only has 1 ethernet, 2 thunderbolt, 1 firewir

  • Query execution is faster - as SYS user vs. application user in 11.1.07

    In + database, we have noticed execution of an application process as SYS user is faster than the application user. To quantify this execution time was 2 hours as application user and same process when executed as SYS user completed in 1 hou

  • JDBC BATCH Insert in SAP  XI

    Hi Everyone First of all, Thank you all for such a nice contribution on the forum.  I have few questions I have with SAP and JDBC adaptor.  I was wondering if we could do batch update/insert in XI. let us say I received 10 different records from IDOC

  • UCCX 5.0 - 8.0 using pre-upgrade tool

    Hi, We're upgrading from 5.0(2) to 8.0. We've used the Pre-Upgrade Tool to create a TAR file on the production UCCX. From the replacement server we've selected "Upgrade from a previous UCCX release". The Pre-Upgrade Tool ran without issue and the log

  • Recommendations for wireless adapter to use with Tivo?

    I'm shopping for my first Tivo box, and was wondering if any of the Tivo-recommended wireless USB adapters work better with Airport/Mac than the others? Thanks! Erin