My screen saver is not working on my desktop after a power outage. It is set for 15 minutes but does not come on.

I had a power outage. when the power came back, my screen saver does not come on after the set 15 min. Every thing seems fine. How do I get it to start working again?

trash plist
... and invest in 1500VA UPS

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  • Before removing iPhoto (latest update crashed the app), I accidently removed it from my purchased Apps from the App Store. I accept iPhoto when I search for it, but does not put it back in my list. How do I get this back so that I can reinstall iPhoto?

    Before removing iPhoto (latest update crashed the app), I accidently removed it from my purchased Apps from the App Store. I accept iPhoto when I search for it, but does not put it back in my list. How do I get this back so that I can reinstall iPhoto?
    Thank you.

    I found the answer just after posted this.  Thanks to a user named CloudWalker.  Solution is to go in AppStore, View Account under "Store" Menu and unhide any purchases.

  • My nano 4th Gen. ipod will not sync album I just purchased from itunes.  It says it is syncing but does not. Can anyone help?

    My Nano 4th gen. ipod will not sync my new album I just purchased from itunes store.  It says it is syncing but does not transfer music.  can anyone help?  I am using windows 7.

    yes i have a solution to my problem only because of a recent phone call from apple they were great.......... in the right hand side of itunes my i pod was displayed.  click on the ipod the top of the page you will see summary,,,,,,music,,,,,,movies,,,,,,tvshow,,,,,,photo,,,,,on this ipod.
    click on music check mark music done and sync
    problem solved
    thanks apple

  • My mail is not working from my ipod i looked it up it says it trouble shooting but its not giving me anything to fix it can someone help me?

    My mail is not working from my iPod touch. I looked it up and it says it trouble shooting? But they are not giving me anything to fix it. I restored my iPod touch to see if that worked and it didnt. Can anyone help me?

    Can you access the account from another device?
    Without you telling use the email provider and type of account we can't really help you.

  • Updated the iOS and now my iPhone 4 will not work and shows the usb with an arrow to iTunes. iTunes on my computer does not recognize it and will not sync it!! I hate being with out my iPhone

    I recently updated to the new iOS through my computer with my iPhone 4 pluged in via USB. It has shut down my phone and just shows the iTunes icon with the USB cord to plug in. When I try to sync my phone with the computer iTunes does not recognize it!! So now my iPhone is useless and I really need it back to working order!! Please help......Hilda

    Hello Hilda Louise
    Start with the article below to get your iPhone to be recognized in iTunes again. Then you will probably need to restore it to get it back up and running.
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    -Norm G.

  • Docx file association is set up correctly but does not display Word icon when viewing in Explorer

    Problem with MS Word as part of MS Office 2007 Professional Plus running on Windows 7.
    When I view a folder in Windows Explorer all docx files show up with a plain white icon, not a Word icon. I have done the following:
    Start > Control Panel > Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol with a program.
    Then scrolled down the display and selected the docx extension - it already shows as Microsoft Office Word - clicked on Change Program, reset the program to WordPad, then back in the display clicked on the Change Program icon again. This tiime I reset it
    to Microsoft Office Word.
    However when I go back into Explorer the icon has not changed. Even if I close it down and restart it again. And even after a reboot.
    Also, I have checked the individual properties of the docs files, using Explorer, and they do say Open With Microsoft Word. So no problem there either.
    Any suggestions welcome as to how to change it so the icon displayed is Word not blank.

    Hi orchestrand,
    I have the same problem as you and after searching for a day for a definitive solution, i have found this one that works on another forum located here:
    The reason seems to be that icons stored have for some reason disappeared (inexplicably?). The solution is also stupidly simple after i've tried every suggestion in this thread.
    1) go to start menu and search for: cmd
    2) right click on cmd and choose "run as administrator" (--> this causes command line to change from C:\users\<account name> to change to: C:\windows\system32).
    3) turn off everything you are doing after saving your work because now you will be closing explorer.exe
    4) in the command line enter each command separately and with enter following each line
    taskkill /IM explorer.exe /F
    CD /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local
    DEL IconCache.db /a
    shutdown /r
    5) after the restart, everything should be back to normal.
    This is a complete fix for the problem and not a work around and I can verify that it worked for me. Good luck all.
    also, this is a repost, but i think we have the same problem

  • HT1338 The latest update for Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.3 keeps asking for Restart, but does not update.

    The latest update for Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.3 does not update.  Keeps asking for Restart but no update.

    Yup, I'm experiencing the exact same thing. 
    I (and many others) are experiencing the same or similar issues with the 10.8.3 update.
    I've sent an response to Apple but have not yet received anything back (yet). 

  • TS1398 my iPod 2 gen says that I'm in range for wifi, but does not allow me to use it after all the times i have tried. it works on every other device, but mine. Need help please?


    Have you:
    - Tried another network?
    - Does the iPod see the network?
    - Tried a reset.
    Reset iPod touch: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Powered off and then back on your router
    - Reset network settings: Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Setting
    - iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections
    - Changing the encryption on the router?

  • I can no longer link to emails from web pages: Before, clicking on site's "email person," that address would appear in my email's "TO:" field. Now, yahoo (my email) pops up, asks for password, but does NOT copy email address into the "TO:" field.

    Windows operating system; Firefox is up to date.

    I do believe that it IS a Firefox problem. I didn't have the problem before updating Firefox. Check out this site from Yahoo Answers. It's the same problem, but the advice is no longer accurate: The question was posted years ago, and the "fix" is for an outdated Explorer version. However, the Asker poses the question quite well.
    Please let me know if you find a fix. Aggravating!!

  • Outlook 2013 asks for credentials but does not connect for Exchange email, but only when out of office

    New employee wishes to use his Office 365. Have loaded onto new PC, connected to exchange, loaded his folders, everything is fine.
    When he leaves the office and connects at home, he is asked for credentials.
    I have tried the usual credentials: [email protected] and domain\user
    With each attempt, Outlook displays disconnected
    The password is correct, OWA he can log on fine, he has no problem when returning to the office. He has all the correct permissions in AD.
    No other user has a problem when away from the office, but every other user is using Office 2010
    Advice appreciated.

    Please make sure the user has enable Outlook Anywhere in Outlook.
    To turn on Outlook Anywhere, on the Connection tab, under
    Outlook Anywhere, check Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP, and then click
    Exchange Proxy Settings. Your Exchange admin must enable this feature and provide you the proxy settings. For more information, please refer:
    Best Regards,
    Steve Fan
    TechNet Community Support

  • I am using FF 5.0.1. The English spellchecker add on does not work.It will underline the misspelled word but does not give you the correct spelling choice.

    I did not upgrade to 4.0 because I did not like it.I thought I was upgrading finally to 4.0 assuming at this date they had fixed all the bugs and updated the add ons.
    I downloaded the latest version and love it, love it except the one add on that I use more than anything does not work properly.:-(
    Please notify the developer of this issue.

    No it does NOT show up as I said before the ONLY option is "paste" there are NO suggestions showing up.
    As I said before,I have used this same add on for many years and earlier versions and have had no problems until version FF5.01.
    I have already done all that prior to posting here.
    Even as I type this response the spell check add on puts a red squigly line under your screen names but does not give me any suggestions.
    I am frustrated beyond belief because I am a faithful and dedicated user of this browser and I am going to just roll back to a older version until this silly issue is resolved.
    I appreciate all your help but I suppose until the person who developed this add on does something to make it compatible with FF5.01 I will not be using it.
    I apologize for any misspelled words but my spell check extension is not working properly. :-(

  • My ipod will charge but does not show in itunes or windows

    I tried to use my ipod as a disk to transfer my itunes library from my desktop to my notebook (both Dell), now my ipod charges, but does not show up in itunes or on either of my computers. I have used the advice of going to control panel and unchecking the box under power management but that didn't work, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEE HELP ME?
    I have windows xp on one and vista on the other, if that helps.

    This worked for me, don't know if it will for you. Have ITunes open. While IPod is connected to computer press(at the same time) the menu and center buttons until your screen goes black and shows the apple icon then immediately press the forward button. Your IPod should show up. It won't hurt to try it, even if it doesn't work. Hope this is of some help to you.

  • LR 5 Cannon open CR foto's in CS5. Plug in Camera RAW is installed but does not. appeal in LR and PS.

    CR foto's in LR 5 will not open in Ps 5. Plug in Camera RAW 8.4 is installed but does not show in LR and PS.

    Canon 6D
    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad
    Op 3 mei 2014 om 23:40 heeft Keith_Reeder <[email protected]> het volgende geschreven:
    LR 5 Cannon open CR foto's in CS5. Plug in Camera RAW is installed but does not. appeal in LR and PS.
    created by Keith_Reeder in Photoshop Lightroom - View the full discussion
    Which Canon camera?
    The Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) plugin has no relevance to Lightroom, incidentally - doesn't matter how up to date ACR is, Lightroom doesn't use it.
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  • Screen saver no longer working after Lion upgrade.

    After standard upgrade about 2 weeks ago (mid July 2012) the screen saver no longer works. I mean I can certainly access the application and the desktop can be made to cycle through different photos etc. But when I configure the screen saver it just refuses to go into screen saver mode at all.
    I'm not seeing too much occurance of this through the postings which is a bit worrisome as I'd thought this would be a much wider issue.

    Please follow these instructions:
    Lion: Connecting to legacy (pre-Lion) AFP services - and Mac OS X (server):

  • My screen saver isn't working on my Apple Tv

    This morning when I went to play music off my Apple Tv, I saw there was a update for the current software. (6.1) After I did the update, I noticed my screen saver pictures don't show up. But my music works and everything but when my screen saver is just a black screen of my tv.  I have tried everything I can think of.  I always send photots from my MacBook Pro and sync them.  But it won't even pull up anything as a screen saver of anything, I have tried my photo stream, flowers, (which was a defualt), and also just my iPhoto pictures. I don't know what generation is it but I have had it a year and a half and it has worked great for as hard as I have been on it using it all the time.  If anyone has any advice for me it is greatly appreciated!!!!

    Seemingly the screen saver will only work with images that are on the Apple TV. Thus it basically only screensaves synced images. If you don't have any (i.e. you're only streaming) there are no images for it to show. You need to change the screensaver option from 'cover art' to something else.
    This is dumb and I hope they fix it.
    [The other dumb part of the screen saver is the way it blows up lower res cover artwork to max size. Surely it wouldn't be too hard to check the resolution of the cover art and not show it any larger than its max resolution]

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