My serial number for Photoshop Elements 7 does not work.

I downloaded Photoshop Elements 7 but my registered serial number does not work.

Error "The serial number is not valid for this product" | Creative Suite

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  • My serial number for photoshop 7 will not work if I try to install in vista//????

    i am trying to sinstall photoshop version 7 to Vista.  The serial number does not seem to be anthing close to what it needs to install.
    Any help.

    >does it not work on vista at all??   i can tbelieve that
    Why not? Vista is a MAJOR change from what was used when P7 was written
    Both Microsoft AND Apple (ala Snow Leopard OS) are known to break things with each new version of their operating system software
    Even within Microsoft, the Office 97 I use with WinXP does not work with Vista or Windows 7
    When I build a 64bit computer next year and start using Win7 64bit, I will have to buy a new MS Office and all new Adobe CS5 software

  • Why does my serial key for Photoshop Elements 7 not work?

    I purchased Elements 7 about 4 years ago and am trying to install it on my new computer so I have a basic form of Photoshop until I get a new form of it. Why will my serial code that came with the software not work? I've even copied it directly from my Products and Services account page.

    Error "The serial number is not valid for this product" | Creative Suite

  • Purchased serial number for iWork 08 does not work

    Hi--I recently downloaded the trial version of 08, then went and purchased the serial number once it ran out. The serial number is rejected when i try to use it--just says it's invalid. in the email i got with the serial number, the link showing how to use it leads me to an upgrade from 06 to 08. But I have never had 06. Very puzzled--have been onto Apple for telephone support but they can't solve it. Any clues? Thanks

    Welcome to Apple Discussions
    Did you copy & paste the serial number or enter it by hand? This iWork serial number tip written for iWork '05 has several tips that a valid for all versions.

  • I need help to find the serial number for Photoshop Elements 11

    Hi! I need help to find the serial number for Photoshop Elements 11 I downloaded last year on Apple Application Store.. I have been using photoshop on mac for over a year and now need the serial number to be able to use it on macbook. I looked up Adobe's website for help but found none and noone to ask for support.. Any ideas how I can get the serial number using the App Sore bill I have?

    Please post Photoshop Elements related queries over at

  • Can't find my serial number for Photoshop Elements 9

    Can't find my serial number for Photoshop Elements 9 which I purchased in a bindl with Premiere Elements two years ago. Now, after reinstalling Windows on my desktop I need to register my Adobe products again. They were bought by Internet. No disks or boxes. In My Adobe account there is the serial number for Premiere Elements and nothing about Photoshop Elements. How can I get my purchase again?

    please contact adobe support they will help you uct-or-serial-number-issues

  • How can i retrieve my serial number for photoshop element 12

    how can i retrieve my serial number for photoshop element 12
    Let me know if this works.

  • Finding my serial number for photoshop elements 10

    finding my serial number for photoshop elements 10

    Is this a new purchase or an older purchase that is being re-installed? Where did you buy the program? Did you buy a download or DVD?

  • Serial number provided with download does not work, now what?

    serial number provided with download does not work, now what?

    Chrish29593217 you are welcome to contact our directly at Contact Customer Care.  What Adobe software title are you facing difficulties with?

  • Where is my serial number for Photoshop elements I just bought?

    Where is my serisl number for photoshop elements 12 I just bought?

    Gomarkc please see Find your serial number quickly - for information on how to locate your serial number.



    Details.  OS, Product?

  • I have the serial number for Photoshop Elements 5 and need a way to download software.

    My laptop was replaced at work with a new laptop.  I have the serial number but do not have the windows downloaders for Photoshop Elements 5.  I see where you can get the downloader for 7.  Can I still get it for 5 somewhere?

    As far as I know, 7 is the furthest back that is available.

  • Serial number  for photoshop elements 7

    Hi , i 've got an old sony vaio with a license for photoshop elements 7 and premiere elements 7 , now i have bought a new laptop and i wand to install  adobe on it but i can not find the serial number  , i've found a serial but only with 20 numbers . The softs came preinstalled on my laptop , so i don't have a cd or serial from sony ... Can anyone help me ? thanks

    And once you find your number, if you don' t have your installation media you can download it here:
    Download Photoshop Elements products | 9, 8, 7
    You can never transfer an installed copy.

  • Serial Number for Photoshop Elements 1.0.1

    I have a very old Photoshop Elements version 1.0.1 .  I can't find the serial number to reinstall it.  Does anyone know where I could get a serial number for it.  I had my computer refurbished and it got deleted.  Thank you.

    I don't think you can get it anymore. You might look for its newer version version though i.e PSE 11.
    For more details on the product and price information, check the below website.

  • Invalid serial number for Photoshop Elements 12 trial upgrade.

    I originally installed Photoshop Elements 12 as a trial version. Then I purchased the product, received an Order Number and a Serial Number. In the Photoshop Elements "Welcome Screen" that appears on start up, I clicked the "License this product" button and was seemingly logged in to my Adobe ID account and was presented with a serial number form to fill out. After entering the serial number several times correctly, it still gives me an error message saying the serial# is invalid for Photoshop Elements.
    Next step for a solution?

    You may find this to be  helpful:
    Find your serial number quickly

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