Mystery of mysteries. Can't get rid of "Glossary" text on Favorites tab.

I consider myself relatively well-versed in chm file compiling and chm related issues, but this one has me stumped...
System Specs;
RH 9 now (initial English help in background below was compiled using RH 7)
Windows 7 64-bit
First, the background -- We use RoboHelp to compile our English CHM. We then decompile the files from the CHM and ship those off for localization. When they come back from translation, we use usually use FAR HTML to recompile the help. Sometimes we use RH (if FAR HTML is being tempermental). And in rare cases, like today, we use both. So today I was working on compiling a Traditional Chinese help we got back from translation recently. I tried using FAR HTML as usual for the initial post-translation compile. I ran into various and sundry compiler errors that made no sense whatsoever, so I decided to try compiling it in RH instead. The compilation made it through, but the Contents and Index tabs weren't displaying the proper Chinese characters. So I took this Traditional Chinese chm that was compiled by RH, decompiled it, and tinkered with .hhc and .hhk file encoding and charsets and used FAR HTML again to compile. And this time compiling worked without a hitch. We got proper characters. Yay! So far so good. Well, sort of. That's just the background.
Now, the problem -- So now, compiling back in FAR HTML from the above decompiled RH 9 files, I'm getting a psuedo Glossary tab I don't want since in our localized versions of the help. (We simply just call an htm containing the glossary info, and tie the htm to the toolbar.) I say "pseudo" because here's what the navigation pane on the compiled help looks lilke:
Notice that the Favorites tab is actually somehow getting named as "Glossary".  We don't want this. I want the default "Favorites" text for the tab. If I unregister the hhactivex.dll and recompile, the "Glossary" string on the tab thankfully goes away, showing just "Favorites". If I register the dll again or move the compiled help onto a system with a registered hhactivex.dll, the problem reappears all by itself when the help is launched.
How can I get my Favorites tab back to normal? I suspect this problem is contained somewhere in the HHP file, specifically my Windows definition. But I've tried recreating the hhp, and the window definition many times, but it still appears. I even at one point tried removing the Favorites tab but then the mystery "Glossary" text moves onto infesting the Search tab.
Here's my hhp innards if it helps:
Binary TOC=No
Binary Index=Yes
Compiled File=pcdlrn.chm
Contents File=pcdlrn.hhc
Index File=pcdlrn.hhk
Default Window=HtmlHelp
Default Topic=intro.htm
Default Font=,,136
Full-text search=Yes
Auto Index=Yes
Language=0x404 Chinese (Traditional/Taiwan)
Title=PC-DMIS Help
Create CHI file=No
Compatibility=1.1 or later
Error log file=_errorlog.txt
Full text search stop list file=
Display compile progress=Yes
Display compile notes=Yes
HtmlHelp="PC-DMIS Help","pcdlrn.hhc","pcdlrn.hhk","intro.htm","intro.htm","pcdlrn_glo.htm","Glossary Button",,,0x61520,244,0x4386E,[432,113,1354,863],0xB0000,,,,,,0
... and a bazillion other files ...
#include Core.ali
#include BSSCDefault.h
Is RH somehow still doing something to it even though technically I'm not using it to compile? Is there some other setting or file somewhere that could be controlling this or is it just a compiler bug that I've never noticed?

Thanks Cara, but I'm not sure if that's the same thing. In this problem the Favorites tab in the CHM was showing up with the word "Glossary" in it. Anyway, it's water under the bridge now for me. Things are better now that we're localizing our Engish RH project directly, instead of our old way of decompiling the English chms and sending the decompiled htms.

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