N95 Need Nokia Feedback Email Address

N95 Need Nokia Feedback Email Address
I am amazed to be told in these forums Nokia dont even read these forums at all, they could learn alot
from people who have actualy shelled out loads of money for there favourite Nokia.
So now I need an Email Address for Nokia N95 Feedback so I can send my bug reports.thanks.
N95-1 (8GB-MicroSD),LCG-Audio,Fring,Nimbuzz,Skype,Youtube,iPlayer,Garmin4-GPS.Googlemaps,SkyFire,ZoneTag,Gravity, Sennheiser CX-400-IIs,500-IIs,TR-120 Wireless,HD215'S.AudioTechnica ATX-M50's.BT B-Tube BT Speaker.

There isn't really one address to send Nokia feedback.
However you can find Nokia's contact details here :

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  • Nokia Complaints-email address needed

    Hi, hope you can help, I want to contact nokia to complain about my N80, however their telephone services haven't been much use and I don't want to use one of those 'Ask Nokia' complaint forms, Has anyone got an actual email address I can use?

    So I will keep posting my updates but during the mean time it would be great if you could collect friends with similar issues so that we can unite and fight to ban such expensive useless and defective handset model like Nokia N8.
    Respected sir,
    Subject  Total Dissatisfaction on Purchase of Nokia N8 and the Service carried on it by the Nokia Care Centre that actually killed it each time
    Details regarding the phone
    Brand & Model Nokia N8-00
    Purchase Date: 16-04-2011
    Price: Rs 23,824.00(Purchased at Nokia Bangalore)
    I purchased this device being a fan of Nokia and love for the specification of the Nokia N8 and had used a lot of Nokia devices in the past and still have the older version of it the Nokia N82 which is still functioning good better than Nokia N8.
    This Nokia N8 was a very good device when I got it, looked good and great camera. I loved the device. But then I tried some functions on the phone and came to know that the phone is a complete mess and lots of trouble.
    1. The phone cannot stay connected to the internet via Bluetooth to give internet to my Computer. It connects to the internet for a while say 2 to 5 minutes after which the phone gets hung and restarts or freezes and I had to restart the phone to connect again and again the same issue. Sometimes it doesn’t restart instead it shows it is connected to both PC and Internet and I am not able to go online. So tried switching to 3g services with Airtel still the same issue and tried to change ISP like Docomo and Bsnl as per the troubleshooting provided by Nokia care and Help line.
    2.   Sometimes my phone forgets that it is on a network and tells my friends who try to call me that my phone is either switched off or out of coverage when I am right under the Airtel Tower when I come to know this and look at my phone it shows that it has full coverage and then it doesn’t let me to dial outbound or receive any call but at the same time I can connect to the internet. But to let the phone come back live I must restart it or it will never come back. So in day I have to restart the phone at least once to check if the phone is online or rejecting calls. This is very frustrating  since a phone that costs that much is never supposed to fall under this category. I am sure that a china phone that costs Rs 500 will be able to function better.
    3. When I am watching a movie or going through some songs on the phone restarts by itself and comes right back. This is very irritating when I am composing an email since all that I typed is lost. I sometimes feel like throwing the device but hold my calm thinking that the issue will be fixed by September when the Anna Update will happen.  
      I noticed all these problems in the month of April itself so walked to the Nokia care Silk Tele services Bangalore Marathahalli and informed them about the issues they asked me to format the phone and the memory and then try since they were sure it was just a software issue. I informed them that I was a software Engineer and had tried all the steps that clicked in my mind regarding the software issues. So they said that they will have to open the device to check for fault. I said that my device is not even a month old and I will not give it to them for opening it since I was sure that once the device is open it will never give me the same performance. So I said that I needed a replacement since the phone had some hardware damage and the phone was not even a month old. So to send me away they told me to wait until the Anna Software Update in the month of September. So since I didn’t get any fix from them I called up the Nokia Care Help line number: 30303838 and told them about the issue they walked me through a hell lot of troubleshooting for 40 minutes and I had to pay for the call and the number said that it was a toll free number but those fix they said erased my data on phone but nothing really helped and called them again and another 30 minutes to tell them what happened on the last call and again into some other troubleshooting that never had an end. I felt pity on the technicians that tried to helped me he was not understanding I am a better troubleshooter than him and I am calling him since I was sure that it was a hardware fault which I cannot fix myself I didn’t want to sue him for the useless troubleshooting that he did so planned to wait till the month of September since speaking to these guys were of no use and waste of time for me and them.
    Now During September I got the Anna Update and I formatted the device and including my memory card and built in memory. Started the all new way and was shocked to see that the phone was performing the same manner except that the look of the application and the camera. I did not put any of my data on the phone and walked to the Nokia care Silk Tele services Bangalore Marathahalli and told them that the Anna Update did not fix my issue. So they said that it could be again some software issue and said that they will need to open the handset otherwise. Didn’t know what to tell the customer care lady at desk asked for some manager. So asked me to wait and waited for hours and got a manager  and I told him my complete issue he had also the same thing to say to open my handset. So I told them that I will only give my handset on one condition. And my condition was open the handset only if it is required and I wanted the handset without any scratches on it the same way it was. Since I carried it in a pouch the time since I took it out of the box and had protective cover on display as well worth Rs1000. Instead of me pleading them to not open the handset and to have no scratches on it, they said that they even do it for new handsets that not even a day old to check for hardware damage. So they smiled and said that I can surely get it back the way it is.
    But after hours I got the handset back after almost wasting one whole day there. Then I almost cried to see my handset in a very bad condition with lots of visible scratches and the plastic case pulled out and bent and with engravings of the force applied and on top of that they told me that my phone didn’t have any hardware defect. I spoke the manager Kumar about the broken promise and the damage done on my handset he said it was a part of the service and that is not a problem, I told him that this was a very poor service done on the handset and want the body and the display case of my handset back with a new one. He said he can do nothing about it and I informed him that I would complain about the issue and he walked off saying that I can go ahead and complain and he can do nothing about it. I almost cried that day for giving my handset for its destruction and for its slaughter.
    As a last resort I called up Nokia Help line on 30303838. Told them about the issue and the present status of the phone and the problem still persists so they asked me to submit the phone to Silk Tele Services to send to Nokia. So I submitted the phone to Silk Tele services again on 7th and since did not hear anything from them after the due date that is 15th called them up and they said it was under quality control check and told me to collect it at Silk Tele services on 17th September 2011.Got the handset and found that the problems that I told still remains and on top of it they presented me with scratches on display and paint on the removed at parts that were very much visible. Showed manager Kumar the condition of the phone now and told that it is getting worse now he looked at it and said that Nokia guys just changed the top plastic cover and the IMEI number that was on the plastic cover was also scratched out. I look now like a handset that is handled very roughly and parts inside it jerking. I thought of walking to Police station for the damage but did not know Telengu to speak to them.
    So since I am out of hope and will have to buy a new some other handset anyway not a Nokia Brand any more. Walked into a local place shop to sell away the Nokia N8 for at least Rs15,000 the shopkeeper had a look at the handset and told me that I will not even get Rs5,000 for the device since it is open several times I told him that it is still under warranty till 16-04-2012 and I told him that if he wanted I will even pay Rs 1,412 to increase the warranty of the handset to 16-04-2013. He is still not willing to accept the device even after telling him that I will buy another Samsung Handset from him worth Rs 29,999.He told me son I understand the problem and I cannot take it for that price since nobody will buy a spoilt handset that is in this condition and the one without the IMEI label. Even I felt so and that is the reason why I writing to you. Please help me get justice for this. At least for the tax I pay and the rights of a customer. Question why Nokia is turning out to be selling fake products with no quality at all and poor service centers that spoil the handset and change it from good to worse.
    Ban Defective brand like Nokia N8 to Sell in India. Why make a fool of Indians by selling toys to them that is not capable of lasting even the Manufacture period. For people who are reading this please don’t buy expensive Nokia devices as you will have the same end and experience. Nokia was once good but no more. My old Nokia N82 is 100 times better than Nokia N8-00.Felt like having bought an Expensive snake that bites me and kills me. Bye Nokia forever.
    Sir Please help me with regards to this at least to get a replacement at least. If you need any finance to fight my case I don’t mind paying since I already had spend almost Rs 25,000 for the phone and its accessories. Please contact me by Email or phone if you can help me. If you can’t help me I will have to go after some other help so please do let me know.
    The Complaint has still not been processed and Nokia had asked me to mail this to [email protected] for fast solution.So i had send the mail as per their request.They called me and again asked me to repeat the complaint and asked me to submit the phone again to Nokia for repair so that they can give it to some useless illiterate fellow who doesn't even know how to hold the tools properly to play with someones money and destroy it more.I still value the device since I paid for it.Seriously the service desk technical fellows are too care less about their work and indirectly they are the one to be held responsible for this.
    I disagreed towards the repair again since i don't have any time to waste running back and forth when i know that Nokia can do no fix on my handset and their support representatives are not capable of fixing it.
    1.I am not willing for any compromise less than replacement with a complete fresh box piece one that doesn't have any problems that i mentioned.
     If it is still going to have the same issue then i don't need it.
    2.I would request Nokia for money back since they are not able to keep up their promises as shown on the adds and since they show fraud specification that are never true.If Nokia had been true then they should have mentioned that their Nokia N8 device should at least be restarted 10 times daily for proper functioning along side its specification.If you want to to see some criticism regarding latest Nokia devices please do visit www.gsmarena.com then you will understand that Nokia is still in dark age.Nokia is sleeping when all the other brands are introducing Killer gadgets to the market Nokia is still sitting gaining distrust form its fan like me.Sorry i am no longer a fan.
    If Nokia Cant do any of the above mentioned i would demonstrate a video regarding the issue to public and make Nokia N8 users aware of what exactly their device is capable of doing.
    I had contacted my advocate uncle at calicut regarding the same. If in case no one is able to help me i shall proceed with a case not only for selling defective devices and also about bad workmanship.
    I have all the documents and the complete N8 Kit with me untouched as a proof and Silk Tele Service papers to prove the cheating done by Nokia on the customer.
    Details regarding the phone:-
    Brand & Model: Nokia N8-00
    Purchase Date: 16-04-2011
    Price: Rs 23,824.00(Purchased at Nokia Bangalore)
    Respected sir,
    SUB Continuation of the Story.Submitting the N8 to Nokia Care for the 3rd time since they insisted on it
                    I at last planned to submit the handset to the Nokia Care for the 3rd and the last time since they insisted on submitting the handset to fix it.
    So what I did was before I held over the handset to the Nokia Care demonstrated the issues with the handset to the Manager at Nokia Care at Marathahalli, Silk Tele services.
    I had demonstrated:
    1.Bluetooth Connectivity issues that disconnects itself after 2 to 3 minutes of its use and the frequant restart of the phone.
    2.The damage on the handset when they took it from me for the past two repairs that indirectly spoilt it. Showed him the scratched out IMEI Label on the phone that clearly indicates that a repair was carried on the phone.
    3.I was not able to demonstrate the loss of network since it doesnot happen often and if he insisted I will have brought the handset to him some other day when it actually happened.
    I want all these issues fixed on the handset only then I will accept the handset since the above mentioned 1st  and 3rd issues was there on the phone from the time since I got the handset and seems to be like a manufacturing defect for the Nokia N8.
    But the 2nd was generated by the Nokia Care agent due to their careless handeling of the handset and useless service carried on the handset without trying to identify the fault in the handset or the model.
    So I want all these issues with the handset fixed or provide me with some other Model for exchange that doesnot have any manufacturing defect or a new Nokia N8 that doesnot have any defects like these.
    Details regarding the phone:-
    Brand & Model: Nokia N8-00
    Purchase Date: 16-04-2011
    Price: Rs 23,824.00(Purchased at Nokia Bangalore)
    I had submitted my handset on 24th september 2011 at Nokia care for the last and final time since they assured me that they would fix the handset or do what ever is required and since I did not hear anything from them till now ie. Today the 27th of September 2011.I shall try calling them to just know if they have started to fix the issue or started to kill it more.Any way I am sure that the Rs 23,824.0 that I paid for that useless device is gone for a toss.Well I don’t plan to leave them alone if they don’t provide me a fix or a solution to the issue. I would sue them and also make my friends and as many people I can to boycot their products due to their poor quality and poor service.NEVER EVER BUY A NOKIA FOR MORE THAN Rs1000. BECAUSE I THINK NOKIA IS NOT CAPABLE OF LAUNCHING A GOOD SMARTPHONE ANY MORE SINCE NOW THEY HAVE ANY GOOD HASSLE FREE HANDSETS COMING UP.ALL THESE MODELS LIKE N9,700,701,N8,X7,C7,E6 ALL SEEMS TO HAVE ONE OR THE OTHER TROUBLE WHICH NOKIA KNOWS ARE DEFECTIVE MODELS BUT STILL AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET.SO FRIENDS BEFORE YOU BUY A NOKIA BE CAREFULL THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO KILL YOUR TIME ON IT AND IT WILL TURN OUT TO BE A NIGHTMARE WHEN YOU WALK INTO THE SERVICE CENTRE WITH THE DEVICE.Be carefull.
    The Message that was sent to one of the other victaim of the Nokia N8 Customer.
    I am Hani.The one who had posted this" Defective Nokia N8-00 - Total Dissatisfaction on Purchase of Nokia N8 and the Service carried on it by the Nokia Care Centre that actually killed it each time" regarding my issue.
    My issue is still not fixed and i would like to know your status is it fixed or not.
    I guess what we will have to do is file a case at consumer court since that is the only way out since Nokia seems to be teasing us and providing defective handsets like Nokia N8.
    I had proved and demonstrated to Nokia that even after fixing my handset for the second time it still really didn't fix the handset rather than spoil the handset.
    I am just waiting to get my handset back from Nokia so that i can walk into consumer court and have them deal the case on a higher level and take compensation from Nokia for taking the customers to such dissatisfaction by giving them fake promises and non functional handsets.
    MODERATOR'S NOTE: Phone number, E-mail address and IMEI were removed. It is unwise to publish personal contact information on a public forum.
    2011-09-24 11.51.01.jpg ‏3006 KB
    2011-09-24 12.06.03.jpg ‏2598 KB

  • 8600 plus with mac osX, need to delete email addresses from scanner

    Have Mac osX snow leopard, need to remove/delete email addresses from my scanner list. Have tried to follow other posts to solve but they don't seem to help as I can't find the specific network folder. Thanks, Chuck

    Hi @oreganocrk ,
    I see by your post that you would like to delete email addresses from the scanner list. I would like to help.
    Print a configuration page to get the printer's IPv4 address. Printing a Network Configuration Page.
    Access the Embedded Web Server for the printer. Type the IP address into your web browser's address bar.
    Click on the Scan tab, Scan to email on the left side of the window, select Scan to address book.
    Check the email that you would like to remove and click delete.
    If you need further assistance, just let me know.
    Have a nice day!
    Thank You.
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos Thumbs Up" on the right to say “Thanks” for helping!
    I work on behalf of HP

  • Need to change email address

    I need to change my email address, and I've checked each of the actions, but can't find where to change it.
    I also need to update my equipment, and have the same problem.
    I won't be able to receive your answer via email, but I will check back to see if my question has been answered.

    Thanks, a brody, it worked.
    I hope I clicked the "solved" correctly, to give you credit.

  • Nokia 6020 Email Addresses to send Video

    I added some email addresses to my contacts list. But when I go to send a video clip it asks for the email address and then when I select find, it doesn't seem to search the contacts list. I can't find in the manual how you add email addresses? I hope you don't have to type these in each time?

    You do need to put the individual addresses in Address Book. However you don't have to go through all the fields.
    I presume you have emails from these people in Mail. If so, you can select an email from each recipient, right-click/control-click to add the email address & name to AB. When you have done this for each create a group in AB and drag each name to it. You can then send the email to the group.

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    I created my iWeb account for the website www.musicalplanet.tv. I signed up with email address A, so when I publish the website, the Facebook page associated with that email is updated. Problem is, I have a new Facebook account associated with email address B, and I need THAT account to be automatically updated when I publish. I tried changing my email address in the Site Publishing Settings window on the www.musicalplanet.tv editing platform, but nothing changed.
    Thanks for any insights fellow users can offer. My free trial will be ending soon and I'd only sign up for the year if these issues can be resolved.

    Yes the Apple ID is the thing that ties your devices to you and shares your information and content between them.
    If you mean that Find My Phone is asking for a password to a different Apple ID to your current Apple ID.
    This feature has been introduced to make stolen phones useless to those that have stolen them.
    However it can also arise when the user has changed their Apple ID details with Apple and not made the same changes to their iCloud account/Find My Phone on their device before upgrading to iOS 7, or if you restore from a previous back up made before you changed your details.
    The only solution is to change your Apple ID back to its previous state with Apple at My Apple ID using your current password, you don’t need access to this address if it’s previously been used with your Apple ID, once you have saved these details enter the password as requested on your device and then turn off "find my phone" and delete the account from your device.
    You should then change your Apple ID back to its current state, save it once again and then log back in using your current Apple ID. Finally, turn "find my phone" back on once again.
    This article provides more information about Activation Lock.

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    I have to replace the vendor email id  in purchase order with some other email id which should come from LFM1 table.
    The given condition is like while selecting the email address it should first search in LFM1-email_filed and fetch the email from there.if that is empty then it should select from vendor master.
    I working on print program SAPFM06P.
    please guide me.

    Hi Prasann,
    check with your consultant the output strategy.
    You got both partners in your PO available? If yes,that is the key for such request. I don't think that there is a developing necessary.
    If no, then just enhance the output by setting the flag get_otf and afterwards send the email by your own using class cl_bcs.

  • Need to update email address for icloud

    I cannot figure out how to update my email address for icloud

    If your phone is signed into an old iCloud ID and you are trying to change it to a newer version of the ID, do the following:
    If you are using iMessage and FaceTime, make sure you are signed into these services with your current ID.  If they are signed into the old ID, go to Settings>Messages>Send & Receive and Settings>FaceTime, tap the ID, sign out, then sign back in with your current ID.
    Then temporarily recreate the old ID by going to https://appleid.apple.com, click Manage my Apple ID and sign in with your current iCloud ID.  Click edit next to the primary email account, change it back to your old email address and save the change.  (You should not have to verify the old email account so it doesn’t matter if you no longer have access to it.)  Now go to Settings>iCloud, turn off Find My iPhone and enter your current password when prompted (even though it prompts you for the password for your old ID).  Then save any photo stream photos that you wish to keep to your camera roll.  When finished go to Settings>iCloud, tap Sign Out (or Delete Account if you are not running iOS 8) and choose Delete from My iPhone when prompted (your iCloud data will still be in iCloud).  Next, go back to https://appleid.apple.com and change your primary email address back to the way it was.  Now you can go to Settings>iCloud and sign back in with your current iCloud ID and password (your data will download back to your device).

  • HT4191 why do you need yet another email address to sync notes

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    Notes are very special, their sync is done by IMAP(mail) server that syncs our emails. In order to sync notes you "have to" be connected to that IMAP and mail account is "your connection". BTW mail "ON" button will not sync your emails - it only syncs email settings between devices, like server rules, blocked servers, etc. It will not reflect on other icloud stuff, but what it will do is move your notes sync from current  sync ( if one exsits) to different. For example you notes currently can be local (on my phone), Yahoo or exchange like google. (you can check that by going to settings - mail contacts and calendars- and under your mail accounts you will see small "contacts" "calendars" and if you will see "notes" that would be your current syncing IMAP.

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    Our organisation is going through some infrastructure changes and all employees email addresses will be changing throughout the department in the next few weeks.
    Is there a supported method to update the FND_USER.email_address, PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F.email_address and Employee Supplier email address within our Oracle system to the employees new email address
    Would you be able to provide a solution or recommend a datafix (SQL Update script)?
    Many thanks,

    Oracle's update:
    kindly there is no ready code script for this issue
    as per Oracle policy ,customizations are not supported
    Thank you,
    Global Customer Services
    I'll look into the Packge FND_USER_PKG thanks and see what i can spot. Any one ever done something like this before?

  • Do I need a different email address for Firefox

    Have registered my BT email address now. Is this ok

    Any email that is convenient for you is fine!!
    Have a great day!!

  • I need to get email address problem fixed

    I married in November 2011 and contacted BT to get primary email address changed to my new married name, I thought this would be pretty straight forward but instead of changing my primary email address, a new account was set up with a new primary email address however all my services are still with my old primary email address.  I really want to get this sorted and have my married email address as my main address and all my services under this one as opposed to the old one. Please can you help?
    Go to Solution.

    If you are the BT account holder & know your account number & some security details, the quickest way might be to call BT on the number below. They will require some security info along with your BT account number.
    They can reset your password to a simple one and talk you through changing it to a more secure one once logged in via webmail access.
    They may ask for remote access to your computer but you are at liberty to decline this!
    Good luck.
    ** Please ignore my reply as it was a reply to a posting moved to ** http://community.bt.com/t5/Bills-Packages/BT-Account-issue/td-p/848114 Thank you BT forum for making me look dumb.

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