Name Changes in the From Collum

Hi All,
So, something odd happens... Several names on the from column in the mail program change to different names that are in my address book. So, if I get a message from Sam, his name mysteriously changes to Fred. I have tried rebuilding the mail box, but for what ever reason it changes briefly to the correct name, but then changes back to the wrong name. I am mystified. Help!

You should check in Address Book to see if you have a different name and/or email address listed for any of the names that mysteriously change in Mail. If you do, delete the incorrect name and email address from Address Book, then restart Mail and see if the problem continues.

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  • ICloud has my name incorrect in the "From" field of the Mail Compose window. How can I fix this?

    When I'm using the iCloud website, when I try to compose an email, iCloud has my name incorrect in the "From" pop-up menu. I changed my last name some time ago, after my divorce, from "Seymour-Amper" back to "Seymour". My Apple ID, my iCloud Settings, and my iCloud Contacts all show my name as "Gemma Seymour", except in the "From" field in Email. There doesn't seem to be any place to change this. I was going to call iCloud Support, but I don't have cell service at home, and can only access the Internet from the public library, where I cannot use my phone. Can anyone help?

    In iCloud Mail, try clicking the actions symbol in the left bottom corner and select Preferences. Next click 'Accounts' and select 'iCloud' (if not already selected) on the left. On the right you should see 'Label: iCloud' and below that 'Full Name: ....'. Here you should be able to change your name and next click 'Done' on the right bottom corner.
    Hope this helpes...

  • Display name of shared calendar in Outlook clients after name change on the Exchange Server

    I have changed the name of a conference room resource calendar on the Exchange server but the name change is not being reflected in the end user's Outlook clients. I tested a remove/re-add and that worked but I cannot have everyone in the company do this.
    Is there anyway to force the change down to the Outlook clients?

    I don't know for sure, but if this is the case, then it's highly likely that the GUID is used by the client after its first view of the calendar.  From that point on, it appears it doesn't "revisit" the directory for updated names. 
    We'd need Outlook team feedback for confirmation.

  • Computer Name changes when waking from sleep

    I'm running OS X Lion Server on a Mac Mini 2ghz Core 2 Duo and every time it wakes from sleep I get a message saying "There is already a computer on the network named MacServer, renaming to MacServer (2)".
    It only happens when waking from sleep.  If I reboot or use the mini for hours without sleeping it's fine, but once it's gone to sleep it renames on wake.  When it sleeps overnight it's named MacServer (5) by the morning, as it wakes up every two hours or so to re-register itself on the network and each time it renames itself.
    I don't have any other compters on the network with the same name.  The only other computer is a MBP and has a completly different name.
    Here's my setup;
    My Mac Mini is wired via ethernet to a Time Capsule.  AirPort is turned off (I've tried on and off).
    My Mac Mini has a static IP address (x.x.x.40) with DHCP for everything else (DNS, etc.)
    The Time Capsule is wired to an ADSL router via ethernet. 
    The ADSL router manages DHCP and NAT, with IP pool x.x.x.2 through x.x.x.30. 
    DHCP and NAT are turned off on the Time Capsule (bridged mode). 
    Wireless is turned off on the ADSL router.
    Time Capsule is handling wireless.
    I've tried resetting the ADSL router.  I've tried resetting the Time Capsule (to factory defaults).
    The problem seems to be with mDNSResponder, as the log seems to suggest that it is this daemon that thinks there's a duplicate computer name.  I've even looked at the source code for mDNSResponder and the last mod-log entry suggests that a fix was put in for this issue in 2009.  It doesn't look like it's fixed it, though.
    I've tried doing a fresh install of OS Server several times now and, after the last install, it started happening before I got a chance to restore from a Time Machine backup.  i.e. on a completly fresh install and assigning a completely new computer name.
    Can anyone help me on this issue?  It's driving me insane!

    I switched the server's WI-FI off and connected the ethernet cable to the ADSL router instead of the Time Capsule and, after several reboots, sleeps and wakes, there was no change to the server name.  The Time Capsule was still switched on, connected to the ADSL router via ethernet, and available on the network, however the server rename issue went away.
    I then took the ethernet cable out of the ADSL router, plugged it back into the Time Capssule, put it to sleep, woke it up, and guess what?  That right; 'The name of your computer "safserver" is already...renamed to "safserver (2)"'
    So, it looks like it's the Time Capsule.  I'm going to downgrade the firmware from 7.6.1 to 7.6.0 to see if the last update is responsible.  If this doesn't cure it, I'll try older firmwares and, if none of them work it's time for a Genius appointment.
    (I khow another obvious question lurks:  "why not leave it plugged into the ADSL router?"  Answer: "ADSL router doesn't supply Gigabit ethernet.")

  • For some reason when I invite people on the ICloud calendar, my husband's name appears on the from line?

    I am using I-Coud Calendar in MS Office 2013 Outook and but when I invite others to an event, the From Line shows my husband's name and not my account.

    Sign out of your husbands account and sign into yours.

  • Why does my network name change to the Serial Number of my AExpress?

    After setting up a new network with my airport express, shortly thereafter the name seems to change to the serial number of the AE device (ie. Apple Network...). Anyone have any idea why that is happening? It seems to couple with decreased performance/connection to the device as well.

    so this is my screen when im trying to send myself an email for instance . red color is my mums name and green is my email. "Til" means "too" and "hjem" means "home". So when im trying to enter my own email, my mums name occur. (sorry for my bad english)

  • Imported source file name changed for the external table

    I have external table from flat file. Now the source file name is changed. I can change the file location to point to the new file name, but I can't update the source for the flat file property(as seen under flat file properties,structure tab. the column "Sampled From"). Is there way to have this update without having to import the file using the new file name again?

    In the Files section in the object navigator find the flat file you want to change the source of.
    Double click on the actual file, and on the General tab change the old file name to the new one.
    The fact that it has been sampled from a different file should not 'disturb' the working of the external table.
    However, if the structure of the new file is different I'd suggest to resample.
    Good luck, Patrick

  • Class and Object name change in the universe designer

    Hello Experts
    I have a confusion , I am just wondering if I devlop a bobj universe, lets say, based on SQL database and change the name of the class and object during the creation of the universe, will that fetch the data from d/base properly while running a query / report. Although universe class and object has different names than database now but the records are the same. Do we need to point the object to d/base object in some kind of different or special way .
    To make my question more simple, In d/base table name is "Employee" whereas on universe side I create a class name "Staff" and at the same time field name in the database is "Emploee ID" whereas in the universe I named it "Badge number".
    Please advise if that will make any difference while I run the query or Is there any kind of complication on the universe side that I should expect which I am not familiar with.
    I would apprecite your response.
    Best Regards

    Hello experts,
    Let me rephrase the issue with exact scenario.
    I have a table names "REGION" with fields region id, region and country id.
    I have another table name REGION_SLINE with fields SL_id, region id and Sales_revenue.
    I created an equi join between these two tables based on region id field and checked the cardinality which is ok.
    Now when I try to create a report based on sales revenue per customer ( "customer's first name"  is an other field on CUSTOMER table), I dont get any result in the report and get a message that "No data to reterive"
    Also please note that when I run a report which is sales revenue per region id, I get the result, seem slike these two tables REGION and REGION_SLINE can generate the report but sales revenue per customer report is not generated because customer first name is a field of another table.
    I was just wondering if I need to write some kind of where clause in the object properties of region id which is used to create equi joon link.
    I woulld appreciate your response.
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  • RE: Name change in the Iview

    The titles have been changed for 2 menus in the table T77WWWMNT, but this change though reflected in the  adjacent  Iviews is not reflected in the Menu Iview. How to accomplish this ?

    > How do you change the displayed name in the "checked out
    by" area on the
    > ftp dialoge?
    Site > Manage Sites > Edit > (Advanced tab) Remote
    Info > Check Out Name
    John Waller

  • Sequence name changing to the CLIP name?  BUG FIXED!

    FCP 7.0.1 fixes quite a few things, including that annoying bug where the sequence name kept changing when you added new clips to it.
    Also fixes a couple speed change issues.

    I believe the post was marked as a question.
    The post title has a question also.
    If you look at the top of this thread you will see
    This question is not answered. "Helpful" answers available: 2 . "Solved" answers available: 1 .

  • Name change in the checked out by

    Thank you for your help in advance!
    How do you change the displayed name in the "checked out by"
    area on the ftp dialoge?

    > How do you change the displayed name in the "checked out
    by" area on the
    > ftp dialoge?
    Site > Manage Sites > Edit > (Advanced tab) Remote
    Info > Check Out Name
    John Waller

  • Getting channel name change in the save-Block accepted

    Hi there,
    i tried to change my channel names in the save-block. If i run the dac and the script again the old channel-names are still used. I reloaded the dac and restarted diadem and the new channel-names are correct listed in the save block, but while measurement the old ones are used?
    Any hints?

    Hi diademi,
    Yes, now I understand the problem. The name which
    is used to create the channel in the Dataportal is always the name of the last
    significant source block like the F(x) block or a scale block etc. The other “Signalnamen”
    are just something like an alias. They are used to handle exchanging blocks
    more easily.

  • Login name changed by the system

    I tried to sign in to my account and got the answer "Sorry we didn't recognise your sign-in details. Please check your name and password and try again". I tried to change the password. Got the link on my mail, but there was written "Password for your account "redacted for privacy(WITH dot) succesfully changed" And my account name is "redacted for privacy (WITHOUT dot!!)" Now with a new password I can enter this new account which is not mine, it's empty and has no contacts, and MY account I still cannot sign-in to. Everytime I try to change the password again or sign-in with Facebook it offers me "redacted for privacy"(with dot). I sent two messages with filled forms for "Release your account". No answer. Please help me to have back MY account!

    I think Skype doen't change user's usernames/account names.  Please double-check if you have entered the correct registered email address for your account.  In cases when there are more than one account registered under a certain email address, there will be a dropdown menu in the password reset token page where you can select which account you want to request a password reset token for.
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  • Slider bar name changes when the phone times out

    WHen my iphone4 times out the slider bar usually say slide to unlock or open. For the past 3-4 days it has said jakeallan3. It doesn't do it everytime but quit often.

    I recently had a similar problem with my 3GS (4.2.1) when I travelled to another capital city (but same country) last weekend. I have had the phone for nearly 18 months and not experienced this problem before. Also, there was another iPhone traveling with me (3G 4.2.1) which did not experience this problem. Both phones are connected through the same telco. The only difference between the phones we were travelling with are the model and the Profile on my phone being created using the iPhone Configuration Utility.
    The symptoms were:
    a. soon after beginning using data in the new city, the phone began to feel quite hot.
    b. tried to prolong use by switching wifi, bluetooth off.
    c. phone drained quickly turning itself off. After recharging fully the phone again drained quickly. From this point ran through this cycle of events a few times
    d. noticed that data usage had risen dramatically (by some gigabytes). However later confirmed that this was not reflected on my billing data at my telco. (luckily - the additional usage would have cost around $4,000,000 on my plan - no exaggeration)
    e. turned my phone to flight mode to prevent inadvertent data usage - phone still ran from full to empty in 4.5 hours and remained warm.
    On returning to my home town battery life returned to normal and my phone remains cool.
    I would like to understand what was going on as this makes the phone unusable if travelling. Given that this has occurred with johnki's two 3GSs on several occasions and almost the same with me i am concerned that my phone will be useless to me outside of my home town.

  • How do you change the "From" field to have a name that you want?

    For instance, I receive sports updates from Rotoworld and ESPN. Their email addresses are '[email protected]' and '[email protected]'. Can I change this somehow? Can I change the name so that the From field show what I want it to show instead of the long email address? I would like to just have it say "Rotoworld" and "ESPN".

    if you REALLY wanted to you could edit the .elmx email file as a text file and replace the sender name there. this can of course, be automated. However, that would be wa-a-y too much trouble and is entirely not worth it.
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