Name of trace file from trace enabled concurrent program

Hi all,
I am looking for a sql script or method to find the name of a trace file in udump for trace enabled concurrent programs. I know the trace files show 11i logon (user_name from fnd_user) in the name of the trace file but I am looking for a sql that would give the exact name of the raw trace file with request id as input.
I have
Any help?

Please see these docs.
11i-How to find the Trace file generated for a concurrent program [ID 270446.1]
How to find the Trace file generated for a concurrent program? [ID 967966.1]
FAQ: Common Tracing Techniques within the Oracle Applications 11i/R12 [ID 296559.1]

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  • Return code in trace file from ST01

    Hello All,
    Does anybody know what are the values for the return code (0,4,8,12,16) in an trace file from ST01 ?
    Thanks you All !

    seems that you are very bored during the day ....
    The ST01 displays the raw data for the ST05, that is something which you will never in normal life. Return codes are also displayed in ST05, but even there you don't really need them.
    If you ask this question here in the performance forum then I would definitely advise you to switch to the condensed form of the ST05
    (SQL statement summary) see here:
    SQL trace:
    This condensed forum shows you all the information whioch you need for about 90% of your work.
    kind regads       Siegfried

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    I would like to generate a log to track the names and outcomes of files processed from a watched folder.  I don't see a way to access the name of the file from within the process.  I have a variable "inPDF" which is data type "document" and "outResult" which is type "xml" but I don't see a way to access the file name (or path) of the "inPDF" "document" object.  Is there a way to access the file name and path?

    Thank you, this sounds promising.
    Where can I find documentation describing the attributes that can be retrieved using the getDocumentAttribute function?  Also, where can I find a complete reference on the Document object?
    Best Regards,

  • XML Pub enabled concurrent program --- from self-service responsibility

    How do I run XML publisher enabled concurrent programs from a self-serivce responsiblity?
    Is there any document/whitepaper on this issue?

    Same way as you define any other concurrent program.
    Define Executable based on this JCP. Concurrent>Program>executable
    Create report Definition based on this executable from Concurrent>Program>Define.
    Include this report definition to respective report set.

  • How to generate trace file from different session?

    I have a cron job which starts several Oracle stored proc (Oracle 9.2). I want to generate a trace file when the job is running. I know I can use this alter session command before I start this job. But this is my session not the job session. So this command won't generate trace file for job's session.
    Appreciate any ideas.

    Easiest way is to use database control/grid control - click trace session button!
    The 'old fashioned way is'
    find sid and serial# in a select from v$session
    There are other ways too but this is probably the easiest.
    You'll need appropriate privileges to run this .

  • Trace files from the database

    Does anyone have a solution to present the contents of trace files to a user? They need to ba able to view any trace file in the trace directory including alert log Mail doesn't seem practical since the files can be large and external tables require them to know the name of the trace file...Any slick ideas out there.

    Thanks for the responses. I saw Millsap's tool but the requirement is for ANY trace file. These folks are excellent DBAs I have no concerns over their interpreting the contents however they have no access to the OS. I saw Mr. Kytes suggestion, which we are playing with, I was just wondering if there are any other solutions folks are using.

  • How can stop the bdump and udump trace files from accumulating?

    The files are growing so until it is filling up the user's c: drive. It's hundreds of files over 20 megs.

    The management of those files is a reposnsibilty of the DBA. ie The files dumped there are from background processes, session traces and your alert log.
    The alert log in bdump should be checked daily and errors investigated. Some errors will result in trace files being dumped. The alert log will always grow during normal operation and you can simply delete it or better yet zip it up and store it somewhere for a period of time.
    You can clean up the udump user traces files by simply deleting them periodically. For other traces you should have a look to see what they are for. Any ORA 600 traces should be investigated.
    If you are not a DBA and this seems to much trouble then you can just delete the files to reclaim the space.

  • Getting the local full path name of a file from an item File Browser

    Hi all,
    I would like to get the local full path name, of a file selected from an item 'File browser'.
    I see in wwv_flow_files the column 'name', but actually it's a kind of id like 'F1542335/myFile.gif' for example.
    What i want is the local path of this file ("C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\....\myFile.gif").
    I hope this is possible??
    Anyway, thanks all for reading.

    Hello, thank you for the answer.
    Please understand that I searched before posting, and not ony 15 min.
    What i mean is that the value of a File Browser in an Apex applocation is something like 'F1542335/myFile.gif', but what I need is the local path location.
    And 'F1542335/' is not the local path location, i can't use it. Or maybe there is a way to convert it in a proper path name, such as "C:\Documents and Settings\....", but I don't think so.
    So my question is : how to get the local path name of a file in Apex?
    I'll answer if I find some good things.
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  • Problem with creation of a jar file from inside a java program

    I am trying to create a jar file at runtime from within a java program.
    I am able to create a jar file just fine using:
    String[] jarArgs = new String[3];
    jarArgs[0] = "cvf";
    jarArgs[1] = "C:\temp\myjar.jar";
    jarArgs[2] = "C:\temp\this"; main1 = new, System.err, "jar");;However, when I look at the jar it puts the absolute path to the files inside such as:
    instead of only this\is\my\package\Class.class
    When running the jar command from the command line it works just fine and I have the relative paths in my jar file.
    Does anyone have any experience with this and could help me out?
    Thanks in advance
    Edited by: mruf on Apr 11, 2008 1:51 AM

    Shouldn't jarArgs[2] = "-C C:\temp\this"

  • XML file from PL/SQL Executable Program

    Hi all,
    I have to solve this issue. I registered a concurrent program based on a PL/SQL Stored Procedure which extracts data in CSV format. The output is ok and ready to be imported in an excel worksheet and this is ok.
    But, I wanted to create also an rtf template to associate to this concurrent, so the output is in more readable PDF format with table and clear formatting.
    The problem is the publisher doesn't recognize the CSV datas and doesn't create the pdf. Is there any PL/SQL command to translate CSV to XML output? Thanks, Michele

    Michele, I have a suggestion for you. It's not the exact solution you're looking for, but it may work for you.
    I use Oracle Reports to create both XML data and CSV data. The output is a single formula field within the lowest level group that displays all of the data, delimited field by field. I define two concurrent programs based on this executable -- one with output format XML and one with output format Text. That way I can associate templates with the first program, and can use the second program to produce my CSV file which is ready for import to Excel.
    You can either convert your PL/SQL stored procedure to Oracle Reports, or use a temporary table to store the data that the procedure is displaying, then call the procedure in an Oracle Reports trigger and select the data in the Data Model.
    Carrie Hollack

  • Unable to locate existing  file from unix using java program

    I have created a file in unix using java program, file.createNewFile();
    And when i try to search for the same file using file.exists() it is returning false. Paths are correct. Can anybody help me out.
    Thanks & Regards,

    In Linux FC5 using JDK1.6, this code         File temp = new File(System.getProperty("user.home") + "/abcdefghijklmn");
            System.out.println(temp.createNewFile());prints 'true' and the file is created with length zero.

  • How to read the name of .csv file from a particular folder using Oracle.

    I have a folder called 'data_dir' in Oracle Server and it contains 10 different .csv files and the name of the each file is being suffixed by date and time(24 hrs format).
    First i need to read all the file names then i have to process those files by UTL_FILE to load the data into a relational table.
    Is there any mechanism is available in Oracle to read the file names?
    (In this case all the 10 different csv file names)
    If so, then please help me accomplish this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Is there any mechanism is available in Oracle to read the file names?Sounds to me like you need to use External Tables (*not* utl_file).

  • Deploy a ear file from workshop-enabled weblogic on windows to solaris?

    I built a java ear application on my workshop-enabled weblogic in windows OS. I need to deploy it over into a solaris weblogic system. Does anyone have any idea if this is feasibe (as i was under the impression that the solaris version of weblogic does not come with workshop) and if feasible, how i can go about doing it? Many thks!

    If I omit the .jspx at the end of my URL, nothing's changed.
    Other ideas?
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  • Getting the log files from client using java program

    this is lalita...and i am doing a project in networking.... i am new to socket programming....i have established the socket connection between the client and server...with this site members' i have to get the log files of the client system from the server.... via the created socket....i need it by tomorrow...i.e apr 12th i have to show it to my guide...
    i just need a core java program that will get the log information of the client from the server......
    Can anybody please help me in this regard..... it would be of great help to me and my group....
    Anxiously awaiting for the replies....
    Thanking you and regards...

    Server is listening on a specific port for the connection from the clients.
    Connect the client with the server on the above mentioned port.
    Open the streams on both side for the connection and run in separate thread.
    Define a protocol for communication between client and server.
    e.g after connection with the server the server send a text message to the client (send log) now the client first should the log file name and size to the sever and then send the file. the server should save the file.
    then disconnect the client or want to get another file or for other tasks define the other commands

  • How do I get my files from apple's "Backup" program onto my computer?it

    I just upgraded to the new operating system on my Macbook Pro. I had Tiger on it, and things kept getting messed up. The people at the Apple store recommended doing an "erase and install" so that it clears out all of the old program info. Prior to doing this I used Apple's "Backup" program that used to come with .Mac account to backup my information to my external hard drive. Now that I have the new OS installed I want to use the backup that I created right before I erased my hard drive to restore things back to the computer (Iphoto library, Itunes, files, Mail settings, etc.) I went to the backups folder and all I see is a bunch of folders. Isnt there supposed to be some way to put them all in their original locations? I need to get my Mail settings and bookmarks back from my Safari settings. I am really new to all of this, and thought I did things the correct way... but I am getting extremely frustrated since it does not seem to be as "easy" as the employee at the store made it out to be. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Yes, you will need the Backup program along with the backups you created. Time Machine and Backup are not the same.
    You can re-download Backup from your iDisk where you got it originally. It isn't available elsewhere.
    See Mac OS X 10.5- When to use Time Machine or .Mac Backup to back up data.

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