NBOX FX5900SP 256MB....i think i killed it :evil:

Hi folks
i think i've killed my 5900SP ......... i removed both heatsinks and fans to replace the thermal grease, it looks as though i must have knocked a couple of capacitors from the card, and now it wont boot.
it gets to the bios screen which shows the different cd roms and the bios number etc..... there are white vertical stripes down the screen and then it resets and reboots and shows the same screen again before rebootin again.
i just really was wondering if there is anything that can be done for it or if all thats left is to throw it in the trash?????
Athlon64 3000+ Newcastle, thermaltake purepower 480w psu, 1GB mushkin level1 (2-3-2-5), MSI K8T Neo-FISR2 , MSi FX5900SP 256MB GFX

thank richard, thats the only choice i got lol.......RMA it(if they'll take it) or chuck it hehehehe

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  • I think I killed my Mac!

    Ok, first you need to know that I am “Not” a Mac guy, (I want to be though) and my Boss gave me a G4 Imac PowerPC to take home and learn on. Here at the office he gave me a G5 with 10.4.11 on it. Anyway to make a long story short, I took the little Imac home and was playing around with it and I noticed that even though I had an admin account on the computer I did not have ownership. So I decided to just reinstall the computer and have a clean start. Now you have to understand that I have been an IT engineer for 17 years and never really had much to do with Mac’s other than networking them into the Windows environment. So there I was thinking “well how hard could this be” and I attempted to wipe the drive using the disk sets Matt (my boss) gave me. He had given me 2 sets one box has a big blue X on it and reads version 10.0 the other box has another big X on it but the X has a Leopard skin on it and reads 10.2.3. So I put the blue X disk in thinking (from what I read) that you should use the original disk to wipe the computer. We it would not boot to the disk (yes I held the C key) I tried several times with both disk sets to get it to boot. Finally I decided that this was stupid and I was just wasting time, so I took the computer apart and pulled the drive out and connected to my big PC and formatted the drive. I was thinking that the Mac disk would see a clean drive and boot right into the OS so I could reinstall. This was not the case, in fact it did nothing but flash a little folder and a question mark. By now I am sure you all are laughing pretty hard but please try to understand that I am only now learning how a Mac works and believe me when I say they are very different from PC’s. Can someone please tell me how to fix this?
    Thanks for your time, I am really impressed how well Mac’s work and wish I had started using them years ago. (but that’s another story)
    Have a great day,
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    Wow, you really have to let go of some of those IT engineer habits. You don't have to rip the disk out to get a new OS on it. But I know the feeling when you're trying to get something done and things don't work as expected, and you're trying to use you acquired PC skills on the Mac.
    The question mark simply means that the Mac can't find a bootable partition, so it's no indication that you killed it! Mac and PC use different partitioning schemes, so repartitioning on the PC (which I assume you did to be able to format the disk) will not work.
    As an alternative to the c key, try d (for dvd), or alt (which brings up the boot menu, takes some time though). Also, you have to press that key as soon as you hear the chime, and keep it pressed until you see a reaction. The Mac won't start beeping at you for doing that.
    Those disks are ancient, btw. The current version is 10.5.2, that's three major OS versions more recent. To get started, those should work, but I wouldn't try to do any development on such an old system.

  • HELP! I think I killed my Mac!

    I have a Mirrored door, 1 ghz dual, G4 that I bought new in 2002. I recently needed to do some upgrades and I think I exceeded it's capacity and fried it!
    I recently upgraded (a month ago) to 2 ghz of ram, added a 20" LCD monitor, and added a 4th internal drive 2 nights ago (500 ghz ATA, joining my 2 old 80 gig drives and a 20 gig drive). The new HD was added in desperation when my external 230 gig drive went down with all my UNbacked up files on it. I was able to getthe drive working again and desperate to get everything on all my drives backed up. Finished backing everything up to the 500 yesterday morning and everything seemed fine... then last night I was reading email and suddenly my screen went blue and wouldn't come back. I restarted and at first the power wouldn't even come on... or the button lighted up and then died out before the start up tone. I thought maybe the power supply couldn't handle the load, so after letting it cool down for a long time, I unhooked 2 of the internal drives... leaving my startup and 500 gig running. This time the power came on, start up sound played and the button stayed light (and I could hear fans), but the monitor stayed black. I turned the monitor on and off and got the little "analog / digital" box in the upper left corner for a couple minutes and it seemed like the screen lightened a tiny but, but then it gave up and went black again.
    Soooo... is my mac dead... the motherboard fried... or could it just be my graphics card? How can I tell?
    I'm in the middle of several huge deadlines and need to resolve this NOW... if it can't be fixed today I need to buy a new Mac immediately, get everything installed and get the deadlines done by Monday even if I work all day and night through the weekend, so I'd really appreciate advice ASAP.
    I have every reason to believe my data is intact... but if I get a new Mac, is there anyway to move my internal drive to the new Mac so I don't have to reinstall all of my software or is that just an exquisite form of suicide?
    If I get a Mac Pro (w/intel processor) will my regular Mac OSX software still work ok? Or Should I go for a G5 machine for convenience?
    G4 dual 1Ghz, Mirrored Door   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    Unfortunately this goes to prove why backups should be external, not internal. Neither G5 nor Intel Macs support ATA/IDE drives directly. They use the new SATA technology. However, a Firewire/IDE hard drive case will let you use the old hard drives on a new Mac. The G5 Mac has better support for Mac OS 9 applications, though not as good as a non-Firewire 800 Mirror Dual G4 (the Firewire 800 Dual G4 only could use Classic and couldn't boot Mac OS 9), and the Intel Macs have no support for Mac OS 9 at all. In addition if your applications have no Universal equivalent they may run slower on an Intel Mac than a G5 as my FAQ explains:
    Macmaps will be down briefly today for an upgrade.
    If once you connect the old hard drives you aren't able to see them on the new machine, you may want to use some of the tools on my backup FAQ:
    and directory FAQ:
    In the worst case scenario you may be forced to use a data recovery firm.
    Good luck in retrieving your data!

  • FX5900SP 256MB Blurry screen?

    I built my computer and got everything going.  Then when i installed the drivers for the video card it went just a touch blurry.  its really sutle but i have no clue how to fix it.  Any ideas anyone?

    MSI K8t Neo-FIS2R
    ATHLON 64 3200
    1X512 MB PC3200 Kingston HyperX
    MSI FX5900SP 256 MB ram
    Maxtor SATA 160Gb 8MB CACHE
    Raidmax 400 WATT
    My video driver version is  Viewing it on a 1 month hold Samsung 19" monitor.
    Need any more info?

  • Nbox FX5900sp quiery

    I'm wondering if anyone can help.
    I have an MSI nbox 5900sp, the problem is that it runs slower (much slower) than a normal 5900.  I have unlocked the Nvidia o/c utility and have increased the clocks to more normanl operating speeds.  Should I raise the AGP voltage for the card to compensate for this?.

    As standard I was getting about 5500 in 3DMark®03, my m8 gets high 6s only difference in the system are the cards and he has a 2800+(333Mhz)
    have not tried out this with my new settings.  I also stuck the voltage up to 1.7 volts and seems to be more stable.  Once I install 3dmark again I will post results.

  • I think i killed a G4!!! :(

    hey guys. i resentally bought tiger server for my powermac g4 digital audio (466mhz) as well as 512mb ram and a upgraded 64mb graphcs card.
    it was working though the day and the next but on the third day when i booted it on it decided not to work any more. all i get is the bong gray apple boot screen with the twerly thing and then a arge black square.
    any suggestions or ways to fix it (i am a computer science student so am quite competent unfortuatly we use macs in uni but ironquely use vista on them grrrrr)

    I have a similar situation with my AGP G4 when I try to use an NVidia graphics card in it. Video freezes after the spinning grey gear and before the login screen (HD continues activity in background). It's fine with ATI video cards. Same sequence whether the card is an NV6200 or an NV5200. What video card do you have? Do you have the OEM Rage Pro card to try?
    These NVidia cards work fine in my cube and in a friend's G4 tower. I'm still looking for the answer to this one. I've tried a clean system install, NVRAM reset, everything I can think of.

  • I think I killed my iPod Nano by trying to install iPodLinux on it.

    Copied and pasted from my topic on GameFAQs message boards
    So I tried to install iPodLinux on my iPod to play pong, watch videos, you know, all that stuff.
    I went through the install fine, I set it to load the iPodLinux as default bootup or whatever. I unhooked the iPod and tried to boot it up, and it just brought me to a screen that said "www.apple.com/support/ipod" with a picture of a folder and a ! by it.
    So after it said that, it just wouldn't turn on anymore. I went to the site and their suggestion was the 5 R's
    I did the the 5 R's
    ( * 1. Reset your iPod.
    * 2. Retry with a different USB port.
    * 3. Restart your computer.
    * 4. Reinstall iPod and iTunes software.
    * 5. Restore your iPod. )
    Fortuneately the #1 Rest your iPod got it back on, but it's still stuck at the "www.apple.com/support/ipod" screen when I set it up.
    So I decided to try #5 Restore your iPod, and it said "Initializing...." and then did that for about 5 minutes, then finally came up as "iPod could not be mounted."
    Then I restarted the computer and tried again, made sure the USB was properly in, the 'Do not disconnect the iPod' screen came up, tried to load the iPod Updater again to restore it, same results.
    Sooo... If I can't get it mounted in iPod Updater to restore it, what should I do?
    Thanks to anyone who helps, and I'll promise never to mess with electronics ever again, because they always win.
    What I tried
    Okay, Update:
    I go into My Computer to format it, and then I do this
    As you can see, it didn't work.
    I downloaded the the newest iPod Updater from Apple's site and it let me click Restore on it, which got my hopes up, then shattered them when it came up with "Can't mount iPod.".
    I then also did what davidd said. Uninstalled the iPod software (not iTunes, just the other thing that was on the CD).
    Plugged the Nano back in and tried to go to iPod updater and still, didn't work.
    So it's still not working, anymore ideas?
    Any other suggestions?
    All above is copied and pasted from a topic on GameFAQs regarding this problem... why did I install iPodLinux? Well, I saw a topic on digg about it, and it said if it didn't work I could always just click the Restore button and restore everything, but if you read above, that's not an option or me anymore.
    So, did trying to install iPodLinux on my Nano void my warrenty and I'll just have to live with it, or is there ANY way I can somehow restore it?
    Thanks to anyone who helps me.
      Windows XP  

    Wow, thank you so much!
    Turns out there was a topic on the forums there with guy having same problem and they linked him to topics that saved his iPod too.
    Thank you so much, it works now

  • Help! I think I killed my PowerBook...

    Yesterday I posted about my computer going on the fritz, but when I got home everything was fine. Well, things went from bad to worse today. Now my computer won't even start up. When I press the power button, I heard the hard drive spinning, actually it's more like a light "grinding" sound - almost as if the fan inside is hitting something - and I get the blue screen. No icon, no startup, nothing.
    I had originally thought it was a bad 1GB RAM card that I had installed a few weeks ago because I had taken it out and replaced it with my original 256 card. Things were working fine for a few hours, then it started to slow down again. I was going to reinstall my OS (I had backed up all my info to my iPod) but when I was trying to shut my computer down, it froze up. I pressed the power button for a few seconds to force it to shut down, then the blue screen thing happened. I'm not sure what to do now, I'm posting this on my wife's VAIO so thankfully I have access to help.
    I'm currently running OS 10.3.3.
    It's imperative that I get my PB up and running by tomorrow 8am or I am sunk! Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

    Well I'm not sure if you have a hardware issue. Try re-installing the 1gig of RAM and reboot to see if you can get back into the system. Usually 3 beeps during startup will alert you to defective RAM. Since you didn't report hearing them maybe the RAM is ok. The missing user login window happened to me twice. I didn't run the Apple hardware test or any other diagnostics as I orginally thought it was an issue with the USB drive I had hanging up during ejection. The second time it occured I found a file in the startup folder for a Lexmark printer (which I deleted then rebooted the system) I was using. At the time I first connected the printer I got an error message stating it's security level wasn't correct. There was a prompt for me to fix, ignore or decide later. I believe at the time I selected decide later which a subsequent message alerted me that by doing so I could encounter problems. All of this is annecdotal at best because I never definitively determined the cause of the issue. It has not reoccured again so far. If you have the opportunity try running the hardware test and post back the results.

  • I think I killed my Mac, trying to install XP - Help, please!

    I am at a loss. I cannot boot my computer in OSX, but when I try to boot it will the install disk....it comes to the first screen for what language, but then says OSX cannot be installed on this computer.
    Perhaps it is still on the computer and that is why...but I cannot find it, though I am not that savy with this stuff. I tried holding down the option key and it just lists a windows start up disk...but that is not working as it just recycles trying to install windows xp.
    oh my, I am sick.
    If anyone can help, please let me know!!

    It is common when installing Windows for the install disk to have to reboot the machine to proceed to the next step. People familiar with Windows installation are not thrown by this - but a person new to the task might be confused.
    In Boot Camp this can throw you off because it does not prompt you as to your job in the procedure.
    If you don't do anything your Mac will boot back to OSX and Windows will remain un-finished. Here it is: if you are installing Windows and the machine closes down and re-boots, always hold down the 'option' key (or if you like - the 'c' key) so you can avoid an automatic boot to OSX - choose the 2nd hard drive icon. Windows always wants to boot back to Windows - to finish the job.
    If you want to erase your Boot Camp error - just boot to OSX, open Boot Camp Assistant (found in "Utilities" which is found in the Applications folder) and choose to create one partition. Your OSX install will not be hurt by this.
    If you want to wipe your computer completely (as if factory new) in order to install OSX from scratch then first install your OSX DVD and boot (holding down the option key or else the c key - then select the disk icon) - after language selection wait for the tool bar at the top to appear, select utilities > disk utility and click the hard drive (listed at the top of the list) and then click 'partition'. Then under 'volume scheme' select 'current' and create a 3 or 4 partition (takes a minute) and then undo this and create a one partition. This should blank-out the computer hard drive completely for you to start fresh - all will be erased.
    If your Mac will not boot properly and you happen to have materials on your machine that you MUST save or recover, then you will need different help than I describe here.
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  • I think Lion killed my IR port, Mini 1.83 Dual

    After going from Snow Leopard to Lion on my MacMini 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo the "Disable remote control infared receiver" is gone from the Security & Privacy panels Advanced sheet.
    The Mac came with a white remote that worked fine I bougt an aluminum one and no problems with that either.  Anyone seen this before?
    The IR port could be broken is there a way to check it?  It does seem sort of strange that the port would die after an OS update.
    Any ideas out there?
    Thanks in advance

    "user", thanks for the helpful and honest answer.  It feels a little better knowing I'm not alone in it. I've searched but not found the tread you mention.  The real pain is that the mini in question is the hub of my entertainment center.  There are two 3Tb firewire drives attached to it all filled with TV series and movies.  The optic goes into a Yamaha 7.1, it's rare anymore that I fire up my DVD player, and only use the BluRay to connect to Netflix cause the audio and video seem to be better through it.

  • I think I killed it

    Dropped my iPod and it's not responding. Just shows a folder with an exclaimation point and tells me to go to www.apple.com/support/ipod. Can this be fixed?


  • Uh oh I think I killed my pictures

    using iPhoto 4 I did an export of the entire library to a single folder on the mac - about 1000 pictures
    I then copied the folder to a USB drive
    I took the USB drive to a windows PC and observed that there were twice as many files. There was one file that started with a period for each file, plus the original file. I then wiped the Mac and restored the OS clean.
    After reinstalling the Mac OS, I mounted the thumb drive on the Mac and copied the photos back onto the Mac.
    I then tried to re-import the picture files into i-photo and only about 60 photos successfully imported.
    Any ideas as to how I can get the rest of the photos to import?

    Hi, aflat. Yep, any time you wipe your hard drive without first confirming that the backups you've made are all good, you risk losing data.
    Backing up Mac files on PC-formatted media is a very bad idea unless you take special precautions. The PC-DOS file system has no place in it for some of the data structures used by many Mac files; that data is either lost entirely or separated from the main file when such a file is written to a DOS-formated disk. When you copy the file back to the Mac, the separated or discarded data is missing and the file is seen as corrupt.
    Plain JPEG files shouldn't suffer this problem: JPEG is a cross-platform file format that doesn't put anything into the "resource fork" provided in the Mac file system. But it may be that when iPhoto exports your library, it adds something there — and if you then write the file to a DOS volume, the DOS file system deletes whatever was added, making the file unreadable by iPhoto after you copy it back into the Mac file system later. This is speculation on my part; I don't know all the ins and outs. I am quite certain, however, that your problems arise from having used a DOS volume to back up Mac files.
    Do the photos that iPhoto can't re-import open OK in Preview, GraphicConverter, or other photo viewing and editing applications? Do they still have .jpg filename extensions? If you can still open the pictures in other applications, there is hope for getting them back into iPhoto.
    In the future, if you must back Mac files up to a DOS volume, put them all into a folder and use OS X's "Create Archive" command to compress them all into a .zip archive. Then copy that to the DOS volume. Don't decompress it or open it on a PC: doing so will destroy many of the Mac files inside. Copy the .zip archive back to the Mac unchanged, decompress it, and everything inside will be intact.

  • How can i kill the Adobe Reader session right away?

    I have developed an interactive form, my_form. And we launch / render this my_form in (ERP / SAP) application's portal IE browser, well.
    Say, user opened this form, worked on it, submitted (we have our own submit button) and closed the window by clicking the top right corner's X button, but user is seeing stll the red Reader icon on the bottom bar, even thought the user is closed the window completely
    If user try to close this reader red reader icon explicitly, user is getting the other exception popup as Runtime error as described here http://forums.adobe.com/thread/391738
    Hence, am thinking to KILL the reader session right away the moment user closes the window, pls. let me know,
    1) How can i KILL the reader session via JavaScript, is it possible?
    2) if so, what the JS code i need to put and
    3) in which event pls.?
    Thank you

    In to my original posting, am attaching these pics
    On my desktop it looks like below,
    1) Even though user is closing the window but still the reader icon is lying on the bottom
    2) Once user double cliks the above red icon, user is getting below popup
    Thank you

  • E72 low memory - What processes can we kill to imp...

    Latest firmware improves memory management a bit but the E72's low free RAM is still its weakest point in my opinion.
    I use JBakTaskManager at startup and the only think I kill right now is vcommandmanager. I've seen other recommendations of tasks and processes than can be killed to free up RAM but have not tested those in detail yet.
    Anyone care to share some opinions on what to kill?
    (shame on Nokia for not loading up the E72 with 256 MB RAM as other announced models)

    Have you managed to find any other tasks that can be safely killed, if you have World Traveller installed it creates two tasks witch can be killed
    thanks Neil

  • Ipod killed?

    I think I killed my iPod. I was using iTunes when it decided to freeze up on me. I had to use control/Alt/Delete to shut the program off, and afterwards my iPod continued to say "Do Not Disconnect". Against the warning, I disconnected it. I've tried the 5 R's but I cannot get it to do anything. The only thing it shows is the apple symbol or that the battery is low. But it won't even light up or get color. Please help. What can I do?
    Did I kill my iPod?
    I really don't want to send it in if I don't have to. I've had it for a month and a half and have had the worst problems with it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
    5 Generation iPod w/ Video   Windows XP   Feb 07

    ] Try to put the iPod into Disk Mode if it fails to appear on the desktop
    and do the Restore to factory setting. Otherwise,
    Windows users having trouble with their iPods should locate a Mac user. In many cases when an iPod won't show up on a PC that it will show up on the Mac. Then it can be restored. When the PC user returns to his computer the iPod will be recognized by the PC, reformatted for the PC, and usable again. By the way, it works in reverse too. A Mac user often can get his iPod back by connecting it to a PC and restoring it.
    a. It does not matter whether the format is completed or not, the key is to erase (or partly) the corrupted firmware files on the Hard Drive of the iPod. After that, when the iPod re-connected with a computer, it will be recognized as an fresh external hard drive, it will show up on the iTunes 7.
    b. It is not a difficult issue for a Mac user to find a window base computer, for a PC user, if they can’t find any Mac user, they can go to a nearest Apple Shop for a favor.
    c. You may need to switch around the PC and Mac, try to do several attempts between “Format” and “Restore”

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