NEED AGENT activate data feature like customer service has for months due to error

for the last 4 months customer service thru email has had to activate data after my plan renews i just found out the email option is gone. So i need an agent to do it below is what the agent said thru his email in june when they ask for me to reply via email. btw the error has been happening since April where my blackberry data turns off on verizons end and i can't get email or send or use browser or send and receive picture messages once my plan renews
Good Morning Monica,
Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless once again, this is Mike again, and it's my pleasure to again enable your data feature for your account.
I have once again activated the proper data feature on your account and I have submitted another error example. I have also found that this issue is common with blackberry devices and we are currently working on a solution. Until your data feature no longer needs to be activated by a representative each month, i will be more than happy to assist you with activating your data whenever your plan renews if you simply reply to this email and request that i activate the data.
thank you, Monica for contacting
Verizon wireless once again. We
greatly appreciate that you provided us
with another opportunity to assist you.
again this is Mike, and it's my
pleasure to activate your data feature
once again. please continue to feel free to reply to this email or call customer service at (888)294-6804 if you ever
have any other questions or concerns,
thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless.

I did a diagnostic check and this part came up. I think the BIS
service is not connecting but i think it's on verizon's side. Each
time the customer service agent turned on data on verizon's side it
fixed the problem.
I saw online many blackberry's have the issue like the agent told me.
so i need for this to be fixed because i am paying for data.
Diagnostic report
Blackberry registration: Yes
Connected to blackberry: No
Blackberry pin-pin: abort

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    I am writing to publically complain about Verizons absolute lack of interest in providing customer service and for not honoring their part of our contract.  I purchased a verizon jetpack over a year ago with absolute assurance that it would work in the rural area in which I live.  It didn't work, it has never worked, there is no usage on the line and Verizon will not refund my money and will  not cancel the contract.  I am posting here, but will be posting this week on twitter, facebook, and better business bureau.  I have tried to resolve the issue multiple times both in store and through phone customer service.  Nothing but frustration.
    Here is your best clue ever:  avoid Verizon stores like the plague and go to your local Best Buy.  Not only do they provide customer service, but they don't even charge restock fees if a piece of equipment doesn't work out.  I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on equipment I can't use, could never use.
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    I started with them in 1985. It has been wonderful service but very expensive. They seem to operate on day of deposit day of withdrawal. That means that I have no benefits nothing beyond the normal customer if I don't pay my bill they shut me off. That's why I have switch to another provider and I have better service lower cost and better phones. you can't beat  other providers I mean it. Please don't expect more from verizon other than a "pay me more money and I'll do what you want" because it's all about money. Read the transcripts from current Verizon employees all over the internet. The company is going down and they're taking customers with them.
    msvat <[email protected]> wrote:
    msvat  created the discussion
    "What is the number for Verizon Wireless  Corporate Customer Service Complaint for CA"
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  • Customer Service request for all mobile users

    To all cellular subscribers, first off, I wish to say I am a proud VZW user. Second, I want to say I am a customer service rep for a competitor carrier. Personally, a few of my coworkers and I believe there really isn't any competition. Thirdly, I want to remind everyone... When you get your bills and you don't understand them, or your service isn't working correctly, try to have your duckies in a row BEFORE you call customer service. We do not work for the company in question, we are a 3rd party outfit that is hired by the big guys (T-Mo, ATT, Sprint, Verizon....) to handle the calls coming in. We are trained, but remember, we are in a call center, some may be overseas, some may be in the US, but our paychecks do not come from the big guys, but our real bosses. Yes, you are customers, just like I am, but before you call us, put yourself in our place. Seriously, if you had to talk to a person over the phone who is yelling and calling you names, would you want to help them?
    So, my request to you is follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Trust me, staying calm in the face of any hardship will go farther than flying off the handle.

    Yes, my coworker's sister works for the same company we work for  and she handles VZW calls. Also, just the other day, I helped someone cancel her contract with the competitor's company because she was just hired on as a rep with the same company we work for but in a different state. BTW, that new VZW customer/CSR says that the service for Verizon is WAY BETTER than with her old company 

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    Is there a customer service number for Australian customers?
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    Ah, you're a legend. I'll be hanging onto that number for grim death. Thanks for the info.
    20 mins after your reply, Adobe put the charge through on my credit card 6 days after they sent me a suspension notice.
    Their account management interface sucks. It does this ajax thing that ever completes and comes up with a message to "try again later" which never works. I had to use the Opera browser to get it to work for some reason. And even when it does, there is no option to request that outstanding balances be charged to your card. My ISP has this, my mobile service provider has this, my web hosting company has this, why can't a big multinational corporation have the same feature instead of getting us to waste hours every month just to have a payment pushed through. Alternatively, and at least, why doesn't it just keep attempting to charge the card until it gets through? No, instead it suspends your account. Grrrrr....

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    what is the difference between Safari 5.1.7 and 5.1.10?
    I can not log on to my website, so that their customer service has said that they are using Safari 5.1.7, and I use 5.1.10 (which I have installed on my computer, Mac)

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    Hello Experts,
         I am facing a problem in one particular GL i.e.Service Tax Control a/c
    error-Entries appearing in Service Tax Control Account due to Error in System
    entries are- Service tax control   a/c   -
    Dr. 21,621.86
                            To Service Tax Control a/c     Cr.      21,621.86
    My question is when i am making entry as Service tax Dr-21,621.86,Service Tax Cr.21,621.86,so it will adjust,and in FBL3N amt will show 0 but it was showing 21,621.86
    Plz Guide me asap,very urgent issue
    Thanks in Advance

    What was the balance before you posted the below entry?
    Also run FBl3N with correct date parameters..

  • Need help from executives above elite customer services

    Below is our attempts to change our services with Verizon FIOS.  It has been an ongoing frustration with different infromation and redirection.  We are trying to get a consistant answer form someone in the customer service division.  Otherwise we will be forces to seek another provider.
    This is a copy of our last email to Verizon
    Below is a copy of an email to your company on December 3rd.  There was no response to this email and when  we called on to the last offer made to us in writing we were told that it was no longer available.  This continued redirection and misinformation is what one would consider a "bait and switch" tactic.  At this time if we do not get a response to this email by Monday 12/22/14 we will pursue another provider. 
    ----- Forwarded Message -----
    From: {edited for privacy}
    To: {edited for privacy}
    Sent: Wednesday, December 3, 2014 8:03 PM
    Subject: Re: A preview of your order
    To Whom It May Concern:
    We have become thoroughly frustrated with your customer service and sales associates.  We have talked to them on at least 4 occasions over the last month, and during which times they have made multiple offers and none of these representatives tell us the same story.
         On 10/20/14, we went online requesting pricing for dropping our home phone and TV services.  We were told that they could not offer us anything and asked us to call 800-837-4966 and talk to the Elite Service representative. When we called this number we spoke with Michael who offered internet at 15/15 Mbps for $54.99 a month for 12 months with no contract.  We told him we would discuss it and call back.  He said that would be fine and any representative could make us this offer.
         On 11/18/14, we called back and were told that we could not get the $54.99/12 months with no contract, but we could get an Internet/TV bundle for $52.99 a month with a 2 year contract.  We decided that we did not like this offer and declined.
         On 11/18/14, we called back a few minutes later to try to find Michael and were told that his conversation was not recorded and they did not know of him.  We were informed that we were talking to a call center in California.  The representative apologized for the confusion, and she told us that 15/15 Mbps was no longer available as a speed option and we had to have 25/25 Mbps.  She could only offer this at a rate of $64.99 per month.  She could give us the triple play listed in the email below on a month-to-month basis so that we could decide what we wanted to do.  She also told us we had until 12/19 to make a decision.
         On 12/3/14/, we called the sales center to ask about pricing for a double play package.  The representative said we could not get 25/25 Mbps and could only get 15/15 Mbps.  He offered a rate of $84.99 on a month-to-month contract.  At this point the conversation ended.
    Our intentions started as an effort to cut costs by stopping TV and telephone services.  We have been told many different things about what we can get and no one has the same information.  We have been customers for a very long time, but given this multitude of misinformation we are strongly considering leaving Verizon altogether.
    I hope that someone can contact us via this email and clear things up.
    We look forward to your reply.
    Go to Solution.

    Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other customers here.
    Verizon doesn't communicate with customers by email other than to send order confirmations.  You need to call or chat with them.  For an issue like yours, I suggest you talk to their retention department.  It is reached by calling them and selecting "cancel all services" from the phone menu.
    Good Luck.
    If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer as Accepted Solution so others can see the solution to the problem.


    >> Duplicate post removed to comply with Verizon Wireless Terms of Service.  See SHARED DATA *****...SO DOES CUSTOMER SERVICE <<
    Message was edited by: Verizon Moderator

    Do in haste repent at leisure! Good words to ponder.
    However those brand new shiny devices were purchased under a subsidy so you did not want to pay full price for those devices and you were told you would lose unlimited data. How is that Verizons fault?
    You secured devices that cost $700+ for $199 or less. That was a good deal. You received value, however if the unlimited was really important you would have either paid full price under the extended payment plan or full price outright.
    You had choices but did not use them. I am no verizon fan regarding their tactics in securing customers or the now crummy suppirt services, but I don't blame them for choices I make. They give you the qualifiers and you the customer make the decisions.
    Also please stop posting in all caps, it is very difficult to read. And poor form. Thank You.
    If under 14 days return everything and go to your old plan and pay full price.
    Good Luck

  • Store rep signed me up under the wrong plan and no one in customer service has fixed it in over a month

    I was bait and switched. I signed up under the pretense that I was getting the promotional rate of 40gb/$150 that was scheduled to end on November 5 2014.
    I walked  into a Verizon wireless store on November 4th with the intent to trade in my iPhone 5s which I was offered $350 trade in value and port over 2 of my lines with T-Mobile under the Verizon promotion. Once I was approved and offered my trade in I was told that the phones I was seeking to purchase from Verizon was not in stock and needed to be ordered, and delivered separately with the iPhone 6 being shipped out November 14 and the iPhone 6+ shipped November 21. Thomas, the Verizon wireless sales representative, also informed me that for me to get the promotional rate I would have to open the account with an active line before the 5th or I wouldn't be able to get the promotional rate since the phones would be delivered past the promotional date period. The sales representative insisted I should add an iPad that  was in stock at the store and I could leave the store with an active account and once my phones were delivered I would be all set to go with my promotional plan and devices. I had no need for an iPad but decided it was worth getting for the sake of the promotion.
    ON November 14 I recieved via FedEx a package containing not a iPhone 6 as promised, but a iPhone 6+. I called Verizon to activate the phone that was ported to my personal phone number, and didn't have my iPhone 6 that was set to port my out of state business line and cancel service with T-Mobile on the 14th of November. To say the least I was extremely upset for which I had no means of recieving business calls from North Carolina while I live in Florida. At that point I asked the Verizon customer care representative I had on the phone to see if they could see if there was a store that had the iphone 6 I ordered in stock so that I an could have a business phone the same day. He found a store that had it in stock and it happened to be the store I originally signed up at. I was told that it was in the color and storage capacity I had originally ordered and that I could pick it up at the store to complete my purchase with Verizon. Again, for the sake of having a business line I ran to the store and spoke with Thomas and explained the mix up. upon moving forward I was informed that they had an iPhone 6 in stock with the capacity I had requested but not the same color I had ordered. At that point I didn't care I just needed a phone and proceeded to activate the phone he had in stock And ported over my business line.
    After recieving a text from Verizon that I had consumed all of my data just days after I recieved my phones I called Verizon 611 from my phone and spoke to a customer care representative named Fallon, which informed me I was set up on the wrong plan and that she see's the notes that Thomas notated that I was subscribing for a 40gb plan and that she was going to send a  request I D # [removed] form to make the corrections and that there was no need for me to cancel service as I was within my cancelation period, again she insisted that there was no need to cancel and that the request would be granted and she would be calling me once my billing cycle reset and the corrections were made and she would credit my account based on the promotional rate. I NEVER RECIEVED A CALL FROM FALLON! Not even to be notified that the request was denied! I came to realize later in December when I recieved a $1200 bill that this wasn't resolved. I called customer service again and spoke with a gentleman that explained the request was denied and that this will be resolved after I explained what transpired. He assured me that he was going to expedite another request and he would be in contact with me within a few hours....... I'm still waiting for his call as well!
    I called again several times in the past few days and have spoken to several supervisors that promised to resolve this matter and call me back promptly........ Again, no one has called me back!
    December the 8th I spoke with a supervisor named Victoria which assured me she would get this resolved within the next 24 hours and gave me her direct number to reach her if I didn't hear from her [removed], again I haven't heard from her yet and I've made several attempts to reach her at her direct line to no avail.
    December the 9th I spoke with supervisor named Mike employee #[removed] in the Seattle call center, he appoligized for the mix up and that no one has called me back and that he would handle this matter and get back to me today December 10th....... Again no call..... I have spoken to 3 people today all which have made promises to call me back today within a few hours and none that have. I just got off the phone with a supervisor named Vanessa Jentfield at the Chicago call center and saw all the notations and assured me that there is no reason why this shouldn't be corrected and that she would be calling me back tonight or tomorrow. I will be sitting by the phone unless Verizon wireless decides to disconnect my service for non payment of $1200+.........
    I have filed a complaint giving a detailed explanation of what has transpired with the FCC as well as the FTC, my next step is to file a small claims lawsuit tomorrow morning with the state of Florida and see if Verizon finds a way to contact me then,I guess I will just have to wait and see.
    Personal information removed as required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service
    Message was edited by: Admin Moderator

    It was a good idea to file a complaint with the FCC, someone from Verizon will contact you by phone in an effort to  resolve your issue. I wouldn't suggest small claims court as they have not done anything illegal, (just bad customer service) and their contract with you is usually upheld, which in this case is not for the plan you want. The person contacting you likely has a little more pull, as the call centers can only uphold the written customer agreement made.

  • Verizon customer service Has to be the worst yet!!!

    Here we go again, below is an email I sent you back in March of 2012 about the extremely poor customer service that Verizon seems to consistently offers its customers.  the email was sent to William {edited for privacy}.
    On Saturday morning I woke up to find my internet and cable service was out.  I called for service and the woman I spoke with again had a difficult time finding my account.  after she was able to locate my account, she did attempt to help me get my service up and running. we were unable to do so.  so she indicated that she would put in a service call for a repair man to come to my home.  She told me the waiting window was from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm.  This in itself is a ridicules time window 13 hours.  I explained I had some volunteer work to do that day and I would not be home until after 4:30 and she told me that she would mark the ticket to indicate that.  While I was doing the volunteer work, I had received a telephone message from “peter” telling me he was going to be at my house at 2:00pm.  I received this message and called the service number to remind them that I would not be home at that time. Again it too 10 minutes to find my account, and the person I was speaking to told me he would check with dispatch and call me back.. I had finished my work earlier than expected and headed home.  I then received a phone call back telling me that the repair man would be at my house at 3:30.
    At 4:00 I called service again because I have not seen the repair man.  I talked to a man named Kyle, who with my name, address, telephone number (a Verizon cell phone) and service ticket number too 15 minutes to find my account. After he found my account, he told me that the service man is scheduled between 4:30 and 9:30 to come to my house.  I asked him to talk to someone to narrow down the time a little bit as I was told it would be 3:30 and that 5 hour window was ludicrous.  he told me he could not.  I asked to speak to his boss.
    Dennis was the boss’ name, he told me he was going to call dispatch and “get to the bottom” of this.  He called me back, only to tell me that there would be no repair man coming to my house because it was not scheduled and they do not have anyone available to send.  I told him that my call was given to a tech as I was told two specific times that he was going to be there.  He said that the dispatcher did not log my call correctly and that there was nothing that could be done, I would have to way until the next day for repair service.  Imagine that, I called at 5:46 am for service and I cannot receive service for more than 24 hours.
    So once again like back in March of 2012 I had to waste hours of my time, and on Saturday and Sunday 1 hour and 45 minutes of my air time on my Verizon cell phone to attempt to obtain something the even resembles good customer service.
    Today I went online to the “chat” service and talked to someone in India, Dyvia, I explained I wanted to file a complaint, she told me that she to transfer me to “billing”. Robert in billing told me he could not help me as he had to transfer me to technical Support.  Jagannath told me he could not help and that I could go to to file a complaint.  That site does not have dropdowns for complaints.  while he was looking for some alternative I called back to the technical service number to try to obtain the corporate headquarters number.  again they could not find my account and I said you do not need my account to give me a phone number.  they reluctantly gave me the number.  I called {edited for privacy} ended up speaking with Ms. DelGado,  who listened to my complaint, and told me that she would  have someone call me tomorrow. 
    tonight at 8:53pm I received a phone call, by the time I got to the phone it had gone to voice mail.  it was someone named “Celeste” I think, she was not very clear and spoke too fast for voice mail. she told me that she would update my account so that service technicians would be able to find my account if I ever call.  While this may be all well and good, this is the same thing you did for me in 2012 and I am still having this problem. 
    This “fix” does not go far enough, I feel that Verizon owes me for my wasted time and my cell phone minutes and I want to know what Verizon is going to do about it.  I spend a lot of money on my Verizon services, and I want and expect to receive good customer service.  I do not think it is too much to ask for that a company can at least fine my account, but they MUST be able to provide prompt service calls.
    When you have had a chance to research this please contact me by email and let me know how Verizon is going to handle this.  Xfinity is looking better and better
    Thank you
    Thank you for taking the time to talk to my this morning. I wanted to let you know that my situation has still not been resolved.
    After Spending 35 minutes one night and was promised my box would be shipped to my office and be delivered on Tuesday, it was not
    The second time I called spending 55 minutes on the phone, Kelvin assured me that UPS would deliver the box to my office on Wednesday, he assured me! Well here it is 7:15 pm on Wednesday and I still do not have the replacement box.  Totally wasted an hour and a half on the phone.
    As I told you earlier today, I am totally shocked at the lack of service I have been receiving, and this just goes to prove the point. today when I called and asked to speak to a supervisor it took 20 minutes to get to you, because they can NEVER find my account, my phone # which is a Verizon cell phone, the only phone I have cannot,. for some reason be linked to my account. (I called one night and they could not find my account even though I was giving them my account # from online. some people complain they are only a number to big companies, seems I am not even a number to this company.)
    You told me today that you would personally handle any issues I have with Verizon, so I am asking you now to fix this problem, and have my new box delivered. I have to tell you I am really considering moving my accounts to Comcast.  I spend a lot of money on my FIOS PHONE and Internet services with your company, and I feel that it is not appreciated by Verizon.
    I am looking forward to your assisting me, and hopefully saving me as a customer.

    Hi buonopaul,
    Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Before the agent can begin assisting you, they will need to collect further information from you. Please go to your profile page for the forum and look at the top of the middle column where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases". You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board.
    Under "My Support Cases" you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis, as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.

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