Need applescript studio older version

I have been asked to program for a company. what I would like to do is go back to an older version of Applescript studio what actually uses Applescript so I can create on interface with drop down windows and that cool floating gray-ish window. I dont know Obj-C.
what version of AS would that be. thanks for the info.

AppleScript is a set of system components, so you can't just drop in an older set.
AppleScriptObjC does use AppleScript, the main difference is in the way it accesses the Cocoa frameworks - AppleScript Studio essentially uses a bunch of terminology and handler wrappers around Cocoa methods that the Studio development team have gotten around to including, while ASOC can call Cocoa methods directly (a bit cleaner than Studio's call method kludge). You don't really need to know Objective C, but it does help a little when looking at the documentation - I know just enough to get an idea what some code snippet is doing, but don't ask me much more than that.
Older AppleScript Studio projects can still be edited and compiled in Snow Leopard's Xcode, so the components are still in there. Since Apple wants everyone to start using the new framework, the older project templates have been removed, but they can also still be used. If you really need to develop a new Studio application, for example to use on older systems, you just need to do a couple of things.
1) The AppleScript Studio palette can be enabled in Interface Builder by using defaults write IBEnableAppleScriptStudioSupport -bool YES
2) You need to get a copy of an AppleScript Studio project template. If you have access to a Leopard system installation, the easiest way would be to make a copy of the desired template from the */Developer/Library/Xcode/Project Templates/Application* folder there, for example the *AppleScript Application* template (you can also download the old templates from my iDisk here). You probably shouldn't modify anything in the /Developer folder, but you can use custom project templates from your user's *~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Project Templates/Application* folder, so copy your project template there (make intermediate folders as needed).
Once the template is copied, you can select it when making a new project and use the old terminology as usual.

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    No need to install older version. Simply don't install the Click to Call plugin.
    You can also download older version of Skype from
    Location - Dhaka | Bangladesh - Standard Time Zone: GMT/UTC + 06:00 hour
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