Need detailed instructions on how to enable " Check for Updates" option on the Firefox installation directory for Windows XP.

I have Firefox 2.0 (running Windows XP) and want to update it to 3.6, but the "Check for updates" option on the Help menu is grayed out and need to enable this option by changing permissions on the Firefox installation directory. I need detailed instructions on how to access the Firefox installation directory and change the permissions.
Can someone please assist?
Thank you.

Download a new copy of the Firefox program:
Trash the current Firefox application to do a clean reinstall.
Install the new version that you have downloaded.
Your profile data is stored elsewhere in the [ Firefox Profile Folder], so you won't lose your bookmarks and other personal data.

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    how can I to enable "Check For Updates" in the Help menu ??

    There is an outside chance you can download the updates and install them, but in the case you have that probably would not work. Are you logged in as an administrator?

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    Thank you for the link. I'm still not sure what needs to be done. I made the changes in 'regedit' like the forum stated, but am still having issues. I will post screenshots below that are showing up. More assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm not extremely technical savvy but can work my way through most things. I would like to set up my wife's iPhone email so she can receive (and respond to) her company emails on her iPhone. What options do I have and how do I do it?
    Thank you.

    I have no hope of my IT group ever supporting the
    iPhone, so I have my emails redirected (using the
    Outlook rule) to [email protected] I then created a
    GMail account on my iPhone using the Other shortcut,
    so I could specify [email protected] as my address. So
    now, a copy of all my emails gets forwarded to my
    GMail account, I can respond and it looks like its
    coming from [email protected], and when I get back to
    the office all my emails are still there waiting to
    be downloaded, so I can delete them all as they come
    in on my iPhone.
    Thanks for the idea - good work around. I like the idea that any responses using the iPhone would look like the business email address to the recipients (and presumably any response made would go to the business email address?). Can I do this on a Yahoo email account, or it only something available on Gmail accounts?

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    Try 'Settings', Swipe left and the scroll down to Photos+Camera. First option

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    The view instance should be the same as the view instance (view object) specified for your region.
    If the View Attribute already that you need already exists in the View Object then you can use it.
    Otherwise you have to extend the View Object and add the new attribute to it.

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    I need detailed instructions for scanning to my imac, using the HP Deskjet 2540.

    Follow the instructions in this article,
    I double checked and your scanner is supported.

  • computer, new library, NO BACKUP need detailed instructions

    Hello all,
    I just built my new PC and put win 7 on it the other day. I downloaded the newest itunes and got all my music and such on there, great.
    Now the iphone. I just did a backup of it in its current state but there is not one from my old computer. I understand losing music and photos and even having to get apps again, fine, no problem. Its my contacts I am concerned with.
    I tried the program Backup!Contacts but when it goes to send the vcard file it doenst send me the file, its messed up, so I dont have a backup of my contacts on ANYTHING and dont want to lose them.
    I currently only have Yahoo as my email. I do not have a mail client on my computer (outlook does not come with office 2007 home and student).
    Question and help needed, how do I keep my contacts if it syncs to a new library? I understand that like I said, losing music etc will happen, but I cant lose the contacts.
    On my previous computer, it deleted contacts on 3 seperate occasions when trying to sync, I did the merge and all that stuff and it all resulted in the same problem. So now what do I do? How do I keep my contacts? How do I get my contacts off my phone once its back on the new library system? I need detailed instructions, as I said before, when I tried this before it just simply delted everything. I am extremely worried that it will happen again. I do not have apple support as I forgot to register for the 2nd year of support before it ran out. I will at some point have to have them backed up because I will be getting a new phone in August or when the newest versions come out since I will be out of contract and get a good deal.
    Thanks for the help. I appreciate it. I really need it, Im not an itunes guy except for music, I just dont get the syncing and it confuses me really bad.

    Contacts are included with your iPhone's backup, which is updated by iTunes as the first step during the sync process. This link provides the data included with your iPhone's backup.
    Although contacts are included with your iPhone's backup, contacts are designed to be synced with a supported application on your computer. With Windoze, this can be with Outlook 2003 or 2007 along with syncing calendar events, or with Windows Contacts for syncing contacts only.
    When syncing iTunes content and transferring photos from another computer, all iTunes content and photos transferred from a different computer will be erased from your iPhone first, but no other data is touched on your iPhone - especially if you aren't syncing contacts with a supported application on your computer. Your iPhone is not completely erased of all data and certainly not any iPhone settings when transferring iTunes content and photos from another computer.
    Before syncing contacts with Windows Contacts, enter one contact in Windows Contacts. Make this contact up if needed, which can be deleted later. This will provide a merge prompt with the first sync with Windows Contacts, which you want to select.

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    I am learning Captivate 7 and I'm stuck trying to create a series of Likert quiz slides. I can't find detailed instruction on how to set up the selections on the scale.

    I would like to know how to read Likert results. Any help would be appreciated.
    I have 15 comments that I need feedback from. There are three possible responses; Seldom, Sometimes, & Often. I would like to assign a point value (numeric value) to each response.
    Once they have been answered , I would like to then take the total point values of only specific questions and display them. (e.g.Questions 2,4,7,9,13). Is it possible to track and assign a point value to each response. I figure once I get them into variables I can create an Advance Action to do the math. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Mails sent to the iPhone (5S) do not appear in sent mail. Neither iOS nor OSX. I need detailed instructions IMAP and SMTP on iPhone and on OSX

    I have two accounts and mails sent from iPhone not appearing in sent by IP or in OSX

  • How does APEX check for null values in Text Fields on the forms?

    Hello all,
    How does APEX check for null values in Text Fields on the forms? This might sound trivial but I have a problem with a PL/SQL Validation that I have written.
    I have one select list (P108_CLUSTER_ID) and one Text field (P108_PRIVATE_IP). I made P108_CLUSTER_ID to return null value when nothing is selected and assumed P108_PRIVATE_IP to return null value too when nothign is entered in the text field.
    All that I need is to validate if P108_PRIVATE_IP is entered when a P108_CLUSTER_ID is selected. i.e it is mandatory to enter Private IP when a cluster is seelcted and following is my Pl/SQL code
    v_valid boolean;
    v_valid := TRUE;
    v_valid := TRUE;
    v_valid := FALSE;
    v_valid := FALSE;
    END IF;
    return v_valid;
    My problem is it is returning FALSE for all the cases.It works fine in SQL Command though..When I tried to Debug and use Firebug, I found that Text fields are not stored a null by default but as empty strings "" . Now I tried modifying my PL/SQL to check Private_IP against an empty string. But doesn't help. Can someone please tell me how I need to proceed.

    See SQL report for LIKE SEARCH I have just explained how Select list return value works..

  • How can I check for VSearch trojan?

    how can I check for VSearch trojan? And then remove it if found?

    Helpful Links Regarding Malware Problems
    If you are having an immediate problem with ads popping up see The Safe Mac » Adware Removal Guide, AdwareMedic, or Remove unwanted adware that displays pop-up ads and graphics on your Mac - Apple Support.
    Open Safari, select Preferences from the Safari menu. Click on Extensions icon in the toolbar. Disable all Extensions. If this stops your problem, then re-enable them one by one until the problem returns. Now remove that extension as it is causing the problem.

  • How to enable SSL for policy service?

    Hi all,
    My application is using SunONE's C API to communicate with the Identity Server.
    In order to enable SSL, I have changed the following lines in = = =
    After operating these changes, everything continued to work fine...but then, I checked with a network sniffer what data is being sent to IS:
    - The login and naming data were over SSL
    - Policy and session items were plain HTTP
    My questions are:
    1. How to enable SSL for policy evaluation requests?
    2. How to enable SSL for sessionservice requests?
    3. What are the changes required on the server/client?
    Many thanks,

    There might a better different forum for this question.

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    Dear All
    Can anyone give me simple instructions on how to use more than one ipod on the same computer with itunes. My daughters have a different generation 'nano' each & my wife a 'shuffle'?
    Many thanks

    Click here for options.

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