Need help exporting multiple individual PDF files out of Indesign CC

I work for a monthly publication and we send our files to the press at the end of the month. There are around 190+ pages that need to be exported as individual PDF's and each PDF needs to be labled as their correct page number. Since we often are backed up against the wall at our deadline, we really need a way to export all these files at one time. Is there a way to export multiple PDF files at one time in Indesign CC?

You could script InDesign to export each page as individual PDF with specific export presets and labeled with correct page number.
But you could also use Acrobat Pro for this task (sorry for the certainly wrong translation of the Acrobat UI – I use a german version ...):
Export the whole publication as 1 PDF file (pp. 1-190).
Open it in Acrobat Pro and choose »Tools › Extract Pages«.
Type 1 to 190 and check the box »extract pages as single pages«, choose the location where to extract to and acrobat automatically numbers your new PDFs sequentially from 1 to x. (Caution: it doesn’t take the correct page number, but numbers sequentially, so it is important to have a PDF from pp. 1-190 in the correct order.)
So with this (as mentioned – sorry for German ):
You’ll get this:

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    When you open your document using Adobe Reader, you will see a toolbar when on the top when you tap gently on the document.
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    That servlet already is Java. And the servlet code isn't what "opens" the PDF, it's the browser that sends the request that does that. I'm assuming that when you say "open it" you mean to start up an instance of Adobe Acrobat and ask it to display the document.

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    Make sure neither of the PDF have been secured in some manner like password protection, form rights or forms distribution.
    Forms created with live cycle cannot be combined by Acrobat.

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    Hi Monika,
    I have downloaded the script to load the multiple page of pdf file.
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    After executing the script file -> Browse and enter the page number - > OK
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    I'm still searching for the solutions. Please help me.

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    You might post this query on the iPhoto forum and perhaps someone there can provide an answer.
    I tried this on my MBP and it seems that you have to restore the entire iPhoto Library.  What I did was put the current library in a separate folder on the desktop and then I restored the library from a prior date.  If you were to do that, you then could extract the desired photos and then delete the restored library.  Then place the current library back to the original location and import the desired photos.
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    Please see and for more information.

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    Two other quick and dirty way sto get it done:
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