Need help for automated import/export of comments in XFDF

Hi !
I created 2 Buttons on my toolbar. One for send comments and one for receive comments! If I click the send button, a window opens and ask for the directory where I want to save the xfdf file.
How can i realize, that I can save the xfdf-file automatic in a folder, which is specified in the javascript file? The same for import!
In web I found:
cExec: "this.importAnXFDF({bAnnotations: true, cPath: /c/PDFTest/Demo.xfdf});",     and
cExec: "this.exportAsXFDF({bAnnotations: true, cPath: /c/PDFTest/Demo.xfdf});",
but if click the button...nothing happens. How can I implement this??
This is the sourcecode of the created config.js file
var pos = 0;
var iconStreamObj = {
    read: function readMyIcon(nBytes){
        var t = "";
        console.println("request for " +nBytes);
        while (pos < nBytes){
            t = t+strtest;
            pos += strtest.length;
        return t;
// Create a toolbutton using the icon I loaded above
    cName: "receive comments",
    oIcon: iconStreamObj,
    cExec: "this.importAnXFDF({bAnnotations: true });",
    cTooltext: "Press button for receiving comments!",
    nPos: 0
var pos = 0;
var iconStreamObj = {
    read: function readMyIcon(nBytes){
        var t = "";
        console.println("request for " +nBytes);
        while (pos < nBytes){
            t = t+strtest;
            pos += strtest.length;
        return t;
// Create a toolbutton using the icon I loaded above
    cName: "send comments",
    oIcon: iconStreamObj,
    cExec: "this.exportAsXFDF({bAnnotations: true });",
    cTooltext: "Press button for sending comments!",
    nPos: 0
Please help!!  Thanks

Doc is the type of object, so you would not use Doc.exportAsXFDF.
In most cases you can use "this", but be careful as "this" will not always refer to the current document, it will refer to whatever object you are currently working within the parameters of.
The security restrictions are quite clear, but I will sum up just to be sure.  You CAN specify the cPath parameter in the following conditions:
Batch Process
Running the code manually from the console
Executing exportAsXFDF through an OLE call via the JSObject from an external application written in C/C++/C#/VB.NET/etc.
Those are the ONLY times that you can specify the cPath parameter in the exportAsXFDF call.  If you try to specify it in any other instance, the call will fail and nothing will be exported.  This means that you CAN NOT specify the cPath parameter from a document-level script, folder-level script, menu item call, etc.

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    Turn the click handler into a full on separate function. Then store all the views in an array and use Math.rand() to randomly choose one.
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    <s:Button id="randomProblemButton" label="Next Problem" click="buttonClickHandler(event)" />
    Haven't tested that, but something along that line should work

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    • Select Partition tab in main panel. (You are about to create a single partition volume.)
    • _Where available_ +Click on Options button+
    +• Select Apple Partition Map (PPC Macs) or GUID Partition Table (Intel Macs)+
    +• Click OK+
    • Select number of partitions in pull-down menu above Volume diagram.
    (Note 1: One partition is normally preferable for an internal HDD.)
    • Type in name in Name field (usually Macintosh HD)
    • Select Volume Format as Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
    • Click Partition button at bottom of panel.
    • Select Erase tab
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    • Click Erase button
    • Quit Disk Utility.

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    That's simple.
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    Post Author: mirage
    CA Forum: Publishing
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    Regards, Slava

    If the change between the 2 types of data has to happen dynamically during run time them
    1. Use 2 dataproviders
         a. Current
         b. Historic
    2. Merge the 2 dimensions
    3. Use Webi variable to switch between the measure of the current and historic universe
    Ex  if [year] < 2010 then historic.[expense] else current.[expense]
    Hope this helps,

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    Cisco 2901 ISR
    I need help for my configuration.... although it is working fine but it is not secured cause everybody can access the internet
    I want to deny this IP range and permit only TMG server to have internet connection. My DHCP server is the 4500 switch.
    Anybody can help?
             DENY –
    Permit only 1 host for Internet
           ------ TMG Server
    Using access-list.
    ( Current configuration  )
    object-group network IP
    description Block_IP
    interface GigabitEthernet0/0
    ip address
    ip nat inside
    ip virtual-reassembly in max-fragments 64 max-reassemblies 256
    duplex auto
    speed auto
    interface GigabitEthernet0/1
    description ### ADSL WAN Interface ###
    no ip address
    pppoe enable group global
    pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1
    interface ATM0/0/0
    no ip address
    no atm ilmi-keepalive
    interface Dialer1
    description ### ADSL WAN Dialer ###
    ip address negotiated
    ip mtu 1492
    ip nat outside
    no ip virtual-reassembly in
    encapsulation ppp
    dialer pool 1
    dialer-group 1
    ppp authentication pap callin
    ppp pap sent-username xxxxxxx password 7 xxxxxxxxx
    ip nat inside source list 101 interface Dialer1 overload
    ip route Dialer1
    ip route
    access-list 101 permit ip any
    access-list 105 deny   ip object-group IP any
    From the 4500 Catalyst switch
    ( Current Configuration )
    interface GigabitEthernet0/48
    no switchport
    ip address interface GigabitEthernet2/42
    ip route

    Host will can't get internet connection
    I remove this configuration......         access-list 101 permit ip any
    and change the configuration ....      ip access-list extended 101
                                                                5 permit ip host any
    In this case I will allow only host but it isn't work.
    No internet connection from the TMG Server.

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    Want to reverse the cenvat credit, please help.
    --Anil Bhamere

    If I select Cancellation in MIGO then there is only Material Document option.
    In MIGO Purchase Order option shows for Goods Receipt, Goods Issue and Subsequet Adj.
    In this case I have been selected Goods Receipt option followed by purchase order number by which original goods receipt MIGO was created, selected 102 movement type and from line item respective MIGO document. The reversal document created successfully where as original MIGO document does not show in cancelled document list. When post option selected from J1IEX and entered vendor excise number then message appeared as No Part I exists for availing credit in excise invoice xxxxx.
    If Cancel option selected from J1IEX and entered vendor excise number then message appeared as Excise invoice xxxx has already been posted for vendor xxxxx.
    Please help.
    Anil Bhamere

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    hi all,
    need help for finding objects impacted by size change
    for xxx infoobject, due to some requirements, the size to be changed from
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    now that i have to prepare an impact analysis doc for BI side.
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    solution to implement the size change.
    where used list for xxx infoobject - relveals these object types :
    tranfer rules,
    attribute of characteristic,
    nav attribute,
    ref infoobject,
    in queries,
    in variables

    Hi Swetha,
    You will have to manually make the table adjustments in all the systems using SE14 trans since the changes done using SE14 cannot be collected in any TR.
    How to adjust tables :
    Enter the table name in SE14. For ex for any Z master data(Say ZABCD), master data table name would be /BIC/PZABCD, text table would be /BIC/TZABCD. Similarly any DSO(say ZXYZ) table name would be /BIC/AZXYZ00 etc.
    Just enter the table name in SE14 trans --> Edit --> Select the radio button "Save Data" --> Click on Activate & adjust database table.
    NOTE : Be very careful in using SE14 trans since there is possibility that the backend table could be deleted.
    How to collect the changes in TR:
    You can collect only the changes made to the IO --> When you activate, it will ask you for the TR --> Enter the correct package name & create a new TR. If it doesn't prompt you for TR, just goto Extras --> Write transport request from the IO properties Menu screen. Once these IO changes are moved successfully, then the above proceduce can be followed using SE14 trans.
    Hope it helps!

  • Need help for writing extract program

    i need help for writing extract program to retriew data from legacy system.
    i already developed bdc programs for me31k and me21.
    my requirement is to write extract program s for those
    to retriew data from legacy system and stored in flat file.

    i need help with a java program. it is a program that allows the user to enter a student's GPA, number of extracurricular activities, and number of service activities. The user can not enter a gpa above 4.0 or below 0. The user can not enter a negative number for the number of both activities. If the student meets the following criteria: 1) GPA of 3.8 or above and at least one extracurricular activity and one service activity, 2) GPA below 3.8 but at least 3.4 and a total of at least three extracurricular and service activities, 3) GPA below 3.4 but at least 3.0 and at least two extracurricular activities and three service activities, the message "Scholarship candidate" should display. If the student does not meet the criteria above, then the message"not a candidate" should display. Can you help me, please?
    You haven't posted ANY 'java program' for us to help with.
    The forum is NOT a coding service. It is to help you with YOUR code.
    Post the code you have written and SHOW us (don't just tell us) how you compile it and execute it and the results you get. Then we can help you with any problems you are are having.
    If you need help understanding just what the program should be doing you need to ask your instructor to clarify the assignment.

Maybe you are looking for