Need help in selecting data dynamically in combobox

i am taking some values in combobox from database
and i want that on selection of the option in 1st combobox the another set of values should come in 2nd combobox ,& that also from database
i have saved the file as .php and also given the database in the zip file, to solve my problem please can anyone help me plz....
the file link is -
advance thanks for any help.

.php? Did you see the sign on the door when you came in? If you have some java code you want people to look, where java code is something stored in a .java file, then post it. Or, are you a hacker trying to spread viruses?

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    How are you passing the values to the base page? Are you using setting the retainAM parameter to true while doing a forward.

  • Need help [JS]: select images/captions in InD, switch to Bridge and write to XMP

    I've got a javascript for CS3/Tiger that I'm writing that eventually will let a user select an image and a caption in InDesign, then tells bridge to write the caption data into the image metadata. I need help - the script works in pieces, but not when put together.
    It's built as an indesign script, then follows the procedure to create a script object to send to bridge. When it runs, the indesign portion works fine, but nothing happens in bridge.
    The script is below, with comments.
    Can someone help!? Thanks.
    // This is the InDesign portion of the script, which was tested separately and is working fine. Right now, for testing purposes, the data from this portion isn't even used by the later Bridge portion but once I get the bridge part together, it will use those variables.
    #target "indesign-5.0"
    var myObjectList = new Array;
    //Script does nothing if no documents are open or if no objects are selected.
    if(app.documents.length != 0){
    if(app.selection.length != 0){
    for(myCounter = 0; myCounter < app.selection.length; myCounter ++){
    case "TextFrame":
    var myCaption = app.selection[myCounter].contents;
    var myLink = app.selection[myCounter].graphics[0].itemLink.filePath;
    // here's where I create the string of the script to send to Bridge.
    // the script itself is almost completely a lifted from the SnpModifyMetadta sample from the Bridge sdk
    // it basically finds a certain image file and modifies the description metatata. i hardcoded the caption text and image path just for testing- eventually i would like it to use the variables from indesign.
    // this script works fine as-is when run in the original Bridge scripting context.
    // the method here of concatenating and sending the myScript string works fine when i use a different (smaller) script. so i can't tell why it's not working!?
    var myScript = "function SnpModifyMetadata()";
    myScript += "{";
    myScript += " this.requiredContext = \"Needs to run in Bridge, \nwith a selection of a file, \nideally with some metadata\";";
    myScript += "}";
    myScript += " = function()";
    myScript += "{";
    myScript += " if(!this.canRun())";
    myScript += " {";
    myScript += " return false;";
    myScript += " }";
    myScript += " if( xmpLib == undefined )";
    myScript += " {";
    myScript += " if( Folder.fs == \"Windows\" )";
    myScript += " {";
    myScript += " var pathToLib = Folder.startup.fsName + \"/AdobeXMPScript.dll\";";
    myScript += " }";
    myScript += " else";
    myScript += " {";
    myScript += " var pathToLib = Folder.startup.fsName + \"/AdobeXMPScript.framework\";";
    myScript += " }";
    myScript += " var libfile = new File( pathToLib );";
    myScript += " var xmpLib = new ExternalObject(\"lib:\" + pathToLib );";
    myScript += " }";
    myScript += " $.writeln(\"About to run SnpModifyXML\");";
    myScript += " var thumb = new Thumbnail(Folder(\"/Macintosh HD/Users/hearstuser/Desktop/BridgeScriptImages/orion_stack copy 6.psd\"));";
    myScript += " if(thumb.hasMetadata)";
    myScript += " {";
    myScript += " var md = thumb.synchronousMetadata;";
    myScript += " var xmp = new XMPMeta(md.serialize());";
    myScript += " $.writeln(\"SnpModifyXML: About to modify XMP data for \" +;";
    myScript += " $.writeln(\"XMP packet before modifications:\");";
    myScript += " $.writeln(\"-------------------------------------------------\");";
    myScript += " $.writeln(xmp.dumpObject());";
    myScript += " xmp.deleteProperty(XMPConst.NS_XMP, \"Description\");";
    myScript += " xmp.setProperty(XMPConst.NS_XMP, \"Description\", \"hoThereHeyThere\");";
    myScript += " var d = new XMPDateTime(new Date());";
    myScript += " d.convertToLocalTime();";
    myScript += " xmp.setProperty(XMPConst.NS_XMP, \"ModifyDate\", d, XMPConst.XMPDATE);";
    myScript += " $.writeln(\"XMP packet af

    Recently I received an e-mail from a user asking me to remake the script I had posted here a while ago.
    I rechecked my previous post and found a couple of serious mistakes. So I revised it according to what he asked. Each page in his InDesign document contains one image and one text frame with description.
    At start the script checks the selection. If nothing is selected it processes all pages in the document. In case two objects are selected – it checks whether one of them text frame and the other a rectangle and if the rectangle contains an image, then it reads the contents of the text frame, replacing hard and soft returns with spaces and writes this text to the corresponding image’s description field.
    In the end, it updates all links and saves the file.
    The script works both on Mac and PC, assuming that CS3 installed in the default location so long as it depends on libraries:
    /C/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Bridge CS3/AdobeXMPScript.dll (on PC)
    /Applications/Adobe Bridge CS3/Bridge (on MAC)
    So, if necessary, correct these lines.
    Here is my script in case somebody is interested:
    #target indesign
    var myDoc = app.activeDocument;
    var mySelection = app.selection;
    if (mySelection.length == 0) {
    else if (mySelection.length == 1) {
        alert("One image and one textframe should be selected.");
    else if (mySelection.length == 2) {
        try {
            if (mySelection[0] == "TextFrame" && mySelection[1].images.length == 1) {
                var myTextFrame = mySelection[0];
                var myImage = mySelection[1].images[0];
                var myCaption = ReplaceReturnWithSpace(myTextFrame.contents);
                var myPath = new File(myImage.itemLink.filePath).absoluteURI;
            else if (mySelection[1] == "TextFrame" && mySelection[0].images.length == 1) {
                var myTextFrame = mySelection[1];
                var myImage = mySelection[0].images[0];
                var myCaption = ReplaceReturnWithSpace(myTextFrame.contents);
                var myPath = new File(myImage.itemLink.filePath).absoluteURI;
        catch(e) {
            alert("Something wrong with your selection.\nError: " + e.message);
        CreateBridgeTalkMessage(myCaption, myPath);
    else if (mySelection.length > 2) {
        alert("One image and one textframe should be selected.");
    alert("All done.");
    //+++++++++++++++++++ FUNCTIONS ++++++++++++++++++++++
    function CreateBridgeTalkMessage(myCaption, myPath) {
        var bt = new BridgeTalk(); = "bridge";
        var myScript = WriteCaption.toString() + '\r';
        myScript += 'WriteCaption(\"' + myCaption + '\", \"' + myPath + '\");';
        bt.body = myScript;
    function WriteCaption(myCaption, myPath) {
        if( xmpLib == undefined ) {
            if( Folder.fs == "Windows") {
                var pathToLib = "/C/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Bridge CS3/AdobeXMPScript.dll";
            else {
                var pathToLib = "/Applications/Adobe Bridge CS3/Bridge";
            var libfile = new File( pathToLib );
            var xmpLib = new ExternalObject("lib:" + pathToLib );
        var thumb = new Thumbnail (File (myPath));
        if (thumb.hasMetadata) {
            var md = thumb.synchronousMetadata;
            var xmp = new XMPMeta(md.serialize());
            xmp.deleteProperty(XMPConst.NS_XMP, "Description");
            xmp.setProperty(XMPConst.NS_XMP, "Description", myCaption);
            var updatedPacket = xmp.serialize(XMPConst.SERIALIZE_OMIT_PACKET_WRAPPER | XMPConst.SERIALIZE_USE_COMPACT_FORMAT);
            thumb.metadata = new Metadata(updatedPacket);
    function ProcessPages() {
        var myPages = myDoc.pages;
        for (i = 0; i < myPages.length; i++) {
            var myPage = myPages[i];
            if (myPage.textFrames.length == 1 && myPage.rectangles.length == 1) {
                if (myPage.rectangles[0].graphics.length == 1) {
                var a = myPage.rectangles[0];
                    var myImage = myPage.rectangles[0].graphics[0];
                    var myPath = new File(myImage.itemLink.filePath).absoluteURI;
                    var myTextFrame = myPage.textFrames[0];
                    var myCaption = ReplaceReturnWithSpace(myTextFrame.contents);
                    CreateBridgeTalkMessage(myCaption, myPath);
    function ReplaceReturnWithSpace(myString) {
        myString = myString.replace( /\n/g , " " );
        myString = myString.replace( /\r/g , " " );
        return myString;
    function UpdateAllOutdatedLinks() {
        for(var myCounter = myDoc.links.length-1; myCounter >= 0; myCounter--){
            var myLink = myDoc.links[myCounter];
            if (myLink.status == LinkStatus.linkOutOfDate){
    If somebody interested in developing this script further, do not hesitate to post here your feedback.

  • Need help regarding SELECT statement

    Hello, first time here but need help badly.
    I been using SQL syntax with another SQL server by the following statement doesnt seem to work in Oracle database.
    SELECT firstname+" "+lastname AS fullname FROM customers
    basicially, I just want to display date from two column as one column.

    Oracle has pipe sign for concate
    SELECT firstname||' '||lastname AS fullname
    FROM customers;Khurram

  • Need help on selection screen optation

    i have 2 parameters depending on parameter i need to accept selection screen for parameter 1 accept data in and for parameter need to accept only mm.yyyy
    need help on this selection criteria..

    Hi Anil,
    It is very much possible. Use Modif ID concept. First dont display any date, depending on radio button selected display date in which ever form u need.
    See the sample coding for Modif id.
    PARAMETERS: test1(10) TYPE c MODIF ID sc1,
                test2(10) TYPE c MODIF ID sc2,
                test3(10) TYPE c MODIF ID sc1,
                test4(10) TYPE c MODIF ID sc2.
        IF screen-group1 = 'SC1'.
          screen-intensified = '1'.
          MODIFY SCREEN.
        IF screen-group1 = 'SC2'.
          screen-intensified = '0'.
          MODIFY SCREEN.
    Dont forget to reward points if found useful.

  • Selecting data dynamically

    Hi all,
    I have a table ZADDRESS which has fields like MOLGA,FIELD1, FIELD2, FILED3, FIELD4, FIELD5---FIELD8. Based on MOLGA, the values stored in the table would be names of the fields of infotype 6. Say STRAS is sotred in FIELD1, LOCAT in FIELD2. For every different MOLGA i would get different values of the field in the table ZADDRESS. I need to get the data from infotype 6 for only those fields mentioned for that MOLGA in ZADDRESS. Can any one help how this can be done?
    Thanks in advance.
    Warm regards,

    You can programatically concatenate the fields you want to be selected into a variable say - lv_select_clause.
    Then use that variable in the select clause:
    SELECT (lv_select_clause) from ....
    Hope this helps,

  • Need Help: Generate Customer Data from Prod Database

    Hi All,
    My company have an Oracle Financial System, with and old version Oracle Application 11.0.3 and Oracle Database 8.0.5. The database name PROD. This system has been use for more than 7 years and in between there were many stuff resigned without handover and therefore many records and supporting steps cannot be trace back. However the system is still keep running and updated daily.
    Recently we have a user request to generate out a list of customer company name, and their related products purchase from the database, this is because they does not have any methods to print out the list from application. Unfortunately, we do not know which tables or index is actualy storing the name of the customer and products. We have the list of below users accounts that able to log in to the database.
    All the reference documents is no longer exist. I am able to use SQL Plus to generate the list of tables with the command : select table_name from user_tables. Each user accounts will return different kind of table names. But still I cant locate which table that actually storing the name of the customers and products.
    Is that anybody got hands on this case before? Urgent

    We have this table: And need to unload this table data in flat file format.
    Need help with unload SQL file with these two columns:
    SQL> desc flconv.claim_adj_less
    Name Null? Type

  • I NEED HELP My cellular data is not working! I called and went to Apple INC. And At

    So after July 4th 2013 I experienced wi-fi problems. I wasn't able to keep connected and i kept getting kicked out my own wi-fi. I left it continue a while because i thought it was only temporary. But i noticed my cellular data with at&t hadn't been working properly for about a month. Then it started getting worse till the point now I cannot use nor wi-fi nor cellular data. I called Apple Inc., they thought it was a bug, and we took procedures for trying to fix it. We restarted it, and reset network settings. Finally they suggested calling or going into at&t. I called first and we did almost same exact procedures as apple. So I decided going into At&t, they changed my original sim card and was only recieving 1 bar of signal, but i was bad. I couldn't do anything. After they scheduled and appointment at Apple store, ugh! which was such bad service. People everywhere and rushed through my problem and he didn't even let me explain. He only suggested I buy their ipad exchaging mine. In which come on. I couldn't back up my photos and stuff that instant. I asked him to give me a minute and he never came back. Like what was the point of that appointmet? After leaving I walked about 2 streets down and all my cellular data bars and 3g were up. It only worked there and when i was driving home and got home nothing once again. Not even inside the store. i mean others wi-fi works in some areas and my cellular data was good until now . I know At&t told me they were not experiencing any technical issues and everything was good, so i know its not due to that. My siste's mini ipad is working fine, so is my sisters ipod. I really need help and someone to take time in reading this and or helping me.Please thanks!

    Has any had you try a reset yet? Sometimes the WiFi &amp; Cellular anntennas get wacky.
    Hold Sleep/Wak &amp; Home buttons until the screen goes dark and you see the Apple logo

  • Need help in ViewObject Data Validation

    HI Everyone,
    I have few queries about ViewObject. I'm working on JDev11gU2 ADFRC.
    Actually i made an application to upload XLS file to af:table. Everything is working but now I stucked with some functionality. Like -
    1. After inserting all rows in table have opposite sequence as in XLS file, I mean i want to know that is there any way with method VO.readXML() i can
    Insert rows below the previous one. by default it is taking new row as first row in af:table.
    2. Second thing is, I need to show at least 100 lines in af:table by default after uploading data of minimum 3000 lines. So like we had paging functionality in JDev 10g, but in 11g we have scroll and fetch functionality, because of this after loading 100 lines in table my application gets very slow. So any solution to put some same paging functionality like 10g.
    3. Validate all Row attribute in Viewobject, like I have a button say Validate Data, after clicking it all Data of viewobject should validate and if there are any Invalid data. So that Row column should get highlighted. Validation just like before committing data.These are some critical requirement so is there anyone who can guide me properly.
    Thank you,

    ok Grant,
    these are all just for explanation only, my exact tables and entity is totally different,
    So just guess i have -
    EmpView(from Employee Entity) - set to show only new inserted rows(Fresh Uncommitted Rows only)
    Attr - EmployeeId (PK)
            DeptId (FK - Department Entity)
            JobId (FK - Job Entity)
            InstId (FK - Institute Entity)
    DeptView(from Departement Entity)
    Attr - DeptId (PK)
            InstId (FK - Institute Entity)
    InstView(from Institute Entity) -
    attr - InstId (PK)
    JobView(from Job Entity) -
    attr - JobId (PK)
    Now I have one table named *New Employee* on my page to Add more Employees using EmpView ViewObject, For that i have one XLS sheet with all new employee data,
    After Upload XLS File New Employee Table is Like(All Fields are already filled) -
    Line No. EmployeeId           DeptId          InstId       JobId
    1           70021             D10             I01       -->J80
    2           70022          -->D90             I01          J10
    3           70023             D20          -->I20          J20
    4           70024             D30             I03          J10
    5           70025          -->D70          -->I10       -->J50Now what i need is, Suppose
    Invalid Data is (Which Does not exist in their main Table)
    In Line 1 : JobId = J80 (Not exist in Job Entity)
    In Line 2 : DeptId = D90
    In Line 3 : InstId = I20
    In Line 4 : No Error
    In Line 5 : All Three fields have invalid values.
    So now I'm trying to Identify these errors and try to get exact column attribute like above to highlight them in table in red with showing proper formatted msg to user. Like :
    Msg for User :
    These Lines have INVALID DATA :
    Line 1 : JobId,
    Line 2 : DeptId,
    Line 3 : InstId,
    Line 5 : JobId, DeptId and InstId.
    If i do ViewObject Validation then at the time i Uploading process of data from XLS get very slow for large amount of rows like 250<, That's why i was trying to do it after uploading data.
    So after upload i got above table. Now i have a save button where I'm committing data, which calls doDML() method for that Employee entity, where
    suppose process gets error on Line 1 then whole process stops there and throws JboException, and i got Line no 1 for my Msg to show user, but what about other faulty rows,
    For that i catched that exception so after every faulty row process continues, but now the line 4 , which has no error it get committed in DB. I don't want this.
    Another solution i got is use postChange(), but here I'm not getting what I'm doing wrong, problem is it post all previous rows too, suppose i have new 5 lines as shown above but in postChange() method post rest of old lines too. It is making me completely crazy,
    It is very urgent so could not able to find more time to research on this so you please help me, or if you have some examples related to this then please send me the links.
    hope above scenario will help you to understand my problem.
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  • Need Help in reading data from URLConnection in servlets

    hi i created GUI which sends d username n password to the servlets via URLConnection.n am sending the same to Server program via sockets.but when i read d data in the servlet am getting only null value...need help here....
    This is my button's ActionPerformed code
    private void LoginActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {
    String uname = UserName.getText();
    char [] pwd = PassWord.getPassword();
    String pword = new String(pwd);
    String url = "http://localhost:8080/MIMServlets/hit";
    URL ucon = new URL(url);
    URLConnection conn = ucon.openConnection();
              conn.setUseCaches (false);
    conn.setDefaultUseCaches (false);
    conn.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "text/plain");
         PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter( conn.getOutputStream() );
    BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(
    new InputStreamReader(
    String inputLine = in.readLine();
    Status.setText(inputLine);// TODO add your handling code here:
    }catch(MalformedURLException e)
    catch(IOException e1)
    This is my Servlet code........
    import java.util.*;
    import java.sql.*;
    import javax.servlet.*;
    import javax.servlet.http.*;
    public class MIMServlets extends HttpServlet
    PrintWriter out,out1;
         BufferedReader in,in1;
         String host = "localhost";
         String fromServer = "";
         String username,password;
         int a;
         public void init()
    public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request,HttpServletResponse
                   response)throws ServletException,IOException
              InetAddress address = InetAddress.getByName(host);
    Socket theSocket = new Socket(address, 4444);
    out1 = new PrintWriter(theSocket.getOutputStream(),true);
    in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(theSocket.getInputStream()));
    in1 = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(request.getInputStream()));
              String username = in1.readLine();
              String password = in1.readLine();
    while ((fromServer = in.readLine()) != null)
    out.println("From Server: " + fromServer);
         }catch(IOException e)
              public void destroy()
    thanks in advance.......

    Follow below example to using FM 'READ_TEXT'
    DATA  BEGIN OF i_tlines OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE tline.
    DATA  END   OF i_tlines.
    DATA: w_textname(70) TYPE c.
      w_textname = vbdkr-vbeln.
          client                        = sy-mandt
          id                            = 'Z006'
          language                      = 'E'
          name                          = w_textname
          object                        = 'VBBK'
          lines                         = i_tlines.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        READ TABLE i_tlines INDEX 1.
        t_in-m1 = i_tlines-tdline.   "Now t_in_m1 will have the value

  • Need help in writing data from JSP to excel

    Hi ,
    I need help in writing the data from JSP to excel.I somehow able to retrieve the data into excel but unable to get the required format.
    For eg: The amount should be displayed in 0.00 format .when i am exporting it to excel it is displaying as 0 :( .
    I am using the following code in JSP.
    "out.print(amt + '\t');"
    Would like to know if there is any otherway where in i can get my requirement.

    Try using format part of the JSTL tag libs.
    Syntax :
    <%@ taglib prefix="fmt" uri="" %>
    <fmt:formatNumber value="40" pattern="$#,##0.00"/>
    I need help in writing the data from JSP to excel.I
    somehow able to retrieve the data into excelHow do u convert the jsp to excel?
    One way to convert the jsp page to excel, is to render it as an excel appl instead of html. Set the content type of the response to application/ms-excel.
    response.setContentType("application/ms-excel")Hope this Helps....

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