Need help Loading images with selection on a form field?

So I'm kind of a newb.. I can do basic forms but I need to set up a form field drop down box that will give me the ability to load images correlating to the users choice. I'm at a total loss for where to start, so ANY help would be appreciated. If you know of any good books or tutorials on the subject please share.
Thanks in advance

P.S. I think I'm getting a better understanding of OCGs after lots of research today. However I still seem to be missing something
var docOCGs = this.getOCGs();
for (var x=0; x < docOCGs.length; x++)
  if(docOCGs[x].name == "Layer1")
  docOCGs[x].state = !docOCGs[x].state;

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  • [noob needs help] Loading image from a URL

    Hey everyone. I'm new here. And I'm new at J2ME as well.
    I have a simple school project and I have doubts about it. I've searched everywhere on the net yet I could not find the solution. Anyways, I do understand the concept of loading images by putting the files in the "res" folder and use:
    img = Image.createImage("/burgerimgsmall.jpg");
    catch (Exception e)
    But my project requires me to load an image from a URL. How do I go about doing that? If it helps, here's the URL:
    Thanks guys!

    Don't worry, downloading image from http is also simple. Look into Photoalbum demo in wtk2.5

  • Need help displaying images with List component for Flash CS4 (ActionScript 3.0)

    Hi folks:
    I am an inexperienced user of Flash CS4 Pro (v10.0.2). I am attempting to use the List component with ActionScript 3.0 to make a different image display when a user clicks each item in a list.
    I did find a tutorial that showed me how to make different text display using a dynamic text box and the following ActionScript:
    MyList.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, ShowSelectedItem);
    function ShowSelectedItem(event:Event):void {;
    ...where My List is the instance of the List component and ListText is the dynamix text box. In this case, the user clicks an item in the list, defined by the label value in the dataProvider parameter of the List component, and text displays as defined in the data value in the dataProvider parameter.
    However, as I mentioned to start, what I really want to do is make images display instead of text. Can anyone provide me the steps to do this?
    I appreciate your help (in advance)!!

    Hi...thanks for responding! I was planning on using images from the Library, but if there is a better way to do it, I'm open. So far, I just have text in the data property. This is part of my problem. I don't know what I need to put in the data value for an image to display. Do I just put the image file name and Flash will know to pull it from the Library? Do I need to place the images on the stage on different frames? I apologize for the "stupid user" questions, but as you can tell, I'm a newbie.
    Appreciate your patience and any help you can offer!

  • Loading image with loadMovie

    I am loading an image to a movie clip (name container) using
    loadMovie but when the image loads the movie clip is resized to the
    size of the loaded image, is there a way to prevent that from
    happening? I want the movie clip to retain its original size.
    Thank you for your help,

    Loaded images or swf's only inherit position, rotation and
    scale. They load
    at their original size though. If you want to resize them to
    fit a
    particular area, you'll need to do that with AS. First you
    will need to stop
    using loadMovie and use the MovieClipLoader class instead.
    You should be
    using it anyway, it's better.
    Simple example that loads an image from my C: drive into a
    clip named 'hold'
    var myLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
    var lis = new Object();
    lis.onLoadInit = function(targ:MovieClip){
    targ._width = 83;
    targ._height = 119;
    myLoader.loadClip("c:/dm_phillips_2005.jpg", hold);
    Dave -
    Head Developer
    Adobe Community Expert

  • Loading images with transitions

    trying to have slideshowish thing, loading images with transitions.
    I have this code for first image, what I need to load next images...?
    import fl.transitions.Tween;
    import fl.transitions.TweenEvent;
    import fl.transitions.easing.*;
    var curTween:Tween = new Tween(1_mc, "alpha", Strong.easeOut, 100, 0, 3, true);
    curTween.addEventListener(TweenEvent.MOTION_FINISH, fadeBackIn);
    function fadeBackIn(event:TweenEvent) {
         var nxtTween:Tween = new Tween(1_mc, "alpha", Strong.easeIn, 0, 100, 3, true);

    i'm not sure that makes sense.  you're fading out 1_mc and then fading it back in.
    normally you would fade out a previous image and fade in the next image.

  • Loading images with different horizontal sizes

    I would like to load images with different horizontal
    resolutions (vertical resolution to be the same) dymanically into
    an empty movie clip. I would like them to load with the right hand
    side of the image lined up with the right hand side of my site. I
    have seen many tutorials about how to accomplish the loading of the
    movies, but I cannot figure out how to make them open with the
    right hand side always lined up on the right.
    To be more specific, let's say I have three images of the
    varying pixel resolutions (1200x600, 800x600, and 400x600 for
    example). I would like the horizontal size to always extend away
    from the right hand side of the site with the right hand edge of
    the images always lined up.
    Is this possible to do by loading them into an empty movie

    When you load an image file into an empty movieClip, that
    clip takes on the dimensions of the loaded content. The
    registration point for the clip is set to the upper left corner.
    So, once the new image is loaded, just set that clip's .x to the
    stage width - the width of the clip.

  • TS1314 Need help tranfering images to iphone...

    I need help tranfering images from my computer to my iphone. I've synced the images but they don't appear on my iphone, also on the file that contains the images, there's a file that says IPOD PHOTO CACHE. I don't know what to do. Please Help...

    Hope these help, do you not find them at all in the photos app?:
    iOS and iPod: Syncing photos using iTunes
    iPhoto '11: View photos or slideshows on iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV
    iTunes: Understanding the iPod Photo Cache folder
    - Oz

  • Needs help to know the different versions of forms with their compatibility

    Needs help to know the different versions of forms with their compatibility with different databases and operating systems.
    Kindly give the details or any suitable link for the same.
    please consider it as on urgent basis.

    the certification matrix is available on You need a support contract to access this information.

  • Font selection dropdown within form field

    Is it possible or how do I create a dropdown font selection within a form field?  I want the user to be able to preview on screen what text will look like when they choose a specific font after they have typed in their text.
    Thanks for your help! 
    Oh, Acrobat X

    Is there any way to perform the above mentioned?  Thanks for your information!

  • Help Needed in resolving problems with Hyperion Planning Web Forms

    Hi,Can anyone help me with this problem?Problem:We are running Planning 2.3.1 I have created Webform & security(application owner has the ownership).Somehow Iam getting only 7 dimensions into webform & 1 dimension is missing in that. But whereas 8 dimensions are there in Essbase.Hsp_Rates dimension is available in essbase outline but Iam unable to see that dimension in the webform selection.And using the webform Iam unable to load any data ...the form is graded/protected.Is this happening because i dont have the requirement of 1 member from each Dimension?Please someone let me know why this is happening what might be the reason.ThanksUser

    Hi,The dimension Hsp_Rates is a hide dimension used by Planning to store the exchange rates for the differentes exchanges.All the standard information is stored on HSP_InputValue member (in this dimension).When you create a web form, Planning automatically asign this member (but don't show it).Probably you can't load data because you are selected on Version dimension a Standard Botton Up version, and you only can load data on level 0 members in this type of version.If you want to load data on upper level members, then you need to create a Standard Target version (in the Version dimension) and select it in the form.Please, advice if this solve your problemClaudioBPD Solutions

  • Need help loading .swfs one by one, in specific order

    i have been trying to figure this out for weeks now, and have
    even posted on other forums about this, but nobody seems to be
    willing to help me. i have a main swf, which is the basis for my
    image gallery. once this page loads, a thumbnail should start
    loading with a preloader displaying the precentage loaded. once the
    percentage hits 100%, the image shows up, and the next thumbnail
    starts, and so on. there are 15 thumbnails total that have to be
    loaded. each one should load with a 10 pixel gap all around, and i
    want to have 5 images load per row. i think i need to create empty
    movie clips for each thumbnail to load into, but i'm not sure.
    hell, i don't even know how to code this so it will work correctly.
    would someone be willing to put this together for me? i am a
    beginner actionscripter, and if people simply tell me "add this
    line in so this will happen," i will have no idea what to do, so
    that is why i need the code put in for me. i'm hoping someone here
    is nice enough to do this for me, because being ignored on two
    other forums has made me just want to say "screw it."
    so PLEASE, can someone help me?
    i have uploaded my files into a .zip file. i have only
    uploaded 6 of the pictures, so that i can see if the code (that
    someone will hopefully make) works when i asked for 5 thumbnails
    per row.
    file is located here:

    i completely understand. i've actually come up with a
    semi-working solution!
    i have 15 thumbnails total, but when i play the movie, all 15
    load on one line and after 5 show up, the rest go off the stage. i
    would like to set it up so that there are 5 .swfs per row. i have
    one main .swf file, and two .as files. the code for each is as
    follows (the ========== is just to separate the code):
    main .swf code (called test.swf):
    fscommand("fullscreen", "false");
    fscommand("allowscale", "false");
    // A container clip for our thumbnails
    var thumbnails_mc:MovieClip =
    // An array holding the paths to our thumbnails
    var thumbnailPaths_arr:Array = ["1.swf", "2.swf", "3.swf",
    "4.swf", "5.swf", "6.swf", "7.swf", "8.swf", "9.swf", "10.swf",
    "11.swf", "12.swf", "13.swf", "14.swf", "15.swf"];
    // Our ThumbnailManager
    var thumbnailManager:ThumbnailManager = new
    ThumbnailManager(thumbnails_mc, thumbnailPaths_arr);
    ========== code:
    import Thumbnail
    class ThumbnailManager
    private var counter:Number = 0;
    private var root_mc:MovieClip;
    private var thumbnailPaths_arr:Array;
    public function ThumbnailManager (target:MovieClip,
    root_mc = target;
    thumbnailPaths_arr = paths;
    (thumbnailPaths_arr.length > 0)? createThumbnail() :
    private function createThumbnail ():Void
    var thumb:Thumbnail = new Thumbnail(this,
    thumbnailPaths_arr[counter], root_mc, counter);
    public function onThumbnailLoaded ():Void
    if (counter < thumbnailPaths_arr.length)
    ========== code:
    import AsBroadcaster
    import ThumbnailManager
    class Thumbnail
    public var addListener:Function;
    public var removeListener:Function;
    public var broadcastMessage:Function;
    private var thumbnailWidth:Number = 88;
    private var thumbnailHeight:Number = 61;
    private var thumbnailOffsetX:Number = 10;
    private var thumbnailOffsetY:Number = 10;
    private var view_mc:MovieClip;
    private var image_mc:MovieClip;
    private var loader_mcl:MovieClipLoader;
    public function Thumbnail (manager:ThumbnailManager,
    url:String, target:MovieClip, d:Number)
    render(url, target, d);
    private function render (url:String, target:MovieClip,
    view_mc = target.attachMovie("thumbnail", "thumb_"+d+"_mc",
    view_mc._x = (d * thumbnailWidth) + (d * thumbnailOffsetX);
    view_mc._y = 0;
    image_mc = view_mc.createEmptyMovieClip("image_mc",
    image_mc._x = 0;
    image_mc._y = 0;
    loader_mcl = new MovieClipLoader();
    loader_mcl.loadClip(url, image_mc);
    public function onLoadError (target:MovieClip,
    public function onLoadProgress (target:MovieClip, bL:Number,
    public function onLoadInit (target:MovieClip):Void
    can anyone help me out with what code to put where? i have
    uploaded a .zip file which contains all of the files here:

  • Need help to start with some file and text manipulation

    Hello script mavens,
    I need help with starting a script that does the following:
    -within a base folder it takes an inventory (list?) of all the files (which happen to be image files).
    -creates a new folder inside the base folder and calls it imagesX where X increases by one every time the script is run
    -moves all the files into the images folder
    -within the base folder it creates a new text file and calls it imagesX.js
    -writes a "//-" into imagesX.js
    -then writes the list of filenames into the imagesX.js twice, separated by an empty line, and adds a semicolon to the end of each filename and saves imagesX.js
    -from a folder a level above the base folder it copies a file called index.html into the base folder and renames in indexX.html
    -in indexX.html it replaces a string "replaceThis" with "imagesX.js"
    The task is more complex but this would help me tremendously do the rest.
    If I am asking for too much on this forum please let me know

    This should get you started.
    The description of how you want to write the data isn't clear, but the rest should work (untested):
    property imageNum : 0 -- last used ImageNumber
    -- within a base folder it takes an inventory (list?) of all the files (which happen to be image files).
    -- get the folder:
    set baseFolder to (choose folder)
    -- now get the files within it:
    tell application "Finder"
    set fileList to every file of folder baseFolder as alias list
    end tell
    --creates a new folder inside the base folder and calls it imagesX where X increases by one every time the script is run
    tell application "Finder"
    set imageNum to imageNum + 1
    set newImageFolder to make new folder at baseFolder with properties {name:"images" & imageNum}
    -- moves all the files into the images folder
    move every file of folder baseFolder to newImageFolder
    --within the base folder it creates a new text file and calls it imagesX.js
    set textFile to (open for access file (baseFolder as text) & "images" & imageNum & ".js" with write permission)
    --writes a "//-" into imagesX.js
    write "//-" to textFile
    -- then writes the list of filenames into the imagesX.js twice, separated by an empty line, and adds a semicolon to the end of each filename and saves imagesX.js
    -- need more info here
    -- a blank line between each instance of the file name? or all file names, blank line, all file names again?
    -- an example, please
    close access textFile
    --from a folder a level above the base folder it copies a file called index.html into the base folder
    --and renames in indexX.html
    --in indexX.html it replaces a string "replaceThis" with "imagesX.js"
    -- the easiest way of doing this is to read the file and write a new copy with the changes - that's easier than changing it in situ:
    set indexHTML to (read file "index.html" of folder (container of baseFolder))
    set {oldTIDs, my text item delimiters} to {my text item delimiters, "replaceThis"}
    set indexHTML to text items of indexHTML
    set my text item delimiters to "imagesX.js"
    set indexHTML to indexHTML as text
    set my text item delimiters to oldTIDs
    set indexFile to (open for access file ("index" & imageNum & ".html") with write permission)
    write indexHTML to indexFile
    close access indexFile
    end tell

  • Need Help Loading SWF in a FLA

    I simply want to call a swf into an existing fla. I have
    tried everything. When dragging the timeline, you see the swf. When
    you preview, it is not there. Background - I have an exisiting fla
    that contains the image background for all. I want to set a
    transparent carousel menu on top of the background that is in the
    fla and leave the existing background and lower objects in place.
    The carousel.swf will need to call java and an xml file on the web
    server.....all external to the "summed" final. If I could layer
    flashed in DW, then the problem would also be solved. Please be
    detailed, I am obviously not a developer.

    although I'm not certain why you would not just 'place' the
    background 'image' on the stage in the fla (probably because you
    wish to change it dynamically down the road) - you need to 'load'
    the swf, not 'place' it within the other file. you do this with the
    MovieClipLoader class.
    with the swf that you wish to load in the same directory as
    the swf of the carousel file, place something like the following in
    the first frame, on a layer called actions, in the actions panel:

  • Loading images with properties in Forms6

    Hello !
    I would like to use Mmix32.ocx with Forms6 to have properties and
    methods of loaded images !
    But I don't know how , cause I imported Ole library interfaces MMix control without results !
    I need an exemple !
    thanks !

    Me too !
    I would like to use Mmix32.ocx with Forms6 to have properties of images !
    I imported Ole library interfaces MMix control !
    I have an error:
    FRM-41344:ole object not defined for <item name> in current record !

  • Load images with some effects

    Hi, I wanted to load java images with some effects like we have in power point like blinds or appear in Java swing when user clicks on the image.
    I have these specific questions in mind:
    1.Is there a way to do this in Java?
    2.Also how will this behave when the image to load is huge like 25 Mega Pixel?
    3.If we are dealing with large images being switched, what mechanism should be used for incorporating images in the application?
    4. Can there be a provision of displaying an image over another one with the one on the top having some transparency?

    Kayaman wrote:
    835085 wrote:
    how can this be done? do you have any pointers. i have played with swing earlier but did not know about the effects thingy.Well I didn't mean that you'd have ready made powerpoint-like effects (unless someone has created a library for that kind of stuff). I mean Java is a programming language, Powerpoint is a crime against nature.
    You'd need to program those effects (or find a library that does).OK, i think i will have to try this out first.
    The point is that i wanted to confirm to go with java or choose python.
    I need to track user inputs and display really large images. Now the interaction is really on graphical side like have moving images in the application which are transparent. I know Java but havent played with images yet and was not sure whether it will be worth spending days on this and then switch to python.
    well my scenario will be 2x2 matrix of screens. it will be a 25 MP screen. so wont this work now in this context?Sure, if you have the resolution.
    i was thinking in terms of response time. any inputs?And I was answering in terms of response time. The Fullscreen API. Of course you'll need to keep all the images in memory (or at least a certain range if you want to show them fast enough).
    4. Can there be a provision of displaying an image over another one with the one on the top having some transparency?Sure.any pointers?Well, Java does support transparency and alpha channel. But you'll need to go through the APIs to find ways to do those.
    Is there a reason why you want to do this in Java?I mentioned that I have worked on swing before but was not sure to do it in a totally new prog. language like python.

Maybe you are looking for

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