Need help to create a new record in mdm using java webdynpro

hi all,
I have to develop an application to create a new record in mdm by using java WebDynpro  . Please help me what is the process that i have to follow to do this and provide me if you have any step by step guidance for this.
thanks & regards,

The below link will help u to make the application in JAVA webdynpro
The article has code to for creating records.
Hope this may help u .

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    hello all
    I have created record in MDM using JAVA API now I want to update record using API. I used ModifyRecordCommand. But this requires input as Record but I have RecordID of the record to be modified. How do I get Record value from RecordID.

                      You can use RetrieveRecordsByIdCommand to get the record by Record Id.
                RetrieveRecordsByIdCommand recordbyidcom = new  RetrieveRecordsByIdCommand(con);
                RecordResultSet rs = recordbyidcom.getRecords();
                Record record = rs.getRecord(0);
                //Modify the record
                ModifyRecordCommand modify = new ModifyRecordCommand(con);
    Sreenivasulu Thimmanapalli.
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  • Req. Sample code for the Updation of Master record in MDM using Java API..

    Hi All,
    Can anyone provide me the same code for Updation of master record in MDM using Java API ??

    Hi SakthiNarayananD,
    You can additionally go through the following links to work with MDM and Java API:  (Java API) api programs)  (java api codes) (Java Docs for SP06)
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    Hope It Helped
    Thanks & Regards
    Simona Pinto

  • Need help to insert and update records in MDM

    Hi ,
    I am trying to develop an webdynpro application which can create and update records in tables of a repository of MDM . For example .. I want to insert values and later update values in Vendor table.
    I am new to webdynpro and MDM. If any one can help step by step or can send a sample code which I can be ready to use that would be great help.
    If anyone can have a sample code .. kindly mail to "[email protected]"
    It is urgent. Please help.
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    Hi Niraj,
    Are u going to work with webdynpro Java/ABAP?
    some materials which are found useful are sent.

  • Want to create a new folder in Windows using Java?

    Hello everyone!!!
    The situation is I want to create a folder using Java.
    What I am doing is I am asking client to upload files.If the client is uploading for the first time a new folder is created on the server side and all the files related with that client will be uploaded in that folder only.Can anyone help me with the code.I am using html for letting client select the file to be uploaded and jsp to upload the file .The server I am using is Tomcat5.5 and OS is Windows Xp.
    Please help me with the code or any alternate logic.
    Thanks in advance.

    create a object for the path you'd like your directory to have and call .mkdir() on it (or mkdirs() if you need to create a hierarchy of directories).

  • Need help : how to send 3 parameters over http using Java POST

    I am trying to sending some data to agency company over http using Java POST
    They need 3 parameters and some contents like below
    1. Cmd : cmd=_RequestInsertNewLead
    2 Live : False
    3 XMLData : 3C%3Fxml+version%3D%........
    I already have XML done ,but I don't know how to send these guy over http
    is that like
    this.out = new DataOutputStream(os);
    out.writeBytes(" cmd=_RequestInsertNewLead");
    out.writeBytes(" Live ");
    anyone could give help :)

    First of all, are you getting any exception?
    You didn't put much logging information in your code.
    You can also try this.Instead of doing sos.println(".....") try to build the output string using string buffer.
    StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
    sb.append("Some output");
    sb.append("More output");
    sos.flush();Let me know if this works.

  • How to create Table Popins inside a table using Java Webdynpro

    Hi All,
    I am working on a Java Webdynpro project and one of our requirements is to create Table popins inside the Table. I need to popin data beneath the row based on a value selected from the DropDown Box which is one of the  column in the Table.
    Also, I need to display vertical scrollbar instead of  Table Footer to scroll thru the table rows. Any ideas.........
    I would appreciate if you can let me know how can I do this. I am working on the 7.0 version of Java Webdynpro.
    Thanks for your time and consideration!

    Please refer the following link:
    Re: Table popins
    step by step procudure to create table popin on lead select.
    thanks & regards,
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    Thanks in advance for your contribution

    Hi Sweta,
       First of all Thank you for information.
       It seems that you have provided me with swia T.code prog. The thing is I do not have the workitems to get that info. I only have my BO (AFVC_NETW) as well as network (PS module) number. Based on these 2 values i have to get a report with all the values like when that came in and when did the action take place and who is the performer. Could you please consider this and let me know other sol.

  • Can't create a new record via Import using Integration ID

    I have custom object records (+Assets+) that includes data attributes from another custom object (+Acme Products+ - not the same as CRMOD Products object). I would like to create new Asset records that pulls data in from the Acme Products object via the Import process, but I cannot always use the "Acme Products: External Unique ID" field to connect the data because Products don't always get created externally, most are created directly in the user interface. I'd like to use the "Acme Products:Integration ID", but that field doesn't appear when I'm mapping the fields on Step 3. Is there another way to connect the data?
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    You could use web services. Post this question on the CRM On Demand Integration Development Forum.

  • I Need help on how to write a simulation program using Java

    I am currently working on my final project and i will be grateful if i can get any help on the needed resources that i will require for my code

    If that means you want someone to work for you, then you better have deep pockets, most of the developers' time goes for 100+ an hour.
    But if you mean you would like to ask quesitons about code you have written and get advice on how to continue or fix a problem you are having, then post the relavant code piece and ask away. There are many that will be glad to help you in that manner.
    But this is NOT a do my homework for me board and unless you can clue your Prof in that your work is not your own, then you would be cheating for a grade you do not deserve, and in that case--please just go else where or drop out--either one will make no difference to me or most of the developers on this board.

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    My questions are:
    1. Is it possible to modify the width of row in ADF10g. Because the width of rows in my output are high. So I want to reduce it.
    2. I need help in creating a new 'createbutton' to create a newlist for the table . for this I have used create button but didnot succed.
    3. I also need help in creating 'save button' to save modified data into the table.
    4. I need help in creating a select-one-choice and select-one-list for columns of table.
    Please help me.

    the Easy Tabs could be useful for your requirement
    twttr @esjord

  • Need Help to create new screen for RF Sapconsole

    Hi Guru's
    I'm new on RF (but some years in ABAP) since last week.
    I need help to create new screens for RF (SAPLLMOB).
    Can someone explain me the procedure to create screen (with ABAP code after) or perhaps someone have an exemple (simple or not) ?
    I have to develop 2 new screens with really few time.
    And, another subsidiary question :
    how SAP can transfert information between the flash gun and the screen i have developped.
    Is there some code to add to enable this functionality or it is include in SAPLLMOB on standard fields ????
    It's a new strange world for me today...
    Many thanks to everyone who can explain me

    I am facing this problem as well. Is there any reference to create the new screen?
    Hope someone can help! Thanks!

  • Need help to create report with jpeg/gif image

    I need help with creating a form with a special jpeg/gif seal. I never done this Java. Until now, I created all forms with ansi C++ with HP escape characters to draw lines, boxs, and text. This form will contain boxes which is populated with database information read from a text file.
    Since this form contains a special seal on the upper right, I don't think it can be done with old fashion ansi C++. How can I create a form with Java and create it as a simple exe to just print the form to a specified printer.

    I am creating a form with boxes (lines and text). What is special about this form is that it has an image jpeg or gif at the top right corner. Is is a state department seal. Up to this form, I had used ansi C++ and print out escape HP character to print out the lines, boxes, and text. I have no idea how to print out the image. I am new to JAVA and only 1 class in it. Is there sample code out there to create this type of form with the image? I need a starting point.

  • I need help with Creating Key Pairs

    I need help with Creating Key Pairs, I generate key pais with aba provider, but the keys generated are not base 64.
    the class is :
    import java.math.BigInteger;
    import javax.crypto.*;
    import javax.crypto.spec.*;
    class CreateKeyPairs {
    private static KeyPair keyPair;
    private static KeyPairGenerator pairGenerator;
    private static PrivateKey privateKey;
    private static PublicKey publicKey;
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    if (args.length != 2) {
    System.out.println("Usage: java CreateKeyParis public_key_file_name privete_key_file_name");
    private static void createKeys() throws Exception {
    Security.addProvider(new ABAProvider());
    pairGenerator = KeyPairGenerator.getInstance("RSA","ABA");
    pairGenerator.initialize(1024, new SecureRandom());
    keyPair = pairGenerator.generateKeyPair();
    privateKey = keyPair.getPrivate();
    publicKey = keyPair.getPublic();
    private synchronized static void saveKey(String filename,PrivateKey key) throws Exception {
    ObjectOutputStream out= new ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(filename));
    private synchronized static void saveKey(String filename,PublicKey key) throws Exception {
    ObjectOutputStream out= new ObjectOutputStream( new FileOutputStream(filename));
    the public key is:
    �� sr com.sun.rsajca.JSA_RSAPublicKeyrC��� xr com.sun.rsajca.JS_PublicKey~5< ~��% L thePublicKeyt Lcom/sun/rsasign/p;xpsr com.sun.rsasign.anm����9�[ [ at [B[ bq ~ xr com.sun.rsasign.p��(!g�� L at Ljava/lang/String;[ bt [Ljava/lang/String;xr com.sun.rsasign.c�"dyU�|  xpt Javaur [Ljava.lang.String;��V��{G  xp   q ~ ur [B���T�  xp   ��ccR}o���[!#I����lo������
    d ����"B��
    ^5���a����jw9�����D���D�)�*3/h��7�|��I�d�$�4f�8_�|���yuq ~
    How i can generated the key pairs in base 64 or binary????
    Thanxs for help me
    Luis Navarro Nu�ez
    South America.

    I don't use ABA but BouncyCastle
    this could help you :
    try org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.BouncyCastleProvider()); kg ="RSA","BC"); kp = kg.generateKeyPair(); pub = kp.getPublic(); pri = kp.getPrivate();
    System.out.println("pub: " + pub);
    System.out.println("pri: " + pri);
    byte[] pub_e = pub.getEncoded();
    byte[] pri_e = pri.getEncoded(); o; i; f;
    o = new"d:/pub64"));
    o.println(new sun.misc.BASE64Encoder().encode(pub_e));
    o = new"d:/pri64"));
    o.println(new sun.misc.BASE64Encoder().encode(pri_e));
    o.close(); br = new"d:/pub64"));
    StringBuffer keyBase64 = new StringBuffer();
    String line = br.readLine ();
    while(line != null)
    keyBase64.append (line);
    line = br.readLine ();
    byte [] pubBytes = new sun.misc.BASE64Decoder().decodeBuffer(keyBase64.toString ());
    br = new"d:/pri64"));
    keyBase64 = new StringBuffer();
    line = br.readLine ();
    while(line != null)
    keyBase64.append (line);
    line = br.readLine ();
    byte [] priBytes = new sun.misc.BASE64Decoder().decodeBuffer(keyBase64.toString ()); kf ="RSA","BC"); pubKey = kf.generatePublic(new;
    System.out.println("pub: " + pubKey); priKey = kf.generatePrivate(new;
    System.out.println("pri: " + priKey);
    catch(Exception e)
    e.printStackTrace ();

  • Create a new record in transformation

    Hi there,
    I would like to create a new datarecord, in a start/end routine or in a characteristic transformation routine. I am loading data from one cube to another.
    I have, say, a data structure looking like this:
    GL_Account; Fiscyear; Version; Amount
    111000;          2008;      01;         100.000
    I want to, based on this record, create a new record where version gets a new value (ex: 10, instead of 01), so the new record would look like, eg,:
    GL_Account;  FiscYear; Version; Amount
    111000;          2008;       10;        100.000
    What would be the best way of doing this?
    Thanks for your help.
    I'm on BI 7.0

    Do this in End routine of Transformation,
              itab type tys_tg_1,
              it_resultpackage type tyt_tg_1.
        append lines of RESULT_PACKAGE to it_resultpackage.
        loop at it_resultpackage assigning <RESULT_FIELDS>.
        if <RESULT_FIELDS>-version = '01'.
            <RESULT_FIELDS>-version = '10'.
                append itab to RESULT_PACKAGE.
          clear <RESULT_FIELDS>.

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