Need help with saving file for printer

I am using Acrobat 9. I have a document with four pages. I need to save it in two files-- one file with p. 4 and 1 side by side to print on 11 x 17 paper, and the other file with p. 2 and 3 the same. The person printing does not have Acrobat so the pdf itself has to be formatted this way so they can print it. I can rearrange the pages, delete pages, and so forth, but I cannot get them to display side by side except in a "view" option.
Thanks for any help.

Thanks could remember that for nothing

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    I'm trying to print a banner through Spoonflower (a site that lets you print on fabric). They recommend an RGB, 150dpi file. (max 58" wide x 288" long, 40MB) and accept a wide variety of file types (ai, svg, eps, tif, png, jpeg).
    My banner is rather large, at 50" wide x 236" long. The artwork was created in Illustrator, and consists of 2 colors with flat, line illustrations; no gradients, linked files, etc. File is about 1 MB. Because of Illustrator's canvas size limitations (227.5"), I set up my final artwork at half size (25" x 118" @ 300dpi) with the intention of scaling it in Photoshop to full size @ 150dpi.
    Unfortunately, when I try to open the AI, EPS or PDF file directly in Photoshop, it compresses the artwork to 22.6" x 106.67" (from 25" x 118" - no idea why) and this throws off the layout of the banner, which is designed to fit a very specific framework. It means my artwork, when at 150dpi, is only 45" wide (I need it to be 50").
    Next I tried exporting as a jpeg but keep getting the following error: 'The file could not be written due to error.'
    When trying to export to PNG, I get this error: 'Could not complete the operation. The rasterized imag exceeded the maximum bounds for saving to the PNG format'.
    I am at a total loss for how to proceed and would be so terribly appreciative if anyone could provide some insight...perhaps how to prevent the files from shrinking when rasterized by PS, how to actually save as a jpeg, png, or just a better way to go about this whole process altogether. What am I missing??
    And of course, I needed to send this to the printer today to meet deadline...sigh.

    If the site accepts .ai or .eps files why are you trying to move to a raster format at all?

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    What symbol do I need to be able to run this from cprompt with any file following it

    Thanks could remember that for nothing

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    I am creating an executable jar for a document management application. In the manifest file there is a Class-Path setting. I will be running this app in multiple environments and I want this Class-Path setting to read from the machines classpath. How do I do it? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Before you Jared your classes, did the classes work?
    One possible solution would be to include the classes you're using within the Jar itself. But before you do that, I would re-read the Licence agreement for those classes.

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    I still need help with the Dictionary for my Nokia 6680...
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    "Dictionary word information missing. Install word database."
    Can someone please provide me a link the where I could download this dictionary for free?

    oops, im sorry, i didnt realised i've already submitted it

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    Hi all
    I need help with this one ,
    When adding a new vendor on the system the vendor is suppose to have a tax clearance certificate and it has an expiry date, so after the certificate has expired a new one is submitted by the vendor.
    So i need to know how to have SBO fullfil this requirement ?
    Hope it's clear .

    I don't have a problem with the query that I know I've got to write , the problem is saving the tax clearance certificate and along side it , its the expiry date.
    I'm using South African localization.

  • Need help with connecting file inputs to arrays

    In this assignment I have a program that will do the following: display a list of names inputed by the user in reverse order, display any names that begin with M or m, and display any names with 5 or more letters. This is all done with arrays.
    That was the fun part. The next part requires me to take the names from a Notepad file, them through the arrays and then output them to a second Notepad file.
    Here is the original program: (view in full screen so that the code doesn't get jumbled)
    import*;       //Imports the Java library
    class progB                    //Defines class
        public static void main (String[] arguments) throws IOException
            BufferedReader keyboard;                                  //<-
            InputStreamReader reader;                                 //  Allows the program to
            reader = new InputStreamReader (;               //  read the the keyboard
            keyboard = new BufferedReader (reader);                  //<-
            String name;                 //Assigns the name variable which will be parsed into...
            int newnames;               //...the integer variable for the amount of names.
            int order = 0;              //The integer variable that will be used to set the array size
            String[] array;             //Dynamic array (empty)
            System.out.println (" How many names do you want to input?");   //This will get the number that will later define the array
            name = keyboard.readLine ();
            newnames = Integer.parseInt (name);                                         // Converts the String into the Integer variable
            array = new String [newnames];                                               //This defines the size of the array
            DataInput Imp = new DataInputStream (;       //Allows data to be input into the array
            String temp;                                       
            int length;                                                                  //Defines the length of the array for a loop later on
                for (order = 0 ; order < newnames ; order++)                                //<-
                {                                                                           //  Takes the inputed names and
                    System.out.println (" Please input name ");                            //  gives them a number according to
                    temp = keyboard.readLine ();                                           //  the order they were inputed in
                    array [order] = temp;                                                  //<-
                for (order = newnames - 1 ; order >= 0 ; order--)                                //<-
                {                                                                                //  Outputs the names in the reverse 
                    System.out.print (" \n ");                                                   //  order that they were inputed
                    System.out.println (" Name " + order + " is " + array [order]);             //<-
                for (order = 0 ; order < newnames ; order++)                                  //<-
                    if (array [order].startsWith ("M") || array [order].startsWith ("m"))     //  Finds and outputs any and all
                    {                                                                         //  names that begin with M or m
                        System.out.print (" \n ");                                            //
                        System.out.println (array [order] + (" starts with M or m"));         //
                    }                                                                         //<-
                for (order = 0 ; order < newnames ; order++)                                            //<-
                    length = array [order].length ();                                                   //
                    if (length >= 5)                                                                    //  Finds and outputs names
                    {                                                                                  //  with 5 or more letters
                        System.out.print (" \n ");                                                      //
                        System.out.println ("Name " + array [order] + " have 5 or more letters ");      //<-
    }The notepad file contains the following names:
    I have tried various methods but the one thing that really gets me is the fact that i can't find a way to connect the names to the arrays. Opening the file with FileInputStream is easy enough but using the names and then outputing them is quite hard. (unless i'm thinking too hard and there really is a simple method)

    By "connect", do you just mean you want to put the names into an array?
    array[0] = "jim"
    array[1] = "laruie"
    and so on?
    That shouldn't be difficult at all, provided you know how to open a file for reading, and how to read a line of text from it. You can just read the line of text, put it in the array position you want, until the file is exhausted. Then open a file for writing, loop through the array, and write a line.
    What part of all that do you need help with?

  • Need help with calculator project for an assignment...

    Hi all, I please need help with my calculator project that I have to do for an assignment.
    Here is the project's specifications that I need to do"
    """Create a console calculator applicaion that:
    * Takes one command line argument: your name and surname. When the
    program starts, display the date and time with a welcome message for the
    * Display all the available options to the user. Your calculator must include
    the arithmetic operations as well as at least five scientific operations of the
    Math class.
    -Your program must also have the ability to round a number and
    truncate it.
    -When you multiply by 2, you should not use the '*' operator to perform the
    -Your program must also be able to reverse the sign of a number.
    * Include sufficient error checking in your program to ensure that the user
    only enters valid input. Make use of the String; Character, and other
    wrapper classes to help you.
    * Your program must be able to do conversions between decimal, octal and
    hex numbers.
    * Make use of a menu. You should give the user the option to end the
    program when entering a certain option.
    * When the program exits, display a message for the user, stating the
    current time, and calculate and display how long the user used your
    * Make use of helper classes where possible.
    * Use the SDK to run your program."""
    When the program starts, it asks the user for his/her name and surname. I got the program to ask the user again and again for his/her name and surname
    when he/she doesn't insert anything or just press 'enter', but if the user enters a number for the name and surname part, the program continues.
    Now my question is this: How can I restrict the user to only enter 'letters' (and spaces of course) but allow NO numbers for his/her surname??
    Here is the programs code that I've written so far:
    import java.util.*;
    import java.text.*;
    public class Project {
         private static String nameSurname = "";     
         private static String num1 = null;
         private static String num2 = null;
         private static String choice1 = null;
         private static double answer = 0;
         private static String more;
         public double Add() {
              answer = (Double.parseDouble(num1) + Double.parseDouble(num2));
              return answer;
         public double Subtract() {
              answer = (Double.parseDouble(num1) - Double.parseDouble(num2));
              return answer;
         public double Multiply() {
              answer = (Double.parseDouble(num1) * Double.parseDouble(num2));
              return answer;
         public double Divide() {
              answer = (Double.parseDouble(num1) / Double.parseDouble(num2));
              return answer;
         public double Modulus() {
              answer = (Double.parseDouble(num1) % Double.parseDouble(num2));
              return answer;
         public double maximumValue() {
              answer = (Math.max(Double.parseDouble(num1), Double.parseDouble(num2)));
              return answer;
         public double minimumValue() {
              answer = (Math.min(Double.parseDouble(num1), Double.parseDouble(num2)));
              return answer;
         public double absoluteNumber1() {
              answer = (Math.abs(Double.parseDouble(num1)));
              return answer;
         public double absoluteNumber2() {
              answer = (Math.abs(Double.parseDouble(num2)));
              return answer;
         public double Squareroot1() {
              answer = (Math.sqrt(Double.parseDouble(num1)));
              return answer;
         public double Squareroot2() {
              answer = (Math.sqrt(Double.parseDouble(num2)));
              return answer;
         public static String octalEquivalent1() {
              int iNum1 = Integer.parseInt(num1);
    String octal1 = Integer.toOctalString(iNum1);
    return octal1;
         public static String octalEquivalent2() {
              int iNum2 = Integer.parseInt(num2);
              String octal2 = Integer.toOctalString(iNum2);
              return octal2;
         public static String hexadecimalEquivalent1() {
              int iNum1 = Integer.parseInt(num1);
              String hex1 = Integer.toHexString(iNum1);
              return hex1;
         public static String hexadecimalEquivalent2() {
              int iNum2 = Integer.parseInt(num2);
              String hex2 = Integer.toHexString(iNum2);
              return hex2;
         public double Round1() {
              answer = Math.round(Double.parseDouble(num1));
              return answer;
         public double Round2() {
              answer = Math.round(Double.parseDouble(num2));
              return answer;
              SimpleDateFormat format1 = new SimpleDateFormat("EEEE, dd MMMM yyyy");
         Date now = new Date();
         SimpleDateFormat format2 = new SimpleDateFormat("hh:mm a");
         static Date timeIn = new Date();
         public static long programRuntime() {
              Date timeInD = timeIn;
              long timeOutD = System.currentTimeMillis();
              long msec = timeOutD - timeInD.getTime();
              float timeHours = msec / 1000;
                   return (long) timeHours;
         DecimalFormat decimals = new DecimalFormat("#0.00");
         public String insertNameAndSurname() throws IOException{
              boolean inputCorrect = false;
                   while (inputCorrect == false) {
                        while (nameSurname == null || nameSurname.length() == 0) {
                             for (int i = 0; i < nameSurname.length(); i++) {
                             if ((nameSurname.charAt(i) > 'a') && (nameSurname.charAt(i) < 'Z')){
                                       inputCorrect = true;
                        inputCorrect = false;
                        try {
                             BufferedReader inStream = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
                             System.out.print("Please enter your name and surname: ");
                             nameSurname = inStream.readLine();
                             inputCorrect = true;
                        }catch (IOException ex) {
                             System.out.println("You did not enter your name and surname, " + nameSurname + " is not a name, please enter your name and surname :");
                             inputCorrect = false;
                        System.out.println("\nA warm welcome " + nameSurname + " ,todays date is: " + format1.format(now));
                        System.out.println("and the time is now exactly " + format2.format(timeIn) + ".");
                        return nameSurname;
              public String inputNumber1() throws IOException {
              boolean inputCorrect = false;
                   while (inputCorrect == false) {
                        try {
                             BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
                             System.out.print("\nPlease enter a number you want to do a calculation with and hit <ENTER>: ");
                             num1 = br.readLine();
                             double number1 = Double.parseDouble(num1);
                             System.out.println("\nThe number you have entered is: " + number1);
                             inputCorrect = true;
                        } catch (NumberFormatException nfe) {
                             System.out.println("\nYou did not enter a valid number: " + "\""+ num1 + "\" is not a number!!");
                             inputCorrect = false;
                        return num1;
         public String calculatorChoice() throws IOException {
              System.out.println("Please select an option of what you would like to do with this number from the menu below and hit <ENTER>: ");
              System.out.println("Please select an option from the list below: ");
              System.out.println("1 - Add");
              System.out.println("2 - Subtract");
              System.out.println("3 - Multiply");
              System.out.println("4 - Divide (remainder included)");
              System.out.println("5 - Maximum and minimum value of two numbers");
              System.out.println("6 - Squareroot");
              System.out.println("7 - Absolute value of numbers");
              System.out.println("8 - Octal and Hexadecimal equivalent of numbers");
              System.out.println("9 - Round numbers");
              System.out.println("0 - Exit program");
              boolean inputCorrect = false;
                   while (inputCorrect == false) {
                        try {
                             BufferedReader inStream = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
                             System.out.print("Please enter your option and hit <ENTER>: ");
                             choice1 = inStream.readLine();
                             int c1 = Integer.parseInt(choice1);
                             System.out.println("\nYou have entered choice number: " + c1);
                             inputCorrect = true;
                        } catch (NumberFormatException nfe) {
                             System.out.println("You did not enter a valid choice number: " + "\""+ choice1 + "\" is not in the list!!");
                             inputCorrect = false;
                        return choice1;
         public String inputNumber2() throws IOException {
              boolean inputCorrect = false;
                   while (inputCorrect == false) {
                        try {
                             BufferedReader br2 = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
                             System.out.print("\nPlease enter another number you want to do the calculation with and hit <ENTER>: ");
                             num2 = br2.readLine();
                             double n2 = Double.parseDouble(num2);
                             System.out.println("\nThe second number you have entered is: " + n2);
                             System.out.println("\nYour numbers are: " + num1 + " and " + num2);
                             inputCorrect = true;
                        } catch (NumberFormatException nfe) {
                             System.out.println("You did not enter a valid number: " + "\""+ num2 + "\" is not a number!!");
                             inputCorrect = false;
                        return num2;
         public int Calculator() {
              int choice2 = (int) Double.parseDouble(choice1);
              switch (choice2) {
                        case 1 :
                             System.out.print("The answer of " + num1 + " + " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 2 :
                             System.out.print("The answer of " + num1 + " - " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 3 :
                             System.out.print("The answer of " + num1 + " * " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 4 :
                             System.out.print("The answer of " + num1 + " / " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                             System.out.print(" and the remainder is " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 5 :
                             System.out.println("The maximum number between the numbers " + num1 + " and " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                             System.out.println("The minimum number between the numbers " + num1 + " and " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 6 :
                             System.out.println("The squareroot of value " + num1 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                             System.out.println("The squareroot of value " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 7 :
                             System.out.println("The absolute number of " + num1 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                             System.out.println("The absolute number of " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 8 :
                             System.out.println("The octal equivalent of " + num1 + " is: " + octalEquivalent1());
                             System.out.println("The octal equivalent of " + num2 + " is: " + octalEquivalent2());
                             System.out.println("\nThe hexadecimal equivalent of " + num1 + " is: " + hexadecimalEquivalent1());
                             System.out.println("The hexadecimal equivalent of " + num2 + " is: " + hexadecimalEquivalent2());
                        case 9 :
                             System.out.println("The rounded number of " + num1 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                             System.out.println("The rounded number of " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 0 :
                             if (choice2 == 0) {
                   return choice2;
              public String anotherCalculation() throws IOException {
                   boolean inputCorrect = false;
                   while (inputCorrect == false) {
                             try {                              
                                  BufferedReader br3 = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
                                  System.out.print("\nWould you like to do another calculation? Y/N ");
                                  more = br3.readLine();
                                  String s1 = "y";
                                  String s2 = "Y";
                                  if (more.equals(s1) || more.equals(s2)) {
                                       inputCorrect = true;
                                       while (inputCorrect = true){
                                            inputCorrect = true;
                                  } else {
                                       System.out.println("\n" + nameSurname + " thank you for using this program, you have used this program for: " + decimals.format(programRuntime()) + " seconds");
                                       System.out.println("the program will now exit, Goodbye.");
                             } catch (IOException ex){
                                  System.out.println("You did not enter a valid answer: " + "\""+ more + "\" is not in the list!!");
                                  inputCorrect = false;
              return more;
         public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
              Project p1 = new Project();
    *Can you please run my code for yourself and have a look at how this program is constructed*
    *and give me ANY feedback on how I can better this code(program) or if I've done anything wrong from your point of view.*
    Your help will be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

    Smirre wrote:
    Now my question is this: How can I restrict the user to only enter 'letters' (and spaces of course) but allow NO numbers for his/her surname??You cannot restrict the user. It is a sad fact in programming that the worst bug always sits in front of the Computer.
    What you could do is checking the input string for numbers. If it contains numbers, just reprompt for the Name.
    AND you might want to ask yourself why the heck a calculator needs to know the users Name.

  • Need Help with .nnlp File.............A.S.A.P.

    I'm having a problem also with my JNLP file. I have downloaded the program onto one computer and that computer is using j2re1.4.2_04
    The other computers I believe are all running j2re 1.4.2_05
    I'm not sure if that's make a difference, but on the computer with j2re 1.4.2_05 when going to the site where the .jnlp file is located, the application comes up and says Starting Application. After it gets to that screen it just stays there. I really need help with this as soon as possible.
    Here is my .jnlp file listed below:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <title>Placement Wizard 4.0</title>
        <vendor>Applied Solutions, Inc.</vendor>
        <homepage href="index.html"/>
        <description>Placement Wizard 4.0</description>
        <description kind="short">Short description goes here.</description>
        <j2se version="1.4+"/>
        <j2se version="1.3+"/>
         <j2se version="1.5+"/>
        <jar href="Placewiz.jar"/>
      <application-desc main-class="com/asisoftware/placewiz/loader/Exec">

    This was due to a change in 1.4.2_05
    the main class attribute
    main-class="com/asisoftware/placewiz/loader/Exec">is wrong - it should be:
    main-class="com.asisoftware.placewiz.loader.Exec">this didnt seem to mater before 1.4.2_05, but some change in java since then caused this bad class specification to stop loading.

  • Need help with saving item from combobox to textfile

    Hi all. right now my codes can only save one stock information in the textfile but when I tried to save another stock in the textfile , it overrides the pervious one.
    So I was wondering which part of my codes should be changed??
    DO the following
    Create a fypgui class and put this bunch of codes inside
    import java.awt.GridLayout;
    import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
    import java.awt.event.ActionListener;
    import java.awt.event.KeyEvent;
    import java.awt.event.KeyListener;
    import java.util.ArrayList;
    import java.util.Scanner;
    import javax.swing.JButton;
    import javax.swing.JComboBox;
    import javax.swing.JFrame;
    import javax.swing.JLabel;
    import javax.swing.JPanel;
    import javax.swing.JTabbedPane;
    import javax.swing.JTable;
    public class fypgui {
         private ArrayList<Stock> stockList = new ArrayList<Stock>();
         private String[] stockArray;
         private JComboBox choice1;
         private JTabbedPane tabbedPane = new JTabbedPane();
         private JPanel displayPanel = new JPanel(new GridLayout(5, 1));
         private JButton saveBtn = new JButton("Save");
         private JPanel choicePanel = new JPanel();
         String yahootext;
         String     symbol;
         int index;
         public fypgui() {
              try {
                   //read from text file for stockname
                   File myFile = new File("D:/fyp/savedtext2.txt");
                   FileReader reader = new FileReader(myFile);
                   BufferedReader bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(reader);
                   String line = bufferedReader.readLine();
                   while (line != null) {
                        Stock stock = new Stock();
                        // use delimiter to get name and symbol
                        Scanner scan = new Scanner(line);
                        String name = "";
                        String symbol = "";
                        while (scan.hasNext()) {
                             name +=;
                             symbol +=;
                        line = bufferedReader.readLine();
                   //size of the array(stockarray) will be the same as the arraylist(stocklist)
                   stockArray = new String[stockList.size()];
                   for (int i = 0; i < stockList.size(); i++) {
                        stockArray[i] = stockList.get(i).getStockName();
                   //create new combobox
                   choice1 = new JComboBox(stockArray);
                   //For typing stock symbol manually
                   //set the combobox as blank
              } catch (IOException ex) {
              JFrame frame1 = new JFrame("Stock Ticker");
              frame1.setBounds(200, 200, 300, 300);
              JPanel panel1 = new JPanel();
              choice1.setBounds(20, 35, 260, 20);
              JPanel panel2 = new JPanel();
              JPanel panel5 = new JPanel();
              tabbedPane.addTab("Choice", displayPanel);
              tabbedPane.addTab("Display", choicePanel);
              JLabel label2 = new JLabel("Still in Progress!");
              saveBtn.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
                   public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
                        // initalize index as the postion of the stock in the combo box
                        index = choice1.getSelectedIndex();
                        /*if the postion of the combobox is not blank,
                             it will get the StockName and symbol according to the
                             position and download the stock*/
                        if(index != -1){
                             symbol = stockList.get(index).getSymbol();
         public void save(String symbol){
              try {
                   String part1 = "";
                   String part2 = symbol;
                   String part3 = "&f=sl1d1t1c1ohgv&e=.csv";
                   String urlToDownload = part1+part2+part3;
                   URL url = new URL(urlToDownload);
                   //read contents of a website
                   InputStream fromthewebsite = url.openStream(); // throws an IOException
                   //input the data from the website and read the data from the website
                   DataInputStream yahoodata = new DataInputStream(new BufferedInputStream(fromthewebsite));
                   // while there is some contents from the website to read then it will print out the data.
                   while ((yahootext = yahoodata.readLine()) != null) {
                        File newsavefile = new File("D:/fyp/savedtext.txt");
                        try {
                             FileWriter writetosavefile = new FileWriter(newsavefile);
                        } catch (IOException e) {
              } catch (IOException e) {
         public static void main(String[] args) {
              // TODO code application logic here
              new fypgui();
    Create a Stock class a put this bunch of codes inside
    public class Stock {
         String stockName ="";
         String symbol="";
         double lastDone=0.0;
         double change =0.0;
         int volume=0;
         public String getStockName() {
              return stockName;
         public void setStockName(String stockName) {
              this.stockName = stockName;
         public String getSymbol() {
              return symbol;
         public void setSymbol(String symbol) {
              this.symbol = symbol;
         public double getLastDone() {
              return lastDone;
         public void setLastDone(double lastDone) {
              this.lastDone = lastDone;
         public double getChange() {
              return change;
         public void setChange(double change) {
              this.change = change;
         public int getVolume() {
              return volume;
         public void setVolume(int volume) {
              this.volume = volume;
    Create a folder called fyp in D drive and create two txt file in it.
    in the saved savedtext2.txt add
    A ,AXP
    B ,B58.SI
    C ,CLQ10.NYM
    this is my whole application. if you guys can tell me what can I do to make sure that the stock info doesn't overrides . I will more than thankful.
    Edited by: javarookie123 on Jul 9, 2010 9:49 PM

    javarookie123 wrote:
    Hi all. right now my codes can only save one stock information in the textfile but when I tried to save another stock in the textfile , it overrides.. 'over writes'
    ..the pervious one.
    So I was wondering which part of my codes should be changed??Did not look at the code closely, but I am guessing the problem lies in the instantiation of the FileWriter. Try [this constructor|,%20boolean)] (<- link). The documentation is a wonderful thing. ;-)
    And generally on the subject of getting help:
    - There is no need for two question marks. One '?' means a question, while 2 or more typically means a dweeb.
    - Do your best to [write well|] (<- link). Each sentence should start with an upper case letter. Not just the first one.
    Also, when posting code, code snippets, XML/HTML or input/output, please use the code tags. The code tags protect the indentation and formatting of the sample. To use the code tags, select the sample and click the CODE button.

  • Need Help Please - PSD InDesign (for print)?

    Hello Everyone,
    I'm a graphic designer for a company that has decided to run some print ads in a magazine. At the time, I only had Photoshop to create their advertisement with. Now they have purchased CS4, which will make my life easier in the future, however, for now I have the problem of creating my advertisement made with Photoshop and creating a print ready PDF.
    Here is my problem:
    - I created a PSD at 8.5" x 11" at 300ppi
    - I did not take in to account for the 0.125" bleeds and 1/8" trim
    - It needs to be SWOP compliant (I figured out I can export a PDF that adheres to SWOP)
    - Fonts should be Type 1 Postscript, no TTF (I'm using Helvetica and Arial, when I export the PDF, it says the embedded fonts are TTF)
    - I'm totally lost with regards for designing work for print!
    Here the specs they gave me, AFTER I created the design in Photoshop
    Full page, full bleed 8.0" 10-3/4" (**I created my PSD as a 8.5" x 11" - without regard to bleeds**)
    Include 1/8 bleed over all to ensure full page bleed
    and keep live copy 1/4 from trim and crop marks.
    CMYK, 4-color process printing only.
    Do not add bleed to partial page ads.
    All requirements are based on Specifications for Web Offset
    Publications (SWOP). Any deviation from these specifications may
    result in less-desirable printed results.
    We support PDF files generated by Adobe Acrobat using
    the X-1A Job Option Settings for Distiller. In order for
    prepress to generate printable PDF s, it is important that
    the native file is prepared accordingly.
    Preparing native files for printable PDF s:
    All images/scans must be in CMYK mode,
    300 dpi resolution
    Use Postscript (Type 1) fonts only. No True
    Type, Windows/PC or custom fonts accepted
    Embed all fonts
    Do not nest EPS files in other EPS files
    Four-color solids should not exceed SWOP
    density of 280%
    Provide two digital color proofs at 100% size, created
    from the supplied digital file, on a contract-quality,
    digital halftone proofing system in accordance with
    SWOP web coated standards (AGFAPressmatch,
    Kodak Approval, DuPont Waterproof, etc.). Laser or
    inkjet proofs are not considered accurate in color and
    are supplied for content confirmation only.
    If supplied, the publisher is not responsible for color variances
    between the digital file and final color reproduction.
    NOTE: If proofs are not supplied, make-goods due to
    reproduction quality will not be honored.
    I've never done print work before, as I'm mainly a graphic designer for the web.
    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated! Unfortunately for me, they bought the advertisement space with the magazine for the running of the next issue before speaking with me. So I'm under extreme pressure to get this underway. I'll be most grateful for any help or guidance, Thanks guys!
    - D

    You can Place a PSD in Indesign, but unless the bleed is a single color,
    it's going to be easier to add bleed in Photoshop. Bleed is whatever
    gets cut off when they trim the paper. Trim is close, but not exact, so
    whatever picture or color goes to the edge of the paper must extend
    beyond the edge to avoid trim including some white when the trim is not
    quite perfect. If it's a picture that goes to the edge, you need to
    figure out a way to extend the picture beyond the edge. If it's white
    that goes to the edge, then you don't need bleed. If it's a non-tone
    color field (a single color) then you could Place the PSD in Indesign
    and add bleed color behind it and extending beyond the edge of the page.
    The magazine should not concern themselves with TT or T1 fonts, either
    one should work. That said, Helvetica and Arial are very close. If your
    Helvetica is Type 1, just use Helvetica for the whole thing. If you
    embed it in the PDF, it should show there as a Type 1 subset.
    Kenneth Benson
    Pegasus Type, Inc.

  • Needing Help with color setting for Photoshop 4 + imac

    Hi, Is anyone able to assist me please.  To cut a long story short.  i have had to reinstall my original software onto my Imac as when i put on Snow leopard it was just slowing down Photoshop 4 and would keep crashing.  So my problem is .... I had some prints printed today at Fuji and the prints have come back dark and just not up to scratch.  I know that it is not Fuji, but my settings.  I had someone set up my imac and Photoshop last time, but this time i will have to do myself and i just don't know what to set them at. Can anyone help please.  Not sure if you need this info but i am in New Zealand.  many thanks in advance.

    Being in the business of printing other people's image files, I can say without any doubt that the advent of digital image processing has definitely muddied the waters to a much greater extent than was the case when printing negaive film.  I'm also a shooter, and have been using such programs for many years, so I can understand the desire to manipulate your files before sending them to the lab. Color negatives never had "Profiles" attached to them.  If the proper film was used for the lighting conditions, it was simply up to the lab to make sure the resulting print was in balance, both in color and density.  It was also the lab's responsibility to maintain a degree of quality control that would make all of the above possible and repeatable.  I have to agree with the other response to your question.  Whether or not you have an embidded a profile, it's always the job of the printer to make sure the final print is up to a certain standard of quality.  If that is not the case, find another printer.  Unless you have indicated that your files should be printed without any corrections, the oweness belongs to the lab/printer.  I do have a few customers whose work I can print with very few corrections, due to the fact that they have calibrated their displays and have a very tight workflow.  However, the vast majority of files that I print require a considerable degree of correction, that's my job.  It's also the job of your lab/printer and if they are nor satisfying your needs you have to find someone who does.  I have printed many files that have no profile embidded and I simply convert them to my working color space(Adobe RGB 1998).  If you are concerned about doing color settings, this is the obvious place to start.  Create a custom space and make sure your working color is set to Adobe RGB 1998, not sRGB.  Adobe RGB 1998 is a considerably larger color space with a wider gamut and will allow for more choices and a wider range when it comes to processing the image.  Pro Photo RGB is an even larger color space, but one that is seldom used at this time.  I suspect it will become more popular in the fairly near future, as other technologies continue to push the color gamut envelope.
    So, I guess the gist of all of this is that you need to either have your lab/printer redo the dark prints, or find someone who knows how to print.  And equally important, someone who cares about your work as much as yo do.
    I am attaching a screen shot of my color settings and I would suggest this might be a good place to start.

  • I need help with viewing files from the external hard drive on Mac

    I own a 2010 mac pro 13' and using OS X 10.9.2(current version). The issue that I am in need of help is with my external hard drive.
    I am a photographer so It's safe and convinent to store pictures in my external hard drive.
    I have 1TB external hard drive and I've been using for about a year and never dropped it or didn't do any thing to harm the hardware.
    Today as always I connected the ext-hard drive to my mac and click on the icon.
    All of my pictures and files are gone accept one folder that has program.
    So I pulled up the external hard drive's info it says the date is still there, but somehow i can not view them in the finder.
    I really need help how to fix this issue!

    you have a notebook, there is a different forum.
    redundancy for files AND backups, and even cloud services
    so a reboot with shift key and verify? Recovery mode
    but two or more drives.
    a backup, a new data drive, a drive for recovery using Data Rescue III
    A drive can fail and usually not if, only when
    and is it bus powered or not

  • Need Help! Bios file for Compaq SR2010NX

    Hello all,  I'm looking for the original bios file for the SR2010NX.  HP doesn't have it on their website and my computer won't boot correctly with it.  ahhhhhh.  I appreciate any help!!!
    Thanks John

    According to what I found, that has this motherboard:​e=c00757470&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&os=2093&product=323​...
    Which is a A8M2N-LA  Naos-GL6, is this that what you have?  And what BIOS are you looking for, or should I say what did you try to put on it?
    I happen to have the same motherboard on an old Compaq, so I could possibly exctact the BIOS file if it is the one you are looking for.  It showes 3.00 I beleive but I will check if you need the info.
    {---------- Please click the "Thumbs Up" to say thanks for helping.
    Please click "Accept As Solution" if my help has solved your problem. ----------}
    This is a user supported forum. I am a volunteer and I do not work for HP.

  • Need help with backup files made by HP Recovery.

    So in 2011 I had made a post about a DV9 series HP laptop I had that I felt needed a harddrive. Well the laptop has been sold to a friend of mine and he has since fixed the issue it had. My curent deboggle is trying to deal with the 36GB of data it backed up onto an external USB powered harddrive. The information was saved from a system that ran Windows VISTA, on that same DV9 Pavilion. I have a new laptop and it's a Pavilion DV6 running windows 7. Is there some sort of 3rd party application or an uncommon HP utility that can open, run or modify. Specificaly I need to some files but not all, but if my only option is to extract all then that would be fine also. There is an executible in the backup folder but it doesn't extract anything it just locks up. 
    For the TLR portion, need to access backup files made on an older HP laptop with windows vista to a newer HP latop running windows 7.

    Terribly sorry for the post, I should have researched more before posting. I found the answer to my issue in another thread here on the HP forums! Thanks so much!!

Maybe you are looking for

  • Xf86-video-intel killed my Xorg

    I just updated my system [2009-04-15 19:38] upgraded xf86-input-evdev (2.1.2-1 -> 2.2.1-1) [2009-04-15 19:38] upgraded xf86-input-keyboard (1.3.2-1 -> 1.3.2-2) [2009-04-15 19:38] upgraded xf86-input-mouse (1.3.0-1 -> 1.4.0-2) [2009-04-15 19:38] upgra

  • Issue in modifying OIM Email Def content

    Hi, I am facing an issue that ,when i try to change the content of my email notifications,it is getting changed.But after some time or days,the changes are not getting reflected.Is this a bug with OIM?.

  • Urgent help with Nokia 208 Dual SIM

    Hi all, I have a new Nokia 208 Dual SIM type RM-949 (English & Chinees). I wish to install Hebrew on it but I can't find an appropriate firmware. Does anyone knows if there's such version around the net? Can I install the RM-948 instead? Will it supp

  • Deleting default trace file in java

    Hello all, Whats the best way to automatically delete default trace file in java instance? I want to delete these files lets say every week or 2 wkkds,Is there any type of configuration that can be done through NWA or OS...? or do i have to write som

  • BEWARE "Copyright Status", "Copyrighted" tag added in Lightroom doesn't show when image is opened in

    When meta data is added in Lightroom using the "Copyright Status" tag one would assume that the copyright symbol (©) would be visible in the image title when opened up in it's sister product Photoshop just like when using Bridge to add the same add m