Need help with updates and new apple programs

something happened to my pc. having problems with my pc when it restarts.
wondered if anyone whichapple updates require a restart, and which don't?
if they require a restart to finish installation, they fail, and my pc crashes, and i have to resintall os.
i know the iwork does not require a restart, where ilife does. so for now, i can install iwork, but not ilife.
in anyone familiar with 10.5.6 knows which updates/add ond require a restart and which don't, please post. any help appreciated. 4th re install now.

Hey network --
Sorry to hear of your problems . . .
What Mac are you running there?
Did the installation of 10.5.6 finally go well?
You're having problems with iLife, but what about Snow Leopard?

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  • Need HELP with objects and classes problem (program compiles)

    Alright guys, it is a homework problem but I have definitely put in the work. I believe I have everything right except for the toString method in my Line class. The program compiles and runs but I am not getting the right outcome and I am missing parts. I will post my problems after the code. I will post the assignment (sorry, its long) also. If anyone could help I would appreciate it. It is due on Monday so I am strapped for time.
    -There are two ways to uniquely determine a line represented by the equation y=ax+b, where a is the slope and b is the yIntercept.
    a)two diffrent points
    b)a point and a slope
    !!!write a program that consists of three classes:
    1)Point class: all data MUST be private
    a)MUST contain the following methods:
    a1)public Point(double x, double y)
    a2)public double x ()
    a3public double y ()
    a4)public String toString () : that returns the point in the format "(x,y)"
    2)Line class: all data MUST be private
    b)MUST contain the following methods:
    b1)public Line (Point point1, Point point2)
    b2)public Line (Point point1, double slope)
    b3)public String toString() : that returns the a text description for the line is y=ax+b format
    3)Point2Line class
    c1)reads the coordinates of a point and a slope and displays the line equation
    c2)reads the coordinates of another point (if the same points, prompt the user to change points) and displays the line equation
    ***I will worry about the user input later, right now I am using set coordinates
    What is expected when the program is ran: example
    please input x coordinate of the 1st point: 5
    please input y coordinate of the 1st point: -4
    please input slope: -2
    the equation of the 1st line is: y = -2.0x+6.0
    please input x coordinate of the 2nd point: 5
    please input y coordinate of the 2nd point: -4
    it needs to be a diffrent point from (5.0,-4.0)
    please input x coordinate of the 2nd point: -1
    please input y coordinate of the 2nd point: 2
    the equation of the 2nd line is: y = -1.0x +1.0
    public class Point{
         private double x = 0;
         private double y = 0;
         public Point(){
         public Point(double x, double y){
              this.x = x;
              this.y = y;
         public double getX(){
              return x;
         public double setX(){
              return this.x;
         public double getY(){
              return y;
         public double setY(){
              return this.y;
         public String toString(){
              return "The point is " + this.x + ", " + this.y;
    public class Line
         private double x = 0;
         private double y = 0;
         private double m = 0;
         private double x2 = 0;
         private double y2 = 0;
         public Line()
         public Line (Point point1, Point point2)
              this.x = point1.getX();
              this.y = point1.getY();
              this.x2 = point2.getX();
              this.y2 = point2.getY();
              this.m = slope(point1, point2);
         public Line (Point point1, double slope)
              this.x = point1.getX();
              this.y = point1.getY();
         public double slope(Point point1, Point point2)//finds slope
              double m1 = (point1.getY() - point2.getY())/(point1.getX() - point2.getX());
              return m1;
         public String toString()
              double temp = this.x- this.x2;
              return this.y + " = " +temp + "" + "(" + this.m + ")" + " " + "+ " + this.y2;
    public class Point2Line
         public static void main(String[]args)
              Point p = new Point(3, -3);
              Point x = new Point(10, 7);
              Line l = new Line(p, x);
    }My problems:
    I dont have the right outcome due to I don't know how to set up the toString in the Line class.
    I don't know where to put if statements for if the points are the same and you need to prompt the user to put in a different 2nd point
    I don't know where to put in if statements for the special cases such as if the line the user puts in is a horizontal or vertical line (such as x=4.7 or y=3.4)
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    Sorry guys, I was just trying to be thorough with the assignment. Its not that if the number is valid, its that you cannot put in the same coordinated twice.
    public class Line
         private double x = 0;
         private double y = 0;
         private double m = 0;
         private double x2 = 0;
         private double y2 = 0;
         public Line()
         public Line (Point point1, Point point2)
              this.x = point1.getX();
              this.y = point1.getY();
              this.x2 = point2.getX();
              this.y2 = point2.getY();
              this.m = slope(point1, point2);
         public Line (Point point1, double slope)
              this.x = point1.getX();
              this.y = point1.getY();
         public double slope(Point point1, Point point2)//finds slope
              double m1 = (point1.getY() - point2.getY())/(point1.getX() - point2.getX());
              return m1;
         public String toString()
              double temp = this.x- this.x2;
              return this.y + " = " +temp + "" + "(" + this.m + ")" + " " + "+ " + this.y2;
    public class Point2Line
         public static void main(String[]args)
              Point p = new Point(3, -3);
              Point x = new Point(10, 7);
              Line l = new Line(p, x);
    }The problem is in these lines of code.
    public double slope(Point point1, Point point2) //if this method finds the slope than how would i use the the two coordinates plus "m1" to
              double m1 = (point1.getY() - point2.getY())/(point1.getX() - point2.getX());
              return m1;
         public String toString()
              double temp = this.x- this.x2;
              return this.y + " = " +temp + "" + "(" + this.m + ")" + " " + "+ " + this.y2;
         }if slope method finds the slope than how would i use the the two coordinates + "m1" to create a the line in toString?

  • HT201541 I need help with updating my browser.

    I need help with updating my browser.  Its telling me that Safari is outdated.

    That is a very old version belonging to Snow Leopard. I take it you are not actually running Yosemite.
    Upgrading to Yosemite
    You can upgrade to Yosemite from Lion or directly from Snow Leopard. Yosemite can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for FREE.
    Upgrading to Yosemite
    To upgrade to Yosemite you must have Snow Leopard 10.6.8 or Lion installed. Download Yosemite from the App Store. Sign in using your Apple ID. Yosemite is free. The file is quite large, over 5 GBs, so allow some time to download. It would be preferable to use Ethernet because it is nearly four times faster than wireless.
        OS X Mavericks/Yosemite- System Requirements
          Macs that can be upgraded to OS X Yosemite
             1. iMac (Mid 2007 or newer) - Model Identifier 7,1 or later
             2. MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer) - Model Identifier 5,1 or later
             3. MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer) - Model Identifier 3,1 or later
             4. MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer) - Model Identifier 2,1 or later
             5. Mac mini (Early 2009 or newer) - Model Identifier 3,1 or later
             6. Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer) - Model Identifier 3,1 or later
             7. Xserve (Early 2009) - Model Identifier 3,1 or later
    To find the model identifier open System Profiler in the Utilities folder. It's displayed in the panel on the right.
         Are my applications compatible?
             See App Compatibility Table - RoaringApps.
    Upgrading to Lion
    If your computer does not meet the requirements to install Mavericks, it may still meet the requirements to install Lion.
    You can purchase Lion at the Online Apple Store. The cost is $19.99 (as it was before) plus tax.  It's a download. You will get an email containing a redemption code that you then use at the Mac App Store to download Lion. Save a copy of that installer to your Downloads folder because the installer deletes itself at the end of the installation.
         Lion System Requirements
           1. Mac computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7,
               or Xeon processor
           2. 2GB of memory
           3. OS X v10.6.6 or later (v10.6.8 recommended)
           4. 7GB of available space
           5. Some features require an Apple ID; terms apply.

  • MOVED: [Athlon64] Need Help with X64 and Promise 20378

    This topic has been moved to Operating Systems.
    [Athlon64] Need Help with X64 and Promise 20378

    I'm moving this the the Administration Forum.  It seems more apporpiate there.

  • Need help for Update and cancel SalesOrder

    Hi All,
    I  written java code for create sales order based on salesquotation,now i want to update and cancel sales order ,i need help to update and cancel salesorder.
    can give any related links for update and cancel salesorder.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi srinivas.L
    It is simple, here is some sample code. You must use getbykey to get the document. Then once you got it you can make whatever changes you need. Then update it. where i have oOrder.Update() you can have oOrder.cancel
    Dim oOrder As SAPbobsCOM.Documents
            oOrder = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
            If oOrder.GetByKey(530) Then
                oOrder.Lines.WarehouseCode = "01"
                If oOrder.Update() <> 0 Then
                End If
                MsgBox("Nothing found")
            End If
    Hope this helps

  • Need help with JTextArea and Scrolling

    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.text.DecimalFormat;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class MORT_RETRY extends JFrame implements ActionListener
    private JPanel keypad;
    private JPanel buttons;
    private JTextField lcdLoanAmt;
    private JTextField lcdInterestRate;
    private JTextField lcdTerm;
    private JTextField lcdMonthlyPmt;
    private JTextArea displayArea;
    private JButton CalculateBtn;
    private JButton ClrBtn;
    private JButton CloseBtn;
    private JButton Amortize;
    private JScrollPane scroll;
    private DecimalFormat calcPattern = new DecimalFormat("$###,###.00");
    private String[] rateTerm = {"", "7years @ 5.35%", "15years @ 5.5%", "30years @ 5.75%"};
    private JComboBox rateTermList;
    double interest[] = {5.35, 5.5, 5.75};
    int term[] = {7, 15, 30};
    double balance, interestAmt, monthlyInterest, monthlyPayment, monPmtInt, monPmtPrin;
    int termInMonths, month, termLoop, monthLoop;
    public MORT_RETRY()
    Container pane = getContentPane();
    lcdLoanAmt = new JTextField();
    lcdMonthlyPmt = new JTextField();
    displayArea = new JTextArea();//DEFINE COMBOBOX AND SCROLL
    rateTermList = new JComboBox(rateTerm);
    scroll = new JScrollPane(displayArea);
    scroll.setLocation(150,270);//DEFINE BUTTONS
    CalculateBtn = new JButton("Calculate");
    ClrBtn = new JButton("Clear Fields");
    CloseBtn = new JButton("Close");
    Amortize = new JButton("Amortize");//DEFINE PANEL(S)
    keypad = new JPanel();
    buttons = new JPanel();//DEFINE KEYPAD PANEL LAYOUT
    keypad.setLayout(new GridLayout( 4, 2, 5, 5));//SET CONTROLS ON KEYPAD PANEL
    keypad.add(new JLabel("Loan Amount$ : "));
    keypad.add(new JLabel("Term of loan and Interest Rate: "));
    keypad.add(new JLabel("Monthly Payment : "));
    keypad.add(new JLabel("Amortize Table:"));
    displayArea.setEditable(false);//DEFINE BUTTONS PANEL LAYOUT
    buttons.setLayout(new GridLayout( 1, 3, 5, 5));//SET CONTROLS ON BUTTONS PANEL
    buttons.add(CloseBtn);//ADD ACTION LISTENER
    rateTermList.addActionListener(this);//ADD PANELS
    pane.add(keypad, BorderLayout.NORTH);
    pane.add(buttons, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
    pane.add(scroll, BorderLayout.CENTER);
    addWindowListener( new WindowAdapter()
    public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e)
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
    String arg = lcdLoanAmt.getText();
    int combined = Integer.parseInt(arg);
    if (e.getSource() == CalculateBtn)
    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Got try here", "Error", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE);
    catch(NumberFormatException ev)
    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Got here", "Error", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE);
    if ((e.getSource() == CalculateBtn) && (arg != null))
    if ((e.getSource() == CalculateBtn) && (rateTermList.getSelectedIndex() == 1))
    monthlyInterest = interest[0] / (12 * 100);
    termInMonths = term[0] * 12;
    monthlyPayment = combined * (monthlyInterest / (1 - (Math.pow (1 + monthlyInterest,  -termInMonths))));
    if ((e.getSource() == CalculateBtn) && (rateTermList.getSelectedIndex() == 2))
    monthlyInterest = interest[1] / (12 * 100);
    termInMonths = term[1] * 12;
    monthlyPayment = combined * (monthlyInterest / (1 - (Math.pow (1 + monthlyInterest,  -termInMonths))));
    if ((e.getSource() == CalculateBtn) && (rateTermList.getSelectedIndex() == 3))
    monthlyInterest = interest[2] / (12 * 100);
    termInMonths = term[2] * 12;
    monthlyPayment = combined * (monthlyInterest / (1 - (Math.pow (1 + monthlyInterest,  -termInMonths))));
    catch(NumberFormatException ev)
    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Invalid Entry!\nPlease Try Again", "Error", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE);
    }                    //IF STATEMENTS FOR AMORTIZATION
    if ((e.getSource() == Amortize) && (rateTermList.getSelectedIndex() == 1))
    loopy(7, 5.35);
    if ((e.getSource() == Amortize) && (rateTermList.getSelectedIndex() == 2))
    loopy(15, 5.5);
    if ((e.getSource() == Amortize) && (rateTermList.getSelectedIndex() == 3))
    loopy(30, 5.75);
    if (e.getSource() == ClrBtn)
    if (e.getSource() == CloseBtn)
    private void loopy(int lTerm,double lInterest)
    double total, monthly, monthlyrate, monthint, monthprin, balance, lastint, paid;
    int amount, months, termloop, monthloop;
    String lcd2 = lcdLoanAmt.getText();
    amount = Integer.parseInt(lcd2);
    termloop = 1;
    paid = 0.00;
    monthlyrate = lInterest / (12 * 100);
    months = lTerm * 12;
    monthly = amount *(monthlyrate/(1-Math.pow(1+monthlyrate,-months)));
    total = months * monthly;
    balance = amount;
    while (termloop <= lTerm)
    displayArea.append("Year " + termloop + " of " + lTerm + ": payments\n");
    monthloop = 1;
    while (monthloop <= 12)
    monthint = balance * monthlyrate;
    monthprin = monthly - monthint;
    balance -= monthprin;
    paid += monthly;
    displayArea.append(monthloop + "\t" + calcPattern.format(monthly) + "\t" + calcPattern.format(monthprin) + "\t");
    displayArea.append(calcPattern.format(monthint) + "\t" + calcPattern.format(balance) + "\n");
    monthloop ++;
    termloop ++;
    public static void main(String args[])
    MORT_RETRY f = new MORT_RETRY();
    f.setBounds(600, 600, 500, 500);
    }need help with displaying the textarea correctly and the scroll bar please.
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    What's the problem you're having ???

  • MAC OS 10.6.8 Using Safari 5.1 Needing Help With Updating Adobe Flash

    Recently Adobe Flash installed an icon in my System Preferences and when I click the icon there are several tabs.  One allows updates to check automatically.  It says it will install the latest version of Flash without having to remove the previous version, but I have never been told that a newer version is available unless I clcik "check now."  although "Check for updates automatically" is checked, I do not know where it tells me a newer version is available.  Also, there has been 5 "newer versions" available since this icon was installed in System Prefeences, I have only found out about the newer versions when I clicked "Check Now."  If I read that with this new way to install the latest Mac version of Flash does not require me to uninstall the previous version of Flash how do I install the most recent version of Flash?  Does it come in an email?
    Since it is not telling me that there is a more recent version of Flash unless I click "Check Now" should I still do it the way I used to install the latest version of flash?  (The way before this icon was added to System Preferences)?
    I would appreciate help with updating Flash to the most recent version.  I used to uninstall the older version, restart the browser and download the most recent version and install it.  It always worked find but this was before there was an Adobe icon in my system Preferences.

    The way you used to do this (uninstall, restart the browser, etc.) is still definitely valid and probably the "safest" way to get a new version installed.  Uninstalling shouldn't be required, but it definitely doesn't hurt.  If you feel comfortable doing it the old way, please feel free to continue using that process.
    As for notifications, this is a bit trickier, but in general you should be notified within 30 days (or so) after a new player is released.  This usually occurs when the browser loads swf content.  Clicking the button will, like you mention, immediately check.  Another alternative to finding out when a new player is released is to subscribe to our Flash Player Releases feed.
    Is there a way to be automatically notified when a new Flash Runtime release is made?

  • I need help with re installing my apple account for itunes.

    Had problems with my itune account, so I uninstalled and now need help with re-installing the program with the songs I have already purchased.

    Your iTunes account is something at the iTunes Store online.  It is not possible to uninstall it.  Do you mean the iTunes application?  Even if you delete the application and restore it, it should not have deleted your iTunes library (essentially the contents of the iTunes folder in Music) on your computer unless you did a separate steep and specifically deleted that too.  You need to tell us what it was you deleted.

  • Adobe CC - Need help with billing and downloading apps

    I just signed up for a 1 year CC membership (includes all apps that are part of the Creative Cloud). Can you please let me know how i can receive a DVD so that i can easily install all the applications? Numerous applications are extremely large in size and i am unable to download them due to my slow internet connection.
    Can you also let me know on which day exactly Digital River will charge my credit card each month? i just upgraded my membership a couple of hours ago.

    Raghu do you have access to high speed Internet access at all?  If so then you can download the installation files by following the directions listed at  Please make sure to complete the Very Important Instructions prior to clicking on the download link.
    If you do not have regular access to high speed Internet access then I would recommend that you purchase and continue to use Creative Suite 6.  While it is possible to request DVDa from our support team high speed Internet access is a system requirement.  Without regular access you will face difficulty downloading and applying updates and new versions of the software as they are made available.
    If you wish to request a DVD with the installation files from our support team you can contact them at
    If you would prefer to cancel your membership and proceed with Creative Suite 6 then please see reativesuite6.html?start=10.

  • Need help with trim and null function

    Hi all,
    I need help with a query. I use the trim function to get the first three characters of a string. How do I write my query so if a null value occurs in combination with my trim to say 'Null' in my results?

    Thanks for the reply. What am I doing wrong?
    SELECT trim(SUBSTR(AL1.user_data_text,1,3)),NVL
    FROM Table
    I want the XX to appear in the same column as the
    trim.The main thing you're doing wrong is not formatting your code. The solution may become obvious if you do.
    What you're saying is:
    SELECT  trim ( SUBSTR (AL1.user_data_text, 1, 3))
    ,       NVL ( AL1.user_data_text, 'XX' )
    FROM    Tablewhich makes it clear that you're SELECTing two columns, when you only want to have one.
    If you want that column to be exactly like the first column you're currently SELECTing, except that when that column is NULL you want it to be 'XX', then you have to apply NVL to that column, like this:
    SELECT  NVL ( trim ( SUBSTR (AL1.user_data_text, 1, 3))
                , 'XX'
    FROM    Table

  • Day one of my new MacBook Pro & I desparately need help with calendar and email

    It's day one of my new relationship with a Mac, and I need help! I'd like to use microsoft exchange to sync my calendars to iCal &amp; my emails the way I currently do with my iPhone 4 and iPad 2. The problem is that all I get are error messages. They either say that communication with the server cannot be established or communication to ports 80 &amp; 440 cannot be established. One account I'd an ssl and the others are gmail. Please advise!

    anyone? please? i would appreciate any information.

  • Help with updating and song information

    im currently using itunes 11.1.2(i know its the newest .2) and the new update is for .4 and an error comes up.
    i see that you should do an uninstall and a reinstall but i wanted to know if this will lose all my songs and thier data (ie i have given everysong a rename and artist rename and lyrics). ive seen you need an itl and xml file but i only have an xml file
    im using windows 7 for additional info
    i just need help on what to do in this situation.

    Let's start with...
    The uninstall and reinstall process will preserve your iTunes library and any iOS device backups. You should check your preferences after reinstalling to make sure nothing has changed. Ideally you would backup the library and your other important personal documents and data on a regular basis. See the user tip Backup your iTunes for Windows library with SyncToy for a suggested strategy.
    And a comprehensive guide to the reinstall process.
    The main libray file is iTunes Library.itl though you may see it as iTunes Library. If you've managed to lose it, and have no back up
    In the unlikely event that content is missing from the library following the reinstallation of iTunes see Empty/corrupt iTunes library after upgrade/crash or Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.
    And a host of other troubleshooting advice....

  • Need help with JFormattedTextField and DocumentListener

    I can't get my JTextField to work with my DocumentListener. I'm very new to Java so the solution might be quite simple. Any help is very appreciated!
    Here is my complete code:
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.text.*;
    import javax.swing.event.*;
    import javax.swing.JFormattedTextField.AbstractFormatter;
    import java.text.*;
    public class Test extends JFrame {
    private JFormattedTextField eingabeFeld;
    private JFormattedTextField ausgabeFeld;
    private String eingabe;
    private String ausgabe;
    public Test() {
         NumberFormatter textFormatter = new NumberFormatter(new DecimalFormat("###,##0.0#"));
         DefaultFormatterFactory fmtFactory = new DefaultFormatterFactory(textFormatter);
         EingabeListener eingabeListener = new EingabeListener();
         JFormattedTextField eingabeFeld = new JFormattedTextField();
         eingabeFeld.getDocument().putProperty("name", "EingabeFeld");
         AbstractFormatter formatter = eingabeFeld.getFormatter();
         JFormattedTextField ausgabeFeld = new JFormattedTextField();
         // this is not needed!
         //ausgabeFeld.getDocument().putProperty("name", "AusgabeFeld");
         JPanel contentPane = new JPanel();
         GridBagLayout gridbag = new GridBagLayout();
         GridBagConstraints c = new GridBagConstraints();
         c.gridx = 0;
         c.gridy = 0;
         c.ipadx = 200;
         gridbag.setConstraints(eingabeFeld, c);
         c.gridx = 0;
         c.gridy = 1;
         c.ipadx = 200;
         gridbag.setConstraints(ausgabeFeld, c);
    class EingabeListener implements DocumentListener {
         public void insertUpdate(DocumentEvent e) {
         public void removeUpdate(DocumentEvent e) {
         public void changedUpdate(DocumentEvent e) {
         private void Calculate(DocumentEvent e) {
              // this does not work!
              //eingabe = eingabeFeld.getText();
              //double wert = Double.parseDouble(eingabe);
              //wert = wert/2;
              //ausgabe = Double.toString(wert);
    public static void main(String[] args) {
         final Test frame = new Test();
         frame.addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter() {
              public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e) {

    Thanks that worked! Now I changed
    JFormattedTextField ausgabeFeld = new JFormattedTextField(); to
    ausgabeFeld = new JFormattedTextField(); as well.
    I changed eingabe, ausgabe from String to Object and .getText and .setText into .getValue and .setValue. I also added ausgabeFeld.setFormatterFactory(fmtFactory);
    AbstractFormatter formatteraus = ausgabeFeld.getFormatter();
    But now I have the probelm, that I don't know how to parse the eingabe Object into a double and back to be able to calculate with it.
    And another problem is, that the ausgabeFeld get's only updated and the eingabeFeld formatted if the eingabeFeld loses focus.
    I hope anybody can help me with these problems now! Thanks in advance.

  • I need help setting up a new apple id for my 7 year old's phone

    I bought my son and daughter apple 5c phones for their birthdays. My son is 7 and my daughter 4. When  I tried to set up from their phone, a message said that they needed to be 13 years of age or older. Any advice on how to set this up?

    New email accounts should be created and set up first with your email service provider--contact them for information about how to do that. Just making up a new address and typing it into Mail's preferences doesn't create a new email account.
    Edited to add: In addition, you probably want to establish a new user account for your wife on your Mac, so that you and she have separate folders and inboxes for your mail, once she has her own account set up. Separate user accounts also mean the two of you can have separate bookmarks on your browsers, separate document folders, and so on--almost as if you each had your own computer.
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  • Need help with updateing a JTree

    I have a JList, and JTree which mimic each other. User makes selection in list presses OK and in the JTree I need the node that matches their selection to update and have child nodes under it. Can't seem to get it working right.
    right now I have this:
    Logic Trail
      item one
      item two
      item three
      item four
    after update I need this
    Logic Trail
      item one
      item two
      item three
      item four
    // in the GUI
    // pass the selected int to the method in class TreePanel
    treePanel.updateTree( questionList.getSelectedIndex());
    // here is the TreePanel class
    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.tree.DefaultTreeModel;
    import javax.swing.tree.DefaultMutableTreeNode;
    public class TreePanel extends javax.swing.JPanel {
      private String[] questions;
      DefaultTreeModel treeModel;
      DefaultMutableTreeNode root;
        public TreePanel(String[] questions) {
        this.questions = questions;
        root = new DefaultMutableTreeNode("Logic Trail");
        treeModel = new DefaultTreeModel(root);
        initComponents ();
      private void initComponents () {
      jScrollPane1 = new javax.swing.JScrollPane ();
      logicTree = new JTree(treeModel);
      setLayout (new java.awt.BorderLayout ());
        jScrollPane1.setViewportView (logicTree);
      add (jScrollPane1, java.awt.BorderLayout.CENTER);
    // method to update JTree, when user selects accept tree will update with new logic path
    public void updateTree(int selectedNode){
      DefaultMutableTreeNode newNode = new DefaultMutableTreeNode( treeModel.getChild(root, selectedNode));
      DefaultMutableTreeNode logicNode = new DefaultMutableTreeNode( logicTree.getSelectionPath() );
      DefaultMutableTreeNode testNode = new DefaultMutableTreeNode(" testing" );
      treeModel.insertNodeInto(testNode, logicNode, 0);
    public void createTree(){
      for( int i = 0; i < questions.length; i++ ){
      DefaultMutableTreeNode questionNode = new DefaultMutableTreeNode( questions[i] );
      treeModel.insertNodeInto(questionNode, root, i );
    // Variables declaration - do not modify
    private javax.swing.JScrollPane jScrollPane1;
    private javax.swing.JTree logicTree;
    // End of variables declaration

    Thanks for nothing

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