Need JS to Display/Hide Region onFocus/onBlur

I have finally gotten a region to change position based on which text item was just changed. Now I need the region to only show up when another text item has focus, and subsequently disappear when that text item loses focus.
Most of my solution is shown and described at here .
If you enter anything in one of the Item Nbr text boxes, the blue div will move to just below the Qty text box after the Item Nbr text box that was just changed.
What I am having trouble with is the hiding and showing of the blue div box. Within the blue div you can see what I have for my showFloater and hideFloater JS.
Also, the other colored div is behaving differently depending on your browser. For me, in I.E. it is stuck at the bottom of the page but in Firefox it floats as expected. Any ideas on that?

You maybe like check errors from page.
[Break on this error] $x('floater_id').style.display = display;
f?p=at...6314190 (line 72)
none is not defined
[Break on this error] $x('floater_id').style.display = none;
f?p=at...6314190 (line 75)Br,Jari

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  • Need help in displaying a region in  a page

    I'm looking for the following scenario.
    2 Regions "region_ABC" , "region_XYZ" are dragged and dropped on EM page "PAGE_1". When the "PAGE_1" is displayed first time only the region "region_ABC" will be displayed. When a specific radio button of the "region_ABC" is selected another region "region_XYZ" needs to be displayed in that page "PAGE_1".
    I tried to use the Partial Triggers which didn't work. Please provide valuable suggestion/pointers.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Sukumar:
    This is the typical case for you to use "Control Flow Case".
    You need to create a Bounded task flow say: task-flow1. In this task flow, region_ABC and region_XYZ will be 2 Views in it. Then drag and drop a "Control Flow Case" onto this task-flow1.xml between view: region_ABC and view: region_XYZ. The outcome of the "Control Flow Case" can be anything you like in literal: "ABC2XYZ". Next, go to your region_ABC.jsff file, click on the radio button, and go to its property editor. In the "Action" attribute, put "ABC2XYZ" there.
    You drag and drop the task-flow1 onto your EM page "PAGE_1".
    That's it!
    Good luck,

  • Hide Region When Click On Region Name Then Region is Display

    Hi ,
    I want to hide region click on REGION NAME like This Report

    For that, I have created a "Hide Show Region on Title Click" Region Template
    Create a new Region Template through Shared Components. This should be created "From Scratch" as there is only one setting in the template that requires any content. When that has been created, edit the template and copy the following into the "Template" setting:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function toggle()
    var r = $x('#REGION_ID#body'); = ( == 'none')?'block':'none';
    <table class="t18Region" id="#REGION_ID#" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" summary="">
    <tbody class="hideshow">
    <tr><th class="t18RegionHeader"><a href="javascript:toggle();">#TITLE#</a></th></tr>
    <tbody id="#REGION_ID#body" style="display:none;" class="hideshowcontent">
    <tr><td class="t18ButtonHolder">#CLOSE#  #PREVIOUS##NEXT# #DELETE##EDIT##CHANGE##CREATE##CREATE2##EXPAND##COPY##HELP#</td></tr>
    <tr><td class="t18RegionBody">#BODY#</td></tr>
    </table>Note that this example uses Theme 18 - so the class names shown here are "t18....". If you are using a different theme, you can find the correct class names from another region template.

  • Javascript Help Needed to Show/Hide Regions

    I'm hoping that someone would help me with creating a Javascript function to Show/Hide regions.
    I have a Select List defined as Checkboxes that when clicked I would like to show specific regions that contain fields that are specific to that checkbox selection. There are currently four selections available. There are two selections that would show one region and the other two selections would show the other region.
    Please let me know if I need to clarify anything.

    There is an out-of-box solution that may help you - check out the "Customisation" section in the region properties.
    Otherwise, you might like to explore using a Dynamic Action to show/hide your region based on an event on your relevant checkbox.
    Either way, you should have a declarative solution when you thought you might need to hand-code some javaScript :-)
    ps - thanks for providing your Apex version.

  • Dynamic action - show/hide region based on LOV which returns ID

    Hi folks,
    this should be simple, so someone who works with dynamic actions.
    I have a LOV which is based on below query:
    select OBJECT_ID, KOD
      from x_data x;
       ID          KOD
        492961 BMW
        492964 VOLVO
        492960 MERCEDES
        492963 VOLKSWAGEN
        492959 SKODAItem :P200_KOD is based on LOV which displays KOD and returns ID.
    On my page I have also 1 region called TEST_REGION.
    I would like to set up a dynamic action shich will SHOW/HIDE a TEST_REGION based on selected value in item :P200_KOD (LOV). Region should be showed if displayed (KOD) value of selected ID starts with 'V%'
    By other words, if below query returns any record, then SHOW, else HIDE:
       select *
        from x_data x
      where x.kod like 'V%'
         and x.object_id = :P200_KOD;How should I define a triggering condition for dynamic action, for item :P200_KOD?

    One way:
    Create advanced dynamic action.
    Name : Hide region
    Event : Change
    Selection Type : Item(s)
    Items(s) : P200_KOD
    Condition : JavaScript Expression
    Value :
    $(this.triggeringElement).children("option:selected").html().substring(0,1) !== "V"Action : Hide
    Fire On Page Load : True
    Hide all page items on the same line : No
    False Action : Show
    Fire On Page Load : True
    Show all page items on the same line : No
    Selection Type : Region
    Region : TEST_REGION

  • Displaying a Region on Column 2

    Hello All,
    I have a Jquery tab on one pf my pages.
    Under one tab, I need to add 2 sub regions,
    Region1's display point is Column1 & Region2's display point is Column2
    How can I achieve this positioning ?
    I want the regions to be displayed beside each other
    I tried to group them under one parent, somehow I was not able to get the region positioned on column2.
    Basically the region that contains the HTML for the tab is column1, how can I make it span to 2 columns ?

    RD wrote:
    Hello All,
    I have a Jquery tab on one pf my pages.
    Under one tab, I need to add 2 sub regions,
    Region1's display point is Column1 & Region2's display point is Column2
    How can I achieve this positioning ?
    I want the regions to be displayed beside each other
    I tried to group them under one parent, somehow I was not able to get the region positioned on column2.
    Basically the region that contains the HTML for the tab is column1, how can I make it span to 2 columns ?Don't use column layout for this. Use 2 subregions within a container region, with CSS positioning.
    See +{thread:id=2155320}+ for a discussion of something similar.

  • Dynamic Display/Hide/Disable/Enable Portal Tabs..

    We have a Portal Page Group with multiple TABS. We like to be able to display/hide (or enable/disable) tabs based on the Portal Roles assigned to the current user.
    Is it possible to Hide/Display tabs dynamically based on certain conditions? What is the best way to enforce this without creating multiple page groups?

    Tabs can have access privileges assigned, so out-of-the-box tab security would work. Was there some other condition you need to address?

  • Hide region

    Greetings to all,
    I have a region called addexist under that p6_search(txtbox),p6_item(hidden),p6_item2(hidden),p6_searchbutton,p6_viewall.
    Under the region AddExist i created a sub regions named hidden1(Report type=Sql Query) and hidden2(Sql Query).
    I have created process hidden1,hidden2(before comp and val) and dyanmic actions hidden1,hidden2 and proces hidden1,hidden2(on load after region).
    For hidden1(before comp and val) when button pressed = p6_viewall. For hidden2(before comp and val) when button pressed = p6_search button.
    The problem is when i press the view all button it displays the hidden1 region But the hidden2 region also displaying it is not hidden. When i press the p6_searchbutton it displays hidden1 region and hidden2. And I have selected the two regions is body(1) position. hidden1 sequence=60, hidden2=70.
    Now i want to disply hidden1 region when when the p6_view_all button selected it should not display hidden2 region likewise, when i press the p6_searchbutton it should display hidden2 region only not along with hidden1 region.

    You could make that region 'conditional' </br> i.e. Have a hidden (control) variable that determines if the region is to be seen or hidden. </br></br>
    For example, if 'no data found' then the hidden variable can be set to numerical value '0' and accordingly, should hide the region; otherwise, the region will be visible. </br></br> I guess this is what you are looking for.</br></br>
    Message was edited by: Vasan

  • Please provide option to display/hide SCROLL BARS

    My colleagues and I are not happy with Acrobat and Acrobat Read for the reason that, regardless of computer and operating system, these products refuse to show the scroll bars when one opens a PDF in full scrreen mode. There's simply no option anywhere under Preferences or elsewhere in the application to force Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to display the scroll bars. Needless to say, this is exceptionally annoying. We've got hundreds of PDF's saved in full screen mode, and we must be able to use the scroll bars.
    Please provide a check box option to display/hide scroll bars under Page Display (or some other preference category) to overide any wonky display behaviour in Acrobat/Reader.

    Or as I usually describe it, we've changed from "starts with" to "contains". There are not too many regex aficionados in here. ;-)
    This bug is annoying many users. I'm not so sure it's a backward step; it seems it's easier for someone such as myself with increasingly vague and inexact recollection to find an Address Book entry without needing an accurate starting point for the search. The ability to search by ''any'' part of the address, such as the domain, or the nickname, seems useful to me too.
    If you typed "Ken " or "ngs" then you'd likely get the entry you want, wouldn't you?
    A more significant bug, IMHO, is that when you have selected Ken's entry, it isn't necessarily the one that gets inserted into the address field.
    There is a bug for this and it's being worked on, but I'm not sure you'll get your /^name/ option. You could go back to, say, TBv24.6.

  • Hide region if no data found in another region

    I have 2 regions on a page.. I'd like to hide the second region if no data is returned by the SQL query in the first region.
    I know that the obivious way to do this is to use the same SQL in the second region and make it conditionally display. But I don't want to run the SQL twice against the database for performance reasons.
    Is there any (preferably easy) way to check the contents of Region 1 from Region 2 and hide Region 2 if Region 1 has no data in?

    You can write a javascript function, that will check whether you report has any rows, if not will some APEX flag item.
    For example, after the report will be fetched you can write something like this:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var els = document.getElementById('R1708927825979432').rows;
    if (els==0){document.getElementById('P1_FLAG').value=0;}
    I'm not exactly sure that it will work, but you can try....
    Best Regards, Kostya Proskudin.

  • Dynamically show/hide regions out of the application workflow

    is it possible to show/hide regions of a page dynamically with a "select list with submit" item?

    Do you mean "Conditionally display" items based on the value of a Select List with Submit?

  • Help needed for implementing master details region on the search page

    Hi All,
         I am new to Jdeveloper and OAF. I need to develop a sales order search page, for which the VO query is
         SELECT ch.order_number order_number
         , ch.attribute97 order_detail
         , ch.attribute14 sold_to
         , ch.attribute50 business_group
         , ch.source_doc_type source_doc_type
         , ch.line_number line_number
         , ch.transaction_amount transaction_amount
         , ch.split_pct||'%' split_percentage
         , jrs.NAME resource_name
         , jrr.resource_number resource_number
         , ch.processed_date processed_date
         , cq.NAME quota_name
         , ch.attribute34 transaction_type
         , ch.attribute35 order_type
         , ch.attribute51 product_line
         , ch.attribute54 city
         , ch.attribute55 state
         , ch.attribute56 district
         , ch.attribute57 area
         , ch.attribute61 salesrep_number
         , ch.attribute62 region
         , ch.attribute64 sales_org
         , ch.attribute68 terr_order_type
         , ch.attribute58 market_indicator
         FROM cn_commission_lines_all cl
         , cn_commission_headers_all ch
         , cn_quotas_all cq
         , jtf_rs_salesreps jrs
         , jtf_rs_resource_extns jrr
         WHERE cl.direct_salesrep_id = cl.credited_salesrep_id
         AND cl.commission_header_id = ch.commission_header_id
         AND cl.quota_id = cq.quota_id
         AND ch.direct_salesrep_id = jrs.salesrep_id
         AND jrr.resource_id = jrs.resource_id
         AND (NVL(ch.source_doc_type,'X') = 'EVEREST' OR NVL(ch.source_doc_type,'X') = 'SAP')
    AND (NVL(ch.attribute50,'X') = 'EMG' OR NVL(ch.attribute50,'X') = 'LSCA')
    I have 3 query parameters business_group, source_doc_type and sales order number.
    The results region should look like,
    Header region with order_number,order_detail,sold_to,business_group and the source_doc_type columns.
    The remaining fields go into the details region.
    Highly appreciate if anyone could help me on this.

    When I have a messagestyle layout for my header, I am not able to find the items in this region for the querycriteriamap. I need to populate the header region with values entered in the search region.
    For example: I create the OrderNumber messagestyledtext item in the messagecomponent layout of the header region. In simplesearchmappings, for the querycriteriamap, I am not able to find this item in the drop down for Results Item property.
    Please help me to understand.

  • I have a MacAir, mid 2011 model, and want to view video on my TV.  I see that I need a mini display port to Hdmi but there are many of these.  What exatly do I need and how does one view a movie downloaded to the MacAir on a TV screen?

    I have a MacAir, mid 2011 model, and want to view video on my TV.  I see that I need a mini display port to Hdmi but there are many of these.  What exatly do I need and how does one go about viewing a movie downloaded to the MacAir on a TV screen?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    That's exactly what you need. A Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter and a HDMI cable. See >
    This is the only way to view a video on the TV. After connecting your MacBook Air to the TV, image on your TV should show immediately. Then, press Command and F1 keys to mirror your MacBook Air display, and open the video

  • Need guidance in displaying graphics shapes on image

    I would like some help drawing a circle over an image which is displayed in JScrollpane through JLabel, The goal is, whe we click over the image, the image apperas with a small circle in the place we have clicked. I have used JLabel for displaying image in JScrollpane by using imageLabel.setIcon(new ImageIcon("default.jpg"));
    I need to draw circle/rectangle when i click on image by this i need to select different points in the image by drawing circles/rectangles over the image.
    If you understand my problem than please guide me for the same.
    Thank you

    Don't post the same question multiple times. It's rude, as it leads to people wasting their time duplicating each others' answers.
    Need guidance in displaying graphics shapes on image

  • Need my 30" display  to be 25ft away from our G5

    Need my 30" display to be 25ft away from our G5 I'm not finding many solutions on how I can do this and still retain a high quality image. Do i need some sort of repeater? Not getting any answers from stores around here. Help!!!!

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    When generating a PDF form in LiveCycle ES version (8.2) I keep getting a java script error (yellow bar warning) in Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3.  This PDF doesn't need java-script ... however I can not find where you turn this off in LiveCycle ES.  Any

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    hi i have a problem with my macbook pro a1226 cant erase the hard drive also i can't activate the hard drive and when also repair doesn't work. when i startup the Macbook pro i get a grey loading bar after loading it restarts the mbp do someone know

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    Hi, I have installed OIM11g (db, rcu,wl server,oim server, soa server) on linux 5.7 I would like to install OID and OVD ON THIS. Can you please provide me the some steps to install these and also the order in which I need to install these? I am think

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    Hi there, I am an experienced InDesign user, and have recently started using CS5. I am using it to create a very simple flash website however I am encountering 2 problems. 1. WHENEVER I have consecutive animations, such as a) Object 1, Fly in from to