Need more hard drive space.  Help with install WD My Book Studio 1TB EHD.

My MacBook Pro has no more disk space.  I'm not tech savy so I'm hesitant to install Western Digital My Book Studio 1TB purchased.  I read somewhere not to install the smartware that comes with this external drive because it might cause problems when running Time Machine.  I want to move my photos on to EHD to free up space and start up Time Machine.  Is there anything I should do first before attempting this.  I have not upgraded to Lion yet should I do this after freeing up space and setting up Time Machine.  I'm wondering if it will ask me questions during process that I won't be sure to accept or not. I'd appreciate any help or tips. 

Do not install any software from WD. Prep the drive as follows:
Drive Preparation
1. Open Disk Utility in your Utilities folder.
2. After DU loads select your hard drive (this is the entry with the mfgr.'s ID and size) from the left side list. Click on the Partition tab in the DU main window.
3. Under the Volume Scheme heading set the number of partitions from the drop down menu to one. Click on the Options button, set the partition scheme to GUID then click on the OK button. Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) Click on the Partition button and wait until the process has completed.
4. Select the volume you just created (this is the sub-entry under the drive entry) from the left side list. Click on the Erase tab in the DU main window.
5. Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) Click on the Security button, check the button for Zero Data and click on OK to return to the Erase window.
6. Click on the Erase button. The format process can take up to several hours depending upon the drive size.

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  • I just got my MacBook Pro a month ago. However I am realizing I need more hard drive space due to aps and programs.  I use am external but am concerned about the space. Is there a way to upgrade my hard drive from apple and keep my warranty valid?

    I just got my MacBook Pro a month ago. However I am realizing I need more hard drive space due to aps and programs.  I use am external but am concerned about the space. Is there a way to upgrade my hard drive from apple and keep my warranty valid?

    That would depend on whether your model actually has a hard drive. If you have the new 2013 Retina model, then you have a fixed storage device built-in that cannot be modified after purchase.

  • More hard drive space on iPod than Computer, Help!

    I have more hard drive space on my iPod than I do on my computer (I have a very old computer). Is there any possible way that I could transfer songs and videos onto my iPod and then be able to delete them from my computer, in order to make more space for new songs and videos?
    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.

    Yes, you can do this.
    With the iPod docked, you to preferences in iTunes and set the iPod to be updated manually. That way, it won't remove anything on the iPod unless you tell it to.
    Then load as many CDs/Tunes/videos as you can onto your computer and manually copy them to the iPod. When done, you can delete those items without affecting the iPod and thus free up the space for the next load. Repeat as often as necessary.
    If you left the iPod set to automatically update, each time you deleted the tunes from the PC, it would delete them from the iPod.
    One thing you need to consider though is that if your music is only on the iPod, you'll loose everything if the iPod has a problem that either requires it to be replaced or reinitialized. This doesn't happen often, but it could happn. You should therefore ensure you've got a backup copy of everything (ie, the original CDs or that you burn copies of everything before you delete them.

  • Where can I put in more hard drive space on my laptop around Waterloo, Ont?

    Hello, I was wondering, where can I get more hard drive space on my laptop, so then I can install Boot camp and still have enough space left for my other stuff. I don't want to loose too much space, I already lost about 9.7 GB to installing Leopard.
    Does anyone live in Waterloo, Ontario?

    I'm currently a student at the University of Waterloo (2B term starts in September). Here are some options for you:
    1) Canada Computers at King/University.
    2) CampusTech at UW
    3) IST help desk at UW (for UW students only, I think)
    Canada Computers is right at the corner of King/Uni. It's on the northwest corner of the intersection, slightly north of University. Look for a blue sign with yellow type within a 30 second walk north of the intersection. They sell all kinds of computer hardware, although they may or may not be able to do the actual transplant for you.
    CampusTech is at the Student Life Centre, on the bottom floor (basement). Ask anyone at UW and they'll tell you how to find it. They're "Official Mac Certified", but I don't believe they sell hard drives. I bought my MacBook there and they did a RAM upgrade for me and so far it works well.
    The CHIP (Computer Help Information Place) is on the 1st floor (basement) of the Math building at UW. You may have to be a Math student to use them, and if you're not under warranty they may charge you, but I had a problem with my keyboard shortly after buying my MacBook and went there and they fixed it for me. They have really short hours, though, so if you have a day job, this is probably not the best option.

  • If i download my photos into iPhoto does that use up more hard drive space?

    If I download my photos into iPhoto does that use up more hard drive space on my mac?

    iPhoto and Lightroom are similar apps - although LR is a far more capable app - and that the price it should be, of course. But the two apps are similar in that they both offer
    Photo Management
    Non-Destructive Processing
    So, essentially, they both play the same part in the workflow.
    The procedure would be to
    Download the images from the camera into the Photo Manager (regardless of which one you choose)
    Review and select in the Manager
    Trash the unwanted with the Manager
    Process the images - that is, in most cases edit them.
    It is at this point - and only this point - that Photoshop might come into play. Both of these apps can act as a 'front-end' for Photoshop - after all, they're the Managers. But in truth, if you're using Lightroom then you very likely do not need Photoshop at all, and for anything that does require layers you can use one of the many - much less expensive - alternatives. But I think the common experience is that with Lightroom (like Aperture) the requirement for the sledgehammer that is Photoshop really fades away.
    So pick one horse and ride it. Choose between LR and iPhoto. Use it like it's intended. Don't get involved in other necessary apps. Don't review before bringing the photo into the manager - that's what the manager is for.

  • I need more hard disk space on my macbook pro

    I need more hard disk space on my macbook pro

    Since you have 160 GB listed as backups let's assume these are Time Machine snapshots.  Time Machine will use up to 80% of the disk space for local snapshots.  This is not an issue.  As you fill your disk it willl remove snapshots to maintain at least 20% free.  If you wish to free this space simply plug in a Time Machine backup disk and run a backup.
    You might also notice that the Storage display in About This Mac will show the backup space as used while a Get Info on the sytem drive will show that space free.  So at this point, if it is Time Machine snapshots that are taking the space, you should see 160 GB more free space from the Get Info query compared to the Storage display.
    Summary: If this space is Time Machine snapshots then don't worry about it.  It will take care of itself.
    I do not recommend leaving Time Machine in the off state.  It is a valuable backup tool that can save your bacon when you accidentally delete or modify a file or if your system crashes.  The snapshots are backups at recent times that you can go back to should you delete or currupt a file, even if you do not have a Time Machine disk plugged in.
    Time Machine FAQ, What are Local Snapshots:

  • Re-installing Windows 7 with more hard drive space via bootcamp - Help!

    I have installed Windows 7 via bootcamp with success. However I didn't give enough hard drive space to Bootcamp (only 6MB available! Whoops...) Can I just delete the Boot Camp partition and start again or is it more complicated?
    Thanks for any help!
    Steve :o)

    Can I just delete the Boot Camp partition and start again
    Either do that or use CampTune.

  • Creating more hard drive space?

    I'm trying to figure out a way to get rid of stuff to increase my hard drive space. Right now I can't afford an external drive, but I bought some flash drives. I removed a bunch of Photoshop files, but it only came to about 1 GB (I currently have about 15 GB available, and I've been told more GB available can help it perform better).
    Any suggestions? For instance, do I have OS9 that I can delete? Any help would be appreciated, or maybe a link to an article.
    Thank you,

    In order to create enough extra space for the computer system and applications to
    run more efficiently, you will have to be looking into music and photo kinds of files,
    where many dozens of images or music titles add up tremendously; and then choose
    to save them to CD media or copy their correct files from the computer to external
    drive devices. However, the USB speed in older iMac G4 is USB1.1 so that may take
    quite a bit of time to get them copied over. An externally enclosed FireWire400 HDD
    would be much better in speed and efficiency, to move and archive your work files.
    {And when you think you've gotten the correct files you want copied, be sure they are;
    because that's when you would have to erase or trash, and empty trash the originals.}
    The idea to thin out the size of unused System excess, as suggested in the earlier reply,
    is a good one, for gaining back the capacity used by a full install of OS X. Be sure to
    remove only those items which do not affect the computer's OS function. Extra languages
    and old copies of apps you don't use, some kinds of duplicate fonts (be careful there), etc.
    There are utilities such as What Size, which may help to tell what kinds of content, the file
    size and locations in the system; & figure out what is safer to remove, among the contents.
    Not sure what Omni Sweeper or other tools do, I've heard about them but use an external
    hard disk drive (have a few, USB and FW) enclosed in suitable drive housing for OS X use.
    So, I usually get around some situations by other means; as part of a maintenance routine.
    Good luck & happy computing!

  • How do I get more hard drive space for my Macbook Pro?

    I am losing hard drive space and I don't know why? Is something writing or copying on my Macbook Pro?
      Thank you...

      The Hatter..This may be helpful information. I go to force suit and there is both Safari and "Safari web content not responding in red" and this may
    be the problem. I delete files and I get up to 50 to 50 MB and then it goes right back down to zero with no use on my part. I made a mistake by
    viewing **** on a CHatterbate site and I think that this may be the problem. How do I get rid of this virus, if that is what is happening> I ran Clam X and
    it did not find anything...Thank you, again.

  • What would be easier to add more hard drive space?

    Hi, I have an iMac G4, 1.07 GHz powerpc, 1.25 GB ram and a 40GB hard drive. I would like to have more space and saw 120-300 GB hard drives on Other World Computing and wonder if it something I could do myself (I installed the Ram upgrade myself) or would an external hard drive be better?
    I want this for iTunes mostly so I can get an iPod touch for shows and podcasts. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Geek Squad is definitely an option? But unless you just absolutely do not know you way around a screw driver and no longer have any dexterity then I would suggest doing it your self. It's really not as hard as you think, it just looks overwhelming.
    Just make sure that you get the correct guide from iFixit, get all the tools that they specify, take your time and don't pry... You'll be fine.
    If you are pressed for time and do not feel at all comfortable using tools then yeah take it someone to have them do it for you.
    If you decide to perform this on your own just report here during the process and we'll be here to assist you with what we can.

  • IMAC Fusion Hard Drive failure, help with data recovery

    I've got a Late 2012 iMAC 27 Inches 3.4GHZ with a Fusion 3.1TB HDD. My machine has booting issue the past few weeks and when contacted through Apple Care UK, after a few over the phone diagnostics they wanted me to take the machine over to get the Hard Drive checked. I had transferred some of my vital data from another HDD a few days before that and did not have an up to date backup. When booked in they said the HDD will have to be replaced and they will migrate the data over. But when I collected the machine, they said they couldn't transfer data as 'it didn't mount' and therefore unable to transfer. I was gutted as I have 2 wedding on their which were WIP and had to be delivered to the client in a few days. I have got my old HDD from the apple store...but unable to read data..can you help? Guess as a final resort I'd have to obtain the expensive data recovery services.

    But before going for an expensive data recovery service, you have some other options.
    At first you have to get that harddrive connected to your iMac. There are several solutions to that. One is to buy a SATA USB Docking Bay (see picture). You can put the harddisk in it and connect it via USB to your iMac.
    Next you'll need recovery software. Disk Utility will probably not help you, but it is worth the try (because it is free and comes with OSX).
    A great piece of software to look at is DiskWarrior. It once helped me accessing a dying External Harddisk and got most of the data off it before it really died. There are more applications, just google 'Data Recovery OSX', and you will find a lot more.
    Oh, and make sure to start a good back-up plan for the future. Time Machine is great, or Carbon Copy Cloner, and maybe invest in a decent NAS to copy your data on.
    Good luck!

  • Hard Drive Crashed - Help with restoring settings.

    My hard drive crashed a few days ago and after a couple hours on the phone with Apple, it was determined that I had to re-format it and start again. I'm using a third party software package to pull my files off of the corrupted drive and when I'm done, I'll be ready to run the install disks.
    I have an older iMac that I migrated most of my data and programs from last December and I was planning on using that computer to bring over most of my settings, etc...
    Right now, I'm thinking that there a few settings I'll need to bring over from the corrupted iMac becasue there were major changes from last year (iTunes, iPhoto, Mail, and the Keychain).
    What files would I need to search for to update the applications mentioned above (besides the actual itunes songs/videos and iphoto picture)?
    Also, is there anything else I'm missing?
    It's been a really streeful few days...

    Our white Intel iMac also froze and won't re-start; even in Safe Mode. Safe Mode accepts pass word; but the restart still alternates between blue and white screen with inoperative title bar and spinning B/W asterisk. The hard drive can be seen on other Intel iMac via Target Mode; but before I do clean install of O/S 10.4.4 and upgrade to 10.4.10 I want to ensure I don't lose preferences, settings etc.
    I also don't know what caused the freeze; when I imported the entire HD to an AL iMac; the AL began to display the same problem. Does not Apple software solve this; must I go to third party software?
    Apple tech support seems swamped with Leopard and iPhone callers; help here is appreciated.

  • OneKey Recovery System wiped out my hard drive - Please Help with RMA

    Hi, I just recently got an IdeaPad S12 netbook.
    Last night I tried using the OneKey Recovery System to restore the hard drive to the original factory configuration.
    Unfortunately, the restored process did not work and I had to shut down the system.
    Now, on boot up, I just get a blank screen with this message:
    "Remove disks or other media.  Press any key to restart"
    I cannot boot up in to Windows, or even run the OneKey process again.
    I know there has been a documented problem (on forums, not in actual documentation!) that the OneKey system cannot run after hard drive partitions have been resized.  However, it is truly a defect in the software to corrupt the entire drive, instead of providing a warning and blocking the process from continuing.
    Today is my last day in the 21 day period to get an RMA.  I called customer support and they will only issue an RMA with restocking fee.  They say I have to go through tech support and have the case documented and approved, including physical inspection (if necessary I think), in order to waive the restocking fee.  Considering the OneKey software can produce such disastrous results, I should not have to pay the restocking fee.  It seems like a waste of everyone's time and money to send the laptop to tech support, instead of just allowing me to do the return right now.
    I'm hoping someone from Lenovo can help me get this RMA approved today and not deal with tech support or restocking fee.  Right now I have a 3-pound brick instead of a functioning laptop.

    Thanks for the pointer on the documentation - I'll see what we can do to make it more clear that changing partitions can inhibit OKR from functioning properly.
    Systems with no optical drive like the S10 or S12 can be more challenging when trying to recover from this sort of thing - there is a balance, perhaps in expecting a user to get a USB external optical drive and burn recovery media if they are going to change the partitioning of the drive and making netbook class systems available at this price point.
    Without intending to sound too harsh, I'm not sure why Lenovo should fairly absorb the cost of the results of the changes you made to the product.   If you return a product,  we are going to have to refurbish it, re-image and resell at a substantial discount.  When you consider the time, the shipping costs, and what we will subsequently get for the product, we are well in the negative territory on the deal.  
    I think what might be more fair is to contact support and see if the depot can reimage your system under warranty.  If so, your system functionality will have been restored - you keep a quality system, and everyone is happy.   If you then want to customize your configuration, I would suggest getting a USB optical drive and burn recovery media before making more changes.  
    Best regards,
    ThinkPads: S30, T43, X60t, X1, W700ds, IdeaPad Y710, IdeaCentre: A300, IdeaPad K1
    Mark Hopkins
    Program Manager, Lenovo Social Media (Services)
    twitter @lenovoforums
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  • Need more Hard Disk space to save more movies

    We currently have DVR model number QIT6416-1 and it only has enough space to save a few moves and shows. What are my options? Can I get another DVR with more HD space? Can I hook up an external hard drive? Connect up to my PC and stream?

    at this time you can only do it this way.
    How can I save shows off my Verizon DVR?
    there is a verizon update that is coming soon - it is update 1.9   when that comes (end of year probably) then you'll be able to use an external HD and esata and can get upto 1 tb expansion.  
    or if that is too long and you can't wait, you can always go buy a TIVO or a MOXI DVR.
    if you get one of those then you return your verizon dvr, and have them send you a cable card.  the cable card is 3.99 a month and it unencrypts all the programs you subscribe to.   and then you use Tivo or MOXI.   both have mammoth hard drives today, and also allow expansion and PC access to the Hard drive content today.  

  • Need figure for Hard Drive Space saved with FCS and LS installed

    Hello (this is my first post!)
    Have a quick question... I am planning a purchase of a 17" MBP in the very near future, and am trying to get a total GB required for my HD with the software I will be using. Basically, if the total is low enough, I can get an SSD!
    So here is my quandary. If I were to install Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio on a MBP, there is overlap in Compressor and Soundtrack Pro, and in all (?) of the audio content. If I understand the tech spec breakdown correctly, that means at least 22 GB (from the audio content breakout) of the installation is duplicate. Does anyone know the total GB (for the programs and content) that would be duplicate? I am looking for how much HD space that would be saved in this scenario. This will help me out tremendously in planning my purchase.
    PS - BTW, I am aware some folks install all of the content on a separate external disk. While I have read up on the Pros/Cons, I figure that if I were to have an SSD large enough, it would be excellent to not have to plug in an external HD since the internal speed should suffice...

    If you can, aim for a 256GB SSD, which will hold your core programs and have overhead for content (should you choose to store it there) and future expansion/growth.
    If it's a 2011 machine, then start eyeballing external drives sporting the ThunderBolt interface, which is RIDICULOUSLY fast. A bunch of products are likely to be announced at this week's National Association of Broadcasters show, and will begin shipping in the days/weeks to come. The external drive should have no problem offering you capacity and performance that you'd need for your work. I have to admit, I'm a little envious - the new 'sandy bridge' MacBook Pro with that ATI chip and the new interface look really fantastic, it's an incredible amount of power to have on the go.
    Good luck!

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