Need more steps for EP installation

Dear All,
after installation the Enter Prise Portal, what r the steps r required.
how to run the portal with system administration.
EX: ep 7.0 sp14 with communucation users -
please provide the steps.
Thanks in advance.
Thanks & Regards,

Hi Mohammed,
I will not go into much detail as you can find the require in the Portal Administration Guide link below. After you have install Portal, look into the part with:
1) Fi[First Steps (Logging On to/Off the Portal, The Portal Interface, Personalizing Your Portal)|]SAP NetWeaver Portal is both a development and a runtime environment. This document describes the interface with which you will be working and gives an overview of the initial tasks that you need to perform as a portal administrator.
After installing SAP NetWeaver Portal, you can log on to personalize your own portal environment and to begin creating a custom portal for deployment in your enterprise.
2) [Initial Configuration Tasks |]
This section provides a set of initial tasks you should perform in the portal after you have installed it and successfully logged on for the first time. A reference to where you can find detailed information for each task is specified.
a) Perform the mandatory tasks. See Mandatory Tasks.
b) Analyze the optional tasks and perform those that are relevant to your system landscape. See Optional Tasks.
Regarding your question on how to run the Portal with System Administration, check out details on Super Administration:
3) [Standard Portal Content|]
This section describes the roles and content shipped with the portal. It does not cover standard content that is specific to other portal add-on capabilities, such knowledge management and collaboration.
4) [User Administration|]
The user administrator performs all tasks that are relevant to user management and role assignments. In the portal, all user management functions related to users and groups are provided by the user management engine (UME). The UME is integrated in the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java.In addition, you can find information about administration functions that are specific to the portal. These are: Assigning roles to users and groups; Mapping users u2013 for Single Sign-On purposes
5) [Content Administration |]
The content administrator is responsible for all tasks that are relevant to content creation and maintenance directly in the portal.
6) [System Administration|]
The system administrator is responsible for the configuration and ongoing support of the portal and its landscape. This role therefore contains configuration, maintenance, and support related functionalities.
The above are some basic steps you can take after Portal installation. Go through the documents and you can identify which steps you can start with and plan the needed steps require.
Hope that helps and award points for helpful suggestions.

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    Here are my steps.. (my Environment is Win 2000 Professional with SP4 on a Dell SC400 Pentium 4, 2.4GHz with 1.2G Memory and 120 GB hard drive)
    ***Made sure that there are no spaces in the directory structure. Also restarted machine after install of VC++ , jdk and Domain name information insertion in hosts file***
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    2) Installed VC++ 6 from Microsoft Visual Studio CD to c:\MVS (where MVS stands for Microsoft Visual Studio) and applied service pack 5
    I read some metalinks where they copied the link.exe file that is in the C:\MVS\VC98\bin folder to c:\winnt\system32 folder.. I did the same for good measure
    **NOTE:: RapidWiz asks for MSDev directory during install ( it defaults to C:\VC98).. but during the VC++ install , the environment variable that VC++ sets for MSDev directory is C:\MVS\Common\MSDev98.. (On a Dos window, type "set" )So during install, I set the MSDev directory in RapidWiz to C:\MVS\Common\MSDev98 NOT TO C:\MVS\VC98 **
    3) Downloaded make-3.79.1 (NOTE .. This is the only version that is certified to work) unzipped it to C:\ and ran the build_w32.bat file.. Had to run it twice to get the gnumake.exe file in the WinRel folder . I copied it to c:\MKS\mksnt folder
    4) Downloaded jdk1.3.1_09 from
    PLEASE NOTE THE VERSION # and build!! _09!!
    Installed it to c:\jdk13 ** Also note that there is no "." in the directory name as specified in the installation instructions by Oracle***
    Set Classpath = .; in the environment variable and also added the c:\jdk13\bin to the PATH variable.
    5) i)created applmgr, oracle users with Administrative rights..
    ii)Made an entry
    (where omega is my machine name and is a **fictitious** DNS domain name) in c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file
    iii) Changed the Virtual Paging Memory to 4000 M on both hard drives on my machine( Right click on "My Computer" , go the advanced tab and then Performance Options and change the Virtual Memory settings
    iv)Also, Go to Network - > Local Area Connection -> right click Properties -> click TCP/IP properties -> advanced -> click DNS tab -> enter DNS suffix for this connection as your domain (
    6) I copied all the CD's to the Staging folder and started RapidWiz.. I chose d:\oracle as the installation directory!! I installed the Vision Demo and it sort of took 12 hrs..
    During the installation, somewhere during Step 4 of 5 , the files for Jserv are unzipped to d:\oracle\visdora\iAS\Apache\Jserv\
    Go to the "etc" folder and open (not jserv.conf)
    At the very beginning there is an entry "wrapper.bin" which points to the java executable..
    SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! The value that it contained was
    wrapper.bin = c:\jdk1.3.1\jre\bin\java.exe !!!
    It was supposed to have jdk13 ..And that's why JServ doesn't start up and we get the JSP not responding error!!
    wrapper.bin =c:\jdk13\jre\bin\java.exe
    IF YOU MISSED setting this value (you cannot be around the machine all the time :-) ) and the post installation
    steps are executed by RapidWiz with JSP not responding error , Go to the Services from Start->Settings->Control Panel ->Administrative tools ->Services , locate the Oracle HttpServer service, stop it , make changes to the file as outlined above and restart the HTTP Server . Wait for 2 minutes and hit Retry on the RapidWiz window and your system would pass the JSP Test!!!
    Phew!! Hope this helps .. Please follow the instructions above.. Read them atleast 2 times ( I just want to save you the pain of installing a second time :-) ) before you install

    I installed oracle apps using steps given in thread and I didnt have any problems. I then installed it on my friends laptop and it worked fine. but recenly it stopped working in my laptop, i was not able to open login page from main url (http://www.msb.ora:8000) it gave error : page cannot be found
    So i reinstalled it on fresh system again.. but since then it not working. I have tried atleast 9-10 times and everytime it ends up with same error "jsp is not responding", I am able to open the rapid install main page but I am not able to open login page. it says page cannot be found. i followed all the steps suggested by you guys in this thread to solve this error, but still have no luck.
    I have tried following steps to solve the issue
    1) As its recommended to installed apps on fressh os without jdk i did the same, as i didnt worked i tried installation with jdk preinstalled,
    2) i have tried on both windows server 2003 and win xp professional
    3) I tried to change the jdk path in file
    I will really appriciate any help to solve this problem. Below is system details:
    os: windows server 2003
    ram : 1gb
    processor: 1.83ghz core 2 duo
    Oracle apps
    java version: 1.4.2_04 ( installed by rapidwiz)

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    I reward your valuable reply.
    Thanks and Regards,

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    Kind Regards,

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    Best Regards,

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    Check if the link below is helpful:
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    Reward points if helpful.

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