Need of agent

Hi All,
I just want to know need of agent.
If without creating/confiuring agent all package running successfully then whats need to creating?
In my DEV environment, I have setup of master and work repository with INTERFACE and WORKFLOW agent.
Now,I am creating master and work repository in another schema.So,what if i am not creating agent for this new master and work repository and everything running is perfect?

Hi Maulik,
we have 2 types of agent in ODI
An agent is a java service that acts a listener on a designated tcp/ip port, the agent allows execution of sessions such as model reverses, packages, scenarios and interfaces.
1) local agent and
2) user define agent
Following link for how to create user define agent in ODI, hope it will helps you (type 2 agent):
For type 1, local gaent :
When you login successfull in ODI, at the time localagent is running at backend process, I hope you observed that when you run any package/interface by default it is choosing localagent and log level is 5.
Provide your personal mail ID, I will sent a ppt regarding ODI

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  • I need an agent to deactivate my products

    My computer has been sent for reparations and the motherboard has been changed twice.
    The products cannot be deactivated as the old computers no longer exist.
    I need an agent to deactivate my products but the option to start a chat is greyed out.

    This is a user to user forum. You'll need to contact Adobe directly. I had the happen a while back and it was straightened out in a few minutes with an online chat.

  • Help needed in Agent Inbox SORTBY - Drop down field

    Hi All,
    I am trying to add a new drop down value in SORT BY Field in Agent INBOX Search screen. Can some one give me little guidance on this as i am stuck with it.
    My approach till now : Tried enhancing the view ICCMP_INBOX/ is creating the zclasses for view controller and Context classes and not at CONTEXT Node level. As the context node SEARCH Class is not z type i m not able to modify get_v_sortedby.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    you do not have Transaction type exactly in search criteria - this is only the Category, which is more generic as it could be or transaction type or activity category.
    and here only generic statuses mapped in CRMC_IC_AUI_MAP_STA are available as search criteria,
    and not the statuses of transaction type directly.
    This is because Inbox was created to enable work with many transactions of a different type like eg. emails and service requests together.
    you can do something that you want but with custom development - you will need to enhance webui component ICCMP_INBOX. Here you should, based on a chosen by the user Category of a document in search criteria view, narrow the list of Statuses displayed. But I guess SAP standard already makes this as per config in CRMC_IC_AUI_MAP_STA.
    But as I wrote at the beginning, it makes you requirement tricky. As you will need dynamically check if category or trans type is chosen as search criteria, and based on this determine its type, search for available statuses in config. And you should only cut down from the list in search criteria some of a generic statuses to help the user - not determine the whole list from the beggining.
    I had a similar requirement and we were trying to create such a generic statuses for inbox which will have also the information about trans type status - eg. "In process - Forwarded externally", which was only for requests. there were also logical issues with how to search later using such criteria.
    But finally we just added a column in results view with found transaction's status.
    Summing up - I would propose you would make a mapping of a Category and statuses you want to display -to think it over, next check if you can put it into CRMC_IC_AUI_MAP_STA configuration.
    Maybe this will be the most reasonable solution.

  • Need Conversion Agent Java API Reference document

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    Can any one provide Java documentation for doing conversion agent?
    actually "Conversion Agent Java API Reference" had been refered by Conversion Agent User guide. I couldn't find that one...
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    All the guides for Conversion agent are present in the
    solution DetailsSAP NetweaverSAP Netweaver in detailExcahnge Infrastructure-Media Library---documentation

  • NEED AGENT activate data feature like customer service has for months due to error

    for the last 4 months customer service thru email has had to activate data after my plan renews i just found out the email option is gone. So i need an agent to do it below is what the agent said thru his email in june when they ask for me to reply via email. btw the error has been happening since April where my blackberry data turns off on verizons end and i can't get email or send or use browser or send and receive picture messages once my plan renews
    Good Morning Monica,
    Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless once again, this is Mike again, and it's my pleasure to again enable your data feature for your account.
    I have once again activated the proper data feature on your account and I have submitted another error example. I have also found that this issue is common with blackberry devices and we are currently working on a solution. Until your data feature no longer needs to be activated by a representative each month, i will be more than happy to assist you with activating your data whenever your plan renews if you simply reply to this email and request that i activate the data.
    thank you, Monica for contacting
    Verizon wireless once again. We
    greatly appreciate that you provided us
    with another opportunity to assist you.
    again this is Mike, and it's my
    pleasure to activate your data feature
    once again. please continue to feel free to reply to this email or call customer service at (888)294-6804 if you ever
    have any other questions or concerns,
    thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless.

    I did a diagnostic check and this part came up. I think the BIS
    service is not connecting but i think it's on verizon's side. Each
    time the customer service agent turned on data on verizon's side it
    fixed the problem.
    I saw online many blackberry's have the issue like the agent told me.
    so i need for this to be fixed because i am paying for data.
    Diagnostic report
    Blackberry registration: Yes
    Connected to blackberry: No
    Blackberry pin-pin: abort

  • Need help free snmp agent v3 (snmpv3.jar)

    Hi all.
    I need some agent functionality of snmpv3 in our server. I found some free snmp stacks, but they all don't support snmpv3. Also i found one snmp agent snmpv3.jar. But i don't know who is the author and nothing else. So i don't have any support - no email, no web site :)))
    May be some body used the agent. As i understand it can support all snmp version (1, 2, 3). I tried all, but when i use it with v3 (i use as manager Koshna SNMP MIB browser) i have troble, i have message in my err_out "Authentication is required for user testtest". I don't know waht it is and how to manage it. May be somebody used this libs and could explain me something.
    By the way i should use only free software.

    hi there.
    i'm also need some free software to send snmp traps. but it can be in version 1 or 2.
    could u give some help?

  • I deleted Bonjour, since I don't need it for remote printing.  Now I get the message " Airport Base Station has stopped working: and also a message saying APAgent.exe can't be found.  What to do??? Thanks.

    I deleted Bonjour since I don't need it for remote printing.  Now on start-up I get the message: "Airport Base Station Agent has stopped working" and also message: "can't find APAgent.exe.:  Do I need AP Agent??  What to do??  Thanks. 

    The APAgent monitors your AirPort base station and informs you if there are things like firmware updates available. This utility relies on Bonjour, but is not required for base station operation. However, Bonjour makes it easier for your PC to "find" the base station via the AirPort Utility and I would recommend that you keep it installed. If you don't want the APAgent, you can just use the Apple Updater utility (that was also installed when the AirPort Utility was installed) to remove it.

  • Problem installing agent on new database server

    Agent11g> ./runInstaller -silent -responseFile /u01/oemAgentStage/linux_x64/response/rac1_additional_agent.rsp
    Starting Oracle Universal Installer...
    Checking Temp space: must be greater than 150 MB. Actual 12211 MB Passed
    Checking swap space: must be greater than 150 MB. Actual 16002 MB Passed
    Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2011-09-07_04-49-04PM. Please wait ...Agent11g> Warning: Is the following line present in /u01/oemAgentStage/linux_x64/response/rac1_additional_agent.rsp correct?
    Warning: This line is not added to HashMap
    Warning: Is the following line present in /u01/oemAgentStage/linux_x64/response/rac1_additional_agent.rsp correct?
    Warning: This line is not added to HashMap
    Warning: Is the following line present in /u01/oemAgentStage/linux_x64/response/rac1_additional_agent.rsp correct?
    Warning: This line is not added to HashMap
    *** Check for updates ***
    *** Select Installation Type ***
    *** Check Prerequisites ***
    *** Specify Oracle Management Service Location ***
    The specified Management Service on host at port 3872 is unreachable. Check the connection details for the Management Service to ensure that you entered the value for the host name correctly
    Response File contents:
    #Please Don't change the values of these variables
    #FROM_LOCATION:<String> Complete path to the products.xml.
    #b_upgrade:<Boolean> "whether it is Upgrade or not"
    #EM_INSTALL_TYPE:<STRING> install type
    ERROR: Silent Install has failed. Please check the log files for more details.
    OMS is up and running.

    did you need install agent form database host ? Did you try deployment from OEMGC ?
    We deploy all our agents 11.1 from OEMGC.

  • Configure a monitored target from one agent to another

    I am using OEMGC and agent
    My question is .
    On a particular server I have 3 agents A1,A2,A3
    And each agent is monitoring 1 Target(DB and listener) T1,T2,T3.
    Now I want to configure agent A1 to monitor all targets,so that I can get rid of agents A2 and A3.
    Is there any way to do this,other than by deleting the targets from console and re discovering them ?
    I have lot of jobs etc configured for each target; If I delete them I will loose history old job excen as well.
    Please let me know if yo knw any way to do this.

    We moved these databases from HA environment where fail over wz configured.
    So v needed one agent per target so that agent will also failover along with database.
    Now since it's moved out of HA env. we are planing to remove those additional agents.

  • How to determine dialog step agent in report

    I have to create a customize report of workflow status Like SWI1. problem is all the data is available in table SWWWIHEAD
    but the record of the step which have to execute have empty field WI_Agent . as soon as the agent will execute it . this field will be populated.
    I need the agent of that step/ record.  In SWI1 out put if we click on the log and then click on the agent button it shows generic decision task and shows the agent below that.

    To get the uerid which in waiting state you can use this FM SAP_WAPI_DISPLAY_WORKITEM. Search with SAP_WAPI_* you will get lot of FM which can be used for your requirment.

  • The role of Reporting agent once we have BEx Broadcaster

    Hi all,
    I understand the BEx broad caster does the pre calculation of Web template, distribution by various mechanisms...So in this context, how and when Reporting agents will be necessary ? Can any one give the differences between those two ??
    best regs
    D Bret

    For some time both will be needed. It is true that some things Reporting Agent did, send a report, BEx Broadcaster does better. But certain Reporting Agent features have not migrated yet. Here's how to think about it: If you want to run a query and store the data in a table for later use, you still need Reporting Agent. This covers priming the OLAP cache, Web template precalculation, pre-run Exceptions, etc.
    If you want to present these query results, the means have moved to BEx Broadcaster. That's emailing a workbook, emailing a query result or a link, publishing in the Portal.
    (Not) Coincidentally, the first set of features are mostly or exclusively ABAP-based and the second set is based on NetWeaver Java WAS.
    Hope this helps,
    Doug Childs

  • Does solution manager 4.0  require SMD Agent?

    we have  solman 4.0 abap+java with sp11.we are in the process of configuring sol mananager  diagnostics for sattlite systems.
    for monitoring solution manager   java stack it self from solution manager  do we need to install  SMD AGENT   even thogh solution manger it self has SMD server ? still  solution manger need SMD AGENT ?

    SMD Agents are mandatory to run Diagnostics on sattelite systems.
    Each Agent is connected to SMD Server and is able to run task or collect information from central request (SMD Server).
    If you do not have them, you will not be able to run any tools in Diag.
    SMD Server is one sub-component of Solution Manager 4.0.

  • Run Agent on Another ODI and consumming my Projects

    Hi everyone!
    My question is ..
    I have an instalation of Oracla Data Integrator, i have my connections, models, packages and all that i need for work but i need an agent that live in another instalation of Oracle Data Integrator, because the problem of license, on my instalation i cant use an agent and i want to use the other agent that live on the another instalation.
    I try many options but i cant, on of them is, create the same connections on the topology, create the same models and y dont create more of those things 'cause it means build all projects.
    Thank for your repplies.
    If need more explain of this, asking me

    Hi Ace,
    As the listener agent doesn't connect to the repository, you could use the same physical instalation thru several master BUT the same isn't true to a scheduling agent once it connects to the master and work repository to get the schedulled process.
    What is the type of agent from your environment?
    Cezar Santos

  • Reporting agent setting to drill down

    My requirement is that I want to create a reporting agent setting.
    When executed the report it should drill down a particular characteristic to the lowest level.
    Is there any setting I can do?

    you need not need reporting agent to do this
    lets say you have characteristic Country and hierarchy for it with sub levels 4
    you want the country hierarchy to display to its level 4 by default
    set this property in query designing , open to node 4
    this way it will always drilldown to sub level 4

  • ODI Agents and EPM

    I use EPM, ODI 11g, Solaris SPARC
    The situation is as follows:
    On a single server X is installed Hyperion Essbase, on another server (Y) - the application server (Hyperion Planning, Shared Services, etc.), the third (Z) - ODI
    In Oracle Data Integrator creates the following packages:
    1) Load the actual values from the Oracle DWH to Hyperion Essbase and execution of business rules using the Hyperion Planning console utility -
    2) Extract planning values from the Hyperion Essbase to Oracle DWH, using KM - LKM Hyperion Essbase Data to SQL, which is specified EXTRACTION_QUERY_FILE - report script Essbase.
    My question is, do I need to install ODI agents on both servers: X and Y. On Y must be exactly as it is called a command line utility, located on the hyperion planning server. Be sure to install the agent on the server X, where Essbase. (called report script)
    If I need the agents on both servers, I can somehow relate them so as not to break the existing chain of steps in the ODI package?

    If it is the report script extract then it should still work even if there is no agent on the essbase server.
    An agent will be required on the running the calc manager utility though.
    Even if you did multiple agents you can generate a scenario for each step and call the scenarios from a package.

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