Need solution for SNMP Service on Solaris

Hi Friends,
We use the solaris servers. For SNMP we have changed the Default Password of SNMP Service.
We audited our Servers doing the Penetration Testing (PT). In this activity it was reported the SNMP is using the default password. They had the tool "Getif" for SNMP testing. If the default password are set for SNMP service this toll reads the important information. If defaults passwords are not used it cannot read any information about SNMP.
When i change the default password for SNMP, should i restart the the service to take changes in effect?
Pls help

Hi taher;
Thanx buddy. You are really helping us out. I just try to share my knowledge wiht forums user i also already learn many thing from forums,as specialy Hussein Sawwan
I have two more doubts. Like in linux we use which command to see if that executable is in the PATH but in Solaris 10 is whence a replacement for that.I belive You can use which command in solaris too.
Q2). I dont think i need to go for split architecture as both the DB (11i) and application tier are certified for solaris *10* SPARC (64-bit).You should decide it not me :) you can use split config if your business need it or not. Its just depend your analysis
I hope; my answer would be answer of your quesition and give you some idea about your issue :)

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    Thank you,

    Download correct version from Microsoft Update Catalog. Run it with elevated rights.

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    You should contact your Service Provider and tell them your problem that you are facing..
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        How are you people there.Iam very much thank full to you people for your constant support.
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        Have a nice week end

    1. Missing SIDS : Mostly occurs due to missing master data or if error records are parked and not loaded susequently, or if Master data is not loaded before loading Transaction data. You need to fix these situations.
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    4. Missing messages again can be due to jobs being slow, processes being killed, or warning messages. Need to treat the warning messages or reset the job.
    5. Can be due to IDOC errors. Goto SM58 and push data packets from there on the source system side or due to IDOC errors.
    6. Same as 3.

  • Need Solution for iWeb/QuickTime viewing problem in IE 6 for Windows

    When viewing an iWeb page in IE 6 for Windows with a background picture and a QuickTime movie embeded, the QT movie frame will "smear" when the page is scrolled. More specifically, The QT movie frame will not lock into its proper position as long as the page has a background picture selected in iWeb when viewing w/ IE 6 for Windows. Does anyone know of a solution for this? Does this problem still exist w/ later versions of IE for Windows?
    By the way, if you don't already know this, changing the Page Background setting back to the default of 'Color Fill' in iWeb and republishing will not correct the problem once a background picture is selected for a page. You have to set the Page Background setting to 'None' and republish. The movie frame will then be locked into place when scrolling the page in IE 6 for Windows.
    MBP 17in (1 GB RAM), PB G4 15in, PB G4 12in, iMac G3   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   Loyal to Apple since the Apple ][+

    Someone else posted that you may have to remove the image altogether, publish, then place the replacement image. The images for the background of my newest pages use this as a tiled background successfully.
    I'm not sure how well tiling would work on your page though since it would begin to repeat vertically when you don't want it to (for me, tiling is exactly what I needed).

  • Need solution for a Reporting Requirement

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    I need design a solution for Report, where in I need to show ageing of Invoice based of Due date of Invoice for last four weeks as explained below:
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    Industry       Invoice Number      Due Date      Amount
    8111                   IV1                  13/04/2011  1000
    8111                   IV2                  17/04/2011  1000
    Say current week end date is 03/05/2011, now I need to show data for last 4 weeks in report, by calculting what is due at that weekend date e.g. there is no amount due on 12/04/2011, but next week on 19th amount due in 1000, then subsequent week there are 2 Inv. due, amount for 26th is 2000. Similarly there is additional invoice after 26th, so amount on 3rd remains the same i.e. 2000.
    Industry    Week End date  AR Amount due
    8111     12/04/2010     0
    8111     19/04/2010     1000
    8111     26/04/2010     2000
    8111     03/05/2010     2000
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    1. In Bex query, is this can be done, if yes how?
    2. Or we need to do this in EDW, by having additonal cube, if yes how?
    Please let me know if you have solution for this.

    Hi All,
    Thanks for the replies.
    Please tell me if I can call a file sender communication channel from an UDF and pass the dinamic configuration values at runtime.
    If this is possible, I think the above requirement is addressed.
    Please tell me in case of any more solutions too.
    Thanks once again.

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    could anyone please send me solution for this query these are the database tables am having
    my requirement is that i need 2 acces the groupname of a particular user and the reamining groups to which i doesn't belong in A SINGLE QUERY
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    Authorised group
    UNAuthorised groups
    if any body got the solution please send

    hi All,
    I have 3 tables 1)PREVILEGES (groupname, previleges(values y or n only))
    2)GROUPS (groupid, groupname)
    3) USERS (uname, groupname).
    Here each user belongs to one group, each user hav a default previlege means example if user is consutant then he can access only consultant group. Means default previlege will be used. For default previleges, there is no record in Previleges table.
    The Problem is that, I need to reterive the groupname from users which de doesn't belong as well as his previleges from previleges, If there is no values in previleges in the table it should return n. or value what is therey.
    the different groups are

  • Need solution for this query

    i want solution for shape & append query as run in access for oracle
    RS.Open "SHAPE {select ID,MAX(Module_Name) AS MainMenu from USER_MODULE GROUP BY ID} APPEND ({select ID,NAME,USER_module.srno,iif(right(param_str,1)='P','ü','') as Allow,iif(left(param_str,1)='A','ü','') as Ins,iif(MID(param_str,2,1)='E','ü','') as Edit,iif(MID(param_str,3,1) = 'D','ü','') as Del,flag,CODE,NAME from USER_MODULE left join user1 on user1.srno=USER_module.srno where user_name='" & Master_Rst!USER_NAME & "' or user_name is null} RELATE ID TO ID) AS AA", G_CompCn, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic

    If you are in migration from one DB to other - you should not go with one to one convertion.
    First understand the business requirment - whats working and how is it working and whats expected out of your new code etc.
    Then decide what to place and how using your new DB.
    There might not be one to one exact match in all DBs.
    Simple example if you find any connect by prior in oracle - can you replace it with simple SQL command in ACCESS / SQL SERVER as it is without any functions?

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    3. Difference in 2005B and 2007B

    Thankyou Jasper,
    Landed cost problem has been solved.
    Regarding Budget set up My client need Budget at costcenter level. i.e Cost center wise they want the budget. As of my knowledge to do this we need to activate Account segmentation right?
    Without doing that is there any other way where we can set Budget cost center level also?
    one more thing, there is a check box of purchase order, Goods Receipt and Accounting at the time of setting up Budget in General setting? what it is for?
    Regariding difference in 2005b and 2007B I was not able to get documentation on this.

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    Hi Mike,
    we once solved this by creating LOVs in BusinessView Manager. I am not sure if you can use the BW Publisher in this scenario as we did not use it. We published the reports directly to the BOE server for some reasons.
    Creating a LOV in BusinessView manager is really easy. You can create cascading prompts, shedule refreshing of the lists, ...
    By using the cascading prompt feature you can make prompts like this:
    First enter the customer number (or pick it from a list) and then the second list, which holds the materials only has shows the ones which had been purchased by that customer. I think this is what you are looking for.
    You should give it a try!

  • Need solution for multiple Firewire needs

    My new 27" 2011 imac will arrive next Monday. I'm now trying to define and solve all potential hurdles.
    I seek recommendations on how to best solve my need to attach 2 original  firewire cables, into this imac that only comes with 1 firewire 800 input. Both connectors are critical to my  work. One connector will turn hard to the right for about six feet to connect to my Digi02 audio interface. The other cable connects and turns hard to the left for 15 feet to connect to my Epson 2200 art printer. Both of the outboard equipment need the original firewire.
    I have considered daisy chaining the audio interface and the printer. Except they are on opposite sides of my studio, and I prefer NOT to use a 25 foot firewire cable between such critical peices of hardware.
    A better possibility may be a firewire hub, although it will probably also need adaptors for the different versions of firewire i need. That seems rather inelegant. Another possibility would be to get one USB to firewire adaptor and one firewire to 800 adaptor. Do these USB to firewire adaptors work OK? 
    Anyway, which of these methods would you recommend as my best choice? Are there other choices i haven't mentioned here?

    The guy is totally correctin his review.
    That is how FireWire works. The FireWire bus will run only as fast as the slowest device on the bus. So as soon as plug in a FW400 device, everything is then clocked down to 400FW.
    If you need to have both FW800 and FW400 devices running at their native speeds you need two FW busses each with their own controller.
    Because of the limited expansion capability of the iMac, I don't see any way for you to get around this limitation.
    If you get a Mac Pro then you could use a FW PCIe card for the second bus and controller.

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    if so please help me..
    my mail id is [email protected]
    i want help in designing the download manager
    can any one help me out plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • High Availibity solution for Sharepoint Service Applications

    I have a scenario with the three nodes SP1 , SP2 and DR-SP with server 2012 standard, each running SharePoint 2013 enterprise, All of three nodes are members of single SharePoint farm that spans two data centers.Primary Data Center have two nodes SP1 , SP2
    and DR data center have one node DR-SP of share point 2013.
    For MS SQL i have three nodes DB1, DB2 and DR-DB3 with server 2012 standard, each running an instance of SQL Server 2012 enterprise, participate in a
    single Windows Server Fail-over Cluster (WSFC) that spans two data centers.Primary Data Center have two nodes DB1 ,DB2 and DR data center have one node DR-DB of SQL Server 2012 enterprise.
    Currently i have configured these service applications on  primary data center nodes SP1 .How i can enable high availability for different service Applications  of SharePoint 2013  like Profile service application, search service application,
    managed meta data application in case of primary data center outage.

    stretched farms are not supported unless the WAN provides sub-millisecond ping times.
    Scott Brickey
    Strategic Data Systems - for all your SharePoint needs

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