Need to change the background color of a textview in offline PDF

We are using the PDFDocument API in order to generate a PDF file which is eventually stored in a network folder. We were initially using the Webdynpro Interactive Form UI element, but digressed from that approach because of some architecture considerations.
I am able to do everything with the PDFDocument API, expect two things which are proving to be much tougher than I thought:
1) I have a textview in my .XDP template. The background color of this textview must change depending on the value that I display inside it. For example, if the value is between 1 and 20, the background color must be green, if the value is between 21 and 40, it must be yellow and so on...
I still have not found the method to specify the background color of a textview using the .XML data file.
2) Depending on a certain condition, I need to display 5 images in a table row instead of the usual 6. I have been able to do that by simply not providing the 6th image url, but I also need to resize the 5 such that they occupy the space that was initially used by 6 images.
Any ideas of how I can go about these requirements?
Thanks & regards,
Navneet Nair.
Edited by: Navneet Nair on Feb 19, 2009 10:09 AM

1) I added an invisible textfield inside my .XDP file and populated it with the color value that I want my main text field to display.  (This color needs to be specified in the R,G,B format... for example... 128,0,0
2) Now in the 'Initialize' javascript event of my main text field, I included the following script:
this.resolveNode("<SubFormName>.<MainTextFieldName>").fillColor = this.resolveNode("<SubFormName>.<InvisibleTextFieldName>").rawValue;
Hope it helps!
- Navneet

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    Here are the requirements for US passport. Scroll down for the passport tool to make the picture utilizing one on your disk.
    If you decide to make it in Elements and print it, you should have a resolution of 240-300 px/in for a good output.  I suggest that you print the 2 photos on good quality paper, probably both on 4x6 stock, and trim with scissors to specification.
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    Hi Burke,
    Here's the result, using Peggy's suggestion:
    Click on the thin strip of red to the left of the title ("THE THOMPSONS") to select the background.
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    Go Arrange > Unlock (or press option-command-L) to unlock the object.
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    Save the result.

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    By Popup do you mean a link that when clicked causes a separate topic to be displayed in a seperate window (popup) or Drop Down text?
    For Popups that are displayed in a new window then the font and colour is changed in the topic that is displayed. Simply open the topic and change colours / features as required
    If you are using drop down text and confusing this with a popup then the font and colour is changed when creating the drop down text. Right click the text and select Font to change colour etc.

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    could you try this
    <table bgcolor="#999999">
    I don't think you need <html><header><title>Test</title></header>
    <body></body></html> for your HTML-Portlet.

  • How to change the background color of a cell in datagrid using flex3

    i want to change the background color of a can i achieve this.....and also i want to know how a spacing cane be done between cells in a datagrid...plzzz help me???

    The only way I can see to do this is to use an item renderer for your cells.  This is really scruffy and would need tyding up, and maybe with a little more time could do better or someone else may have an idea but none the less this works.
    Define a custom component as below;
    This has logic to see what the value of the data is proveided by the dataprovider for the row, and if it matches the conditions in this case is equal to 5 sets the background color.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx="" width="88" height="26" dataChange="doColor()" borderColor="#000000" borderStyle="solid"
                private function doColor():void {
                    if (data.value == 5) {
                        setStyle('backgroundColor', 0xcccccc);
                    } else {
                        setStyle('backgroundColor', 0xffffff);
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    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute"  xmlns:ns1="*">
                import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
                private var ac:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
                    {value : 1},
                    {value : 2},
                    {value : 3},
                    {value : 4},
                    {value : 5},
                    {value : 6},
                    {value : 7},
                    {value : 8},
                    {value : 9},
                    {value : 10}
        <mx:DataGrid x="40" y="36" width="408" height="193" dataProvider="{ac}">
                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Column 1" dataField="value" itemRenderer="MyComp"/>
                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Column 2" dataField="col2"/>
                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Column 3" dataField="col3"/>
    I hope this helps

  • Change the background color of a cell in JTable

    Hi all,
    How can I change the background color of individual cell in JTable. I need to construct my own TableCellRenderer or not? I'm now using the DefaultTableCellRenderer now.

    You could create your own renderer or you could try something like:
    table = new JTable(model)
         public TableCellRenderer getCellRenderer(int row, int column)
              DefaultTableCellRenderer tcr =
               (DefaultTableCellRenderer)super.getCellRenderer(row, column);
              if (row == 1 && column == 1)
              return tcr;

  • How can I change the background color of odd/even rows in a panelCollection

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    I'm using a panelCollection and I need to change the backgroung color for odd/even rows in the table,
    how can I do this, using a stylesheet, is there a special selector or property for this?
    globalResultCollection (UIPanelCollection object) , is a collection of UITable elements, and it's working fine.
    I just want to change the defaul background color for rows.
    <af:panelCollection id="GLOBAL_RESULT_COLLECTION"
    <f:facet name="menus">
    <af:menu id="GLOBAL_OPERATION_MENU"
    binding="#{admin.view.globalOperationMenu}" />
    <f:facet name="toolbar">
    <af:toolbar inlineStyle="width:100%"

    use this:
    af|table::data-row af|column::data-cell { background-color: #CCCCFF; }
    af|table::data-row af|column::banded-data-cell { background-color: #FFCCCC; }
    s o v i e t

  • Change the background color of selected row in adf table

    Can somebody guide me in changing the background color of a row when its being selected. In my ADF table, one of the column is of type Command Link. So whenever i click this command link on any particular row that complete row color should change as an indication of that row being selected.
    Please guide me to do this. I referred to other forum posts, but they couldnt meet my need.

    Hi Frank,
    you're right. This should work. But the result is not perfect from my point of view.
    I use
    <af:table ...>
      <af:column ...>
        <af:outputText value="#{row.col1}" inlineStyle="#{row.mystyle}"/>
    </af:table>and I get e.g. this in HTML:
    <table ...>
        <td class="af_column_cell-text OraTableBorder1111"><span style="font-weight:bold;">qqq</span></td>
    </table>while I would prefer to get somethig like this:
    <table ...>
        <td style="font-weight:bold;"><span>qqq</span></td>
    </table>, which looks much smarter. Is it possible?

  • How do I change the background color on pages I try to print or view?

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    Can't find where I can change the original settings I used and make the background white, or no color at all.

    Specifically to add a background color, no. The only workaround I am aware of is to add a text box to the document format and expand it to cover the entire page. Available colors will be limited, and you may need to experiment with the opacity.

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    Hello! I am trying to change the background color in Keynote, I can see where I should be able to do this, however my computer does not let me. If I change the template (in the Fun template from the standard to the horizontal picture) it will let me change it only in the box rather than the entire template. I really want to keep the style, just not the orange color. Thanks!

    Ruth, the background in Fun is an image, not just a colour. For the templates without photo cutouts, you will need to select the template, go into the Inspector, choose Slide, select the Appearance tab, and then in the background section you can change the image. If you just want to change the colour, you can choose Tinted Image Fill in the dropdown menu, then click the colour box to control the tint.
    Unfortunately, changing the Photo template is much more difficult, since the "background" image is actually a cutout placed on the slide above the actual background. As far as I know, changing this image will require access to fairly sophisticated graphics programs, such as Photoshop. However, if you are using Keynote 3, an alternative would be to create an image mask that is similar in shape to the cutout, as this would produce the same effect (cutouts are not nearly as vital now that images can be masked to a shape).
    PowerMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

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    In swing, can we change the background color of a sub menu. it is working fine for the main menu, but doesn't work for sub menu.

    Hey hi,
    just an append to the previous reply.
    The subMenu needs to be setOpaque() to true. i.e.

  • Change the background color for HToggleButton as State changed

    Hi , I want to change the background color of HToggleButton or HGraphicButton as its state changed as normal to focus and then focus to normal and same with actioned state .It is possible to change the image with different states but how can I do the same thing to change background color .I'll appreciate any help regarding this with thanks in adv.

    i_x denotes first column and not characctersitic 1.
    Also I am not sure if the check is to be for IS_SUM.
    Use Get_Cell_info class instance and then use the data returned by the same for checking IS_SUM and then change the cellstyle.
    Another thing to look out for is , the required change might be needed on DATA_CELL and notcharacteristic_cell.
    Assigning points is a way of saying thank you on SDN

  • Anyone using Simple Viewer?  How do I change the background color?

    To match my website better, I would like to change the background color to white. Any ideas... Hopefully automatically?

    Hello TandA4,
    You need to open up the folder you created. Locate the file called "index.html" and open it with text edit. Find the following three pieces of text:
    background-color: #181818;
    <param name="BGCOLOR" value="#181818" />
    scale="noscale" bgcolor="#181818" type="application/
    In each case change the "181818" (or what other numbers or digits are there) with six F's. It should look like: background-color: #FFFFFF.
    Kind Regards,
    Ash Films
    <edited by host>

  • (J2ME)change the Background Color Of Form

    I have a question about create a Form on J2ME Midlet.
    How could we change the Background Color Of Form? Is it possible?
    Thanx a lot.

    You can try the J2ME forums
    Then don't seem to be bursting with life though. You may find what you need searching these examples
    I don't use J2ME myself.

Maybe you are looking for

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