Need to create a Store Business document type for material master and store a sharepoint link

I need to create a Store business document type for material master and store a URL link . How do I do that?( or is there any functionality to upload a document for a  store business document that it will automatically saves to sharepoint?)

dhayes12 wrote:
> A)  When I do the (Material Backflush) MFBF for the 04 type, the Inspection Lot gets created OK.  I then can go into QA32 and assign the correct Inspection Plat by clicking the Inspection Lot button.
> B)  When I do the MIGO via the Purchase Order (type Z01), it will not create the Lot if I have the Multiple Specs selected in the QM Material Master MM02.  If, I turn off the Multiple Specs in the QM Material Master and create a new PO and MIGO, it will create the Lot, however, it automatically assigns the lot to the wrong Inspection Plan (2nd Plan see above)  I need to be able to select the plan like I can with the 04 type.
> Is their some setting that can be changed in Config or somewhere that acts the same way as example A above?
For case A, create insp plan with usage "1- production" If you have one IP with this usage for given material then system will assign Plan to lot automatically. In your case for second plan update usage as 1.
For case B, system should assign 1st plan make sure for both plan udage is correct. for 1st plan usage should be 5 while 2nd plan usage should be 1. Now if your 1st have status 4 and key date before lot date then system will assign plan auto.

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  • Message Type for Material Master Data Changes

    Hi all
    I'm managing Message Types for Material Master Data extraction from R\3 system to BW system, in order to load on BW only the changes done to some fields of MARA table that are delta relevant.
    Now from R/3 BD50 Transaction I can see that there is a message type that refer to changes done on MARA fields: RS0044.
    I would like to replace this message type with another one (RS0020) in order to align different systems.
    Now changes to material master data in R/3 system are recorder with both message types but only those with RS0044 message type are processed and loaded into BW system.
    So I would like to know:
    1. How is the message type related to the DataSource 0material?
    2. is it possible to replace a message type for BW?
    3. if yes, how can I do it?
    Thanks in advance.
    mail: [email protected]

    Hi Oscar!
    At the moment I'm using Delta queue of 0MATERIAL. I know that in the queue there are all the new and changed records.
    But I would like to be able not to load all the changed records, but only those that refer to some fields of MARA table.
    E.g. if the gross weight of a material is modified I don't want to load this change on BW with Delta loading .
    I've seen that from R/3 Transaction BD52 you can set only delta relevant fields referred to a specific message type and to delete the other fields.
    As I'm able to do this directly in the Development system and Test System, I haven't got the authorization of doing it in the Production system.
    That's why I need to include this setting in a CR and then ask to transport it from Test to Production system.
    But message types referred to MARA field changes are different between the two systems.
    And it seems they are automatically created.
    Is it true?

  • Separate PR document type for material from PS

    WE need to create two separate material PR document type for example WBS level-1 and WBS level-2. How can I achieve it.Any user exit or what is the simplest method.

    Thanx. My project having two separate WBS element for which import trading material is required and some material required during installation , mostly consumable materials. Two separate document type is required for the purpose.
    Please give me logic how can I assign two document type for two separate WBS element.

  • Multiple class types for material master classification display default.

    We are running on R/3 4.7.  We use several different class types for our material masters (001 and Z01).  The problem this creates is the end user having to constantly tell the system which class type to use when going to the classification screen for different materials with different class types.  If a user views one material's classification page with a particular class type (001) then looks at another material with a different class type (Z01) the system tries to pull in information from the last materials class type (001).  The system tells the user there are no assignments for the class (001) in the material their viewing but there is one for class type (Z01).  The user then has to select the class type that applies to the material master their trying to view.  Is there a way for the system to automatically see when a material has only one class type assigned to it for it to automatically default it in without the user having to specify the class type?

    Check the configuration, have you maintained default class type for material type.
    Logistic General> Material Master> Basic Setting> Material Type> Define attributes of Material Types>Select the material type> Double click on material type--> Class type
    Edited by: P. Dhamane on Jun 4, 2010 3:21 PM

  • Multiple Class Type for Material Master

    Hello Everyone,
    I would like to ask where in configuration can I setup Classification so that for each Material Master it can have Multiple Class Type. (such as 001 - Material Class, 023 - Batch, 300 - Variants).  Because currently I can only see 023 - Batch whenever I create a new Material Master.

    Check the configuration, have you maintained default class type for material type.
    Logistic General> Material Master> Basic Setting> Material Type> Define attributes of Material Types>Select the material type> Double click on material type--> Class type
    Edited by: P. Dhamane on Jun 4, 2010 3:21 PM

  • Creating large scale secure document repository for remote access and a few other Azure questions

    Hello Microsoft Community,
    Is there a way to put a bunch of documents in Azure storage and present them to an end user via an interface that is either web based or local that will provide security (log in control) to the folders and logging along with allowing access from multiple
    sites? I have a large document library of medical records that have been scanned to PDF format that are historical. They moved EMR systems to a new system and the documents I'm talking about are historical access only in case a patient needs historical records
    and aren't in the new system. Records staff would need to be able to log into said site, gain access to the files, search by file name and print / copy / save the PDF document so it can be sent to the patient requesting the info.

    Shared access signature and stored access policy can be used in this case.
    A shared access signature is a URI that grants restricted access rights to containers, blobs, queues, and tables for a specific time interval. By providing
    a client with a shared access signature, you can enable them to access resources in your storage account without sharing your account key with them. A stored access policy provides an additional level of control over shared access signatures on the server
    For more details, please refer the following links:
    Create and Use a Shared Access Signature (
    Use a Stored Access Policy (

  • Which document types get a thumbnail and preview in Sharepoint-2013

    I read in the old blogs that preview thumbnails are not supported for excel files, Is this still the same in Sharepiont 2013 ? 
    Right now I am using sharepoint 2013 and I am not getting preview thumbnails in the search results for excel file types. What changes do I need to make for getting the thumbnails for excel ? Can someone please help me ?

    The same question posted here - go through the thread
    Pratik Vyas | SharePoint Consultant |
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  • Document types for PO

    I want to create new document types for purchase order and need to do field selection for that particular doucument type..
    Can anyone tell what is the customizing procedure for that.?
    thanks in advance

    To create a document type for PO go to SPRO IMG...
    Then select  Material management  and select  Purchase order  in that select  _Define document 
    types_   Here you can create new document type either by copying the standard one or from new
    entries.  Here you can assign the internal or external number ranges to the new document type..
    You can create number ranges in  Define number ranges  at the top of the  Define document types
    the SAP standard document type is  ''NB''
    Thank you...

  • Document types for Entry view Vs document type for General Ledger view

    Dear experts...
    Can you explain what is the deference between Document types for Entry view and document type for General Ledger view?

    Document Types for Entry View
    In this activity, you define your document types. Document types are used to differentiate the business transactions and to manage how document are stored.
    Document Types for General Ledger View
    You define for non-leading ledgers the document types for the documents in the General Ledger view. At the same time,  you assign for each document type a number range to be applied in the     assignment of document numbers:
        o   You do not need to make these settings for your leading ledger
            because, in the case of this ledger, the document number in the
            entry view always corresponds to the document number in the general
            ledger view.
        o   You only have to make these settings for any non-leading ledgers
            that have a fiscal year variant that differs in at least one company
            code from the fiscal year variant of the leading ledger in this
            company code. In this case, the document number in the entry view
            does not correspond to the document number in the general ledger
            view and you have to define a separate document type with document
            number assignment for the general ledger view.
            For all non-leading ledgers that, in the company code to which the
            postings are made, have a fiscal year variant corresponding to the
            fiscal year variant of the leading ledger in this company code, the
            document number in the entry view always corresponds to the document
            number in the general ledger view.
            The need to define a document type for documents in the general
            ledger view depends only on whether the fiscal year variant of the
            non-leading ledger in the company code (to which the postings are
            made) differs from the fiscal year variant of the leading ledger in
            this company code.

  • BAPI only assign Document Data(Document Number/Document Type) to Material

           Can any one tell me A Standard BAPI which is only assign(Not Create New Document Number)
           Document Data to Material Number.

    Hi Ganesh,
    i am writing a Custome BAPI for Material Create uisng "BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA " and also i assign an Existing Document Number ,Document Type to the Material Number which is Created using "BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA".
    so, i need a one SAP Standard BAPI which is assign an Existing Document Number ,Document Type to Material Number and the Document number and Document type is available  Input Parameter of my Z BAPI.
    Note: Don't Create New Document Number i have docuemnt number and just assign to Material Number
    Thanks and Regards.

  • Output types for customer master

    How do I create an output type for customer master and assign it to an output determination procedure for customers. Thanks for the help in advance.

    Any bright ideas guys?

  • Reference a document in the material master

    I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a way that we can do the following....
    We basically want to have a field/location in the Material Master that will reference a document stored somewhere on a network server and in turn, display and print on the PO (the document name prints, not the contents). Any suggestions of where to start?
    So in the MM for Material # 123456
    MyField = "MyInspectionDoc.pdf" (MyInspectionDoc.pdx resides on \\mynetworkserver\MyInspectionDoc.pdf)
    Is there a way to have an attachment in the MM that will automatically be pulled into the PO when the PO is created (with the material item as a line item in the PO of course)

    I think you are mixing DMS (document management) with GOS (generic object services)
    GOS content is created as shown in your screen shots.
    You cannot even see from any transaction which materials have a GOS attachment. The GOS attachment can only be accessed from the object (material master) where it was created.
    DMS is a central component in SAP and embedded to the material master like it is done with classification too.
    You can create the documents in CV01N transaction and link to the material or directly from material master. you can use CV04N to search for documents
    In the material master you will find the link to the document in alternative data tab where you have as well your alternative units.
    This screen looks like this one:
    Those material master attachments/documents do not print automatically in a PO, for this you have to do some ABAP development

  • Maintain Text Types in Material Master

    Is it possible to maintain different text types in the materials master "Sales text" tab just like we can maintain at the sales order header and item levels.
    In VOTXN there is no option for configuring text types for material master (text object MVKE) so I was wondering that if it is possible at all. Please let me know if you have any idea on the same.

    Hi Deepak,
    In Material Master you can maintain the "Basic data text". It can be maintained in Basic data 1 view by selecting the Additional data. This text can also be fetched according to your requirement with the help of developer.

  • GOS: create store business document

    Hi experts,
    when using GOS to attach a document (create store business document), the system enables me to attach the corresponding documents. The thing is that once created the attachment, if you display list, the documents attached can not be distinguished because there isn't any description. All the attachments show as description the document types customized.
    Is there any possibility of adding a description so that the user can display the documents attached and know which is the subject without being necessary to open all the attachments one by one.
    Best regards

    I also am interested in this.  Also, the user ID of who created the attachment is BLANK.

  • Store Business document in FD32

    Hi All
    Can anyone help me out on how  to activate  the functionality of Store Business document in FD32
    It in ->Go to - FD32 
    ->On Title BAR(customer credit management change :overview) click on the ICON displayed left corner
    Create - Store Business document
    It is below create attachments . i need send the data to another system

    For your requirement, you should have ArchiveLink configuration...
    Below are the step you should perform for Late Document Archiving
    > Create Document Type and assign document class in transaction OAC2
    >> Assign Content Repository, Link table to your Business object type and document type in transaction OAC3.
    After this you can perform Late document archiving in FB32 transaction with help of GOS = Generic object service.
    Steps in GOS - Select Create > Click on Store Business document >> Select your document type and attach required image. This will help in storing incoming or outgoing documents for your business transactions in archive server through content repository assigned to document type.
    Note: Above works if Archive Infrastructure in place & connected to SAP system. If not then directly you can attach the incoming and outgoing documents to your business transaction so that all the attachment will be stored in SAP database.
    Hope this information will help you.

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