Need to Export a hypertext index list or Table of Content when saving as pdf

I have a catalog that is being converted from print to web and will be exported as a pdf and then converted to a flip book using a flash template. The flash template does have this capability and pdf files can and do import table of content text for navigating the pdf document. What I need to do is to take the Table of Contents list from the catalog (which I have tagged with hyperlinks) and have it appear in the pdf as a text-based table of contents with hyperlinks. I saw one post discussing "InDesign's index feature" but don't see that anywhere in my app. I am using CS3 currently. (been told to stay away from 4 til bugs are worked out of .ai and dreamweaver).

You've stayed away from CS4 so long that CS5 will be shipping in the few weeks.
As for your question, I'm not really sure what you're asking. Who's doing this converting for you?

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    Why does IBA not include the table of contents when exporting in PDF? I can seee the TOC in iBooks Author but when I want to see what it looks like in a regular PDF, the TOC does not show up.

    Strange question you ask here. Not sure why that is relevant to "why" IBA won't publish a table of contents in a PDF.
    But since eyou asked, it's simple, I want to author some books in IBA and also see what they look like - completed - in PDF. Again, any suggestions as to a work around so I don't have to cut and paste back into Pages?

  • No index in my Table of Contents

    Framemaker 9 > Table of Contents
    My book includes a TOC (table of contents) and IOM (index) file.
    All of the chapters in my book have a chapter title tagged to the "Title" tag.  The last "chapter" in my book is the IOM file.  In the IOM file, I have a "Title" tag, with the value of "Index".
    When I generate my TOC, all of the chapter titles in my book are listed, however, the Index does not get included in the TOC, even though I have the "Title" tag included in my TOC setup (see below).
    So how do I get the Index to appear in the table of contents?

    >> Make sure that the first line of the index file has the string "Index"
    >> with the Title paratag applied to that line.
    Does it make any difference if this task has alread been done in the Master page "First"?  I already had the first line in the "First" Master Page associated with a Title paragraph tag, containing value "Index".  See snapshot below:

  • Do I need Debenu PDF Aerialist 12 as a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat in order to make a Table of Content to an existing PDF

    Dear colleagues at this forum,
    This is my question, i have a big PDF file, 341 pages, another 500 pages, I want to make a table of content, and I read that this Program Debenu PDF Aerialist 12 as a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat does provide this solution, which allows you to quickly build a table of content, however the program is expensive at close to five hundred dollars, i wonder why has not Acrobat Professional put this service included in the program, if one can make a solution of Table of Content and Index, this would be great. Does Acrobat have this function already or do you think that I must buy this program. Yes one can make a table of contents using word program then entering it to the PDF file and linking each line of the table of contents with the relevant page, but this would take a long time, and the solution provided by Debenu sounds like good. I am looking for your advice as i do not know much in this field.
    Best regards,

    Acrobat does not have this built in. Normally, the table of contents is prepared at the same time as the document, perhaps in Word, which will use heading styles to do it automatically. Then this is converted to PDF. It is very unusual to do this work late with a PDF, I guess this is why it is not a core Acrobat feature.

  • Illustrator drops a filled path when saving as pdf or exporting as an image

    Hi everyone,
    I am running AI CS5 on an i5 iMac with 8GB memory.  I am having an issue where Illustrator is leaving out a filled path upon exporting or saving the AI file as a pdf or bitmap image.  The workaround is to open the AI file in Photoshop, and save it from there, and there are no issues; save that my vector image and text has now been rasterized.
    The screenshot below shows my AI file as it exists in Illustrator:
    And this is after exporting as bitmap or saving as PDF (opened in Acrobat):
    Notice the white fill above the DTP mark; it has been left out.  I tried to import the file into InDesign and export it has a PDF from there, and the same issue happens, which makes me think it is a problem with the native AI file.  I have also copied/pasted the file into another document and the same thing still happens.  Any help that you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!

    It was marked for overprint somehow.  Got it!

  • How an INDEX of a Table got selected when a SELECT query hits the Database

    Hi All,
    How an Index got selected when a SELECT query hits the Database Table.
    My SELECT query is as ahown below.
        SELECT ebeln ebelp matnr FROM ekpo
                       APPENDING TABLE i_ebeln
                       FOR ALL ENTRIES IN i_mara_01
                       WHERE werks = p_werks      AND
                             matnr = i_mara_01-matnr AND
                             bstyp EQ 'F'         AND
                             loekz IN (' ' , 'S') AND
                             elikz = ' '          AND
                             ebeln IN s_ebeln     AND
                             pstyp IN ('0' , '3') AND
                             knttp = ' '          AND
                             ko_prctr IN r_prctr  AND
                             retpo = ''.
    The fields in the INDEX of the Table EKPO should be in the same sequence as in the WHERE clasuse?

    You minimize the size of the result set by using the WHERE and HAVING clauses. To increase the efficiency of these clauses, you should formulate them to fit with the database table indexes.
    Database Indexes
    Indexes speed up data selection from the database. They consist of selected fields of a table, of which a copy is then made in sorted order. If you specify the index fields correctly in a condition in the WHERE or HAVING clause, the system only searches part of the index (index range scan).
    The primary index is always created automatically in the R/3 System. It consists of the primary key fields of the database table. This means that for each combination of fields in the index, there is a maximum of one line in the table. This kind of index is also known as UNIQUE. If you cannot use the primary index to determine the result set because, for example, none of the primary index fields occur in the WHERE or HAVING clause, the system searches through the entire table (full table scan). For this case, you can create secondary indexes, which can restrict the number of table entries searched to form the result set.
    reference :

  • Create numbered list for table of contents 5.2.2

    Cannot change format in the table of contents to create a numbered list.

    So you cannot create a numbered list for the Table of Contents in iWork Pages 5.2.2.?
    You cannot make this:
    1.    Name of Chapter One.........................5
    2.    Name of Chapter Two.........................9
    You have to live with
    Name of Chapter One.............................5
    Name of Chapter Tow..............................9

  • No table of contents when IBA exported to iPad

    When I export an iba book to iPad there is no table of contents or it is spread out with one chapter head per page?

    Hello GWBARN,
    Are you able to provide any screen shots of your IBA file so I see what is happening.
    I include two screen grabs here.
    When you highlight a chapter and then select the Table of Contents section above the Chapters you will see it will only display the Table of Contents for that chapter selected.
    Every section in that chapter will be added automatically to your table of content (TOC).
    So if you don't have any sections within your chapter and are adding pages you may not see and items then in your TOC.
    I hope this helps a little, get back in touch to see what we can help with.

  • List in table of contents

    I'm trying to set up my TOC but it won't insert the paragraph numbers.  I'm using Pages version 5.0.1 and have been able to set the TOC up but none of the paragraph numbers have been inserted.  Any ideas?

    When it comes to "every commercial book in the iBooks Store", you might want to take a seat....
    The majority of books are made using tools that output a 'standard' epub, which is not the same as the 'hybrid' epub extruded via iBA.
    In those examples, a fine-grain level of control over a TOC is attainable. However, with IBA, authors are obligated to take what they get.
    Now, if you already understand that, fine. If you don't, you may want to consider that using IAB binds you to a certain/limited TOC layout. So...where are you w/that?

  • List of Tables used in IS Retail

    Hi ,
    I am currently desingning an adapter to integrate IS Retail and non SAP BI Solution. I need your help on the complete list of tables used in IS-Retails. It would be great if you could provide me the tcodes as well.
    Expecting a prompt reply from experts.
    SAP Adapter Specialist.

    Dear Raghavendra,
    There are lot of SAP tables in IS Retail.
    You can search all tables using transaction code SE16 or SE16N
    For which transaction, you need SAP Table details?

  • When to create index on partitioned table ?

    The original table TEST1 contain one index called INDX_HIREDATE on field HIREDATE
    I created a example partitioned table as below:
    Need i to create the index on TEST2 table the same way done on the TEST1 table?
    or have i need to create the global/local index on each partition?
    The Primary Key index is a global for partitions??
    What is the best way?

    Index creation on partitioned tables is similar to the non-partitioned tables. There is no special syntax unless you need to create LOCAL indexes. For creating local indexes, add LOCAL key word at the end of the "create index...." command.
    To create local primary key index you may need to use different syntax the one used in your create table command. Refer to SQL Reference manual for actual syntax. (remember manuals are the best place for getting quick answers). All the manuals are available online (at

  • How to find the list of Tables....

    How to find the list of Tables associated with When a Goods Issue is done for a Process Order ??
    Kindly tell me step-by-step procedure in browsing it.

    goto SE16 Click F4, You have two options Information system & Sap Applications.
    Click on SAP Applications & selec the application you wnat to see, for E.g Purchasing you can click on materials managemnt, Purchasing if you drill down you will see the list of tables....
    reward points if useful
    Thanks & Regards

  • I still use Aperture 2.1.4.  I need to export an image file with a CMYK profile.  Whereas a generic CMYK profile is listed in ColorSync Utility, it does not appear on the list of profiles in the edit portion of the export preset dialogue.  Help?

    I still use Aperture 2.1.4.  I need to export an image file with a CMYK profile.  Whereas a generic CMYK profile is listed in ColorSync Utility, it does not appear on the list of profiles in the edit portion of the export preset dialogue.  Help?  Is there some way to add the CMYK profile to the list of choices that are available in the export preset dialogue such that I can choose it?

    Thanks for your response.  My profiles are located within color sync utility as you can see here:   
    These profiles do not respond to clicking and dragging.  Since they are all in one place, more or less, I'm reluctant to make further attempts to relocate them.  Accessing the CMYK profile is the first difficult experience I've encountered with this arrangement.  I have never needed the CMYK profile until recently, and that need has now past.  However, it remains a mystery to me as to why it does not appear with all the others on the menu of export choices in Aperture 2, or on the menu of profile assignment choices in the Preview application (where again all the other profiles are listed as choices).  I'm beginning to think my current set up will permit me to view an image that was created in CMYK space, but does not easily assign, or convert to that space.  I don't face these restrictions with all the others, so it remains a curious circumstance for me.  I anticipate upgrading my computer and software in the near future which might alleviate this issue altogether.  Again, many thanks for your attention to this matter.  The reach of this community is astounding.

  • While working in Material Master, Before exporting to Excel need to know the count of listed items in SQVI Reporting

    While working in Material Master, Before exporting to Excel need to know the count of listed items in SQVI Reporting

    Major documentation is at
    In the "Installation" section, you can find information about predefined object models (e.g. Product, Business Partner). For "Vendor" information, please check under "Previous Releases (ZIP Files) > MDM 5.5 (SP03) Installation Guides > SAP ERP-MDM Field Mapping and Check Tables.xls.

  • Exporting a large filtered list to Excel

    I have a list that has approx 9600 items.  List view threshold is set to 5000.  The list view has a filter on it which in the browser is only displaying around 100 items. However, at the top of the list it displays "Displaying only the newest
    results below. To view all results, narrow your query by adding a filter".   When i try to export the list to Excel, i get "You do not have permission to view the entire list because it is larger than the list view threshold enforced by
    the administrator". 
    My questions are:
    1. Shouldn't this only be trying to export the 100 or so items being displayed in the filtered view? 
    2. Why would it work in the browser but not export to Excel (since the same limit should apply both places, right)? 
    3. Is there a way to get this to work (other than changing the list view threshold)?  I need to be able to export this small filtered list multiple times a day.
    thanks to anyone with any info or help.

    The message you see in the browser indicates that the list is not filtered using an indexed column. You need to create an index on the column. If the filtered view then returns less than 5000 items, you won't see the message and the filtered view will also
    export to Excel nicely. 
    In order to create an index, you either need to temporarily lift the threshold, create the index (or indices) and the lower the threshold again. Or use the daily time window for large queries. For details see
    Also, once the view has been exported to Excel, you can save the Excel file and only refresh the data connection. The saved query in the Excel file can then return over 50,000 items to Excel.  Here is a video course about large lists that is easy to
    follow: It contains a section about Excel
    exports that is very useful.
    cheers, teylyn

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    select 'S' as "Record Type" ||'|'|| b.ssn as "Subscriber ID" from employe b The above query wont work and says "From keyword not found where expected"....please inform alternative or what could be the cause of this error? ....Thank You

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