Need to load external jpgs at once

I am using loadMovie to load all my external jpgs at once. On
start I have thumbnails which animates, and using loadMovie load
jpgs into that thumbnails. Offline it works fine, but online it
only loads few jpgs first with animation and rest loads without
animation just blink and loads. can you help me out for this.
this is my sample page link:

Look at MovieClipLoader instead - images take time to load.
You have to wait
until your files have loaded before trying to use them - MCL
is best for
that, with its onLoadInit method.
Dave -
Head Developer
Adobe Community Expert

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  • Vista problem with loading external JPGs?

    I'm really pulling my hair out on this one. I did a quick
    flash piece for a preschool's web site and have tried several
    different Flash components inside of a larger FLA file that load
    external JPG files in a predefined area. With each component, I
    have received complaints (so far only from Vista users) that the
    user sees nothing in the area where photos are supposed to be
    loading. Instead they just see a white or black box.
    Is there any known issue with this? They can see everything
    else in the SWF file (the swinging girl and the text), but not any
    of the loaded JPG photos. Can anyone else out there with Vista tell
    me that they have the same problem? I'd like to track down what the
    common denominator is.
    I've asked two of the users to completely uninstall the Flash
    player and reinstall it, but to no avail. Deactivating Norton
    Antirvirus also didn't seem to do anything.
    Here is the URL:
    -- the flash item is the top banner.

    As Ned said the problem might be with the file structure on the server. Other problems may be with spelling. You computer may not be case sensitive to the names of the .swf files that you are loading, but your server might. So, on your computer when you are testing, second.swf is the same as Second.swf, or even second.SWF. But, on the server each of these variations is seen as a different file. Another problem is that when you are loading files from the same computer in testing, those files are close and so they load very quickly from your computer. When the files have to travel from the server, there will likely be a measurable period of time before the file is ready to be shown. This is particularly problematic with video that is embedded into an .swf. The whole file will need to be downloaded and uncompressed before it is available to play. If you stream the video as an external file, you can shorten the wait considerably.

  • Load external jpgs.. to a loader component to transition

    I need to load external
    images to a loader component, in the main scene, than change
    automatically after 2 seconds in a fade transition,,, please help.

    JamesHammerstein wrote:
    > Dear All - Can anyone help?
    > I have created a spry gallery page with a dropdown to a
    number of different
    > categories...
    > I want to be able to add links on another page that will
    automatically load a
    > particular gallery from this page, i.e. select a
    particular category to be
    > displayed from a link on another page.
    Try asking your question in the Spry forum where you'll get a
    more focused group of viewers for your question :
    Danilo Celic
    | WebAssist Extensioneer
    | Adobe Community Expert

  • Preloader whilst loading external .jpg

    This is the script I use to load external .jpgs into a site
    btn1.onRelease = function (){
    How would I create script so that it creates a sepaprate
    preloader whilst each image is loading.

    for something like this it's best to use the MovieClipLoader
    class, rather than loadMovie() - doing so will allow you to use the
    onLoadPrgress handler to update the preloader while it's being
    loaded. it would go something like this:

  • Load external jpg

    I cannot load external jpg, they're not progresive.... the
    jpg files are inside a folder, and I write the next code:
    this.createEmptyMovieClip("mc", 100);
    but it doesn't work...

    use trace(mc) to confirm "this" refers to a movieclip, make
    sure there's nothing at a greater depth preventing you from seeing
    your image, double check your spelling of flash/photo1.jpg (and
    case counts) and make sure your html file is in a super folder of
    the flash folder, if you're testing in a browser.

  • Can you load external jpg files

    Is there a way to load external .jpg files on the fly or do
    they have to reside in the swf file?

    Hi Persons,
    macrofireball is correct as always, but I'll just add a
    thought to this thread because I suspect "rfull" isn't actually
    asking what he/she
    appears to be asking.
    No photo can ever be displayed "by itself". That is, image
    files are always "opened" in some sort of vehicle. It might be an
    image editor, or it might be a document like a *.DOC or a *.HTM ...
    something must "contain" the image.
    So you can access a photo at any time you wish by putting it
    on a web page, then linking to the web page (for instance). Is
    something like that what you really had in mind?
    Have a good 'un folks!

  • Loading external JPGs

    I'm building a generic slideshow. The slideshow displays NINE
    buttons. Each button, when clicked, will load a corresponding
    external JPG. For example, if I click BUTTON THREE then JPG THREE
    is loaded. BUTTON TWO loads JPG TWO, etc.. I'm looking for a way to
    "recognize" if there are FEWER available JPGs than the NINE BUTTONS
    in my slideshow. For example, if I have just FIVE JPGs available
    and I click on button number SEVEN, I want nothing to happen. At
    the moment I get an error message that JPG SEVEN does not

    that error message won't be seen outside the authoring
    environment. once you publish, pressing button 7 will result in
    nothing happening.

  • As3 loaded external jpgs

    developing a ui in flash for photo gallery which I am loading
    into dreamweaver.
    using as3 in flash to load external photo files so not all
    having to download on opening.
    have had no problem in dreamweaver with swfs with embedded
    ui comes up in dreamweaver but not external files. even
    though when I open swf movie or the flash created html of same
    file, on its own, no prob.
    anyone run across this problem, jpgs are in same file as
    flash media, also dropped them into image file just in case that
    might work---no go
    any ideas ?

    your isse begins here ..
    you use the same loader to not only load files but you are tyring to use it to target the movieClip you also want to play.
    The issue is loader.  The loader can only reference one load at a time.. otherwise you screw up your listeners and the ability to unload files properly.
    You should load all files in Your current system as its own variable so that while one loads you can still control a movie.
    So what type of end transitions do your files have?
    What exactly with this seems like youre getting an issue.. looking at it looks alright aside from the fact that some methods are not used at all by your class

  • [Q] duplicating movieclip with loaded external jpg file

    Hi, Im trying to make thumbnail and enlarged picture by
    What i tried was using duplication of thumbnail movieclip
    which jpg image is loaded
    However it seems not working as i intended,so I had to make
    empty movieclip and loaded image again!!!
    I am concerning that if I use new movieclip and loading the
    image means users have to download the same image twice.
    Basically, I am trying to make a list of thumbnailed images
    with enlarged picture popes up when mouse rolls over them
    Is there any proper way to make it happen?
    or duplication just doesnt work even thou movieclip is
    already loaded with image?
    Thank you for your time~

    > simple create your movieclip. Now create an empty clip
    inside. You will
    > your JPG in the empty clip. This one can't be
    duplicated, but you will be
    > to duplicate its parent. Like that:
    > myMc.anEmptyClip.loadMovie("blabla.jpg");
    > myMc.duplicateMovieClip("theNameYouWant",
    > That will works.
    No, that will not work
    You are partly right - if you create a nested clip and assign
    (such as an onPress handler) to the parent clip, you can then
    load content
    into the child without overwriting the parent's properties.
    If you load an
    image into the child and then duplicate the parent however,
    the image in the
    child clip *will not be duplicated*. Try it.
    > 2- Also, the way you where going to do, works too. yes
    the user will have
    > load it again, but it is already in the Browser Cache.
    It means that will
    > quickly the second time and after that. Bad side is more
    that you will
    > the bandwidth of the images loading on your site.
    Again, partly right. Lets take it bit by bit:
    > yes the user will have to
    > load it again, but it is already in the Browser Cache
    The movie will have to load it again, but will probably load
    it from cache.
    > Bad side is more that you will doble
    > the bandwidth of the images loading on your site.
    Not so. If it's in the cache, it doesn't use any bandwidth at
    all - that's
    what caching means! A copy of the image is saved on the
    user's local hard
    drive, so no bandwidth needs to be used when loading from
    Basically, for the *majority* of users, loaded images will be
    cached (this
    is dependent on browser settings, but most users will have
    their browsers
    set to cache). This means that after the first load,
    subsequent loads of the
    same image will be quick and carry no bandwidth overheads.
    The real issue here is that dynamic content in movieClips,
    such as loaded
    images, swfs, or graphics created with the drawing API will
    not duplicate
    when the clip is duplicated/ The accepted work around used to
    be simply to
    reload the aimge. Now with Flash 8 though you can use the
    BitmapData class
    to grab a copy of the image and redraw it to the newly
    created clip if you
    so wish.
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  • Loading external .jpgs or .swfs on different layers

    Hi all. Hope someone can help me. How do I get an external
    file I upload onto a website through a movieClip instance, to load
    behind certain stuff. For instance: I have drop-up and drop-down
    menus and want the file thats uploaded to load behind that specific
    layer. Do I use code like "send to back", and what would the code
    be? I am attaching my currant code so that you can tell me what to
    add, and where. Thanks.

    create a new layer that is under the layer of your 'certain
    stuff'. then create a new symbol, Movie Clip, and drag an instance
    of it from the library to the stage on to the newly created layer..
    then give that movie clip an instance name of holder_mc. and take
    var holder_mc = this.createEmptyMovieClip("holder_mc",
    from the code

  • Flash MX Preloader for external JPGs

    Hey all! Any help would be greatly appreciated. In all
    honesty, I have searched and studied and worked to get this myself,
    which I do alot with code, etc. BUT I am going to admit I'm a "make
    it pretty on the outside" kind of guy, and coding makes my eyeballs
    fall out and well, honestly, I just don't get it. My brain can not
    wrap itself around this. Sigh! So I could use your help a little.
    This is what I'm wanting to do. I have a website,, and if you go to the portfolio area, and
    click on any of the sections (take fine art for example); it will
    showcase my works by loading external jpg files each time you click
    the forward arrow button.
    You can see I have preloaders on the site, that work fine. My
    main page has a movie target with the instance name of photoM. You
    click "artist", and it loads a new swf file into the photoM target.
    IF you click on "portfolio", "fine art", it loads the fine art swf
    file into photoM, using a preloader. THEN, if you click on the
    forward arrow button, a new jpg image of my work is loaded into the
    fine art movie target with the instance name of just
    photo. As you can see, you have to wait until the jpg image
    loads (and you start to wonder if it's doing anything.)
    The problem is, it is not preloading the external jpgs, it's
    just preloading the fine art swf. My preload code is currently:
    onEnterFrame = function () {
    totalBytes = _parent.getBytesTotal();
    loadedBytes = _parent.getBytesLoaded();
    percent = Math.ceil((loadedBytes/totalBytes)*100);
    info_txt.text = percent+" %";
    if (percent>=100) {
    I already have the preload animation bar created (as you can
    see on the site.) What do I need to do to alter the code above (or
    replace it) in order to have the external jpgs be preloaded as
    well? For example's sake, let's just say I have four jpgs, titled
    "door.jpg", "orange.jpg", "boyfriend.jpg", and "untitled.jpg" (in
    case these are needed for the code. They may not be.)
    I hope this is easy to understand. If NOT, just tell me. I'll
    simplify. And seriously, thanks!

    put a stop() on the first frame of your external swf in an otherwise empty first frame.  when preloading is complete apply a play() to your loader's content cast as a movieclip:
    function contentLoaded(evt:Event):void {
        //Optionally change to a clip holder and set progressbar visibility.

  • External JPG preloader

    Hey all! I could use any help you can give me pertaining to
    the need for an external JPG preloader.
    Check out my site at - go to
    menu/portfolio/print (for example.) As you can see as you scroll
    through the images, they take a bit of time to load, making you
    think nothing is happening. I have a preloader in the movie file;
    but it's calling external JPG files, so it is not preloading those.
    I'm a bit of a simpleton when it comes to actionscripting, so any
    help would be GREAT! And yes, I have searched and searched online,
    but just honestly can't understand what I'm trying to do here.

    The overall preloader I'm using for loading the portfolio swf
    onEnterFrame = function () {
    totalBytes = _parent.getBytesTotal();
    loadedBytes = _parent.getBytesLoaded();
    percent = Math.ceil((loadedBytes/totalBytes)*100);
    info_txt.text = percent+" %";
    if (percent>=100) {
    But again, this doesn't load the external JPGS. The code I
    have that is loading the JPGS (one at a time) is:
    this.pathToPics = "";
    this.pArray = ["Port_SP_Illustration.jpg",
    "ILL_TPMC_Elf.jpg", "Ill_wine.swf", "Ill_red.jpg",
    "IL_art_cake.jpg", "Ill_satisfaction.swf", "Ill_mrproperty.jpg",
    "Ill_child.swf", "IL_art_asbig_fade.swf", "IL_art_asbig_02.jpg",
    "IL_art_asbig_03.jpg", "IL_art_asbig_04.jpg", "Ill_chorus.jpg",
    "Ill_baby.swf", "Ill_father.swf"];
    this.fadeSpeed = 10;
    this.pIndex = 0;
    MovieClip.prototype.changePhoto = function(d) {
    this.pIndex = (this.pIndex+d)%this.pArray.length;
    if (this.pIndex<0) {
    this.pIndex += this.pArray.length;
    this.onEnterFrame = fadeOut;
    MovieClip.prototype.fadeOut = function() {
    if (>this.fadeSpeed) { -= this.fadeSpeed;
    } else {
    MovieClip.prototype.loadPhoto = function() {
    // specify the movieclip to load images into
    var p =;
    p._alpha = 0;
    this.onEnterFrame = loadMeter;
    MovieClip.prototype.loadMeter = function() {
    var i, l, t;
    l =;
    t =;
    if (t>0 && t == l) {
    this.onEnterFrame = fadeIn;
    } else {
    MovieClip.prototype.fadeIn = function() {
    if (<100-this.fadeSpeed) { += this.fadeSpeed;
    } else { = 100;
    this.onEnterFrame = null;
    with the forward button coded as:
    on (release) {
    (and back as:)
    on (release) {
    MY issue is, I know coders hate designers; because I know I
    could use the movie clip loader class; but you know, honestly, I
    start reading about class and listeners and my brain pops! I just
    don't get it. I'm good at tweaking code, but creating it is another
    story all together.

  • Dynamic plug-ins: How to dispatch MediaFactoryEvent.PLUGIN_LOAD after loading external swf

    I'm creating a dynamic OSMF plugin. That plugin needs to load external SWF file before sending the PLUGIN_LOAD event to the player.
    How can I override the dispatch of the PLUGIN_LOAD event on my MyCustomPluginPluginInfo custom class ?
    If it's not possible, the solution is to create a new MediaElement within my MyCustomPluginPluginInfo:
    var mediaElement:MediaElement = mediaFactory.createMediaElement( new URLResource(null) ); //the resource is null at this point
    On the player side I add that line when the plugin is loaded successfully:
    //Add listener on Media Element creation
    mediaFactory.addEventListener(MediaFactoryEvent.MEDIA_ELEMENT_CREATE, onMediaElementCreate);
    Is it a god solution or not ?
    Is there another way to do that ?
    Thanks !

    I'm not sure you can do it through loadPlugin stage due to an swf loader is used in factory on that moment.
    As for loading an extra swf "per instance" way I'd rather do it using an element LoadTrait than try to bypass the standard factory way.

  • Solution for load external FONT sf file to iOS application

    i follow this instruction to load externalHosted sf files to iOS application. apps-on-ios/#comments
    I need to load external swf files (Font only) on runtime and embed it runtime.
    But I always got the uncompilled action script error on adhoc or release build.
    how can I solve this problem? The Font is not an asset, and I can't load it on runtime on iOS?

    Did you try this doc? Packaging and loading multiple SWFs in AIR apps on iOS

  • Help with loading External SWFs

    I need to load external swfs into a mc. They will play in
    sequence, as soon as one ends, the next one will start. When
    running it blows by the first external swf (start.swf) and the rest
    of the external swfs will not continue to load and play after the
    objectives.swf. Could someone take a look at my code and tell me
    what I’m doing wrong?
    I’ve created controls that will allow me to play, pause
    and stop the external swfs while they’re playing (however,
    these buttons do not seem to have any effect on the external swf
    when it is playing). I think it is a scope issue, but I am not
    Also, there’s a combo box at the bottom, which allows
    the user to jump to any external swf (it actually jumps to certain
    labels on the main timeline) at any time. The combo box appears to
    work OK.
    The FLA is located at:
    By the way, this presentation is a fullscreen .exe file when
    in use, not a swf played in an html file.
    Thanks SO MUCH for any help on this one.

    Please try this line of script:
    var myLoader:Loader = new Loader(); //create the varaible for the loader
    var myURL:URLRequest = new URLRequest("A.swf");// create the variable for the swf to be loaded

Maybe you are looking for